by bigr10published on August 1, 2020

the entire cryptocurrency market cap is for the third time in the last year coming up to this absolutely key critical point which actually is above this two and a half year

Resistance that we’ve been so hard trying to break above for all of cryptocurrency if we do break this key level within the next few days guys it is absolute guaranteed

Moonshot but only if that happens bitcoin’s price will more than double following this occ decision guys you need to listen to this it’s news that we’ve covered a few days ago and a lot of

People have but this is absolutely so important for why bitcoin is about to explode we’ll talk about specifically why bitcoin broke to ten thousand two hundred dollars

Early this morning we’ll talk about some more bullish indicators on these charts here because the last time this did happen bitcoin rallied over 50 bitcoin absolutely shattered out of this

Ascending triangle we were talking about on the one hour chart guys what is bitcoin’s next move and there is one final thing that bitcoin needs to do before we get extremely bullish and this

Key area of resistance that bitcoin ran into after breaking out of this three month symmetrical triangle here on bifidex’s daily chart this is so important to break seven years

Of support now turn resistance as of the last few months ever since what happened with the crash at the beginning of march this year wow buckle in strap on and let’s get pounding whoa what’s

Going on squirter squad welcome back to an extremely wet juicy gooey ooey gooey webisode we have a lot to get into with bitcoin charts today uh sunday july 26th we have a lot going on guys we broke 10k

Again for the first time in quite a while and now we are coming up to this exact specific price target that we just touched on this morning and got a little bit of a pullback right

After that we’ve touched now this as of today is the third time that we’ve touched this on this macro over the last year we have not been able to concretely break this over the last year

And with just hours left until we get our weekly candle close here for bitcoin things are more exciting than ever wow so guys we have so much to get into with bitcoin in these long time frames and specifically

Also these very very short time frames but as well if you’re new to the channel make sure to hit that ding subscribe turn on the subscriptions because youtube is not notifying uh to enter for this ledger

We’ll be giving away this bad boy soon and as well guys if you’re interested in learning charting trading my techniques specifically and as well getting updates to my active investments we just actually uploaded today what i’m doing

With my portfolio today that update is up so guys if you’re in make sure to check that out but yeah if you’re interested 20 off with coupon code platinum and let’s jump in huge guys so before we delve

Into this bitcoin ta let’s talk about bitcoin’s price doubling because what happened just a few days ago is actually bigger than i think a lot of people think as the founder of caprario investments

Points out the decision of the american occ could trigger a global domino effect that will more than double the price of bitcoin and in fact does this make bitcoin

Unbannable past few weeks have seen perhaps the biggest news of the year for the crypto space as the cnf reported the us office of the comptroller

Of currency the occ published a letter clarifying all licensed banks in the us are allowed to offer crypto custody services the us authority stated every bank in the country may

Store and manage cryptographic keys for its customers guys this is massive so this could actually trigger a domino effect what it does is increase public awareness and trust in bitcoin

Multiple new demand and onboarding streams so people can get invested and faster adoption now edwards also points out here that bitcoin and crypto can no longer be banned legislation of us

Banking crypto custody is evidence that bitcoin cannot be banned it is game theory playing out collaborative banning incentivizes other countries to not ban crypto legalization in

Germany india korea earlier in 2020 and now the usa this cannot be stopped this is only the beginning if you’re a big wig stock investor if

You’ve been in these markets 30 40 years which i have not i’m talking about traditional finance not crypto if you’ve been in traditional finance if you’ve been investing stocks for like the last 30 or 40 years

And you are not actively also interested or invested in cryptocurrency guys i think you’re making a massive massive oopsie and guys pay attention you know even if

You don’t want to invest at least do some research because this space in my opinion is going to get so much bigger it’s going to balloon and explode and get

Real juicy and as well i wanted to cover this by joseph young just this one paragraph here in cointelegraph specifically about the liquidations of short contracts bitcoin broke 10k it

Triggered over leveraged short contracts to get liquidated and bitcoin reached 102 it caused a cascade of liquidations to occur 74 roughly 75 million dollars worth and also this does suggest that 102 or 10

000 roughly slightly above it around 102 k is a very hard level to break still and that leads us exactly into our technical analysis guys so as you can see here this level has been

Very hard to break specifically right around 10 200 what that translates to is roughly 300 billion for the entire crypto market cap but you see that same exact pattern

Playing out on this chart so this is not bitcoin this is every single cryptocurrency including bitcoin so literally every single altcoin and bitcoin is included in this it’s the entire

Cryptocurrency market cap and guys as you can see here ever since august of 2019 uh 11 months an entire year ago basically we have been getting rejected right around the 300

Uh 310 to 315 billion dollar market cap level okay happened back in august of 2019 then it happened yet again in february of 2020 and then it just happened

Hours ago where we came up to roughly 300 billion actually we went all the way up to about 306 billion us dollars and got rejected now guys so this has been the top for the past

Year we have not been able to break concretely this level of about 308 we have not broken 310 billion dollars at all this year and the last time we were above that was actually back in july of 2019 so over an entire year

Ago the middle of july was the last time we were above this market cap level guys and keep in mind though we were only above it for about an entire month four weeks

We were only above that level for four weeks so barely so basically for the most part we have not been above 300 or 300 billion dollar market cap for the entire crypto space

Really since the middle of 2018 so like for the past two years we haven’t been significantly above that now a break above this is exactly what we would need to absolutely catapult this market

And get started as you guys see uh with the entire market we are clearly above this two and a half year resistance now you can see that here which is great it’s amazing if we pull out the vpvr

Clearly we’re above the biggest levels of support and resistance as well we’re at like such good levels in everything but the very last thing that we need to do which we are not we have not done just

Yet is shatter 307 308 specifically though 310 to 315 billion us dollars and if so you guys i think that is when things will explode now thankfully over the past few months

Defy altcoin craze ethereum’s ecosystem everything going on with all coins has significantly boosted this figure this was not done with bitcoin alone obviously right

Bitcoin didn’t necessarily take the lead over the last month alt coins have been exploding and that is responsible for this so again with the entire space exploding it really can carry bitcoin

To higher valuations and vice versa we already know that but bitcoin obviously historically for the most part has carried altcoins uh but is it time for all coins to return the favor it certainly looks as

Though that is exactly what it’s doing okay huge guys and as well if we take a zoom onto this four hour chart as we were talking about yesterday we absolutely got that breakout that we were

Mentioning okay yesterday we were not above this level we shattered above this ascending triangle we found resistance right at the top of this fib right around like under the 9700 and we

Blast it off now if we switch to this chart you guys can see these were our levels we had charted on here we came into that initial resistance around 9735 9740 roughly

And as soon as we broke that which took about five four-hour candles you can see there was a resistance there we absolutely shot up past it and guys the reason we’re finding a

Little bit of resistance here there’s two reasons one it is the very top of this ascending triangle of three month ascending triangle that we’ve had plotted on here that we’ve been following so that’s one

That’s why we’re exactly right here and the next one is because this is the seven year resistance well it’s it’s seven year support but it’s currently turned resistance

So we need to turn this seven year historical support as you guys can see this blue line goes back to 2013 look at this playing support so key i mean we did dip below it very shortly

But for the most part we are always trading above this we’re finding support here guys so many times and the only reason we broke through it most recently okay because even back as early as

December 2019 we actually bounced on this level again you can see the only reason we fell through it uh look at the time when this happened what is this middle of march

Was the the crash in the global economy everything with the virus everything that what happened in the world this is exactly when it happened that broke us below that seven year support now currently

We are trying desperately to get back above the seven year support you can see that’s exactly where we touched and if we break that yet again guys more confirmation i think things will get explosive

So that lines up perfectly also with the entire crypto market cap right around this level the 102 everything is lined up perfectly okay we are inches literal inches away we are

So close to actually confirming one of the biggest breakouts the beginning of the biggest uh crypto cycle specifically a lot of all coins i think are going to explode over the next few years

But we’re at the precipice the very beginning of this getting absolutely insanely explosive and guys as well the last time we had a 21 day moving average crossed above the 50-day moving

Average as we’re seeing right now the last time that happened uh just a few months ago we pumped over 50 percent from about i think it was like 6 900 to over 10 000 us dollars

Usually when you see a shorter time frame moving average cross above a higher time free moving average that is considered a bullish cross and that’s exactly what we’re getting here we’re finding a lot of support here over

The past few months which gives me more confidence to say that this is actually a very real situation a very real opportunity it is not disbelief phase uh it’s that we are most

Likely going to be heading substantially higher over the next few months and specifically over the next few years skyrocketing massive you guys so absolutely insane to watch definitely be

Taking a look at this entire crypto market cap okay we want to see the market cap get above 315 billion us dollars every if we you know you go to coin market cap you look at

The entire market cap 315 is the level you want to look at if we’re shattering that i have no doubt that we are well on our way to absolutely exploding on these charts okay absolutely going parabolic

And breaking once and for all that one trillion dollar uh cryptocurrency market cap level that we were so close we were up to like 80 of it not shattering a trillion available even 3

Trillion over the next few years absolutely but yeah guys let me know what you think and as well if you’re interested in getting 20 off t4 v4 where you can learn charting trading and actually just

Following along with my portfolio investments uh check out t4v4 pinned in the comments and description below and awesome guys as well i wanted to let everyone know we’re going to be filming

Our own intros very soon instead of me editing clips like off the internet we’re going to be filming our own intros i’m really excited about that uh my friends and i think it’ll be funny

Yeah make sure to stay tuned for that guys and i’ll see you in the next webisode peace you

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