“Grow Up” – Vegan Debunks Farmer’s Outrageous Anti-Vegan Rant – #FairOaks

by birtanpublished on September 19, 2020

Hey everyone, so many of you might already have seen the undercover investigation into Fair Oaks farm in the U.S. But for those of you who haven't, just a little bit of context to begin with. Fair Oaks Farm is a dairy farm that supplies milk to Fair Life which is a big milk company in the U.S, that is owned by Coca Cola. Now, the investigation garnered global attention due to the atrocities that were committed to these animals;

Both legal and also illegal as well. And so, I'm not going to show any of the footage in this video, because it will be censored. But I do implore you to go and check it out and see what you think for yourself. Especially, if you still consume dairy products so have a look online and see what you think. So this video instead, is actually more a response video to something that was sent

To me. And it is a video by a farmer, who was talking about the investigation. I also want to stress just before we start watching the video in question, that Fair Oaks Farm is considered the best of the best. In fact, it's an agricultural tourism destination, which means they give tours to tourists and people who are interested in

Seeing what life is like on a dairy farm. Or more importantly, what they want people to think that life is like on a dairy farm. But anyway, let's get into this video and let's see exactly what this person has to say. Greetings from Australia. What's going on guys? It's the Farm Babe here and I'm down under speaking at a conference this week about

Different beef producers and networking with all sorts of people here in Australian Agriculture. Firstly, she seems a little bit chipper for someone who is about to try and justify enslavement and abuse of animals. But let's see where she goes with it. We've been having some really great conversations about

Animal rights activists and the whole conversation is really fitting because I have been getting bombarded with messages from you guys in the U.S about the Fair Oaks Farm video. The footage shown at Fair Oaks Farm is awful. Does anyone actually think

She is being sincere in this moment? It doesn't seem to me like she is being sincere at all. And she is referring to the footage as being awful But she completely overlooks the fact that what happens on every single dairy farm around the world is awful. So I don't really understand why she takes particular offence to this when actually legally condoned practices are just as violent

And just as brutal to the animals, that are being tortured. But here's the deal guys… And there we go. But she says "here's the deal" so if you're going to preface something and then say "but here's the deal" it kinda suggests that everything you've just said before then, isn't really sincere. These videos…these animal rights groups

They have an agenda. Basically, their goal is to get people to stop eating meat, to stop drinking milk, to stop eating any sort of animal product and that is their whole goal. She makes out like having an agenda has some sort of nefarious undertones. I mean everything we do in life, we have an agenda. Say, when we go to the shop, we have an agenda

To buy food and to buy drinks. When we go and we subscribe to Netflix, we have an agenda to watch films and watch TV programmes. Everyone has an agenda with everything that they're doing. An agenda just means there's purpose to the action that you're committing. So, to try and insinuate that an agenda is somehow nefarious or deceitful is

Kind of very misleading; and in fact, she also has an agenda. She's making her video now with the agenda to try and discredit the investigation and to make people question the violence that is happening to these animals. So she too has an agenda and also, why is she making out like this agenda of animal rights activists

Is some sort of secret? I mean, I think most of these organisations are very open and very honest by saying "yes, they want to educate people about why they shouldn't buy these products." It's not some sort of secret conspiracy that she's just unearthed. So, if they did really care about the animals, why

Did they continue to let the cameras roll? This is a completely redundant point. I mean investigative journalism is always about raising education to the wider masses rather than stopping the act of violence in that moment. If you stop the act of violence, it doesn't actually mean that the violence won't happen again. But, if you educate everyone else about the violence that's being committed

Then you actually have an opportunity top stop this from happening. I mean, would she say the same to war photographers, who go and take pictures of the brutality of war? Would she go and say the same to people that document the impoverishment of children and families in third world countries? Their job is to raise awareness

That people that can actually bring about significant change are given a reason to bring about significant change. In fact, there is a really good example of this that happened during the Vietnam War during something called the My Lai Massacre. This is where hundreds of unarmed civilians in Vietnam, were murdered by American soldiers. Now, the event happened

And it was supposed to be covered up but a war photographer there at the time took pictures and as such the pictures were then sent to the press and it became a huge nationwide scandal. And because of the scandal of the pictures that showed the brutality that was a real cornerstone moment in people in the American democracy rallying against the Vietnam War

And it really shifted public perceptions of the U.S's involvement in that war. So are we saying that it had been better if the photographer had put down his camera and tried to stop the massacre? Would that have really dealt with the problem at hand? No of course not. Taking pictures and showing people the reality of what's happening

That's how we bring about significant change. I know that if I had an employee that was hurting my cow or something, I wouldn't be sitting there filming it. I would be throwing my camera to the ground to run over and kick the guy's ass that just hurt my cow. So…Again completely ridiculous, she makes money off of people hurting

"her cows." I mean the whole premise of the job that she does is making money off animals being killed and exploited. So the idea that she's going to try and stop people from harming animals is ridiculous because her entire job and industry relies on people hurting animals. Let's put this into perspective, so Fair Oaks Farm

By the way I've been to Fair Oaks and I think it's a wonderful, wonderful place. They are the poster child for transparency and for showing the real truth that happens on modern farms. It's a huge farm. So, the poster boy for transparency was lying to the public about

What happens to the animals on the farm. So, the poster farm for transparency was also caught lying about the fact that they actually sell their calves for veal even though they claim that they don't. So it's kind of ironic to say that the poster boy for transparency when they were literally caught lying to the consumer. That's the

Complete opposite of transparency and you refer to Fair Oaks as being a wonderful operation, a great place and so, you know, by obvious reasoning you're therefore saying that abusing animals, kicking and beating calves, throwing them on the ground, leaving them to die in the hutches. You're saying that's wonderful

Because you're describing the place that did those things to animals or still does those things to animals, as a wonderful place. Which kind of reveals a lot about your true motive because if you really did care about animals you'd be horrified by what happened on that farm. Yet here you are defending the farm even calling it a wonderful place.

Even though its been exposed for doing horrible things to animals. But I think they're doing a great job and it's really unfortunate that this video has surfaced…Unfortunate for who? She's actually sadder about the negativity the farm are going to receive as a consequence

Of the investigation then she is about what's happening to animals on this farm and indeed in every farm around the world. Again revealing her true motives, she doesn't care about the animals. She's upset that the farm are receiving negativity even though the farm are being exposed for horrific crimes against animals. But anyway,

They issued the statement explaining that these employees were fired long before this video footage came out. So, farms have a "See something, say something" policy. A "See something, say something" policy really means nothing, it's entirely

Disingenuous because it relies on a whistleblower on farms actually reporting about what happens. But this is their job, they're up against the employer, sometimes they're up against the multi-national business that has lawyers and millions and millions of dollars or pounds at their disposal. Do we really think that an average employee working for a huge corporation

Like that is actually going to go against the business that they work for? And even on small, independent family farms, these farms often exist in rural communities, where everyone in the community knows about them. So again you're expecting an employee who lives in the community who is often known by the community to speak out against the farm

That they're working for. Do we really think that people are actually going to do that? It's just a word, it's just a phrase, the "See something, say something" policy in actuality means nothing and it certainly doesn't safeguard the animals themselves. Because the better we treat animals, the better they treat us, right? So, if you have a sick, abused animal, they're not gonna gain

Weight, they're not going to produce milk. It's kinda bad for business. No different than an owner of a car dealership going to key his car or the owner of a table scratching it up or breaking the legs to sell it. You can't sell it! It's a bad product! So, in this moment she reveals everything about her

True agenda. All she cares about is the business, she's talking about animals being abused but the bottom line for her is that it's bad for business. It's bad for money, it's got nothing to do with the fact that it's actually horrific for the animals. All she cares about is the fact that she can make money off them. And she's worried that if animals abused outside of ways legally condoned that

Would be bad for business not because it's bad for the animals. If it's a bad product it won't sell. So, every farm regardless of shape, size cares greatly about our businesses. Again, she says "businesses" that's all it is to her a business. It has nothing to do with the sentient life that she exploits. It's just to do

With the money that she can make off exploiting their sentient life and again we're relying on the fact that these farmers have some sort of allegiance to the animals or indeed to the business itself. When we think about people who pack boxes for Amazon we're not going to claim they have Amazon's best interests at heart and they're doing an amazing job because they don't want to ruin Amazon as a business.

And again so farmers on farms who are employed just to do a job and just want money, do we really think that they actually care about the business at hand? Often, probably not. Especially, if they are working for a huge company like Fair Oaks or Fair Life, that's owned by Coca Cola. Do we really think that they actually care about the business? But more to the point,

In this analogy she actually compares sentient life – animals, to that of inanimate object – a car. Which says a lot about how she views the animals that she exploits. She sees them as inanimate objects and the comparison between a car dealer keying his car and abusing an animal is entirely redundant because the car dealer relies on the car

Being aesthetically pleasing but the farmer doesn't care about the aesthetics of the animal. They just care about the fact that they can exploit them for the product they want them to produce. And if that's all the farmers really care about then that does give them a huge amount of scope to abuse animals in many different ways. Because aside from actually killing them there's a whole

Variety of things you can do to an animal that actually won't deplete or reduce the amount of product that they produce for the farmer to sell. Plus, if mutilating or physically maiming the animals decreases the amount of milk or eggs or meat that are being produced from their dead bodies. Then surely, disbudding or dehorning or

Castrating or tail-docking the animals would do exactly the same, because these are also violent acts as well and so if punching and kicking animals is bad for the business because it actually affects how much product the animals will produce. Then surely, the actual physical maiming and mutilation that are legally condoned

Must do the same as well. Do we really believe that punching and kicking cows is out of the question but doing all these other things to animals is absolutely fine? Farmers can hurt animals in many ways that won't reduce the amount of money that they can make from their bodies. And these farmers, who are trying to get cows into the milking parlours,

And if the cows don't move, these farmers will hurt these animals by twisting their tails and hitting them; forcing them to move into the milking parlours. Because if the cows don't go into the milking parlours that will affect how much money the farmer can make. So, when we see these practices and these farms for what they really are they've been exposed in these undercover investigations

Then it shows actually what we're told by farmers and we're told by the industry is not adding up to what is actually happening. And this isn't about one bad farm or one bad investigation. This is a systematic and systemic abuse of animals that's been documented continuously in countries all around the world. It's not country specific, or

Farm specific, it's system specific. It's industry specific. Release this footage long after the problem was recognised and was solved and everybody was fired and they've moved on.

So now, how many months later are they putting this video out there? And so yeah, it's a fair point to say that a couple of the farmers were fired before the investigation was released. But not all of them. But this is really besides the point because the farm could have gotten wind of the investigation before it was released or maybe there was a

Whistleblower on the farm in this instance. But it's really irrelevant. The public still deserve to know what's happening on this farm because they have been fraudulently sold a product, that they were promised is something that it isn't and people deserve to know that these things are happening on farms all around the world. And like she said before this is the poster

Boy, this is the best that it can be and so if the public can see that the best of the best or the supposed best of the best is just as guilty as the worst of the worst. Then that tells the public a lot about the industry in general and makes people realise it doesn't matter what labels are given to these products. It doesn't matter

If these products come from agricultural tourism sites, the violence is the same and that is important and that transcends justice investigation because what she keeps missing is the fact that this investigation isn't just about Fair Oaks. It's about the dairy industry in it's entirety and about showing people that the only way to avoid harming animals

Is to choose those vegan products instead. Video out there to completely pull at people's heartstrings and ask for donations and that is the whole purpose. So now, since this Fair Oaks Farm video has come out, Jewel, the big grocery,

Big grocery store chain, Jewel has… And again, it's all about business and this is what we call "projection." She is accusing the animal rights investigators of doing this purely for money. In her head, she can't understand why anyone would actually care about animals beyond being able to profit off of their bodies and their secretions.

And so, she is projecting and this is that age old trick of accusing your enemy what it is you are actually doing yourself. It's kind of 101 for arguing, arguing for dummies. If you accuse the person you are arguing with of doing the thing, that you're worried they will find out about you, it deflects from the fact that you're the one guilty of doing the thing

You're complaining about; and that's exactly what she's doing. But the thing is, she's not a very good liar because this whole video has been about business and her money and her justifying what happens by the fact that it is a business; on which farmers make money from the exploitation of animals. …dropped Fair Life milk, the Fair Oaks brand

Milk from their stores and so guess what? It's hurting their business. It's hurting their industry. And that's exactly what these "Go Vegan" and animal rights activist groups want. They want us to suffer. They want to put us out of business. They have an agenda.

"They want us to suffer." In all of this, she actually thinks that she is the victim or the farmers are the victims. She's seen this investigation and said that the farmers, who are the ones abusing the animals are the victims in this situation. But you expect her to actually have empathy for the animals that she is exploiting

On her farm? Of course she doesn't. She thinks that she's suffering and no we don't want you to go out of business. We want you to diversify your business, we want you to start growing and cultivating plants for plant based products. We want you to change your business. Follow in the footsteps of Elmhurst dairy, a huge dairy company that actually

Switched a few years ago to producing only plant based milks. That's what we want you to do. To diversify. So grow up. Stop pretending you're the victim. Take some responsibility, look at your actions and change accordingly. So I encourage you all when you see these videos

To think critically, take them with a grain of salt. Take abusing calves with a pinch of salt she says. Take abusing mothers with a pinch of salt. Take causing physical and emotional trauma and harm to animals with a pinch of salt. What the footage shows

Is objective and honest and she says take it with a pinch of salt. Again revealing her true intentions. But you don't boycott an entire industry based on one or two bad apples, right? It's like boycotting education for a crazy teacher or boycotting

The police system because of one bad cop. It's like they're… But again, this isn't one bad apple, this isn't one bad example. What this investigation shows is even the best of best harm the animals in both legal and illegal ways. And so it's not about one bad apple because even the farms that do everything by the letter of the law, they still harm

Animals. They still cause abuse to animals and they still exploit animals. That's the point. That's what we're trying to raise awareness about. That it's not about one farm or this farm or that farm. It's about the industry in it's entirety. And she keeps missing that point. There's bad people in every industry but

If you wanna help the animals make sure you're not donating to these groups because that's their whole purpose of saying "this is so terrible" "avoid corporations" and "donate, donate, donate" Cause that's what they… And again she's just

Projecting again. It's just another form of projection, where she's accused the undercover investigators working for the animal rights organisation of trying to do this for money because she can't understand why anyone would actually want to care for animals unless it is to make money from them. Cause that's what they want! So don't do it! I hate

That I even have to talk about this because I don't want to give them any publicity at all, right? Like, this too shall pass and they're gonna move on to something else to a different farm or to a different agenda. But no matter where you are whether you're here in Australia

Or back in the U.S, wherever you are this is an epidemic and I think it's really important that we understand why these videos are being put out there and to outsmart the activists, to not give them any money. If you care about animals, as we all do, find a

Local charity that you can donate to directly or you know definitely just talk to the farms and go visit more farms. Learn more about it from the people that care for these animals everyday because our business and livelihood depends on it. The idea that you should visit the farmers themselves is kind of bewildering.

I mean Fair Oaks Farm, one of the reasons it was famous, was because it was an agricultural tourism site. People literally went there to visit the farm but they didn't see any of these things happen. Of course they didn't, they were given an incredibly fraudulent and manufactured version of what dairy farming actually looks like.

So, the idea that you should visit the farm themselves is ridiculous because people actually visited this farm but they weren't shown the truth. They were shown what the industry wants them to see and so if you go to the farm or to the farmer and ask them about whether or not they're abusing animals or harming animals, what response do you

Think they're going to give you? Because they have vested interest. Their business as she keeps saying over and over again relies on you buying the product. So they're not going to show you what actually happens to these animals because it might make you not want to buy the product. Let's put this into another analogy and say if you found out or you heard

That a teacher was abusing children at a school, would you go to the accused teacher and ask them for their version of events and then take them at face value? Of course not. So why would we go to those who are committing the acts of violence and believe what they say at face value? Especially, when they have vested interests.

We all care about animals but please, please when you see these videos, take them with a heavy grain of skepticism. Alright? Thanks a lot you guys. We'll be in touch. So as we can see from this video even when horrible investigations are released and farms are exposed

For what happens every single day around the world. It's the response of industry officials to try and justify the behaviour. Or indeed try to sweep perceptions and make those committing the acts of violence the victims and not the animals – who are always the victims in these situations. So anyway, I hope you enjoy this video and you enjoy this format. It's slightly

Different to what I've done on my channel before. But I hope you found it engaging. I just saw this video and had to say something about it, because I thought it was outrageous but thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time.

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