Serving to a Child Goat’s An infection | The Unimaginable Dr. Pol

published on July 3, 2020

[music playing]

NARRATOR: A cold winter
morning in Central Michigan

Rebecca is in with Domino–

[goat bleats]


NARRATOR: –a newborn kid that's
had a rough first few weeks

He started favoring
his leg– holding it up,

not walking around

I feel bad that he's in pain

So I'm hoping that
will get resolved

[goat bleats]

Come on in with
the kids and the kid

[laughs] And the kid

He peed right there

[gasps] Oh

Oh, my gosh

Well, at least that's working


Come on in

So what's the problem?

He's got a lump?


He is favoring
his back right leg

[goat bleats]

You're OK

This is all swollen
up right here

When I examined it,
it's just one leg,

and there's pus in
there in the joint

Now, feel that

There's a little bit of
what they call a pipe navel


And when I check the
navel, the navel is hard

Bacterias crawl through
here, go through the blood,

and end up in the joint, because
the joint is like a filter–

very, very small

Then this is joint ill


That's what I was wondering

This is an infection


I did research



This is a bacterial infection
that comes through the belly

button because they were
born where it was dirty,

and some bacterias get
in the bloodstream

Blood vessels in the joints
are so small that the bacterias

got caught in there

And then you get a
joint infection also


Most of the time, a fairly
heavy antibiotic cure

for about 7 to 10 days
will take care of it

Just like this


Underneath the skin

Not in the muscle or
anything like this

Because if you put it in
a muscle so many days,

you'll kill him because
you ruin the muscle


Don't give to the kids



Pipe navel and the joint

This is Dr Nicole

She's always interested
in these things,

and I usually grab them

– OK, feel what?
– The pipe navel–

Pipe navel

–in the umbilical cord

Umbilical cord,
there's a pipe navel

There should be nothing

And then feel this joint

Don't pinch it because
she'll scream at you

It's joint ill


I told you that


Dr Nicole has good experience,
but she wants a lot more

So she just comes over
and has a feel of the leg

so that she knows
what's going on

No, you can't have her

She already has a barn

She's looking for animals



Most of these animals
come out of it real good

But it takes some time, and
you can't give up too soon

All right

Take care, guys

Thank you very much

Thank you

I'm really glad we came

Dr Pol knew exactly
what was wrong with him

He's so good with my kids

I'm really amazed

He seems to know a little
bit about everything

or a lot about everything

[goat bleats]

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