Hands-on: ZenFone AR is the first phone with Tango AR and Daydream VR

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey everyone this is David with Android
police and we're here at CES 2017
checking out the latest from a soos now
you probably already heard about the
zenfone AR because well it did leak a
little bit earlier this week but it's
almost certainly the most virtual and
augmented reality capable smartphone
ever released combines Google's tango AR
and daydream ready specifications create
an industry-first device and it really
is the first to combine both the
specifications are nothing to sneeze at
either a Snapdragon 820 won a 5.7 inch
wqhd AMOLED display eight gigs of ram
which soos claims is an industry-first a
23 megapixel rear camera and Android 7.0
combined for a powerful handset running
a respectable recent version of Android
though we'd prefer to see 7.1 your first
question though probably given all the
zenfone a ARS major VR and AR
capabilities is how big is the battery
after all VR na are notorious for their
intense power usage so this is a pretty
critical figure to have unfortunately
the Zeus wasn't sharing that information
today but I can't tell you a few things
about the zenfone AR based on my brief
time with it here at the show first the
thing is nowhere near as awkward to
handles when I was ginormous fab 2 Pro
and that's a huge relief because that
found was way too big zenfone AR feels
like any other 5.7 smart phone granted
it does have a physical home button and
it doesn't feel especially nice either
you've got your capacitive navigation
keys fingerprint scanner and the home
key and otherwise normal phone layout as
Seuss's Zen UI layer is still here and
heavy as ever but it is now based on
Android 7.0 which well should be given
the zenfone AR doesn't launch for at
least three months the software and the
demo units we tested was very buggy but
you know that's kind of be expected and
there's probably still a lot of work
that a sous has to do here before the
zenfone AR is ready for release go to
the back of the phone though and things
are a little different you can
immediately tell this is a tango phone
the massive camera and sensor array is a
dead giveaway much as it was on Lenovo's
fab 2 Pro much to our sadness the Zeus
wasn't actually letting us try out the
tango experience though saying the
software wasn't ready yet a sous did
demo two new tango experiences
on stage with gap in hot wheels but if
I'm honest neither seemed like they were
sort of thing that would bring tango
into more mainstream relevance the
Snapdragon 820 1 processor is the same
one you'll find in the Google pixel
phones and the performance of Google's
daydream VR experience on those phones
is any indicator you can probably expect
the zenfone AR will get quite toasty and
use a lot of power when dropping you
into the virtual world overall the
zenfone AR seems like a perfectly
respectable high-end smartphone and
that's good for a tango enabled phone
because the fab 2 pro wasn't but we just
don't know quite enough about it yet
namely pricing and battery capacity to
really issue a verdict just yet
tango doesn't seem ready as a reason in
and of itself to buy a phone but zenfone
AR feels more like a normal smartphone
than they are one-off which may bode
well for sales given AR is in the name
however it seems like soos is probably
betting on its reality augmenting
prowess to move units and I just don't
see anything today that makes Google's
tango AR killer feature at least not yet
Zenvo AR is expected to be available in
q2 of this year and hopefully we'll
learn more about in the coming weeks and

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