Harman Kardon Enchant 800 Soundbar “MultiBeam” 8 Channel Surround Sound – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Hey everyone it's been a while since I did a soundbar here the last one I tested was actually at the old office but today let's do the first one here at the new location today we're looking at the harman kardon enchant 800 this is new to the market and the only reason

Why I decided to review this was there's multi-beam surround sound design to supposedly encapsulate you in audio giving you the impression of multiple speakers around you we'll see how this one goes as always being transparent

Harman Kardon sent this over for a review but my assessment was not altered in any way I'll be going over both the pros and cons I'll leave my affiliate links down in that video description below click on my

Links for the most updated prices in real time you never know when this sandbar might go on sale I'm Jimmy with jims review room and I'm here to help you make that purchase decision welcome everyone

Going over what you get in the box I have it listed on your screen wall screws are included but this is just me I highly recommend that you purchase auger screws or wall anchors if you're attaching this solely to sheetrock most

Manufacturers don't include this but for a few dollars these provide a lot of support of little pro tip they're not to be viewed as a negative here per se but the enchant 800 might sound great off the box but it doesn't come with a sub

Woofer we'll see if Harman Kardon can provide quote deep bass as they claim on their retail box but overall here the build looks great in my personal opinion there's a fabric ramp that goes all the way around for texture the top is metal

That's cold to the touch and the beveled edges reveals that metal give it a nice touch of sexiness I guess you can say the buttons up top are very straightforward with power volume up and down and the source button now many who

Purchase sound bars don't think about this too much here but the display helps up big-time Harmon has a nice big and moderately bright display that's easy to read I'm sure my mother-in-law would appreciate this but info does go away

Though when you're watching your movies and such for zero distractions getting a wider angle here this sambar measures 33.8 inches wide about 860 millimetres so keep that in mind when you're measuring your TV stand the TV in the

Back here is 65 inches for reference and the sambar is intended for small to medium sized rooms for larger areas there's always the enchant 1300 now taking a look at the back to see how this thing connects here the ports are

On your screen although this only has one HDMI input that TB is technically used to connect all of your devices like your PlayStation your blu-ray player whatever etc but then one wire runs to the sandbar this is very typical for

Those who haven't purchased the sambar recently you'll see this a lot it's called audio return channel sometimes they abbreviated arc and it helps with making your TV the center for all of your connections now keep in mind

HDMI will give you the best audio quality but if you really hate wires here the enchant does feature chromecast built-in which works over your Wi-Fi or you can use the built-in Bluetooth now chromecast works

But don't be confused this is not Google assistance you don't have any voice commands but the casting feature this works with almost every app that the mainstream consumer uses Spotify Pandora YouTube music Amazon music etc this

Works great for streaming now everything is great so far but the first letdown here was that Bluetooth performance 1 we don't have the newest technology that's Bluetooth 5.0 instead we have Bluetooth 4.2 and with my testing Bluetooth range

Is limited to about 50 to 60 percent of my 1,100 square foot apartment here if I'm streaming music from my phone and then walk to the other side over there the signal cuts out testing with video there are significant delays to be fair

The sandbar does have an audio syncing feature which in the end was more of a nuisance and honestly I can't get it to precisely line up at times and last the enchant 800 doesn't remember your other devices that you have connected via

Bluetooth if I want to switch devices I have to first disconnect my phone or swimming I'm playing music off of this thing here and then I have to click pair on the second device it doesn't seamlessly just change audio sources via

Bluetooth I'm not trying to sound hard to anything and most likely you're buying this for your TV but really Bluetooth music listening if you're planning on using it just for that or mostly for that honestly the Harman

Enchance Harman Kardon chant 800 it's not the best other than the sambar itself is very simple to use that's a easy to use sound bar here no frills just straight to the point quality built here but let's get into the audio demo

First off make sure you listen to the surround sound experience the main reason why I want you to focus on this while you're listening to the demos is how it might wrap you in audio Harman Kardon is calling it multi beam and it

Sounds quite promising so folks let's get started here put it on your own earphones or headphones so you can listen to my professional microphones give you a 3d like audio experience and if you haven't already be sure to follow

My social media handles on your screen those are my personal accounts and it wouldn't mean the world to me if you guys can follow they're that though ID on Twitter or on Instagram I have the links in the video description below for

Your convenience as well just click and follow all right folks here we go alright folks here goes the test this is from the movie ready player one

H are you seeing this house connectors bark from the cure for YC scale or stand apart girl I think it's Artemis slipper I've seen all that Walker's or twitch

Streams alright folks welcome back as usual audio recorded on my end and

Then play through your speakers are not the best depiction of audio quality but hence my review here first up this does support Dolby audio and DTS looking at Harmons customer service response the only surround sound feature that I found

Was not offered is of course Dolby Atmos I would consider contacting Harman just in case here but essentially there's no ceiling or up firing speakers for Atmos to work vibe performance for small to medium sized areas are of course the

Most ideal I tested this in the master bedroom which is a little bit more squared off and it sounded amazing also tested this in my living room technically my studio I guess I call it here which is slightly more of a

Rectangle but also open to one side over here which is typical for most homeowners now the sound bar claims to have eight channels of audio and what my testing actors voices are very clear with ambient noises distinctly in the

Background you might have been able to tell by that quick dialogue of Mission Impossible earlier where Tom Cruise was resurrected from the dead there you can hear water moving in the background and also experience that hollowness in that

Scene now the vehicle is like the bikes and the engine of that m5 during the chase there you can hear those things rev and man it sounds really good so audio separation is impeccable helping you to create a very detailed

Environment while have you engaged with the actors now with that multi-beam and that claims eight channels of audio surround sound is very very good here but mostly with everything in front of you 45 degrees in

About one hundred and seventy two about a hundred and eighty degrees on either side if you really pay attention you can sense there's some rear audio but when you're focused on that movie I didn't perceive it as much to be honest with

The rears and I know this sounds like common sense here but it didn't sound direct you can tell the sound bar is trying to bounce audio to fill out that back area but it's honestly just weak to be fair this is very hard to do in most

Sound bars that offers a similar simulated surround sound feature by bouncing sound off the walls they very much have the same struggles as well especially with the rear but for the sides and left and right audio channels

Quite impressive and you're sensing audio coming from further away something much wider than the sound bar itself with bass even though I had this set to zero which is maximum handy sound bar I wish there was a little bit more you do

Lose a little bit of engagement and depth in the experience because you don't experience that thud of bodies dropping you don't really feel the vibrations it's good enough for private small rooms up to medium sized rooms but

I highly recommend getting this subwoofer no matter what the mid-range again is clear distinct blasting this near maximum you're going to hear every detail with impressive clarity and quality the highs are good at medium to

Moderately high volumes I notice when you're playing your movies at near maximum or at maximum the high notes can span a little too forward and that can be alarming at times so overall for a premium speaker and with the surround

Sound multi beam technology they're putting into this thing at home it is impressive for what's available today the price is somewhat high but quality output I believe justifies it I do wish bluetooth was much better in general of

Course I do listen to my music and having my music coming out from the sound bar is great but that signal man it was not good at all in my opinion this is worth a look into if this ever drops in price again click on my links

To see what the most recent prices are I would say it's a very strong consideration for those small to medium sized areas and you want that good quality folks down in that comment section below let me know what you guys

Think as always be sure to follow my social media handles and Jimmy little official on Instagram and Jhelum official on Twitter I'll see you guys around take care bye you

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