published on July 20, 2020

My beloved brothers and sisters we are going through many tough times rough times not only from an economic situation in this country but in many countries across the globe all not only turmoil over example that we witness in so many countries but we see even the

Way the conditions we have extreme heat we have a lot of rain too much rain sometimes in different parts of the world that is flooding they are wildfires in some places they are tsunamis in others this year in

Zimbabwe I'm sure you would all bear witness that it has been the hottest year that we've known even the elderly those in their 80s and Beyond who are with us have always said or have said this time that this is the hottest they

Could remember it's true respect to what is going on what should we be doing well one of the first things that we should mention is that every day that passes we're actually a day closer to pm we're actually a day closer to the end

Of the world and this is not a belief that is unique to the Muslims but in fact the Christians and the Jews and a few other of the Semitic faith believe the same that there is an end they will be an empty

We believe so Hanukkah that that end is not too far off but when we say not too far off how many years is that have you realized those who say we come on to this person and we are supposed to be enjoying this life they have not

Realized that it is only for a few years that they are actually at their peak before that and after that they are no more at the pink will not have the peak and at the same time they disappear in such a way that a

Few decades later nobody remembers their name or the fact that they existed presidents of Nations so many have passed people don't even know their names they don't even know that they even existed if I were to ask people of

Say for example a powerful nation that may be in existence for a few hundred years but can you name me 15 of your presidents or 10 of them they probably wouldn't be able to name except two or three yet at that time they were very

Very important people lady think oh what happened to them they actually went off when I wanted them to go foolish of those who think that they just disappeared into thin air look at myself yourselves we are so

Complicated today we have a feeling we have eyes we look at each other we have a heart we have life so Panama do you really think that everything just disappears into thin air the moment we close our eyes

Wallahi the fact that things are tough and difficult and challenge upon challenge health goes wrong wealth goes wrong people die the environment becomes tough the weather becomes difficult challenge upon challenge that is proof

And evidence enough that this life is not realize that a lies made for us secondly it is proof and evidence enough that this life is actually just a test from a box of Hannah Montana it's just a challenge it's a test how do we believe

That it's a test I was asked by one of the youngsters that you know you say it's a test how is it a test I said because we know we are tested that's why everything goes wrong one after the other but I must Panama time I gives you

In the middle things that will make you number one forget a lot of what you had gone through in the past if I were to ask you today how many difficulties have you had 20 years ago for those who are little bit older I think many of us

Would not be able to remember a lot of the difficulties in detail some might remember a little bit but we won't i'd like you've just good days and wipe out the memory the bad memory of the bad days but while we were in the tough days

It seems like oh you know what we're going through a lot of difficulty in issue I remember in the same question asking a question take a look at where you're standing and searching today of clothing the motor vehicle or vehicles

Your house your finances and we're were you 20 years ago 15 years ago without exception every one of us where were you 30 years ago where are you now have we not become relatively far greater and higher and we were 30 years ago 40

Perhaps a little bit more a little bit less but we are complaining today much more than we did when we did not have anything today we have more it's just a last promise that has become renovations to us and Allah having made mention of

Our nature as human beings being so truthful as up meaning Allah being truthful in his words about us that nothing will fill the stomach of man you put in it one Valley of Goldie once another you

Put in a second you'll be complaining because he can't reach the third that's Allah telling us that this is what man's nature is then Allah says the only time he his mouth will be filled is with with dust with soil you know when he is

Buried everything is okay to that Junction to that point man thinks no you know he can do better than what he he is doing yes we could do better but don't compromise your relationship with Allah this entire introduction is in order for

Us to know how we can manage these days nothing you do from yourself can bring about subhanAllah the mercy of Allah unless you turn to Allah people are complaining it's too hard the economy you know every day we complain

About the economy what's going to happen what do you mean what's going to happen if day by day thank Allah you have food for today and handle I think I'm not tomorrow work today maybe you have food for a few days and cannot work hard

SubhanAllah people say if I die what will happen to my children I always say perhaps Allah will create people who will look after them better than you did it's possible subhanAllah so this is Allah

Number one for a solution to any problem turn to Allah turn to Allah there is no chance that any problem of yours will be solved without into a lot you know why he is the maker the owner of the money you're looking

For he is a mom to start with if you get it without a lot in the picture it will come with a curse if you get it with a lie in the picture whether it is more or less it comes with Barca it comes with contentment so when you turn to Allah

The first thing you need to do is it's still far seek the forgiveness of Allah you want rain you know we are in dire need of rain may Allah grant it to us I mean but my beloved brothers my sisters that rain is such that if we have no

Rain that is a problem and if we have too much rain there is a problem we need a balance in the middle and so balance your life out and Allah will give it to you subhanAllah we have to turn to Allah it is the farm we have to seek the

Forgiveness of Allah we have to improve ourselves as human beings we've become extremely selfish in the process of earning money it's all about me myself and I that's what it's all about we have to learn to reach out to one

Another the minimum is to be kind to be polite to be hospitable to be a person with good nature good character that brings about the mercy of Allah you seek the forgiveness of Allah treat people with respect be honest with them do good

And upright business dealings then the mercy of Allah won't come what's the point of earning so much and inflation is eating all your wealth there's something wrong with us as human beings we are not reaching out to each

Other and we have even sorted out our relationship with Allah take your time in sauna encourage your children in a beautiful way romanian to go home and ask yourself am i the best person in this house the

Prophets of allah the setup says the best person is the one who is best to his spouse to begin with and the family members where am i standing what is going on why are things going wrong when allah says you know what when you get

Closer to allah when you engage in Eastham fun when you become a better person what will happen is we will make it easy for you to go through these challenges in a way that you will not look at them as challenges but rather as

Something allah wanted you to go through with a smile things happen you're still smiling they don't happen you're still smiling you made a bit of money you're still smiling your health is good you're still

Smiling you made a loss you're still smiling you your health went wrong you're still smiling al hamdulillah he and I only hand there is a narration we're in the process of centum tells us that on the day of

Judgment they will be a corner who calls out where are those who used to thank Allah upon all conditions it's something we've mentioned time in the King because we are indeed going through challenges I cannot remember sitting in this Masjid

Or another machine looking at the temperature and reading it to be 31 degrees at night at this time in this country I can't for me it's the first I don't know about the rest but there is something happening the changes taking

Place globally do you really think and I must Anna what to Hannah once you just penalize everyone no he's reminding us he is the one you want the weather to improve you called out to Allah you improve yourself you want

Conditions to improve you improve yourself and others as well may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta'ala Cantus these people engage in salat release this car which means the Salah that is calling out to Allah asking him for rain

One of the conditions of that is to ask the forgiveness of Allah prior to even going into that Salah seek the forgiveness of Allah change your ways your habits become upright it doesn't mean that you're reading five

Salah a day and suddenly you're in good books with Allah you could be a cook in business you could be a bad mouthed individual who really doesn't care about the feelings of people when he talks or she talks to them bad words may Allah

Protect us Allah grant us ease the condition will never change and listen we change ourselves it's amazing so these are serious words these are not you know shallow words the reflection is required

Very deep Who am I another thing people are beginning to question the rules and regulations set down by Allah people are challenging Allah they are defying Allah subhanAllah

Where are where are those who believe where are those who can hold a la has told them has instructed them to make us from among those so we take a part of the deem that is convenient to us and the rest of it is left the rest of it is

Left we must make sure that we turn to Allah as I said is still far seek the forgiveness of Allah become regular with your obligations unto Allah o Allah etc become a better person the upright in business the upright in

Your relations those who work for you with you all those whom you work for we need to be honest people cheat in time today the time you're supposed to be at 8 o'clock somewhere and 9 didn't we're still not

There and we're taking money for it sometimes if we're working at the place that is not honesty do we really think the mercy of allows men to come it won't so if you notice the difficulties that we're facing the solutions are so filled

But they require dedication to fulfill simple solutions abstaining from sin what do we gain from sin a person who's addicted to this or to that a person who perpetrates sin what do we came from this nothing nothing not even pleasure

Temporary perhaps driven by Satan feeling that we are apps within enjoyment and it's not that is deep regret thereafter we shouldn't be committing sin Allah subhana WA Ta'ala save goddess and I'm now will take care

Of us Allah will definitely take care of there is no point for a moment to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow is not in your hands it's in the hands of Allah but Allah has given you a capacity if you

Don't use it you are to blame unless given you a capacity to work use your energy use your effort you have to force yourself to get out of bed to go out and to work and to earn then you say I've left the rest in the hands of Allah I

Thank Allah for giving me this capacity and I want to end the short reminder and like I said it's a serious reminder by encouraging myself and yourselves to be thankful to Allah I tell you why Lucinda Neku Allah says this to us in a

Beautiful way and he has prescribed it upon those before us as well if you are thankful I will give you increase abundance look for the little things look for the little things that you are thankful for think about it if I were to

Say my brother my sister what are you thankful for today draw up a list of 300 things so hahaha and I promise to try it out you don't have to write the list but make a mental note of it my eyes my nose my ears what else my breathing my system

My walking my my knees just with your own body you would roll up 500 already before you start with my phone so kind of like what else ability the clothes I have everything else I have the peace the sanity even though it's warm today

But there is cool ring subhanAllah a cool breeze look at it it's a uniqueness of this part of the world that no matter how hot it is the breeze is usually cool if you notice some of the days the breeze was warm through the day

It's unlike this part of the world but we need to do something thank Allah so please let us count the favours of Allah upon us and thank him for each one o Allah I thank you for my eyes I thank you for my ears I thank you for my

Children I thank you for my spouse I thank you for the condition and so on one by one think of it that will show you that your problems will be eclipsed by the gifts of Allah what difficulties do you have may Allah Subhanahu WA

Ta'ala count the Saudis also we reach out to others who are in difficulty and Allah will help us in our continuity kind of love the only kind of young he the assistance of Allah is with the slave for as long as that slave is

Occupied in assisting another you help others Allah will help you you keep someone Allah will give you try it out it will definitely work it has to work it's the words of the prophets of Allah you might not see the fruit in one day

Five days a week two days or two weeks but you will see it sooner or later sometimes I'd like if your same day may Allah make us from among those who can smile through these challenges the reason I chose this topic for today is

Because many people are complaining to me about the situation what should we do we are mostly blessed we are Muslims it's a very simple solution you gotta soldier on you're going to keep going you want to thank Allah and

Trust me people say no I'm meeting the country I'm going down swinging it's not wrong to leave if for example you really have to or if you feel like etcetera but you need to remember no matter where you go there are challenges perhaps of a

Different sort but you have to face them it doesn't mean if I go from here to Honolulu there's not gonna be any tests they're the same Allah will test you with some different things you might have a currency that may operate with

Less fluctuation and to be honest we've we started enjoying this right but we have a currency perhaps but there won't be other difficulties other issues there might be things that you will not be able to face to face certain things and

I'm not making anyone's mind up I don't know of people who want to go you know right now sitting here in front of me so it's not a piece of advice for someone I'm only trying to tell you that no matter where you go you will still face

Challenges they have to be challenges I was reading about California in the news when they were saying the upmarket areas the people have had to q8 top people have had to evacuate because of wildfires caused by an

Electrical fault due to some mistakes made by the their equivalent of ours esse welcome masha'Allah Allah Subhanahu WA Ta'ala contest is so it happens everywhere we haven't yet had to run out of our houses at least possess and no

Matter how little they have done in the last few days or whatever in the last you know time but you know the excitement of the lights coming back is such that you realize only then how valuable electricity is you know I want

To say one more thing because we are sick but we are sitting here what Allah he when the lights and you know you and I know go for 18 hours a day the day that they come back for 7-8 hours it's like a day Wow today the nights were

Here most of the day like we weren't expecting them to go and they didn't go even the one extra hour when it comes a little bit earlier in the morning you say wow so loud so look at how Allah has made us appreciate electricity allows

Made us appreciate water so Panama when the water trickling aid is water in the tap for those who know who don't have bold and alternative ways so this goes to show you that you can only realize the value of something when it's taken

Away from you and that value is somewhere else that's why I said sit and think of what you have it might go you may not know may Allah bless us all

To help every one of us and all those suffering across the globe who look only hide I was all about us in America and I mean uncommon

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