Hands-on with Changhong H2: This phone scans molecules

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey let's go guys it's Zack with Andrew
police here at CES and in this video
we're taking a look at a molecular
scanning foam this is the Shang Hong h2
and yes you can scan molecules in your
food with this sensor from Scio
they also have a standalone scanner that
you can use with any phone alongside the
companion application so we swing by the
Shanghai booth to hear from the reps
what exactly you can do with these
devices so this is the world's first
material sensing phone it's a Chang Hong
h2 and it's got an embedded material
sensor in it and what you can do you can
scan a bunch of products a bunch of
materials with it and it gives you
different insights about them so in this
case I'm going to try to select the
sweetest Apple so I'm going to click on
this app right here select the apples
and now I'm going to scan an apple
simply make contact scan sends out the
light gets back the reflection and it
will give me the results in Brix value
Brix is the amount of sweetness
sweetness level of this Apple so this
one is 12.5 bricks which is a pretty
good Apple okay so now I'm going to scan
the second Apple and let's see what type
of Brix results I get for that how sweet
is this Apple so this one is 17 that's
an awesome Apple that's a really sweet
one so you've seen the previous one it
has a much lower brick score so this is
a selecting the sweetest apples then we
get also distinguishing between
different types of pills this one is a
fake one and a real one so we can
distinguish between two types of pills
here I'm going to hit on the
verification app click pills and now
scan I don't know which one is real
which one is fake so that's the real one
that's the real one let's see the other
and this one is fake so yeah so you can
do select the sweetest fruit distinguish
between different medication fake or
real you can get nutritional information
about the food you scan calories carbs
proteins fat and a bunch of other things
like personal wellness scan your biceps
and get your body fat percent so there's
many use cases for this and this is the
first world's first phone with a
material sensor embedded this is going
to be available worldwide or starting in
China in 2017 a few months and then
rolling rolling out worldwide what about
the rest of the specifications of the
phone itself well it's got a six inch
full HD it's got a 16 megapixel camera
it's got a 3000 milliamp battery so it's
a pretty competitive phone diet sensor
is compatible with any sensor either
embedded or handheld on a pole on
Android and of course on Shang Hong and
it's a nutrient app from the next
generation for people who need to
monitor food intake Cobb management's
cholesterol management and so on and you
know when you need to track daily it's
tedious and making it easier provides
more data more access to the data and
then more feedback so the app is
providing you the budgets what you ate
the calorie you burned you can connect
your Fitbit or any device and the
calories left foot today for the next
meal I have this budget and I'm going to
log a meal either with scio or with my
favorite food catalog that I create my
own library I can also log from a
catalogue where I have 600,000 foods but
this is done for non-homogeneous food
that I cannot scan like a pizza or
lasagna and I also get suggestions what
food what categories of food I could eat
and stick to my budget I choose the
right categories of food we have 240
algorithm I choose one for pastries
cakes breads any types of those in the
world and it will get the exact values
of this pancake which has 8% of protein
47 of carbs and 9% of fats I take a
picture to create my own gallery if I
eat this pancake again I can find it
right away in my own gallery here see
and for the weight I need to know the
weight either I connect my bluetooth
scale and when I serve I get the exact
way or I just know the weight and I
input the weight either in ounces or in
grams here to get the exact values and I
know when I get in the right zone that I
am exceeding my goal for this time of
the day which helps me balance my meals
count my carbs like if I I'm under
insulin management I know how much
insulin I need to take given the amount
of carbs and I can balance my nutrients
5 Cal protein and of course calories so
it's really a nutrition coaching app
that provides you with coaching advice
nutrition education so that you monitor
your food intake and better manage your
diabetes or weight loss program obesity
and anything related to nutrition we
want to make it an educational tool not
only a technological tool and this
technology is really awesome because it
helps you get the data in a easier
manner and when you can log data you can
have the information to take decisions
so that's our motto
easier to log your food and get more
advice and more guidance a little
creature that you grow inside your phone
and you have to feed it and depending on
what you are feeling it if it's healthy
or less healthy it gets a different
character thing and it goes into a
different monster if you are feeling it
with the chocolate your scan the
chocolate now the chocolate went from
the real world into the virtual world
and you can feed the pet please notice
that you can see that chocolate gives
you a lot of happiness but not so much
health and help somewhat with hunger so
different foods have different
characteristics and it both grow the
different character and
I developed it differently so there you
have it you have to admit this is pretty
interesting right would you guys get
something like this could you find it
useful in your everyday life let us know
your thoughts by dropping a comment down
below but anyway that does it for this
video I hope you guys enjoyed if you did
feel free to hit that like button
subscribe to the Android police channel
if you haven't already I'll talk to you
guys later and thanks for watching

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