Govee Smart LED Strip Lights Works With Amazon Alexa

by birtanpublished on November 20, 2020

do hmm do hey everyone digital david here welcome welcome welcome to my amazon live stream thank you guys so much for being here and watching me today we're checking out some fantastic

Govi products on stream so welcome to you all before i forget to make sure to take advantage of that 25 off promo code all of the items you see here are linked below and then i have a couple additional govi products you should check out in that product carousel below items in the stream you can save 25 on with the promo code just go ahead click on those links or you can enter it at checkout to take advantage you can find the code wherever you're watching this those thank you guys for being here don't hesitate to

Reach out with any questions comments or concerns i'm just so grateful and thankful for each and every one of you here today we got some fun new audio equipment that we're using too so we can add some sound effects so we're talking about govi products yeah round of applause how awesome is that so we're talking about these govi items today we're gonna integrate them with amazon alexa as well so they work with alex and i can't wait to show you

Guys all of those integrations we can show you how to set them up as well too please don't hesitate guys to reach out with any questions comments or concerns i'm here for you all we'll be streaming for the next hour so i'm really excited to have you guys here we'll be streaming until around 8 p.m tonight and we're gonna have a great stream setting up all these lights looking at the products for you guys so reach out take advantage of that promo code i'm monitoring the chat as well welcome to you guys for joining us for this

Amazon live stream be sure to check us out on all of our platforms and do your shopping from those links below to check out the great gobi products we got 25 off we also have a really cool govi video that i'm going to play for you guys in a second too so you can see the lights in a house environment we're going to set them up here in the studio but i want to show you guys what they look like in a home environment so here we go let's go ahead

Let's play that right now check it out guys you can see the video right here showing the govi lights in action if you want to decorate your house with them you can change the colors you can see the mobile app you can use your hubs to control them as well too so check it out what we can do with voice command and voice controls really exciting stuff you can learn more about the products too you can see 32.8 feet for some of the lengths which is great look at how good they look in a bedroom setting

If your own private studio space and again they are app controlled some are just bluetooth some are bluetooth and wi-fi so you can see you can use photos to control them as well if you want to select your colors really neat guys brightness adjustments we have timer settings too and some come with an actual remote control so you can see right there really easy to change colors if you don't have your phone or device as well and you can see what the strips look like really neat

Really really cool right there they look fantastic this is a really well done video by gobi they did send me this video so we could show you guys that and they did send me the products today but check it out you can see what it looks like in a bedroom if you want pretty neat guys the colors very bright vivid detailed thank you all for joining us for this live stream tonight i'm watching the chat so reach out on any platform guys i'm here for you so thank you and

Welcome click on those links below if you click on those links below the product actually appears on screen like the stars do and it goes up and away so go ahead do your clicking i want to see you guys aggressively clicking on amazon live checking out those product links below taking advantage of that 25 off that you can get on the products that you see here that are linked below on gobies website that code is good for i believe 24 hours so take advantage of it for being a digital david follower

And subscriber i'm doing the best i can to save you guys money and we're gonna go over some great lights today for you all so first up let's go to the dream color 32.8 foot led strip light this is the rgb ic govi wi-fi wireless smartphone controlled led strip light 50 50 led lights so syncs to music works with alexa google assistant android and ios you must have 2.4 gigahertz wi-fi not 5g wifi currently at the time of the stream the 32

Foot version is 49.99 it is a prime eligible item but you can get 25 off you heard me right 25 off today so reach out let me know what you guys think about it you can see it on screen right here too beautiful product packaging and photography right there a lot of great images we can go over they have two different size options as well for you so we have 16.4 feet for 32.99 and then we have your 32.8 foot for 49.99 reach out guys if you have any questions

I'm going to be around for an hour this does 25 off we watched a really cool video already showing this product in action it will work with your amazon alexa devices and the govi app which is cool wireless control with your wi-fi network easy installation as well too if you get the 32 foot version it's two 16 foot reels it's got the rgb led can be used for decorating your dining room bedroom upstairs kitchen porch desk living rooms hey we got sean robinson in the chat hello

Sean welcome welcome welcome thank you for being here and watching this govi live stream if you're in the market for some gobi lights be sure to check out some of the lights i have linked below that will go over in this video and they have a lot of other great products i actually did another live stream a couple of weeks back on their lights and i'm really happy with the rgb ic ones and they're sweet so anyways there's a 25 off code today and tomorrow for you guys if

You're in the market for these products love seeing you guys on amazon live you're clicking on the links i can see it you're clicking on the links and it's awesome awesome awesome to see you clicking those product links and to make that image appear on screen so we're looking at the first light that we're going over right here the dream color rgb ic wi-fi lights so again rgb led wi-fi and bluetooth we have app control and we have google assistant or amazon alexa that

Sort of thing so we have your amazon alexa google assistant android ios options for the lite which is neat you can see right here download the app connect with bluetooth you're all set and ready to go they show you some differences with the built-in ic right here so you get multiple colors in one line so almost like inline control and it's ultra bright cannot be cut though so keep that in mind you can't cut these but the rgb lights are cuttable but you

Only get one single color in a line not as bright too so we have a timer switch this syncs with me this syncs with music and we have a fantastic camping experience if you want so it says waterproof strip lights suitable for indoor and outdoor decorations can be used anywhere conveniently to get the perfect um work and summer create a fantastic camping experience for you we got shawn in the chat joining us right now thank you for being here here's some other govi products be sure

To chop them click the links below take advantage of that 25 off and choose out of the wide variety and range of gobi light strips for your needs wants and desires right there do some price shopping comparison see how many um light strips reels you need and what sort of control methods you desire then we can look down here 4.3 out of 5 stars for these lights here's what everybody's saying 4.6 for brightness 4.2 for easy to install 4.1 for remote control 4.0

For adhesion so yeah a lot of options right there and again somebody just clicked on the link yes yes yes thank you for clicking on the link guys that is awesome when you click on the links i can see it on stream and i love seeing that if you're on amazon live way to go that is awesome awesome awesome so thank you so much for clicking those links for me guys that is exciting click them below and take advantage of the 25 off discount that you can get with your purchases

Online so very very exciting so grateful and thankful to have each and every one of you here today watching this stream guys my name is digital david i unbox and review amazon products on my youtube channel twitch channel twitter instagram whatever you can follow me on all those platforms be sure to check out my new content i stream five times a week friday through tuesday now on all the platforms too amazon live is where i'm at though so be sure to check me out on there give

Me a follow watch streams unmuted click on the links below you can take advantage of those promo codes and everything else so welcome welcome welcome to everybody thank you for being here and watching the stream guys so first up we're looking at the govi dream color led strip lights you can see the nice retail box in packaging right here currently 49.99 on amazon right now prime eligible item but since you're watching this stream today we have a 25

Off promo code right here so you can see the nice retail box works with alexa google assistant and the govi home app we have rgb color 16 million colors the model number is the h6117 in case you're wondering right there now let's go and let's open up let's look at the packaged content so here we go guys let's cut that overhead can here we go you can see right out of the box govi card right here you can download their app ios and android devices

Follow them on social media and they have their support information right here if you ever have any questions then you can see we have quick installation instructions and steps right here so basically choose a dry clean and smooth surface wipe off the dust with an alcohol prep pad provided warm the tape with the hair dryer when it's below 50 degrees fahrenheit if you're doing this in a cooler temperature environment then strip off the protective film do not peel off the tape under the film

So just be careful only peel off the protective film then you can see stick the strip light and press over in about 10 to 15 seconds and then they show you how to do the corners they have two clips and then you can just gently fold it around so if you can see that right there that's how you're going to go ahead and you're going to do the clips that way so pretty simple straightforward installation it's nice that they give you this card too to help you really understand everything

That's going on right there then you can see you can reinforce with the included clips and screws that are provided and then your installation is complete and you're all set and you're ready to go so that's what we have right there then we have your user manual so you can see the user manual right here it's in english there's a packing list for you installation instructions again you can refer to this or that nice color-coded card with charts and diagrams

Then you can see we have our control method right here on off color mode brightness and music mode so there's our options then you can download the app as well and then you can view the fcc statement on the side and they show you how to link it with alexa right there just walking you through with a quick little paragraph i'll show you that in this video as well too now you can see guys we have um two of the 16 foot reels right here all right we got somebody else in the chat

Please tell me i don't know what lights you're talking about rc44e the lone coyote but these are some govi lights these are some gobi lights let me know tekken these are not tech and lights this is govi lights and products not sure what issues you're having but typically with most smart products you've got to be on a 2.4 gigahertz wi-fi network so thanks for the comment reaching out here we go guys you can see the additional contents we have your pretty big power supply right here

We have those extra support clips 3m sticky back and screws we have your govi controls power and then we have some options right there to change settings 3m adhesive back as well you can see where our power plug plugs into and then both light reels right there here's the alcohol prep pads for cleaning here's some more support screws nice that they give us those one for each set if that so are you saying that was the issue 2.4 gigahertz if you're on a 2.4 gigahertz hopefully

It works for you now and then last but not least you can see we have a power cord right here so that's all the package contents let's go ahead let's get this out of the way really quick set some of that back in there i'm not going to use the support clips today but nice box nice packaging right there now let's go ahead let's open one of these up you guys can see 16 feet that's what we get with this right here looks nice

Great back right here so you just gently peel off just the brown part that says 3m you do not want to peel off the sticky adhesive so take your time only peel off what you see right here that i peeled off you should still have a clear sticky back on it very sticky leave that on you could accidentally peel off everything do not do that just very gently peel off the 3m adhesive please and thank you then you can go ahead and you can start unraveling the lights and you can see

Our options right here with the leds looks cool but remember do not cut don't cut so we can take the other one out the lone coyote hopefully that helps you is that would that solve your issue with your lights all right guys so now we can go ahead let's piece them together we can go back to the main camera for a minute so just gently plug them in they only fit one way so push them in they clip right in like you see right here so we're gonna push them in now we're go

Ahead going to take what we have right here our power supply and then we have this cable too to plug in all right we're going to get ready to light up this studio and we're going to set these lights up so let me go ahead let's just are they out of the way enough maybe put those back we'll put that back there for now we'll just set these off to the side guys this is linked below i have it highlighted right now in the product carousel on amazon

Live go ahead check it out there take advantage of the 25 off promo code so we're gonna unravel this first one try to give you guys a lot of light pretty neat all right so we got the first one unraveled right there do we dare try to do the second one maybe do the second one some too this would be fun super fun let's go ahead let's get it going i'm gonna have them both unraveled right here so you guys can see them we're gonna turn my studio lights off too in a

Second so you guys can really get a feel for how the lights look now we got to go ahead plug them into a power source all right got them plugged in right there so far so good oh look at that they're blinking so that's exciting all right so we got them plugged in now guess what's next we're gonna go we're gonna set them up in the app so here we go we got our iphone right here the lights are plugged in you can see

Where do you have the other two set up i'm only going to walk through the installation once in this video but it's very simple download the govi app sign in create a profile then you'll be on this home screen where you probably won't have any devices right now which is okay you'll continue to build out your smart home going forward you might want to get a couple of govi products but now what we do is we select the plus icon in the top right hand corner now we need to choose our model what did

I say this model number was it's on the back for you it's the h6117 they also have it on the back of our dedicated remote control 2 h6117 so search for it it is right here rgb ic led lights it's the second option on the right with the little alexa icon we have bluetooth turned on there we go now it's connected there you go we can change the device name if we want what do you want to change it to just h611 you want to just leave it at that let's try that select done now we need to connect

94 from the gummy home skill and you can control it by saying turn off age 61 17 underscore e894 can you hear that did you guys just hear that alexa just told me that it set up the device automatically it's already linked with my govi account so once you do that once it will automatically do it in the future for you which is really cool so we do have it set up with alexa now we can go and we can enter our wi-fi information right here so let me go ahead enter my password

Keep in mind guys this only supports 2.4 gigahertz wi-fi network so let's go ahead connect to a 2.4 gigahertz wi-fi network so let me type in my password typing it in right now selecting done now it's waiting on the connection once it gets my password off screen i will show you guys wi-fi connection succeeded all right there we go so here we go you can see now we're at the home screen to control these lights so do you guys let's should i um

I'll go ahead we will hey alexa hey alexa turn off studio lights so there alexa just turned off my studio lights and i'm going to show you guys the app settings so first up you can see we have a power option near the top right hand corner so we can turn the lights on and off right there then we have our timer settings right here so you can see we have the timer option we can turn it on or off choose our start time or end time so you could use this as like a wake up light or uh you know a bedtime light sort of

Thing if you wanted with the timer then we have our brightness we're at max brightness right now but we can turn the brightness down if we want we can adjust the brightness then we have diy so you can see we have diy and then we have our modes so you can see we have music mode so music mode right now it's picking up the audio that i'm talking about so it's thinking that's a song and then it's tweaking the lights accordingly so we'll play some music in a second

Then we have our color mode and now you can see we can adjust the brightness with that slider at the top so we can choose our colors let's look at that here's red 100 brightness looks great right you guys want to see it from the top here's red super bright here's 80 percent 57 percent 47 21 1 brightness and then i'll take it all the way back up to 100.

So now we can bring the app back up for you so you can see the colors let's just cycle through them here's orange yellow green blue blue purple white here's roughly 50 let's try that again so red orange yellow green blue blue purple white so sean says cool and then the lonely coyotes still talk about tekken lights but we're doing goby lights in this

Stream so guys that's the colors you can see and then we have a slider right here too if you don't want those quick colors just slide it to whatever color you want pretty and then we can adjust the color temperature for the white so we do have adjustable whites right here as i hit purple slider and accident but there we go you can see the options for the whites so a lot of great colors then we have our color wheel so you can choose that way too if there's a specific color you want

Look at how nice they are guys these lights are 25 off if you're interested click on them below the link is below so there we go we can slide around see all the colors not too shabby right so that's the color wheel now let's look at the scenes then we'll go to music mode so here's the scenes right here so we have sunrise sunset movie dating romantic blinking candlelight snowflake let me go ahead and show you the top kim as we go through those

So here we go this is sunrise this is sunset here's movie here's dating here's romantic blinking all right you can see it's blinking and changing colors pretty cool candlelight and snowflake oh that's cool oh cool so there's the rgb i see see how there's some sections that are controlled differently that's what makes this technology so

Unique and it's really cool isn't that awesome guys so snowflake is by far my favorite one let's cut to the main camera so you guys can see it here's snowflake with the rgb ic so most light strips can't do something like this that's unique to the rgbic technology hopefully in the future they all embrace this more govi makes some lights that you can actually choose on a grid that are rgb ic and you can choose

Um which sections you want to light up which colors which is neat so really cool really neat so that's our scenes then we go to music mode here's music mode let me grab my other device we'll play a song for you guys so let's go ahead let's grab some music play a song and i'm gonna be quiet so you just hear the music and how it reacts here's the first one so enjoy the light show

Look at that so cool with the rgbic technology look at the different colors all at once on the same strip pretty sweet right guys how awesome is that so that's music mode for you pretty pretty cool pretty sweet so that's some of the app settings and then obviously for the music mode we have energetic we have rhythm right here so you can see the rhythm one again i'm just talking so the microphone's picking up my voice thinking it's music spectrum

Here's spectrum spectrum spectrum spectrum and then here's rolling pretty neat look at that so cool so you can choose some colors too for those so there's some customization right there i love that oh the reflection is really cool in the room too so a lot of great options right there then i want to point out too guys don't forget we have the diy mode and again i had that at you can adjust the brightness for all this i

Actually had the brightness at 50 just you guys could see a little bit better on camera here's 75 yes the music mode is so cool hi sylvia welcome we got sylvia in the chat music mode is awesome for these lights let's go back to the overhead camera here's the top cam again so let's see we got music mode we can play another song because i like this one a lot we're playing it so you guys can see look at that that's awesome so really really cool let's try a different song too see if this one picks up

Might take a second so yeah there we go we got music mode as well so a lot of great settings hey alexa turn on studio lights hey alexa turn on studio lights so that's the app controls we can see from our mobile device guys again we've got the timer brightness diy mode too so we could set our own mode right here we can choose a name we can even do smart color picking if we want

So we can go ahead we can pick um a color individually or we can use a photo so here's a selfie and then look it's pulling the colors right off of the picture okay i want to do all those and then what do we want it to be do you want the style to be a fade and then we have jumping flicker marquee music or combo and then you can choose the speed and then you can add the options right here so a lot of different options for the diy mode too so let's do in this case

Jumping subsection or circulation which one do we want so let's do circulation then let's do flicker hole then let's do jumping circulation then let's do fade subsection and there's the speed so we can apply it so let's just name it dd apply all right there we go that should be our diy mode right now so let's have alexa turn off the lights

Can do yes they are very cool they're very cool so here we go we have the lights on in our diy mode so far so good we can increase the brightness or decrease the brightness if we wanted maybe we should up the speed a little maybe it'll change a little bit more yes i am reviewing live so thank you for being here so look at that guys you can see the different colors changing maybe you can see a little bit better this way

Check that out you can see the different colors see how we have different colors on one strip that's the rgbic colors in action right here so thank you guys for being here so glad you guys are in the chat this is awesome if you're on amazon live please go and click on the links below click on the links and it'll appear on the stream which is awesome if you're watching on amazon live so i love seeing you guys click on them keep clicking and guys we have 25 off promo code take advantage of that when you do your

Shopping for govi products so look at that look at how cool that is look at the lights changing section by section so you can get really creative with what you want to do with this device so it's really neat guys now let's go ahead let's try out some amazon alexa commands so let's bring it back up let's go ahead hey alexa turn on studio lights so we got the studio lights back on i'm gonna pull up the alexa app for you guys

I believe i have it on this phone all right so we got the alexa app coming online right now so the first thing we have to do is in the top left hand corner if you want to uh let me uh let's change the setting oh that's cool oh i like that too a little distracting but not too bad all right so we'll leave it out that color for a minute so if you have alexa if you want to set this up select the top left hand corner then find skills and games so it's the fifth option up from the bottom now once this loads

You'll search for govi g-o-v-e and here we go you can see we have two options govi and govi home so if you select govi home you can see we already have this skill enabled so at your screen if you're setting us up for the first time excuse me select enable skill where mine says disable skill yours will say enable skill and then we can have it turn it on set the color and increase brightness you can see the commands right there you can read some reviews too

But just a couple basic commands right changing the color turning it on and off and adjusting the brightness so that's what we're doing right now let's go ahead so we already have it enabled it should just work so let's see and i have an alexa device already here so let's see if it has the name correct i changed the name so hey alexa turn off h6117 turn off all right it wants to adjust the brightness for me hey alexa

Turn off h6117 all right so pulled it up but let me go ahead let's see if we can change the name again govi let's just name it um what do you guys want to name it uh strip light that should be proper enough all right let's see if that synced already hey alexa turn off strip light a few things share the name strip light which one do you want how do i have multiple things named

Strip light that's so embarrassing so let me go ahead let's change it again um what should i share the name stop alexa no let's just name it chicken i have nothing named chicken sorry i didn't find a device named chicken well not yet hey alexa turn off chicken hey alexa hey alexa turn off chicken there we go just turned chicken off hey alexa turn off studio lights hey alexa turn on chicken there we go alexa just turned chicken

Back on for us so it works if you just name it something you don't already have named on your stuff which is what i did hey alexa change chicken color to red look at that alexa's working just great with it hey alexa dim chicken to 50 percent all right looks like we just dimmed it hey alexa dim chicken to 25 all right hey alexa dim chicken to 10 hey alexa decrease brightness to one percent of chicken

All right so check that out hey alexa increase chicken brightness to 100 percent oops hey alexa increase chicken to 100 percent all right there we go look at that the lone coyote is saying so are you saying alexa you can call it chicken on the govi it's called dd no it's called chicken on both did i confuse you it's called chicken on both i named it chicken so we could do voice commands because i have a lot of other stuff i apparently named govi and everything else so

You can change the name whatever you want i could do it i could do dd double d something like that you can do it but look alexa works great very simple and straightforward hey alexa turn on studio lights so guys it's that simple we also have that remote control right here we can tweak those settings with the three buttons that they have so really nice job now let's go ahead we can disassemble this one so we can show you guys

Some of the other products that we have to unbox and go over on the stream they are all linked below i'm gonna go ahead we're gonna click on the next one so if you're joining us thank you for being here click on the products below if you're shopping on amazon guys we're on amazon live streaming thank you for being here and watching guys thank you so much it's gonna take us a minute to line these back up i might just end up doing that off camera for you all we'll just try to get them out of the

Way for a second make a little bit easier clean up later so let me unplug the power supply we'll transition that one out of the way and we'll fire up the next item that we have so let me pull it up for you guys on stream so our next item you can see if we can go there here we go guys the govi smart wi-fi led strip lights currently they are what are they they're 25.99 on amazon right now guys 25.99 but but but you can get 25 off with the promo code below so do your

Shopping through from that product carousel guys on amazon live you guys are so awesome thank you for being here and watching this stream so we're gonna be looking at the gobi smart wi-fi led strip lights 50 50 led lights 16 million colors phone app control 16.4 feet but they do have a 32.8 feet addition so two reels if you want for 45.99 don't forget 25 off on these items 5 000 reviews 5

000 reviews guys so let's see people are saying about it 4.4 for brightness easy to use 4.3 for adhesion and easy to install 4.2 for remote control and 4.0 for value for the money so thank you all for being here and for watching this now let's go ahead let's look at the product packaging so check it out wi-fi rgb led strip light alexa google assistant govi home app control colorful lighting adjust brightness and music mode

This model number is h6159 then we have set timers diy scenes and safe to use thanks for choosing govi so really nice retail box the long coyote but it has to be the same on both so it is the same on both if you update it within the mobile app so govi's home app it syncs to amazon alexa so if you change the name there you'll be fine if for some reason you're having trouble with the names then you can go change it in alexa as well or delete the device and re-add it

Back in or you know redo your account re-sync it up if you have any issues so guys let's go ahead let's open this one up see if i can do this so here we go let's let it rip check it out we got the strip light right there we have our power supply right here we have our control as well so again power button and then are basically our mode and brightness and we can change our colors right there too so easy controls built-in microphone for music mode

3m adhesive backing as well the model number h6159 again right there welcome everybody on amazon live click the links below do your shopping from those links below take advantage of our 25 off discount code thank you govi for that and for sending these products to review so you can see we have some adhesive hooks with screws for additional support we have our alcohol prep pad right here govi home you can reach out with their customer service report any issues

Follow them on social media then we have some nice installation right here walking us through all the steps choose a dry surface use the alcohol prep pads heat up the strip with a hair dryer if it's below 50 degrees fahrenheit in your house to get proper adhesion gently peel off the protective film don't peel off the tape underneath guys then press it firmly in place for 10-15 seconds then we can do the corners as you see

Right here if you want reinforcement clips as well and then you're ready to use the device also have a user guide and manual right here walking you through all the product features multiple languages guys you can see at least four languages with this guide so get it wash the on and off button color button your music mode and your brightness adjust buttons right there short press to switch the music mode long press to adjust brightness so

That's all the package contents let's go ahead let's plug them in once we have them plugged in guys we'll go look at the govi app again installation is pretty simple and straightforward now we can go ahead and we can unravel and unwind the light strip the reels right here we're going to plug it in too so there we go we have it plugged in you can see we're already getting some color now pretty exciting this one's pretty wound up but that's okay we can just kind of

Do a little messily too that'll look cool 16 feet all unwound right here there we go got everything unwound we'll look at it with the studio lights off so there we go we have everything there now let's go into our app now you can see we have our other device set up so this is the h6159 we can select that and there we go we have all of the app settings right there so let me show you guys here it is h6159 now we can go ahead we can see it from

Within the app right there so just like the last one we got timer brightness diy mode music mode color mode scenes and color auto right there and then with the power button we can turn it all on and off so first let's go ahead let's turn off all the studio lights hey alexa turn off studio lights so alexa did it yay all right so i want just a solid color for a little bit to try to show you guys the lights right there look how pretty

They are really nice guys so we got the app pulled up again we got that time remote if you kind of want to use it as a um as a um excuse me i'm blanking on it as like a wake up or uh you know a good night sleep light you could do that so turn it on then you can choose your start and end time for the light strip here's the brightness so we have our brightness adjustment right there we have the diy mode again so we could choose the name

We'll choose dd for the diy mode right here and then we can do smart color picking again you can select it from a picture so here we go oh cool i want all those colors for my picture and then again we have some style options fade jumping flicker or combo and then for combo then you can choose what one you want fade jumping and flicker so there we go and the speed and now we can apply so we're doing our diy mode right here guys click on the links below

25 off eligible items in the stream thank you govi shoppers click those links you'll see the icon come up on the screen if you guys do your shopping from amazon you click on that link the little image will appear on amazon live which is awesome awesome awesome so there we go so we got the mode it's doing its thing so that's diy mode then you can see we have our other modes down here scenes color and music so let's start with scenes here's

Scenes we got our sunrise scene there we go sunrise scene right here sunset scene right here beautiful color looks great and we have movie right here movie scene we have our dating scene romantic scene beautiful deep rich red then we have our blinking scene so you can see it's going to blink for us and then we have our candlelight scene here's our candlelight scene so really nice all those scenes preset for you ready to go now we can look at our

Colors guys we have some quick colors individual controls right here very easy to see go through them again they look really nice let me bring down the brightness some too 50 brightness right there let me go from the top cam so you guys can see them again got red orange looks a little bit more yellow to me if you ask me then we got yellow this looks a little more green so my camera makes it look a little bit oranger and yellower than what i think it is i think this is

More like a yellowish gold this is definitely more green then this is the green that they have so blue another blue and then purple and white the white's really pretty guys love the white hey you're clicking on the links keep clicking on the links below take advantage of what you see with that 25 discount code guys go ahead check out that link there we're looking at govi lights right now so thank you all for watching thank you

For being here thank you for watching this stream 25 off can i buy a three pin connector yes you can buy three pin connectors online if that's what you're wondering like did you cut your lights maria they do make connectors online so hopefully you can find the right three pin one for you i'm not sure if govi specifically sells one but you can find connectors online for your lights so this is the colors then you can see we have a little slider right here

So we can do the slider for some you know more customizable colors and incrementally change them single tech man says i'm not getting the discount so you should be able to add the discount so if you click on the links below and you go to proceed to checkout before you actually place the order you should see the discount come up automatically hopefully it comes up automatically for you if not let me see if i can paste the promo code in the chat for you i just pasted the promo code in the chat

So it should work we had govi representatives here in the chat earlier sylvia was here maybe she can message back to let us know why it wouldn't be working and my only other thought is single tech man maybe that item that you picked did you pick one of the first three maybe it's only for the first three because it does say um eligible items in this stream so hopefully you can get that discount for all the govi items but at least you should be able to get it for the first

Three items linked let me know all right guys so we have the color slider right there and then you can see we have our white controls at the bottom so we can go really warm cooler and then the coolest white right there then we can also select color wheel if we want so now we can do color wheel right here you can see all the colors again let me show you that from the app just a color wheel very simple choosing whatever color we want you can do that

Right there so that's the color settings now we can do music mode so it has a built-in microphone so it's picking up my audio right now and it thinks that it's music let's go ahead let's play a song so so pretty sweet right yeah i like that a

Lot guys so that's the settings for the light right there music modes awesome now let's go ahead let's do some amazon alexa commands so first let's go ahead let's change the name no alexa stop thank you goodbye so we're going to change the name to so i did chicken let's do rooster select done now let's see if we can get some of the commands with alexa hey alexa turn off rooster there we go check that out turned it off

Just fine hey alexa turn on rooster oops it's it's on its home hey lexa turn on rooster there we go just turn rooster back on i want to change it from um it's current mode i just want to go back to color let's just go back to white i like that so now we have it at 100 let's go ahead hey alexa dim rooster to 50 percent there we go just dimmed it to 50 percent hey alexa dim rooster to 25 just dimmed at the 25 hey alexa dim

Rooster 2-1 there we go hey alexa change rooster to blue just change the color blue hey alexa increase rooster to 100 tada so look at the alexa commands we get no issues at all everything works just fine i am using an echo show 5 and i do see that it still thinks it's at one percent on there but it is listening and changing the commands just fine welcome to everybody that's joining us live right now so okay we got edward in the chat he

Said use carousel but discount not showing up in the cart enter promo code but got the promotional code android cannot be applied to your purchase edward i'm sorry to hear that we had sylvia from govi in the chat earlier i'm not sure if she's still here in the chat maybe just maybe she can provide some insight i do see that it does say on eligible items in the live stream you think

How many what what item did you pick was it one of the first three maybe it's only the first three in the product carousel i'm hoping that's not the case but you're the second person that's mentioned that to me with the promo code and if you try to enter it i'm guessing for some reason the promo code is not applied to that specific item you're trying to buy from govi which stinks and i'm sorry to hear that i did not know that it wasn't for all 10 of the items that were linked below

Or actually for any of the govi items for that matter so it must be for specific items from govi okay so then that's strange so i'm guessing if you're joining us guys the first two items it should work with it's probably gonna work with the um oh man alexa turn on studio lights alexa turn on studio lights all right so edward it looks like single or single tech man says it works with the first first item works but third does not so my guess is it's probably the the first

Two wi-fi ones my guess is the code is only for the wi-fi smart lights if that's what is happening that's what i'm up sylvia says click here to get the code so sylvia is still in the chat single tech man and edward sylvia is in the chat she will help you get to the right destination to get the code that you need it's only for the first three products she says but my guess is for the wi-fi ones we'll see the next product i had the

Third item if it didn't work that is not a wi-fi one so she will let us know we have one more left that we'll go over today here in the studio thank you sylvia thank you so much for that so guys let's go ahead let's get this one out of the way as well we will just set that over here and we'll look at our last item of the night i'm gonna link to it in the product carousel below so it's right here

We can pull it up on the computer now so let's take a look at it here it is guys it is the led strip lights bluetooth version 16.4 feet led color changing with app remote control and control box seven scene modes music sync led with your room kitchen mode three ways to control it we've got remote control bluetooth and we have the dedicated um uh button control that's built into it 19.99 there's a promo code for 25 off

That may work for this item too so go ahead guys check it out below i also want to point out too gobi wanted me to talk about and mention this wi-fi rgb led strip light so it's 65.6 feet and it's wi-fi rgb 69.99 there's a 10 off coupon you can click right now to save 10 and that light might work with the 25 off code as well to be determined but you can go ahead you can try it you can click on it below

69.99 you can save an additional 10 and potentially 25 off as well the lone coyote says hmm yeah glad to see you in the chat still thanks for watching the stream for so long that means a lot to me to have you guys here across all the different platforms guys give me a follow on amazon live i stream five times a week click those products below we're checking out um this one but really quickly govi wanted me to mention and talk about the wi-fi rgb led strip lights 65

Feet so wi-fi rgb works with amazon alexa on this note guys too i think it's a good time to play back the video again let me play back the nice govi video that we have so let's go let's check it out here's the govi video showing you what it looks like to have the products installed in your house walking through all the different color options for you everything along those lines really nice video really well done you can see we can use

Our amazon alexa google assistant our voice controls our smart controls to access a lot of govi's products some have the wi-fi smart capabilities others are just bluetooth or just remote control but you can see great video right here showing us for the wi-fi smart apps what we can do you can see some of the smart color options well edward i'm sorry to hear that thank you for your comment um maybe sylvia is

Still in there she can let you know i'm sorry for that technical issue we definitely want you guys to have that promo code so i'm sorry to hear that trying to work on the stream to provide value to you guys really that's what i'm trying to do with this stream i want you guys to be able to learn about the products see them for yourself hands-on make the best decision for your buying needs that's what we're all about here and what we're trying to do so here's the video showing the bedroom

Pretty cool with the lights looks great you can really tweak it how you want um looks good love that video but anyways guys edward sorry about that i'm glad this stream is still helpful to you hopefully that can get worked out and resolve you can get your order placed and taken care of and save a couple of bucks in the process too so you guys are awesome i'm so glad you're here um yeah just so glad everybody's here and watching the stream with everything else

That's going on and how you can choose to be spending your saturday night i'm working with govi to unbox and showcase these products to you guys here in real time to answer your questions to work with you and then provide you with the discount so thank you all for watching and being here we're going over the led strip lights bluetooth three ways to control 19.99 you can check it out it's linked below in the product carousel now let's go ahead let's cut to our overhead camera you can see it right

Here rgb led strip light here's some of our options from just the picture you can see warm white cool daylight 16 million colors colorful lighting set timers diy scenes safe to use this is the model number h6139 in case you're wondering beautiful retail box and packaging too really like their design this is a newer design they used to have white ones that i don't think look bad either but i like the darker colored box now let's go and let's open it up you

Can see right here guys two 16 foot reels and then what do we have on the inside right here it out we have our control so same thing pretty universal controls power button we have our color wheel color options and then we have our brightness and our music sync mode right there and you can see a little built-in microphone 3m adhesive we have the model number on the back power supply right here remote control your remote control may have a little piece of plastic you got to remove

Before use here's some clips for additional support with the gobi logo on them you can screw them in and 3m adhesive them to the wall alcohol prep pads for easy installation you want to clean your surface make sure it's flat to use this before installing they give you everything you need right out of the box some more support clips too right here so they give us one for each set of reels that we have here's our user manual walking us

Through remote control settings on off we have play pause auto our speed adjustments plus minus music mode brightness color rgbw at the bottom right there with an explanation of each function all right the code is active everybody please try again if you're having any issues thank you kiwi kiwi's in the chat so we have multiple languages for the user guide and manual right here works with bluetooth or the remote control to control it follow gobi on social media you can

Contact their customer support if you have any questions with their product they also have an app for ios and android devices we have some more disclaimers and legal information then we have a really helpful guide showing you how to install everything so again flat clean surface wipe it down with the alcohol prep pad if it's too cold in your room less than 50 degrees fahrenheit use a hair dryer to warm up the back notice guys this is the most important step

Very carefully remove the protective film on the back don't pull everything off you don't want to pull the tape off then firmly press and place 10 to 15 seconds here's how you do a corner you wrap it around and then you can put some of those extra secure hooks on it same with just the additional clips right here if you want to screw them into the wall and then you're done guys it's that simple so really neat really cool really nice they give you a great kit for everything the promo code guys that i provided

Is for the first ten there's ten the first three items so let's go ahead you wanna set everything up very simple i wanna point out two on this you may notice hey what's this dongle for this is for the remote control it's your ir blaster all right so let's plug the lights in right here plug them in now we can see if we want very gently remove this we'll unwind we'll unwrap one of them got the prep pad right there we'll leave

The other one wound in let's go ahead let's plug the power supply in let's get the lights on as well too all right there we go can we get a round of applause for govi with that promo code 25 off for the first three products that's what i'm talking about that is what i'm talking about right there everybody pretty cool we get that from then so thank you go v for that guys i'm so glad to have you here whatever platform you're on thank you for watching we're on amazon

Live we stream five times a week click those product links below guys they show up on screen then so it's really cool to have you guys clicking so i can see that in real time there we go we got people clicking all over it's awesome awesome awesome to see that so first up we can change the modes with the remote control if we want we can adjust the speeds we can change the color so very simple and responsive remote control really nice features let's go ahead let's turn off all the studio

Lights so you guys can see how bright the lights are so here we go we need to tell alexa hey alexa turn off studio lights great question does the code work on amazon canada i do not know let me reach out in the chat so if you go over to the chat on amazon live you can find my stream let's see i'm gonna write that message in there i wanna say no just because it's the u.s but you never know it might might work for goey products

There let's see if they respond so anyways guys we got the remote control right here we can go to red green blue white and we can adjust the brightness so you can see we can adjust the brightness it does not work for amazon canada just the us great question though the lone coyote here's our color button so you can see we can cycle through more of the colors plus or minus right there then we have our mode button so you can see the different modes that we have

Pretty cool and we can adjust the speed we can slow it down for our mode you can cycle through them with the remote control not bad yeah so that's remote control guys very simple the user guide and manual walks you through it now let's look at the mobile app now that we got it pulled up let's go to the mobile app so here we go guys we got the app pulled up you can see the two

Products we looked at earlier chicken and rooster now we're looking at the h6139 we're connected via bluetooth so you can see there we go we can then use our phone to turn it on and off we can set a timer right here so we actually have for this product we actually have a wake up and a sleep mode which is really nice if you're looking for that so we can do wake up mode or sleeping right there so then you can just do a time or two if you want then we can adjust the

Brightness we have a diy mode right here so we can add our own smart color mode if we want and we can choose the style for the speeds and transitions then we have our scenes let's do our scenes first here's movie dating romantic blinking candlelight energetic and breath the breathing mode

So yeah pretty cool guys with the scenes then we can go right to color this may look familiar to the other lights that we already looked at lots of different options right there just some quick colors we can choose from we turn that brightness down some too then we can use the slider if we want to get even more specific and then we have our adjustable whites we have our white control guys thank you so much for being here for this live stream click on the product links below take advantage the

First three products are 25 off do your shopping from there if you click on them and you're on amazon live like somebody just did you can see the little image pop up on stream that is awesome awesome awesome you guys are great really really thankful for your support checking out these products and these items on amazon we're having a great time streaming a lot of you in the chat this is a lot of fun thank you guys for being here kanzu is here we got the lone coyote still here sylvia's in the chat kiwi's in the chat

We're looking at the warm whites we're making it cooler now it's cold and then we have more specific options right here with the color wheel guys i've reviewed other govi products on my youtube channel and past amazon live streams so you can see we're changing the colors really nice really easy super responsive then we have music mode here's music mode guys so we can adjust the sensitivity and we can have auto color or just choose one color

Right there for music mode i like auto best there's the sensitivity it's picking up while i'm talking let me go and let's play some music back through here color changes with sound thank you sean thank you for still being here i'm glad you think it's a cool stream thank you so much for watching thank you for being here being a part of the channel community i'm trying to build here's music mode guys shawn you're awesome thank you for the

Kind words and encouragement guys if you're on amazon right now click those links below let's get that product picture showing up on stream come on you can do it do your shopping from there click on the link click on the link let's get that item going let's get it on the stream guys i see the stars i know you're cooking the stars yeah nate nino loves the music mode so we're playing some music to it right now depending on your song the music you're listening to it's gonna move

Differently here's top cam we'll crank that music up pretty sweet right there we go though that's music mode for you right there hey alexa turn on studio lights there we go guys so this product currently 19.99 it is a prime eligible item guys gomi makes a ton and i mean a ton

Of light strip products we got smart products we got bluetooth products we got remote control products they have tons of different options for you they're linked below if you're interested sean thank you for being here i'm so glad you enjoyed the live streams i'm trying to make um the live streams more fun in the future so i'm always open to suggestions comments everybody has so silvia's back in the chat she says the codes are able for the first product the fifth one

And the sixth one so there we go guys the first the fifth and the sixth let's go ahead let's pull those up right now i'll show you guys that from the product carousel so come along with me in the product carousel here we go the first one the dream color 49.99 that one's 25 off then we have the 43.99 one the fifth item that is 25 off and then they said the sixth one 31.99 is 25

Off so take advantage of that promo code for select items one five and six through the stream below thank you guys for being here and watching this live stream you guys are so awesome check out the gobi products very happy i personally like the ones with rgb rgbic control from my previous stream that was my favorite one because it actually had a grid where we could choose the individual led lights in a group of like three or four

That we could actually control to whatever color we wanted so you could do like your favorite sports team colors a cool pattern anything like that all the products are linked below go ahead do your shopping from there thank you guys for being here shout out to govi for this live stream thank you for working with a creator like myself to show your products to everybody on amazon i hope we can do this again i need your guys support so we can see those results to continue on in a partnership

Like this to be able to promote more products for you viral shaw is here he says are all the devices compatible with amazon alexa great question the answer is no not every govi light strip is a wi-fi light strip that works with alexa so you have to do your shopping carefully to see which products are i'll click on the first one for you that's a wi-fi one that works with alexa the second one we did that in this in this stream we showed you how to use them with alexa how to set

Them up you're gonna have to go through you have to find them the fourth one is if it's a smart wi-fi one it will if it's just bluetooth or remote control it will not work with amazon alexa hopefully that helps you out great question viral shaw that is awesome click on those links below you can find the items that do work with alexa be careful with the installation too guys just peel off the sticker back or the protective back you do not want to peel off the whole sticker and tape so

Keep that in mind you want to be very mindful of what you're doing with um the installation process like i said don't peel off all the stickers on the back so everything looks great i'm so glad you guys are here i'm checking out the streams just to see how everything still looks so really fun to have you guys here you all are awesome thank you for watching it just really means a lot to me to have you guys here and engaging with me on the stream

Whatever platform you're on i can't do this without you guys being here shout out to govi for the products one last question music mode is there for all or not um music mode every one um i'm gonna say no just so you don't buy one an accent and it actually doesn't have it i'd say this how many have i done seven gobi products i think they've all had um music mode but i'm gonna i'm gonna say i'm sure there's probably one that oh sylvia says yes all govi ones do have

Music mode so there you go that is awesome so yes great question so one two four five seven are alexa smart wi-fi lights and all govi products have music mode so i'm glad that she's still in the chat to let you know i was just gonna tell you that they all probably did but i wasn't sure so i was just gonna say you know if i'd say oh yeah they all do and then there's probably one obscure model that does it you know and that's the one you buy and you're mad at me so i'm glad silvia's there to let you know

That they do all have music mode they all don't work with alexa though that's the wi-fi ones so be sure to get a wi-fi version and you'll be all set and ready to go with that guys i'm going to be here for another minute i'll stay online for another minute if you have any more questions get them in right now i know there's still a lot of you watching so i'm about to end the stream but i want to answer any of your questions before we go so get them here right now and take

Advantage of that 25 off code click the links below too can you click the links below for me so i can see one last time the products coming up on screen if you click the links below they'll show up on screen and it's really fun really cool if you click on one i'll give you a cheer we'll cheer for you so somebody click the link click a product link below the stream so we can see it come up come on i know somebody can do it

Anybody i know you guys are still watching i can see you watching anybody anybody i get anybody to click it there we go all right yeah we got people clicking yes you guys are awesome thanks for clicking those links guys you're doing a fantastic job clicking away that is awesome awesome awesome thank you for clicking so we can see those come up on the stream it's so fun to see you guys clicking those links below you're knocking it out of the park right now that's awesome keep it going keep up the

Good work keep it going that's what i'm talking about right there so thank you all for being here check out the govi products below i can see you guys are still clicking on them you're doing a fantastic job with your shopping thank you to sylvia and everybody else being here in the chat from govi to provide some additional support for any of the questions that you guys had really happy with all the items just keep in mind govi makes a ton of different light strips

For your needs and your budget we got bluetooth we got remote control we got wi-fi we got amazon alexa and they all have music mode so thank you guys for watching being here enjoy the govi products if you purchased any from this stream tonight and stick around for my next stream tomorrow i stream five times a week now i'm streaming on all the platforms asterisk i don't know how to stream yet on instagram with the software that i'm using so thank you guys have a blessed rest of your night

Thank you for spending a little bit of your saturday evening with me i can't wait to see you all in the future so be sure to give me that follow before this stream ends click to follow so you stay up to date with everything that i have going on around here and make it a clean sweep follow me on facebook twitter instagram twitch everywhere else you consume your media ps thank you so thank you for being here ps and watching the stream thank you silvia it's a pleasure working with you and to be able to represent govi to

Everybody online thank you for trusting me with that honor to be able to be a representative for your company and to show these products to people in real time firsthand as just a general consumer's experience i think that's really awesome definitely the future of how shopping is going when everybody's trying to make their purchases online and they're not sure about a product we want to see somebody with an actual experience with it providing

Insight tutorials how to set it up and everything along those lines this has been an awesome stream i think it's great for the brand company hopefully everybody's doing their shopping from there taking advantage of that 25 promo code and thank you all again so much i can't wait to see you in my next stream which will be tomorrow don't forget to go ahead and give govi a follow as well on all of their social media platforms and don't ever hesitate to reach out to me or govi with any

Questions in the future be blessed have a great rest of your night you

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