He said I Couldn’t Make a VR Game… So I Bought a VR Headset and Made One!

published on July 31, 2020

Why you don't try and make a vr game or you can't do that so last time someone challenged me like this i ended up working on a fully fledged steam release which is currently like the 34 most wish listed game on steam

Which is really stupid anyway i can't let mr guy fam roast me like this and just get away with it there's just one tiny problem vr headsets are expensive and i don't have one well

Actually i do i made one but we we don't really talk about that around here ah yeah so uh anyway i'm not gonna weigh 700 on a vr headset just to win an argument that would be stupid

And i'm gonna be the bigger man here and psych you think you can roast me and get away with it hell no i'm gonna make you eat up your words your little pieces no danny you can't just buy a vr headset to win an argument

Fbi open up what the fuck is going on oh thank you sir wow guys i can't believe fbi delivered my oculus oh oh fuck so if you don't know what a vr headset is it means virtual reality so basically it's just reality

In virtual yeah you're welcome explanations ever wanted to cut a plank well now you can drive a truck around for hours with nothing in return yes sir wash someone else's car without

Getting paid abso freaking lutely now some of you boomers might be saying why not just wash a car in real life and actually get paid okay uh listen up that's that's actually

Kind of a good idea but no what really makes vr fun is doing things you can't do in real life you can cut flying blocks to the beat of the music throw ninja stars at red boys because

Red boys slay dragons whatever this is and much more all from home using a single headset so how does it work well i'm glad you asked

I i have no idea anyway let's get to work and when i say get to work i mean play beat saber for 11 hours until i pass out on the floor then wake up the next morning and get to work and when i say get to work i mean

Play beat saber now there's just one tiny whiny little problem i don't know how to make a vr game which is kind of essential when you're making a vr game so so first we install this app for the

Headset make sure to read the terms and conditions said no one ever next then we make a new project in unity which is the game engine i'll be using import open xr and uh we're ready to get

To work and when i say get to work i mean play beat savers for 11 more hours and pass out so first off i added some basic shapes and colors along with a b and on the bean represents the player

And just like that i can now look around at the shapes now i might look really dumb here and that's probably because i am really dumb so there's that but it's also actually kind of cool and now we need some hands

Because currently i only have my face which doesn't have hands and fortunately for us i got my hands on some hands because oculus has released some freehand models we can use so i'm just gonna go ahead and

Zoink then i found a tutorial on youtube on how to set up hands by velum and just like that we have hands and i know it's pretty incredible i bet you wish you had hands too but

You know maybe one day the next step is of course to build my office in vr now the hardest part about this was getting all of the sizes correct but after a lot of testing i got it done i don't really know why i went through all

Of the trouble of doing this but drinking milk and destroying my office in vr just kinda had its charm i guess it was pretty cool i also try to learn how to juggle and eventually simultaneously juggle

Three balls with ease anyway uh let's get a bit more spicy now unless you live in america you probably don't have a nine millimeter pistol loaded with freedom lying around i certainly don't but in vr you can do

That so let's add a gun first i did some coding for it and then i added the gun model then i made some particles using unity's particle system and just like that we

Can now express our freedom and greatness in all its glory and after some target practice i'm now ready for setting up a grappling gun so we got some quick code for the grappling gun done and we

Can now swing around which is really fun to do but one thing about vr is that it feels very real and it can make you really motion sick and i got really motion sick

Then i added a robot from my game carlson which you can wish this on steam by the way and um is it just me or is it looking kind of thick why don't you bend over for me

Thick boy look at that sweet what a nice day to do some code now what the fuck johnny what the fuck are you doing getting stupid

Look what you did you ruined everything oh you want to fight you're trying to catch these hands wow how's that you want some more why don't you take some milk okay so uh we're now experts at vr and

Uh spanking robots so let's make our first vr game i started a new unity project and got my hands in there and the idea for my game is that you play as an

Enormous giant just like your mom so the first problem i encountered is that your hands just go through the ground which is kind of lame because i want to be able to just slam dunk into the ground i fixed this by just making the hands

Their own physics objects and now you can slam dunk all you want but something's missing so of course i made some particles using unity's particle system and just like that the slam dunk looks it looks kind of good i

Also added the ability to grab rocks from the hill not really sure why i just kind of wanted to grab some rocks you know and now you can combine the mechanics so if you slam dunk a rock

It's thrown up into the air and then you can grab it and throw it but mama always told me what's the point of throwing rocks if you don't have anyone to throw the rocks at she totally didn't say that but we

Need an enemy so i'm just gonna go ahead and recycle the player model i made for my game milkman carlson and turn it into a caveman or something also isn't he kind of thick anyway i put the

Caveman into the game and you can now smash them like rocks and throw them around now you might say what's the point isn't this kind of stupid and to that i say this yes yes it

Absolutely goddamn freaking iss very stupid but also playing with ragdolls is very fun so uh yeah i also gave them a more distinct look so they don't blend in with the background so much

And this was done following a cel shader tutorial from daniel ellett and when i say following a tutorial i mean hippity hoppity your code is now my property and just like that we have a pretty cool

Shader daniel has a youtube channel with some shader tutorials so make sure to check it out anyway i started making a run animation because it's kind of scary when they just stand still and tipos at me

Also did some more code and made some particles and here we go ah what a beautiful day to smash some tiny humans kobe boom get over here get this rock it's going

To say hello to my two friends right hand and left hand boom nice to meet you i did run into an issue though where if you destroy an object that you're holding you get a lot of errors like a lot of errors

So i just found the code that was telling me there was an error and uh and we're good to go everything's working fine anyway to make the game come together a little more i made a new stage which is like an

Island and added some randomly generated terrain like rocks and trees and we now have some better looking gameplay there is however a problem currently the cavemen running around are only seeing floating hands attacking them

Which it's a bit weird and unfair to them but this is easy to fix so i made a giant caveman and connected his head to my head and here we go yeah so that didn't really work out but

I fixed it and it now looks a bit better but it's still really weird and the legs are sort of just flopping everywhere so i don't really know and uh currently the enemies are just running around

Not really fighting back so i decided to give them a weapon and what weapon you might ask oh hey little oh oh you gotta be in oh no i'm so scared oh wait what the fuck i also gave some

Of them the high tech omni omnidirectional beam gear they can use this to swing around and grapple to the player in attack which is a totally original invention by me of course not inspired by anything what do

You mean don't worry everybody it's me aaron jaeger i'll take care of that title i might be having a bit too much fun playing around with this maybe just maybe

and finally i added a turret some sound effects a main menu death screen and more maps and just like that my first vr game is done and it's terrible so yeah i still

Don't really know what the game is about you just kind of smash small cavemen with a mix of attack on titan in there and also green but i thought it was fun and i learned a lot about vr and other stuff

So that's pretty cool if you want to try the game for yourself i'll try to provide a link in the description but i'm currently moving apartments in like two days and i haven't even started packing yet because

I was busy smashing cavemen spanking robots working on this video and playing beat sabers so the link might not be ready yet but i'll try to get it out as soon as possible also keep in mind the game is pretty bad

It's not really polished at all and not really meant for anyone else to play so i just didn't have time for that so don't expect much if the link is up obviously you need a vr headset to play this and i couldn't really think of a

Way to make it very playable for pc players unfortunately so just keep that in mind that's it for me though make sure to smash subscribe for more garbage and follow me on social media links down

Below also thanks a lot for watching you're great and as always drink milk hit billy and beat your will so you

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