Graze Snack Box – Unboxing & Taste Review [FREE BOX]

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hello everybody this is my box in one
today today I'm gonna have an unboxing
of my grace snack box and this box is i
purchased because i've actually received
a gift voucher for my amazon order one
gift watch for me and one give actually
goes to my friend so yeah i might be
giving that way as well so in this some
way in this video if you just want to if
you if you want it you know the size
plus not comments down below something
i'll just might so just give to them but
anyway that is a matter it might be
expired by them as well I don't know but
anyway this is an unboxing because I
wants to just make some boxing because I
think this is a really cool box into
makes my channel and it's the first time
making them boxing on any food products
in my life so it would be really
exciting for me as well as you guys are
the back you tie my dress here which I
removed it says turn me over before you
open or you will make a mess it says
this box is biodegradable which means it
can be broken down by recently the
microorganisms great inside you'll find
for snacks invented by our test creators
that improved by our nutritionist ready
to be enjoyed by you hi we love talking
to our grazes so go ahead and join our
conversation by emailing us online
there's the email guys yeah okay I was
going to open it and you can see you can
just tell me if you I'm just going to
see if it's good because I think that's
pork as well but I like to eat pork sums
in them so hopefully it's going to do
pork in here did I've seen porn website
so I'm not allowed that well hopefully
that fine it's just all fruit and yes
last bit we're having having like wheat
and pork or meat and meat or whatever
else we do it anyway okay guys so this
is my first opening of the box and I'm
going to tell you my first reaction
we'll just do my special action to it
okay let's just see what tripped up the
package first a special gift from you
two for a friend and I guess inside it
has a special five-pound pouch as you
can see so let's see the tip out
okay it has a special code on the back
as well so the five-pound is larger for
your friend not the special gift for
your friend so it might give you two to
your ways of this so anyway guys if you
want to you know win this then feel free
to comment down below and comment how am
I supposed to win this man what's going
on Wow and then I'll tell you guys how
you can win this hello nice introduction
guy like a little manual way to read
inside of products to make small changes
anyway small questions welcome to brick
in the box i'll get really hungry oh my
god okay so I'm your free box stick
around for your fifth and three and
tenth book will be 32 so it woke me to
order an order in order so I guess ok so
to unlock this grades go and read on to
unlock your first and three books it's
all over like little cook you can platen
online to just unlock them and yeah okay
strawberry and cream I'm going to
toppers so you got all of these flavors
you can see taken Jean up so inside the
box you can see we have something
variety of flavors as you can see we
have strawberry cream and cream donut
offer we have spicy thighs three cheer
up the iron Allah says we have we have a
very low protein flapjack any have that
photo so these different things i'm
allowed to eat this ankle wrap and I
think that great made it could stack up
to me and I can snap all of them up at
different times of the day what do you
call an apple that play the trumpet 830
a tutti frutti how does it make no sense
to me okay let's try it out so you can
see that mmm
that is pretty good that is so nice oh
my god some strawberry mmm okay I'm
gonna try it as you can see it's like
this just try it I want that was amazing
but it's okay just one flapjack I know I
love this book so we can clearly see
it's like this so let's kind of break it
half ok you can see i eated ah that's
too beautiful ok don't want spy the one
which I like most is distributed cream
and grown up top up I'm protein fat
failure and click the word flapjack you
get leads to all the best flavors in
combination muchly the rest are okay I
anyway that's my opinion different
people have different taste taste buds
and different people are different
opinions so hip enjoys video guys don't
forget to leave your comments down below
on what you want me what you want me to
make more videos on if you want to see
more videos or grades and more cool
flavors of me exploring then don't leave
your comments down below and we want to
see more videos on grades and more
videos of me exploring these taste and
definitely become a toddler and I will
try and make it my best to address to
make to buy more these boxes and make
videos on them so let's let's leave a
comment down below and subscribe check
your eyes bye

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