Hands-on: The ZenFone 3 Zoom has a gigantic battery, dual cameras, and old software

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey what's going on guys zach here with
Andhra police at CES with a quick look
at the a sous zine phone at 3:00 zoom
this one comes packed with a 5.5 inch
1080p AMOLED display covered in Gorilla
Glass 5 the snapdragon 625 octa-core
processor up to 4 gigabytes of RAM up to
128 gigabytes of expandable storage and
a whopping 5 thousand milliamp hour
battery Asuza is really proud of this in
saying that this is the thinnest phone
with that big of the battery as of right
now so running out of battery shouldn't
really be a concern here but the main
selling points of this phone aside from
the awesomely massive battery are the
cameras this is the phone built for
photography after all it's equipped with
dual 12 megapixel cameras the main one
has a 25 millimeter focal length and the
zoom camera which is the secondary
camera has a 56 millimeter focal length
with 12x total zoom and 2.3 X optical
zoom and as for the selfie camera you're
looking at a 13 megapixel shooter with
an F 2.0 aperture and built-in screen
flash now soos is really proud of this
set of cameras as they're equipped with
what they call super pixel technology
which gives you 2.5 times more light
sensitivity for your photos now in the
few seconds that we had to test these
cameras out I will say that the results
were very solid the camera app boasts 20
different shooting modes and a fairly
easy to use UI so upon first impressions
the zenfone 3 zoom appears to be a very
nice phone that could possibly give the
competition a run for their money as a
soos was mainly comparing these cameras
to the ones found on the iPhone 7 plus
lastly the zenfone 3 zoom will also ship
with Android 6.0 which is pretty
confusing seeing as how the zenfone AR
which they also announced alongside this
phone will ship with 7.0 nougat so
there's that so what do you guys think
of the zenfone 3 zoom let us know your
thoughts down below in the comment
section thanks for watching

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