by birtanpublished on September 28, 2020

Here it is folks less than 24 hours until decision time how the markets open this week will be a decisive indication of where this plans to go over the next coming weeks and potentially give a very powerful momentum hint of what's to happen bitcoin continues to stay within

This very small timeframe symmetrical triangle for the past two days and it looks like there will be a move out of this at some point shortly if it breaks up the target is extremely interesting to talk about but if it breaks down it's

Even more interesting will we see a double bottom type pattern to actually see this reversal or again depending on how the markets open up tomorrow is this going to be a much different story we have many people saying that this huge

Increase of volume that you can see right here on the bottom of the screen is very good at spotting reversals and a lot of people think that this was a necessary extreme but very useful sign that the market has down to bottom

However I am not so sure that we have just yet we have to take a look at this on the charts and even more importantly depending on how tomorrow opens up it might allow us to actually continue to use TA because as of the last few days

Ta again has kind of flown out the window Black Swan event absolutely erased so many things literally nobody knew that was coming but over this next week if we see some stabilization we might be able to correctly chart some

Things here but guys this is absolutely crucial as well the weekly will close here very shortly and most likely what we'll need is to get a close above this 200 week moving average will we get it if we do get it it would be largely

Predominant on this breaking upwards and then we would get a close but guys if we get the break downwards that is a whole different story before you go to bed make sure to kiss your mom goodnight lock your door lay on the floor and fill

Up your socks until you just can't anymore let's do this well what is going on my wimps and simps welcome back to another urgent exciting episode of Bitcoin guys Sunday's are usually very important days and today is no different

We have everything resting on the shoulders of the broader economy in the global economy what's going to happen tomorrow this event everything going on with Bitcoin tomorrow is such an important

Day and we really want to talk about that and primarily we want to look at some basic TA because as things kind of have slowed down over the past two days during the weekend we can maybe show some analysis

But again when Tamar opens up things are just going to go absolutely splash zone ok so we got to talk about that as well and guys this is a tweet I think is really important to disaster day for people asking what price will Bitcoin be

Tomorrow you know next week next month I think people asking that are failing to realize that the game has most likely just completely changed this is literal history in the making there are people that are saying this is

Not even comparable to the Great Depression what we've seen so far ok this could be much more severe and much more fundamentally impactful than we've ever seen before so for people to say oh you know the line broke through you

Don't know anything yeah you know maybe a fair game but you have to realize as well literally everybody that has a brain in the noggin has said this has been an absolutely mind-blowing week basically nobody expected this

Anybody that said they did 100% expect this is lying through their teeth and basically guys open your eyes this is a fundamentally different new reality this could end up being not a huge deal but a lot of indications right now are showing

This could be the biggest deal in the past hundred years the biggest deal of an entire era ok this may be somewhat scary to people but we also have to realize this type of event comes around very rarely

Ok stay in the present and realize what we're living through and what we're about to live through it is bigger than any of us bigger than the amount of tissues that I use when I knew Jimmy Neutron episode comes out so guys

Without any further ado we are still giving away this ledger Congrats to Mohammed on yesterday's victory I will be having to ship that out of country and I've already talked to him about that gonna be doing that tomorrow and if

We run into any issues we will just send a Bitcoin but guys if you want to enter for this ledger I feel is leave a comment below like subscribe in ding the bell and let's jump into these charts so this is something we see playing out

Here by the time this video gets uploaded this could have already broken through we actually have this drawn a little bit shorter yesterday but it clearly didn't break out just yet it looked like it wanted to you can see

That right around this area but then again it came right back into this area so for right now this pattern is still in play a measured move down to about that $4,000 level would be the downside target and a measured move up to about

The 6500 side target so first off let's talk about this upside target because if that would be the case we can take a look at this here on the daily chart that would actually put us back to the very tippy

Top of this channel so now that we're kind of back within the range of this channel that we were trading in for seven months after breaking straight through down here that's Head & Shoulders that just plummeted the

Bitcoin price here upward move would actually put us to right at the top of this channel so that could still indicate that we're still in this descending channel which again a break for right now we would have to break

This massive resistance to really get anything meaningful out of it and as well guys what is something that you notice right around that six thousand five hundred dollar level that's exactly right you see a pretty significant

Amount of volume here in the V PVR and you can see that for this entire range in here there's basically not a lot so the very biggest amount coming forward is gonna be right in this area which would also be the top of this channel so

If we did break up the 6500 for right now would be a very hard target to get above there should be a lot of resistance right there so I don't expect if we hit 65 to go straight up to seven or eight thousand right now another

Scenario on the downside that I think is really important here is we're currently trading at 5400 over the next week or so if we manage to get any stabilization in the market I think it would be key whether we go up or not I think it would

Be key for us to come down and even test this bottom line one more time before really getting a confirmation and trying to break out of this channel yet again I think right now a double bottom pattern which we've seen with a lot of this in

The market has been absolutely crucial to indicating a move for example we had a bottom here and then again here okay so this is the first bottom second one right here okay now we can actually go in this longer-term time frame you see

The same thing this is that double bottom that I just circled on that chart you see it right here these two bottoms same thing happened back here basically here and then here this actually was more of a triple bottom this actually

Tested the 200 weekly quite a few times before it went up okay so we could see something similar here but this was over about ten months which actually lined up perfectly kind of with something like this so we very have two here maybe a

Touch here and then another one here but again the most crucial thing right now is that we can get and this will happen within the next 12 hours actually less than that we want to get it close a weekly close above this 200 week moving

Average if we actually go back you guys can see that we've had areas where we go below that 200 and we do actually close some weekly candles below it if you if we zoom in here in 2015 you've seen about like one

Two three four five maybe even like five of them but it was all hovering right there closing right on that two hundred weekly so that's not a horrible sign in and of itself if we can't but again this would just be a lot better a lot

Healthier for the market if we do get a close above it currently that's around fifty five hundred and we're at fifty on the shirts about fifty one we would just need a little bit more to get a close above that and we can see that better on

Here okay look fifty-three and again we need to get back to like fifty five to close above this so in the short term we do expect a break one way or the other these can swing very fast so it could you know fake us out very quick and go

Up and then just immediately shoot down or vice versa looks like it's going down and shoot up but again whatever happens in the next twelve hours I don't think is super important considering that the stock market will again open up in less

Than 24 hours and I think what direction that decides to go will for right now have a huge impact on what Bitcoin does it'll give us a nice clue what bitcoin is going to do over the next week or so maybe even the next month okay this is a

Very very pivotal time and again guys at least at least we have this you can see this massive volume on the V PVR is also where we found our current bottom which is also kind of where we found the bottom back in 2018-2019 so we have a

Lot to look at we have this massive volume here is this actually a confirmation that we're gonna get a reversal normally I would say 100% yes the only reason that I'm not as confident is because of exactly the time

We're living in it's literally unpredictable if you go on to Twitter if you go on to YouTube if you go into trading view if you go on to Reddit anybody with a respectable name anybody that has somewhat of a reputation

Anybody that has a brain in their head will tell you this thing could go either way right now nobody is saying for sure because it's impossible to know exactly which way that's going to go but all we can do is look at the probabilities and

Really just look at overall where are we sitting and how bad is it right now picture it this way okay we're right in the middle right in the middle of this large volume here in this volume here you see we're right in the middle of

This okay could go basically either way now we just really have to pay attention here if we would come back down and get a double bottom already I think that'll be a little too quick I think it should actually play / play / / week or two

Instead of like right now considering only been down here for a few days if we did get one sooner I think we could again go back down and maybe even touch that three four thousand dollar again so if we get a break up in the

Meantime okay maybe trade around a little bit and then a week or two from now then come back and trying to retouch that I think that is the most bullish scenario right there absolutely huge so guys thanks so much for watching and

Again we are still doing this it will not last much longer when we add more course content the price will be going up but for right now 50% off with the code Google link is in the description

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