Great Support in Japan for Startups: Pacific Bays Capital

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

of course we know that japan sort of has
a reputation for not being
as welcoming of entrepreneurship when
all those college kids
go to those uh jobs for life big
major companies government sectors so is
this starting to change
hi thank you for having me here today uh
yes it is
so there's actually been a bit of a
societal change
especially compared to say about ten
years ago
uh you know these days there's really
kind of been a bit of a bit of an
overall push
people are essentially a lot more uh
comfortable leaving their kind of cushy
corporate jobs there's a lot more cash
there's a lot more robust uh eggs and
uh you know the average timeline for
corporate acquisition here has actually
fallen to around five years
uh which i think is pretty exciting
there's also some incredibly strong p e
ratios for
startups uh exiting over here as well so
what does the path to
the public markets look like in japan as
compared to other places
uh so it's actually quite lower cost
here really the main requirements
uh are essentially two years of auto
in practice the lowest valuation is
really only about 50 million usd
tsc tokyo stock exchanges really have
four different main boards including
and the cost is fairly low i'd say
probably on average
maybe 500 000 usd or less
and matt we are just getting some
breaking news amid the ongoing street
protests in new york
as well as across other parts of the u.s
we're hearing reporting from the new
york times
saying that an officer in louisville has
been shot that's according to reporting
from the new york times
saying that a police officer has been
shot amid the breanna taylor protest
of course we know that in louisville a
curfew as well as a state of emergency
has been called
we are seeing protests on the streets
not just there but across other cities
in across the u.s including in new york
city as
protesters take to the streets over a
kentucky grand jury electing
not to charge any of the officers
involved in briana taylor's
death with murder we're now hearing
reporting from the new york times that a
police officer
has been shot in louisville matt let's
get back to the topic at hand what sort
i suppose differentiation and
opportunities that have
have come up given the unusual monetary
fiscal environment that we're at the
you know so it's actually there's a lot
of great support here in japan
uh for startups and especially mid to
large tier companies that are trying to
go abroad
and i think that's also where we here at
pacific base can i
kind of help with that you know suga is
essentially going to be
continuing a lot of the same policies
that abe had
included including financial easing
we're seeing a lot of increases in
much lower debt capital to help those
japanese startups go abroad
and right now in particular especially a
lot more lines of equity and cash
capital to help them finance and go
overseas as well
uh so we think it's pretty exciting
and pretty glad to be a part of it
and of course your beat is really
healthcare we've seen a flurry of
healthcare listings particularly
uh in hong kong and china do you see
sort of a trend continuing across the
rest of asia and in japan
you know so japan has a lot of uh
has a great market for healthcare we've
actually been taking a look at three
pretty exciting portfolio ones
uh one of them is essentially lowering
and expanding the cost of uh diagnostic
uh we're pretty excited to see those
uh come out over here in japan uh i
think there's pretty robust market
especially with an aging population
so i think it will be pretty exciting
and see a lot of growth over the next
couple years for them here
so what are your plans when it comes to
the investment
deals that you're expecting to make in
the next few years and
how do you plan to grow your company as
so there's actually you know there's a
couple of really exciting companies here
in japan that i would say have
comparatively lower valuations uh
especially the current rounds but will
essentially kind of go out
uh and pretty easily snag billion dollar
plus valuations upon exit
um we see a lot of these opportunities
kind of starting to come up in japan and
there's just
not a lot of external knowledge or
external publication being
uh being out about them we feel
pretty well positioned to make use uh
of our both corporate partners here to
help those companies go overseas
and can really help them grow up and
scale up which in turn increases their
valuation much fat
much higher here in japan as well as
kind of opportunistically invest in t
startups that we think would be kind of
synergistic with our platform and

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