Serving to a Downed Horse | The Unbelievable Dr. Pol

published on July 2, 2020

Wanna drive right out?

two-year-old Percheron,

has been down for hours

He basically standed
on his front feet

And he tried getting up, but
he couldn't quite make it

Once a horse gets down
and they don't get help,

it's definitely going
to be life-threatening

They won't survive
if they can't get up

Many townspeople say a
down horse is a dead horse

But I don't give up easily

There's lots of reasons
that a horse can be down

It could be trauma

It could be severe illness

See his leg here on that side?

It's really swollen

Yeah, all the way up

This horse has a
very swollen leg

It's hurt

And it is very painful

That's what hurtin' him

I don't think the leg is broke


And he has got 106

Oh, jeez

NARRATOR: Sam's temperature
is five degrees above normal

Holy cow

You think like Clostridium?

What he has most likely
is what we call Clostridium

He probably got kicked
in the back end

Clostridium is a bacteria
that grow without oxygen

LISA JONES: If something
traumatic happens,

such as a kick
from another horse,

that creates an area
of dead blood cells

And there's no oxygen there

And then the Clostridium
starts to thrive

He's battling a very
serious infection

lots of edema


extremely painful

and then the horse goes down

I don't see a wound or anything

No, you don't
need to see a wound

Many times with Clostridium, you
get the internal dead tissue,

and it grows

NARRATOR: Sam's leg is
rotting from the inside

The only thing that I've
learned with these animals

is massive doses of antibiotic

And that's what
they're going to do

I'm going to give him a
big dose of dexamethasone

to get the temperature down

And he's going to be on
penicillin 120 CC right now

We're not going to give
up too soon, and see we

he can save this horse

I know that hurts

There he goes


OK, good

Prognosis for this
horse is very guarded

Most of 'em that I see like this
that are down don't make it

Yeah, it hurts

He hurts

But we never give up,
and give it a try

Fly spray?


And prayers

STEVE SWAREY: We don't know
how it's gonna turn out

It can go one way or the other

We'll do the best we can

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