Coiffure inspiration for Males – 5 SUMMER haircuts – Slikhaar 2020

published on July 2, 2020

hi guys I'm Restless and you're watching

slicker – today I have picked out five

awesome hairstyles and before I get

started watching remember to like the

video be a subscriber and don't forget

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your comment in the next episode first

up we have hairstyle number one which is

the hog on the car it's a short

hairstyle short sides and a small quiff

going on with a lot of texture check it



smoking-gun you come here



up number two we have a short text a

quiff it goes well with some short sides

so go check it out






of number three we have the sunkissed

hairstyle it goes well with both sleek

back quiff and some texture so check it




number four we have the classic quiff it

goes well with my suits shirts just a

more formal dressing style



number five we have the classic slick

pack and it goes well with shirts and

you know like summaries like this and

also the more formal shirts yeah you can





finally I like to say that we have a


this time we have the pipeline t-shirts

and we also give away to Blaine hair

products as well in the same package all

you need to do is write in the comment

section down below which of these five

hairstyle you like the most

also like the video and be a subscriber

to channel and we'll pick a random

winner for the next episode stay healthy

stay fresh and with nice hair see you

guys next time


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