He said I Couldn’t Make a 3D Game… So I Made One!

published on July 17, 2020

While you don't try make a 3d game or you can't do that so because Jotaro roasted me for not being able to make a 3d game the only solution is to well learn how to make a 3d game because you know what they say 3d games are pretty cool now I've only

Ever made games in 2d before so it's time to step up my dimensions I started my journey by loading up a new unity project oh and before going any further I have to apologize to all of you for not uploading since last year get it

Because it's New Year I also added a capsule which will serve as our player now we just need a way to move him so and so I got to work with brackets tutorial using the character controller in unity but the main problem is that I

Like physics and the character controller doesn't really do that so I just scrapped it all slapped on a rigid body on my player instead and now I have to write my own movement script now this requires a lot of vector calculations

And I don't like vectors or calculations so it's kind of a problem but eventually I through this basic movement together which was simple enough the only problem though is that the player is very sloppy and slides around

Like a fish if a fish had legs and well if you could walk and such so I guess it's not really like a fish at all but I mean so to solve this I added some counter movement which made the movement feel much more snappy and you actually

Stopped instead of doing the slipperiest library wish wish and before going any further I found some prototype materials and added some post-processing and just like that it's much prettier to look at so the plan is to make a parkour game

With guns and explosions and cool stuff kind of like Carlson but 3d and so I started by making a grappling gun because I like grappling guns and it's my game so I can do whatever I want to and I'm probably gonna improve it later

On but for now I think it gets the job done a very important aspect of a parkour game or pretty much any game is the movement so I started by implementing sliding basically if you hold down control you

Can slide down slopes and build up speed and it's pretty cool then I got started on wall running this is actually pretty tricky to get right so for now I'm gonna leave it at this and then come back to it later and

I added crouching so you actually become smaller when you slide I kept it simple so I literally just scale the player down when crouching which you know this might not be the most realistic or best approach but it works so I don't care

So as the movement is coming together pretty well let's try and add some guns so we can you know perform the pew pew if you catch my drift so to do that we need to actually make a gun which brings us to my first problem

I don't know how to make 3d models so and with the help of my boy big Brack I started my modeling adventure using pro builder oh you're wondering why I'm not using blender blender more like Blair yeah and tada

It looks fucking terrible nice whatever I don't care now to make the grappling gun look better I'm gonna try replicate will nails grappling gun because it's fucking amazing check him out on Twitter he's the guy

Who made stick fight the game and tons of other cool stuff so you know yeah you should give him a follow for starters the rope is now coming out of the tip of the gun which is usually the case and it's no longer as colored which is a

Good start then I made a gun rotate towards him then I made the gun rotate towards the rope which was an easy task for me I totally didn't spend five hours trying to figure out how to do it I want to die anyway here are the seven lines

Of code that took me 5 hours to figure out because who the flying fuck knows how a quaternion works what the fuck even is a quaternion I don't know does anyone know and why is it called a quaternion what is this freaking alien

Language ie God oh and I also made a gun move up and down a bit so it looks more dynamic and kind of like you're holding it that's pretty cool ok we got guns but you know what's the point of pew pew if we don't have

Anything to pew pew ads you know so it's time to make an enemy and using pro builder I started with a head and worked my way down and yeah I don't need to use blender this is actually very easy to do with Pro Bowler and here is the result

It's lucky you after doing some research I've decided to learn 3d modeling in blender instead of fro builders so I created my first model which is totally not just me

Following a tutorial on YouTube anyway after that I read my character with another tutorial by this guy Sebastian League is that even how I pronounce it I don't know hopefully Sebastian doesn't watch this because he is in a league of

His own get it cuz League his name is League it's yeah so I finally got my enemy into unity oh you thought I was going to make the animations in blender which would save me a lot of time something any sensible person would do

Now that I need chief so I made them in unity and there we go a little idle animation now let's check out how it looks in game from the player view oh that's massive almost as big as your mom and so I scaled him down a bit too

Much to play a size oh and if you know anything about me you know I like ragdolls they just make me go yes and so I made the enemy do the flop and become a ragdoll but it looks more like it's

Trying to do yoga or something I'm pretty sure that's a yoga move right there now I'm sure Yoga is healthy and all but we're not trying to make a yoga game here come on we're trying to shoot some

Bad guys run on some walls and other cool manly stuff you know what I'm saying so I had to scrap the yoga and it's now much more like an ice core Idol which makes me go actually yes guys this is literally me after a long day of work

Smashed like now if relatable guys and also remember to smash subscribe now slappers I then tried to make him rotate towards me so he can aim a gun at me and got some interesting results at first but eventually I got it working properly

And he will now rotate his body and head to look at you I also want him to hold a gun and actually rotate his arms towards you because currently he's looking more like a traffic director which is kind of weird and after some more coding I

Finally got him to look at me or not I also got the right to working so whenever he dies he will turn into a proper rag doll so now that he can die we need to make a pickup system so you can grab guns and other stuff and and

His career it was fairly simple to do and I also made it a bit smoother with these lines of code and I made it possible to drop the gun as well though if you doing it your gum turns into a stick I'm

Not really sure why so I guess you can say that leaves me in a bit of a sticky situation huh oh and also as the very famous Leonardo da Vinci used to say what's the point of a gun if you can't shoot it all so I added shooting but it

Looks really bad because the gun does not move at all so I created a muscle flash and smoke using unities particle system which makes it look a bit better and of course some recoil because as Newton used to say in his third law of

Motion if boy goes boom other boy goes Kapow but opposite and stuff yeah physics pretty cool shooting sounds and screen shake yeah then I messed around with unit is

Navmesh system which will allow the enemies to follow me even when behind objects I also made it so they will only follow you once you've been spotted and with that we need to make a run animation so they don't just slide

Towards you because it looks kind of weird and after a while I put together this though it looks a bit weird because of his arms obviously I'm not gonna keep

Such a silly animation in the game as it would completely ruin my reputation as a very serious game developer so I fixed it up and he will now no root to run after you much better I messed a bit more with the animations

And transitions and I also gave him a gun and the ability to shoot me and if you get hit by a bullet you fall down and can't move which is typically what happens if you get shot I think I haven't been shot before but you know

And finally I got back to working on the wall running again and after a lot of coding and testing around I got it working pretty good now the biggest change is that once you start a wall run you're actually stuck to the wall and

You have to wall jump off of it again the camera also tilts which makes it feel much better we also need more guns so I slap together an a K using pro builder of course and it turned out to be an absolute failure just like my life

How many gold boys anyway here it is in action it's pretty cool but I definitely need to work on the animations because they don't look very smooth at all this kind of whack but without being done I put everything together to showcase what

The game is like so far so that's pretty cool and old but I think I can do better so I did better but that's for the next part of this video so y'all better smash subscribe

Now smashers so you don't miss it because definitely don't want to miss it and there's probably a dollar link for the game in the description if it's ready right now so you can play the game how it is so

Far but not quite sure if it's ready by the time this video is up anyway thanks for watching make sure to smash like if you like smash dislike if you don't like and as always drink your milk hit the sack and for the love of God don't be

Wack cuz that's kind of wack

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