Coiffure – Males’s Hair & HaircutInspiration Cristiano Ronaldo

published on July 3, 2020


hola thank you very much for watching

slick-haired TV today well I know

hi guys here's the cameraman yes gonna

get the haircut today yes bye

Gabrielle Gabrielle please introduce

yourself boy vamos hacer el corte

cristiano ronaldo de la vela cupola

final del does leave the officiers

contra franca cuando karen Campione

hello tambien para salir or whatever

good thank you very much and you have a

huge youtube channel as well you should

check it out in the comment section down


mm-hmm I'm up for eight men I went to

the certain haircut sounds good man and

you up for it

yeah yeah









and there we have it the Cristiano

Ronaldo haircut yes thank you very much

Gabrielle thank you looks awesome yeah

one what do you guys think we should

have you come then comment section down


yeah do it if you want to win this four

pack then you should write a comments

down below and let us know why it should

be you remember to subscribe and like

the video and also a big thanks to

Gabrielle thank you thanks man

Thank You Man see you guys next time


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