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by birtanpublished on October 3, 2020

um um um um hmm um hello everyone welcome to the in gadget podcast recording live stream uh i am review senator cherylin lowe and my usual co-host for the podcast avenger hardware is off taking a very well deserved break so in his place we have matt smith uk bureau chief hello

Hey how you doing it's so awkward and formal the way you just said hi to me it's like the nicest thing you've said to me all day and it's only yeah uh also you'll see ben ellman our producer for the podcast hey i was deemed neutral good of the engadget podcast recently so yeah today we're going to talk all about not only google's event from yesterday but also microsoft just dropped a whole bunch of surface news

Well not a whole bunch but some surface news this morning so we're gonna dive deeper into all of that stuff tell you what's up um heads up for everyone that's on the youtube live stream right now we're actually like recording for the podcast right now so we're going to do segments where we're being very formal talking to the mic recording our audio so we can't really engage with the live chat uh users

During those times but there will be breaks between segments where we will be answering your questions uh as you shoot them into the live chat ben will also be keeping an eye out on those and if you prefer twitter you can always tweet at engadget with the hashtag podcastlive sometimes the youtube live chat just really goes by very quickly so that might be a better way to get your uh question answered also you don't want to fight it out in that chat yeah i i look very distracted because

There's this like window washing machine right outside my window right now like just going up so the color on my face changes is because the machine's moving up right now have you seen any of those videos of like cats interacting with the window washers yeah they're pretty adorable i've seen cats interacting with other uh other things like laser pointers and that stuff cool story show great story so uh you know usually we do a little bit of waiting for people to just join the stream but i think we're we're more or

Less ready to start recording the show uh if we if we want yeah and so let's do a sync okay if everyone's recording already so just clap tap a table whatever in three two one oh i was a bit late sorry that's fine it's a ballpark thing okay so what are we talking about we're talking about google event we're talking about yeah we don't need to yeah we can just go right into it right yeah um so yeah geez with the vendor gone out to do all the heavy lifting

Yeah okay we good for me to start with the intro yes you can start with the intro when you are ready okay so we're gonna start recording for the podcast hello everyone and welcome back to the engadget podcast i'm reviews editor sherlo and today instead of my usual co-host davindra hardware who's off on break i am joined by uk bureau chief and generally fairly charming person matt smith hi hi charming for one hour per day that's

The limit yes you get the entire hour here right here right now yes and matt is here to talk with me about all the news that happened this week with a major focus obviously on google's pixel 5 event or they called it launch night in and it was actually night time in the uk i think when it was happening um microsoft also unveiled a bunch of new surface devices we're going to talk about that as well but also

Matt smith you know your review of the ios 14 software i guess just went up this week too so we're going to tell people what you thought about that uh as usual if you're liking this show please subscribe to the engadget podcast on your podcast catcher of choice leave us a review on itunes because it'll help more people discover and hopefully like us and yeah if you have more thoughts you can always send a long rambly email to all right okay let's go straight into

Google perfect all right sorry that that was not meant to be in the recording instead i'm sorry great it's just a 2020 finding its way out indeed yes okay so on wednesday google had its launch night in event which uh again like i said people were pointing out that was not nighttime but i don't think google really cares uh and they unveiled as we expected the new chromecast with google tv

The news nest audio speaker as well as the pixel 5 and pixel 4 a5g now that we've had some time to sit with the news and kind of like think about what we feel about these products matt what are your thoughts like what stood out to you uh i like the look of everything i just aesthetic wise like that new chrome cast is really cute very stylish really slick um the nest audio speaker also looks really cute a selection of colors and i think the thing i the main take home was we knew all this was coming

There was nothing the only thing exciting and i see it in your notes was that the pixel 5 comes in a really pretty color i'm wearing today i mean i realized like i already i'm already on trend because that's my iphone case color as well this looks like you've been picking five yeah yeah yeah i'm just showing this on the youtube stream for podcast people they won't know what oh yeah and speaking speaking of actually i should have shouted this

Out earlier but those of you who are listening to the podcast if you want to join us on thursdays at 10 a.m eastern on the engadget youtube channel we do live recordings of the engage podcast where you can shoot your questions directly at us and have them answered in between segments anyway so yeah the pixel 5 and 4a5d i think is what most people were excited to see however i think most people also came away disappointed

Uh with what was actually the phones this is like a 6.99 so the pixel 5 is the so-called flagship model and it's 699. um you get 5g for the price and an ultra wide camera which i am stoked for or happy about uh but then like a snapdragon 765 processor which i think that the chip nerds and the hardware nerds are pretty upset about does that bother you matt not at all like i've been i can't remember the i think the pixel 4a which we've we've both

Played with and like i have one somewhere on my desk somewhere right now that i can't see but um that has a very modest processor as did the oneplus nord that i reviewed recently like um it's a i think it is the power users the kind of people that you know watched this event last night and had opinions immediately right right they're very you know they have very high standards so yeah if you have high standards the 765 g is not going to be as good as say an 865 which is like the fancy

Processor you're seeing in the top drawer samsung phones and things like that yeah and even even the s20 fe the fan edition which i believe is going for about 600 dollars yeah it is uh using an 865 with triple cameras so there's a lot of comparison to that phone there we can get into that a little bit later but you were saying uh no like it was just funny how much they took away from the pixel 4 in comparison to the pixel 5. so i mean let's run through it so the main things is

They've got rid of this you know hugely trumpeted five years in development solely radar module right so that means no face unlock and none of those uh you know hands-free motion sense controls um like cher you've you didn't use the pixel 4 for a while because it wasn't face detecting you right like yeah i actually held off on using the uh pixel 4 as my main because the face unlock was so bad but i will say google has rolled up rolled out updates in the past few months that make it a lot better actually i can even unlock it

With the mask on now that's good um but yeah the main like motion sense controls i did not go near them whatsoever like yeah it was like kind of annoying too and i think also causing battery drain uh which is a huge issue with pixels in general yeah so i am i i can see why they removed it in part because it seemed like it wasn't doing very much uh to be a little harsh it seemed like it was pretty useless um b it was a battery drain right and c is like a component that would be expensive

Yeah so like there's a lot of wins here and you you know the it's a net good for the pixel 5 compared to the pixel four and like you said battery that's another thing that we do know about that the pixel five comes with a much bigger i think four thousand milliamp hour yeah we're finally starting with a four yeah right like i think the four was like i want to say like three two or three four three thousand four hundred or so yeah thirty three ish i don't know the specs

Off hand right now yeah the point is this is a huge jump up and that's like that's like you know those final hours of the day where you just want your phone to last till you you know you're back at your apartment right that's the yeah that's those core hours of use you want so then again it's still good stuff it is but as is usual for google they've used like software to make up for poor hardware or not poor hardware but like you know limited hardware um and in this case i think this with

The pixel 5 they also announced this thing called extreme battery saver mode which to me is like i don't know if i want my phone to be that basic just to get a few extra you know minutes or hours out of it this it's going to like kill all the essential functions it seems like and i don't know how much more use that will be than an already existing battery saver mode uh put more battery in the thing why conf like often like we've seen these extreme you know battery saving modes on

Other phones often android phones and it is just about you can like barely get to sms maybe email phone calls yeah if your lucky whatsapp is often included but that's not why you have your phone you have your phone to take photos to watch netflix on you know the train home you've got to listen to podcasts or read a kindle book on right like you don't want this really basic functionality it's it's all but having a dead phone yeah like who's even taking calls anymore like you

Know what i mean like if you if you're not only allowing me i yeah i try not to either but it it's weird this is a weird approach i do think though it seems like they tried they sacrificed quite a bit just to have a 5g phone that comes under 700 dollars um when we had so carry on yeah no please go ahead we had a we had a little like round table me and a few reporters at a roundtable meeting with hardware chief rick osterlo right after the event and a lot of us asked him that question

Like this is weird are you not doing flagships anymore and australia was like no that's not impo that's not beyond the realm of possibility and like some someone was saying you know did you have plans to make a phone like this before kovitz struck or was this uh you know kind of a pivot because this year just doesn't make sense economically to make a flagship level phone and i think oscar lo said something along the lines of no we couldn't predict a pandemic and this has been in the works for about a

Year so it looks like google's approach has is it may be to focus on giving people like a good phone for like a reasonable price and then it's interesting to see what they choose to leave out in that case right yeah like i can you know if i put my i've put my conspiracy theory hat somewhere else but if i had it on my my entire you know it makes complete sense why they made the pixel 5 cheaper and they made a 4a twice you know the 4a and the 485g it's

Because the 3a was such a hit for them last year i think you did the report on the earnings right share and they sold like double the amount of phones yeah yeah they sold a lot of people 3a's and also have sold a lot more pixel 4as the affordable line the a-line is really good and it's it's just hard to be like it almost feels like the 4a is the better phone is because for the price you're getting exactly what you expect whereas the 5

Is twice that and doesn't feel like it's twice the phone right so it's not not quite twice is it like it's 500 for the 485g right well i'm talking about the 48 which was 350. oh yeah yeah totally true yeah and you know 5g isn't everywhere like 5g is still not yeah we're still very early days for these next generation networks um i'm already recommending the 4a to loads of people um it'll be interesting to see if there's just enough stock for everyone that wants 4a phones

To get one will you will you continue to recommend the pixel 5 to your friends and family and and your mom by the way it's an interesting one hi hi to uh engadget supervan my mom she's probably listening somewhere um that's the thing like can you recommend the pixel 5 i mean i'm like i like wireless charging um i like you know the color the sage green color is beautiful i like that as well water resistance one extra camera i think it might just

Depend on we'll test these cameras and see if the pixel 5 has a noticeably better camera experience yeah but like the 4a had an incredible camera experience first and i mean so yeah i think i'll start with i mean you're getting these new features you do you should um speaking of the cameras though yeah there's some new features coming right like portrait light which we've seen on iphones and we've seen on some other huawei's actually made its own version of that um and it's going to be nice for me at least to play around with that

Feature um night sight with portrait mode you've got cinema pan coming as a stabilization mode for videos on the phone so great i would love to test them out but it's also these features aren't things that they need to necessarily keep on the pixel five they could roll it out backwards to four a's and so on so i mean yeah ultra wide camera that's always gonna say like the lack of two cameras i think on the 4a and stuff like that will stop maybe the panning mode

Which is funny because the lg wing which is also kind of floating around richard lies writing like an impressions piece on it at the moment the wing does that as well with its camera so it's very you know isn't it interesting how all these phones appear with nyon identical features basically i mean people are running out of ideas and yeah to see who does it better uh i want to explain extreme battery saver mode a little bit better like exactly what you get for

Extreme battery saver so according to google it will let your phone's battery get an extra 48 hours depending on how you customize customize it so when you turn it on extreme battery saver will change your phone screen timeout to 30 seconds so instead of staying on the whole time it'll just go dark every 30 seconds or if you're not using it for shorter than longer than 30 seconds it will also turn off your work profile if you have something like that set up and then it will also let you pick what

Apps you want to keep running while everything else is like disabled temporarily so it sounds like you have the option of picking what runs for me man i don't know what would you keep running if you had to choose like when your phone is dying and you want to have only two or three apps running god that's that's yeah that's tricky right um right i'd have like an or some kind of audio player whether that's music or podcast i can probably run those um yeah

Isn't does some come to mind for you i mean i almost always just think instagram but instagram a is a battery hog b is like flirtless i would have spotify hopefully to play my local tunes because that's essential for me when going home on my commute and stuff um i can't think what else sometimes maybe maps if you're out and about and you're looking for a place it's things as well like you know these days you can't just turn off bluetooth for that

Slightly little bit more of battery because we're using wireless headphones or you know other peripherals when you've got a wearable that connects to your phone yeah things like that um i'm looking extreme battery saver now what kind of options so yeah you can it seems like you can very much pick and choose what this will affect but then doesn't that ruin the whole point of it yeah and also yeah and people were always like turn on airplane mode

Like maybe that's the way but i don't know well look we'll have to put this to deeper testing to know like maybe when i have the phone in hand and i'm testing this mode out maybe i'll know better what like my use cases are right now i'm not going anywhere it's not like i'm not next to a plugin yeah yeah so it's okay um what else did you have anything like else that jumped out at you about the five or the four a5g uh we've kind of covered the main things like it's retreading a lot of ground

Right it's um it's funny that you know the head of you know the head of google hardware said it was a flagship or like he believed i'm not sure how he worked and what his way around it yeah it's more that they they he said that it's not impossible that google might make you know higher-end flagships soon i think a lot of the people on that call with me were miffed at the fact that the processor is slower than last year's flagship model um and yeah there's not that much really

Exciting about it i mean there's this feature called hold for me which helps you stay on hold with an operator on like your tech support call or when you're trying to get in touch with your bank and using google's uh assistant ai which you know has powers features like duplex for restaurant reservations um i think it's going to be good and helpful but doesn't feel like it's that great a deal i don't know here's something you might not i think this might have happened or

At least people realized it when you clocked off for the night do you know that um in the uk we're getting these phones on the 15th well we're getting the five on pixel 5 on the 15th in the uk and several other countries but in the us they're not coming till the end of october oh so you guys are getting it earlier than now than us yeah oh right 2011. what i saw what i saw was that people were pre-ordering today but the ship date was october 30th which

That's it yeah it's a special day for me um but uh yeah the you guys are getting it a little bit earlier two weeks earlier which is i mean i guess good for you congratulations um the other thing i realized is that 5g depending on which carrier or which type of 5g you opt for when you're buying the pixel 5 and 4a 5g well it might cost you an extra hundred dollars yes ridiculous verizon's exclusive white collar version is a hundred dollars more so

Do you really like verizon customers are you getting a really bad deal a requisite disclaimer that verizon is our parent company and owns us but has no control over editorial content which is never sent me a free limited edition white phone either well yeah yeah so we got free phones from verizon you're not telling me about free phones i have like my employee phone and i have like review units that verizon will also send you know what i mean those sorts of things but anyhow that's

That seems like a huge deal like you're the whole point of these phones is that you you know google were trying to make 5g a thing and then you've sacrificed other high-end features meanwhile the 5g version that actually will improve speeds the millimeter wave ultra wide band version is going to cost 100 more like then what was the whole point of trying to keep the price down by sacrificing some of these other features feels like another yeah like you know

You know it's a running joke that you know way too much about 5g a millimeter wave and the rest of it but like does it is a bit isn't my running joke yeah but isn't like this all a bit irrelevant until 5g is completely like all encompassing and rolled out everywhere like the benefits on that up front are they at this early stage yeah i think that it's also for future proofing i think there are people who are buying phones now that they want to keep for

Two years and so in two years hopefully the coverage will be much better and these phones that you buy today can help you get on those networks and you won't be left behind i will say if you're like on something like a t-mobile where they are not using ultra-wide and either using sub six then the difference between gigabit lt and that is like minimal it's like a 25 boost and you're not going to really notice 25 or you're not there on your clock light it's not 25

Faster this down you're not you so it's it might not be as significant so look i don't know what everyone else thoughts are on 5g the pixel 5 and the pixel 4 a5g but if you have something you want to get off your chest make sure you send your thoughts to podcast editing yeah and tell us which one you'd buy would you like just buy the 4a the basic would you get the 4a5g or would you buy the pixel 5 if so why also what color are you going to get probably the green um anyhow i think that's really all we

Can say so far about the phones before we get them and start testing them ourselves so stay tuned for our impressions on that google also unveiled a new chromecast with google tv uh matt do you watch tv yes i do watch tv i mean like you think you can just about see it in the background here um yes i have a oversized tv uh mostly streaming services because you know i was born in the 80s uh but yeah like i do have a chromecast um

We'll get to what i use my chromecast for later on but uh i know they sent one to you you've had a play haven't you yeah i've had a play with the new chromecast and i i really like it first of all the physical difference uh is noticeable right i mean before this i was using a chromecast the original chromecast stick which was 35 only and then i also recently like kicked my tv over so i had to like i think i broke the original chromecast so i had to upgrade to chromecast ultra uh and that's like a like a disc like a

Round like a circle but that's about two inches thick anyway so the new chrome cast is more like a pebble almost with its smooth finish and it's kind of rounded shape um and it comes in cute colors i've got the blue um option there's also like this coral looking color and i think a white but anyhow it looks good it looks very in line with the rest of google's and the new one is 50

Right this new device yeah and i think that's the same price as the original as the chromecast ultra um and there's support for 4k hdr adobe vision surround sound all the good stuff you'd expect from a modern streaming player uh but the big deal or the two big deals anyway with the new chromecast is google tv have you heard that name before matt like once upon a time many years ago what have they brought it back yeah so 10 years ago yeah you are an 80s kid uh 10 years ago google launched this thing it called

Google tv with the nexus player i don't know if anyone remembers that but way back when uh google already used his name then android tv became a thing that it launched a year after it you know announced the original chromecast which was so 2013 original chromecast 2018 android tv launched so android tv then started to replace google tv well now it looks like google tv is going to replace android tv again so it's just

Very confusing for a lot of people who are trying to keep up with what's what and i will try to explain it all to y'all basically google tv is this interface that makes that comes with the chromecast and lets you like look at all your different tv shows or your movies across all your different apps like hbo hulu prime video etc and netflix and you get recommendations based on your you know what you've seen across all of these different surface services as well as like your watch list

You can like save stuff to one combined watch list uh despite that's right exactly across all of these different services which i really like and i've been actually using this feature for a while on play movies and tv which has been around for years and years people just don't know about it and it sucks because it's a very underrated feature i'm glad it's getting some attention now um but yeah so google tv is this layer that runs on top of the os and the os is going to stick around

And be called android tv still so that's where the confusion lies you're you're not going to see on your tv the words android tv anymore you will see the words google tv and you'll see this new like layout but google's still going to keep the name android tv around which like a lot of people are very confused by i don't know it makes no sense like yeah like this is like 17 layers of google just deciding to have you know a bazillion google meet video calls and decide how to you know

Make google well make google's you know streaming tv service relevant or interesting in some way so i don't like why it's great but so hard to care right so hard to care about this i i barely care i i care about what like the user is going to experience which is like i mean the other big thing i kind of mentioned was the new remote control and this makes the i mean people who like you matt have been using a chromecast and like me know that like you're generally very reliant on your phone if you use a

Chromecast or your laptop or whatever you choose and this makes it like the new interface plus this just makes this whole thing feel more like a smart tv and for those who already have a smart tv like you bought a samsung or a roku or tcl smart tv with its os built in good for you the rest of us aren't lucky enough to be you know all i got is a dumb a word tv that i have an hdmi slot and i've stuck the dongle in and like it was like living in 2012 so

Now with a new chromecast i feel like i'm living in 2020 at last yes this is so this is out for sale now right as well i can buy one yep yep do you want to go buy one it's fifty dollars you can buy it yeah you could buy it at home depot through last week too oh so what i wanted to come back to you is what i use my chromecast for actually yes i think i can wait to add about the if people have questions they can ask us on the youtube live chat uh we will answer them when we break for

A pause later on but yeah please tell me what you use your chromecast for so mostly i play stadia on it now does this play stadia it will support stadia in the first half of 2021 or but but some people who've already bought the chromecast before the announcement we're already testing out with stadium they said it works that's such this is like when they launched stadium and it would only work with some chromecast ultrasound this is very much like a back end thing

Is this just to funnel it so that the service doesn't get overrun or i don't mean to delay do you mean why i i don't really know either i think it has something to do with yeah like you said how they're getting the processing to happen i don't know if they have dedicated like something to working on that i have no idea why there's a delay but that's a good question i might ask google yeah like i can't understand the delay but like you know if they had enough meetings to relabel android tv as google tv

Then they probably have a good reason of delaying stadio on their brand new streaming device yeah yeah that makes no sense i know anyway so so stay tuned for our deeper review on that but if you already want some uh pretty detailed impressions my hands-on is up on just kind of my experience after two days with this thing um yeah let us know so last thing that google unveiled uh yesterday i guess it was the last thing we're new speakers which we were

Expecting and i think the like the big surprise there is the name is nest audio no longer are we going to use the google home brand for their speakers nest audio and there's a big focus as you can tell from the name that audio quality is their whole thing now matt what speaker do you use let's figure it out i am afraid to say ones in case they pick up that i'm talking about them i have use another one for it i have two home pods apple homepods

Um one in the bedroom one in i guess the lounge is kind of an all-in-one apartment here then i have google i have a google mini google home mini i think to use the right terms uh the coral one which is beautiful in my bedroom as well and then i have a google home hub in my kitchen and i think my sonos does i'm looking around the room if you hear my audio fade in and out i think my sonos does uh smart smart assistant nonsense as well um so yeah all of them apart from amazon alexa

So you've got a very good yeah you've got a good setup i i'm the uh non-apple end of that conversation where i have all the things you just said minus sonos but i have uh amazon's echo speaker so what is your preferred like what do you think in terms of music quality what would you play music on let's say you take the sonos out of the equation though yes oh definitely the home pod which makes sense it costs so much more than the others but definitely the home pod

Like um i used to have both of them set up like side by side to my tv and playing music then in stereo mode it just sounded absolutely incredible i had the max the home the nest home max i think that was called the big smart speaker yeah no not the big screen one speaker yeah homex yeah yeah that sounded great as well that was very impressive um yeah like i'm start i like i have smart speaker malays now

Like they don't do enough do they like if i think the main aim is what do you want it for like yeah if you want decent audio quality use that to specify which speaker you buy but the other ones like these minis like the nest mini that's that will suffice for 90 of your smart home tasks and what you want from a smart assistant yeah i think for me um we were talking on the live stream yesterday after the google event that i have both the amazon echo and the home

And i generally prefer the i can't say the word the hot word in case my assistant wakes up and tries to ask me what i want anyway the echo has somehow better music quality i think than my google home but so i am excited to see what nest audio will deliver i mean they've improved some of the drivers in the subwoofers and also google uses some pretty good software to tune the music output like it did on the nest

Mini uh subwoofer again please sub woofer why she said subwoofer what i look we know my accent's all over the place because i'm from all over the world it's fine um but anyway so yeah so all right but no it's okay the thing about the nest audio is it comes in at 99 dollars it sounds like it's gonna provide music quality that mark ronson was very on board with by the way apparently um so i i am excited to hear it from myself i just don't think that i can say much until i have these to test

And yeah this is the curse of all of these remote events right unless you like we got the chromecast at least to play with ahead of time but yeah without testing mirrors much to say that we're not parroting from either our own experience or the press release one other thing i want to add about the nest audio is like the apples home pods you are able to pair them right so you can make up a little stereo pair to make them sound even better and that would be 200 all in then for like a stereo audio

Setup which isn't bad it's it's not bad at all so really the crucial thing now would be to see what kind of quality you're getting for that price right for the stereo pairing and the 200 is it sonos level i don't know is it sony level i don't know either uh the other thing that google demoed during its event too was like this big stage setup where they had different speakers peppered around the space and then this music uh artist just walking around

Saying yo assistant play the music on this speaker instead play on that speaker instead like it made it seem like it was moving along with him even though it's really hard to tell on video like if the music really was playing through like a specific speaker um but this multi-room audio idea is something that google has talked about before and it seems like they're going to try to find a way to make all your speakers that are google-powered play at the same

Time to give you this really immersive experience does that sound like a nightmare to you matt or or like actually it sounds well it sounds ideal because like i said like i have a i mean what i've only got like four rooms in my apartment but like four rooms well i'm including like the corridor room that goes from the bathroom to yeah such luxury anyway the point is i have a google device in my bedroom and i have a google device in my lounge living dining kitchen room so it would be kind of cool to like cause i do have

To kind of bark orders to turn off lights and turn off speakers right like um whatever this kind of room based detection is if it could also switch off lights um that would be pretty cool that's the thing is that it doesn't seem like they're sensing where you're at in the space just yet it seems like you still have to shout commands at the speaker to get it to like play on the next one or now i'm in my bedroom that's what i'm doing now i know i don't know i don't know yet

Maybe they'll have more details to share on how that works but it would be super cool if they were able to sense your presence and just like turn on the music wherever you walk and turn on your lights right that's like smart home rules yeah very much so like i don't i look it seems like i'm absolutely dogging on google and everything they've announced you're not alone i think that the grand recap of the overall event is that a lot of people

On our live stream seemed to leave disappointment nobody on our live stream which tends to be a lot of like gadget hardcore fans anyway no none of them were impressed by the smart home stuff and none of them like the pixel 5 uh except for a few who pre-ordered already and they were going everywhere yeah irrespective of whatever they announced yeah i think maybe the problem is that the 4a was already announced and kind of stole a lot of the thunder here like

It's a like i'm going to talk about it later on this podcast but it's a great it's it's a great phone sure it's a bit boring in black but like the like the capability and how it looks it looks like a next-gen phone like you know it's edge-to-edge screen pinhole camera incredible cameras on the back um and you get all that with the 4a 5g and the 5 but you have to pay a lot more money to do that i agree i mean i think google shot itself in the foot a

Little bit by releasing the 4a5g in tandem with the five because then now it's like what do you pick overall though it seems like everyone's biggest compliment to google for the event was how short it was yes everyone was like 30 minutes yay why which i don't know if it's a bad sign but i think it's uh i think it's like it's indicative of all these remote press conferences we've seen and had to sit through like samsung's pretty guilty of it apple's pretty guilty of there yes google google did tell me ahead of the launch

That this was going to be short sweet and they know that no one wants to they've listened to feedback that no one wants to sit through long things like that anymore so i think they kept it short for a reason but despite still keeping it short they were able to squeeze in a long rap about all the channels you get on youtube live which i found really impressive like my jaw dropped as they like did that rabbit was fun to watch i guess i mean producer ben can we cut in some

Of that for the podcast i think i might be able to yeah yes also i haven't listened to that so i'll listen along to the podcast so make sure yeah there's a i'll say a line here to queue it up so so so here it is for those of you who haven't heard it this is this is that youtube wrap all right we can chime in after that um i liked it i think i thought it was pretty clever but it was a good beat but anyway um so

There you have it it's like the main takeaway from the google event was that uh short and sweet rap and then ultimately the products were kind of just expected yeah so let's move on to something much more immediate mike we might take uh we might take a break to talk to life uh like yeah yeah i think that would be a good idea so yes we're talking to the chat now chat like it's been pretty active already but if you want to ask any questions about stuff we've been

Talking about already uh this is the time so one question says does the chromecast remote work with older models do you know anything about that no it does not sorry it really seemed like that my sense is that well first of all the older models don't have the google tv interface although they did say it sounded like it might be rolling out to older tvs i'm not sure if it's rolling out to older chromecasts from what i understand the older chromecast don't have the processor

Power required to run this interface because they have a new processor in the new chromecast just for the for the ui yeah all it knows is uh talk with phone mirror phone eat hot chip and lie more or less that was stupid anyway uh is there any word on what the trade in value for a 4a like let's say it's not 4a5g if you want to trade in a 4a would you be able to trade it in against a 4a5g or a five and what would the value be is there any information on that

No google hasn't announced anything like that yet like they don't really do trade-ins like last time like a proper internal you know google-centric trade-ins and also not the way both um the apple and samsung have trade-in programs i don't think they're as explicit but i will say that i'm looking at the 4a purchasing page right now and it does say you can trade in your old phone uh for some for some credit i just don't know that the 4k being such a new phone is going to be

Like accept it just yet i have no idea would you did you want to trade in your 4a for a 4a5g i guess i guess i mean that's what we were talking about a little while ago of like you know if you'd really jumped on the 4a when it originally came out just a couple of months ago do you feel buyer's remorse now that they're the 4a5g is out i i mean personally i wouldn't feel the remorse just because it's 150 more you're getting really 5g and that extra ultra white camera but you know not everyone wants that maybe people are already happy with their

Pixel 4 but i don't know the youtube people do they agree um i mean we're getting one question about whether or not to upgrade from pixel 3a and i i think the answer is yes but the experts can weigh interesting i think you're fine to stay with the 3a what you're getting with the 4a unless you're going to the 4a5g is a bigger screen right and a generally bigger phone like the camera doesn't change much so the camera hasn't changed much but

That new look that full screen oled yes yes it's it's a fresh feeling so if you want to just feel like you have a phone that's uh that's from 2020 maybe that is a good upgrade um what else is i mean battery life depending on if you have the 3a or the 3axl if you have the 3a oh yeah get the 4a because the battery is just better really like i i was not a fan of the 3axl but i'm i'm diverting that xl might be okay like it has a bigger size so it probably has a bigger

Battery but it's still not great in terms of so i was while we were talking i was doing some research on google trade-ins then i got sidetracked i've just bought myself a pixel 4a case very proud of you they're gorgeous have you not seen these pixels you know these pixel cases the official fabric ones i love them not only am i like because i'm in touch with google so i have access to a lot of these devices which i understand is very unfair and i am privileged but also google also does programs if you like sign up for some of

Their um like i think i'm a google maps like advisor tour guide type of thing for the public and then they send you free cases out of that program too yeah i don't wait oh because in the uk maybe maybe nothing in the uk here's another tip by the way for anyone that's like big on google if you use the google opinions or the survey and feedback app on your phone they give you money just for answering surveys like i have eight dollars saved up on that because

Oh my god right here whole eight dollars baby i know but i use that for movies and then and that sort of stuff that i can buy on play movies and tv too or games and apps so there's a tip for y'all uh sorry more questions uh yeah there was one about like why isn't the uh for a 5g waterproof what's up with the lack of ipx certification my suspicion is that because that one has a headphone jack

They weren't able to find a way to completely cover it but i will go to uh google for official uh explanation i also think that uh i mean i think that's the main reason i don't think that they kept ip away from the 4a models just to differentiate between the 5 and the 4a series uh my i suspect is the headphone jack um and then wilso in the uh chat just said like 4a and 4a5g are way too similar they really should have added something like 90 hertz uh to the 4a 5g and 120 to the pixel 5

Which is totally valid very valid i do i wonder though if the 120 hertz screen might just be too expensive for them to include in like the bill of materials because that's going to be that's definitely a very expensive like component and they probably wouldn't have been able to keep the pixel 5 to 6.99 if they wanted to include that uh and in that case i think google just was like well we'd rather give you a cheaper phone than a smoother screen yeah and then there was

One thing while we're uh if there's nothing else that we have to say about uh pixels there was a question about whether or not adobe atmos is supported on this new chromecast i don't think specifically atmos but surround sound is if adobe atmos was like supported i think we would have seen it in the language and branding by now but we only saw adobe vision support um and i don't think that that's like a package that comes together with uh atmos do you know if that's something

That could be updated onto the device after the fact with like a firmware update or something it could be but it's hard to say because i think dolby atmos also has to depend on like the speaker setup and that's based on your equipment right you buy the speaker that you use your chromecast on so i suspect that has that there's more in the process there than just a firmware update uh i'm also like i finally opened the chat to take a look i want to say like hi to all the familiar names always x

Os digital for uh i think gabriel was a familiar name but like hello to everyone that's leaving nice comments um and uh adil i think said something interesting he said that i think the stock android on pixel devices should be more optimized for ui because the comparison to other layers for android like oxygen os is that miui or is do you pronounce it as a ui miui 12 just feels ugly and bad or like what you're used to for me i'm

Used to the pixel ui so i think me ui looks ugly and bad you know i mean like it's really different it's also like a very personal thing oxygen os definitely like feels really clean and fast yeah you got it on the oneplus nord right man yeah i was going to say like that's the only one i kind of rate as anything decent is the oxygen one but it's all personal preference to stuff you know like they're all so unified now and android is just so much

Better than it was say three years ago like it's you know it's whatever you're used to and what you're liking and you know you're you're a pixel woman so you're used to kind of the stock google experience right exactly i love the pixel look and some of the things they bake in but ultimately uh and i've said this with other friends in the tech space too that like android finally is at a point where like it's similar across the board you know even samsung's one ui feel familiar to a pixel user like me so

That's a great thing you don't have to relearn things um and then one question from kayla um matt owns multiple speakers from different brands can you play music from all of them at once can you do anything to like network them i think is the question i mean like can you yeah i mean i can no um i do airplay from my phone to my sonos bar i think i have the beam then uh my homepod um other things i do to sync them all i've just realized i've left my fridge open

So maybe when there's a little toilet break let me close my fridge oh no let's go yeah go close the fridge don't close my face be right back i i i had a similar situation where like yesterday's event uh was when i realized that i had left a bag of grapes sitting on my counter overnight instead of putting in the fridge we're doing it live people doing it live behind the scenes i have to say i oh that okay matt i think this might be the first time i'm seeing your blue wall yeah yeah

So normally i do my videos outside of the room i think what do you think i like it it's a little deeper than i thought it's just for everyone's uh matt and we're all friends on engadget and matt was showing me swatches of color to pick for the wall and i think this looks a little darker than the ones you showed me i like it though thank you i've been checking out everyone else that lives in this apartment block and no one's painted their walls they're all keeping it white as if

I don't know boring they're boring have fun with your fancy colorful wallet painting the google color painted the google color like the green i love that needs green ooh give it like stripes i might go sage green in my bedroom but this has nothing to do really with the engadget podcast absolutely nothing at all so before we move off of this and go to microsoft stuff now that like 4a 5g is another entry into kind of the mid-level phone space

Can we do like a quick power ranking like top three or four is the 4a and or 4a5g still number one do you think i again haven't having not tested the 485g or the five yet it's hard to say i think the 4a though it's very hard to beat for the price it's very hard to beat like you have to think about what you're saving and getting for that money so i think that the 4a is still the best phone in that class of under 400. uh the oneplus nord has a lot of good

Features too for 400 so i don't know if matt you have a different feeling about this i'd still probably go with the 4a it was a bit i think the 4a came out just after the nord did in the uk so it was kind of frustrating not to be able to compare the two side by side but i just swear by the pixel camera tech i think even with the oneplus it has a lot more it's a lot more versatile sure but there's something incredibly reliable about the photos you take on a pixel

Phone and that's very hard to be at that price exactly exactly and then rounding out the top three what do you think the s20 fe is not the same price range but i think that that's what everyone's kind of looking to as a comparison for the pixel 5 or the 4a5g i have one i haven't spent a lot of time with it yet um and even that was like people were angry at samsung for the s20 fe being so confusing in his lineup um but it

Seems like for the price and in the space it's got a lot of good features that you might want i don't know if matt in the uk you have a lot more options maybe you have a different uh recommendation yeah but i kind of stick to the the the players that can reliably do so like i know nokia's pretty strong motorola is here as well um it's kind of harder to mess up and then let alone xiaomi um i'm thinking of some other

Devices as well they just like they literally announced today some 5g versions of the reno series and they're all amazingly specked out devices for the price like you'd be amazed you know it's like three hundred dollars less than a flagship samsung phone and yeah just incredible you know chunks of tech all come together for a really cheap price yeah it's hard yep okay let's move on to microsoft surfaces this very cute laptop go i want to hear more about it

All right so for those on the livestream we're going to go back to recording the podcast and we'll be back to answer your questions after we're done with this next segment uh matt you were about to take it away on the surfaces very smoothly you want to do that again i mean i remember oh yeah yeah i can say something yeah and and like ben's like no put the brakes on it it's too smooth too smooth a segway let's do it again yeah if you if you want me to do it too i can handle

But i figured since you already had something lined up yes okay so enough about google let's talk about some even more immediate news uh just this morning and today's thursday microsoft announced a handful of new updates yeah it is it was like great job microsoft we didn't need news extra news this week but thank you however the good news is these things seem very straightforward there's nothing too complex here uh there's a new surface laptop go which

Is uh adorable and then the surface pro x got a new processor that's the high level overview uh and i mean there's also some new accessories that you can check out in for all the details on but yeah matt what are you are you thinking i know you're not i don't think you're a pc user are you no it's about time i kind of got back into it but um yeah like i'd like for you to like help me out here how do

How do i separate the surface laptop go from the surface go to or even the surface go yeah what's the difference here here you go the surface is surface as a line or tablets first they're the ones with the kickstands built in right so the surface laptop is that clam shell that like with the keyboard attached sort of style so the surface go was that 10 inch cute tiny little tablet with a very kind of weak processor to start off with uh but it's super affordable and also

Even cuter than the laptop go the surface laptop go is like the mini version of the surface laptop three and it's got instead of the 13 inch and 15 inch models that the laptop three is available in you'll have this 12.4 inch screen so it's very reminiscent of remember the baby macbook uh the 12-inch macbook that recently yeah the original the original like macbook plane no air no pro exactly no additional word at the end of its name that really

That i bought the only macbook that i ever bought for myself it's more or less the same as that and also i think the mate book 13 but anyway so it's really cute and it comes in two new colors one of them is this ice blue is the name for it but it's just this really pretty almost pastel blue and then there's also this like copper-ish gold-ish color and i can't remember the exact name for it uh but it's also attractive so it's just an option i think that's good for someone that doesn't want something

Too big or powerful and it starts at 549 dollars which for a surface laptop no yeah at all um for that price you're getting a 10th generation intel core i5 to start with and uh i mean like the full details like how much you can go up to 16 gigs of ram but obviously that'll cost more 256 gigs of storage will also cost you more um but i mean this is a nice introduction to what microsoft surface laptops can offer um and i've recommended the

Surface laptops in general as an alternative to the dell xps line for a while the avengers always like anytime you ask devendra what pc to get avengers like xps this is spf yeah yeah davindra x hardware um but i'm like look not everyone wants to get an xbox sometimes someone wants something with a different look and this i think the laptop goes with its new colors and this cute little size that the xps line doesn't have offers like another option for someone looking for something a bit different

I mean like i'm reading the villagers uh what's up now new laptop guy like it's still not as the bezels aren't as soon as the dell's xbf 13. i'm like give it after vintage we get it okay we get it i mean he's not wrong but also this is a 550 laptop this isn't a thousand dollar notebook exactly that's not let up does he the bezels are indeed not as thin but they're pretty thin and look at i mean looking at the pictures we haven't touched these

Devices or seen them in person so i'm only really going off of videos and pictures that microsoft has sent but they're they're they're not the chunky bezels from years past these are these look modern three by two aspect ratio and you know the microsoft's pixel sense screen has been good now the one concern for laptops that are that small in general is that their keyboards are usually not up to par um and i don't know how much time you've spent with like a

Macbook 12-inch keyboard mat uh they were pretty terrible but microsoft is like we have a full-size keyboard and we've got like a big trackpad so it'll be nice to see like what the keyboard experience is on the surface laptop go being so small i must i just say sherlin that was a an incredibly comprehensive walk through everything i'm very impressed i i mean i still have one last thing to tell you about i left one thing out let me put my chin

On both my hands then tell me more yes um for that size also right another concern is battery life but uh microsoft is promising like up to 13 hours of juice on this thing so it again i have to see it in person see how chunky heavy and you know sizy this thing is how sizy is it that's a great question so it's a good game to play in our downtime anyway but yes the the potential for this device to be really good is there i want to check it out as soon

As possible and yeah 549 a great starting price almost like half slightly more than half of the surface laptops restarting price could could you say it was it's the pixel 4a of windows laptop i can't say that yet because i haven't tested it but it might be wow that's a very good like analogy for the really hardcore technics right if i wrote that in my review and someone like my neighbor reads it they're like what is the pixel 4a yeah what's engadget readers you know

They know these things readers are smarter than the average um i don't mean smarter i mean more informed anyhow that wasn't the only thing that uh microsoft announced it also announced new updates to the surface pro x which matt i don't know if you recall do you recall what that thing is no i'll be honest i'll be honest no the surface pro x was uh the was introduced last year it was microsoft's own windows on snapdragon

Thing like a convertible yes yeah the hardware is incredible it's super thin it's really premium it looks really good it's got a nice screen runs mic uses the original version used microsoft's sq1 chipset which it created in collaboration with qualcomm and this year with today's news microsoft is saying hey we have a new chip is the sq2 and they're not really sharing exactly what the differences are between the su-1 and the

Sq-2 but if it's anything to go on like if qualcomm's own generational chipset upgrades or anything to go on i don't think there's that much of a speed difference in terms of processor um but yeah that's that's the main i think big news out of the uh surface pro x that a new configuration is available with the sq2 chipset um you can get all the details once again on i have a write-up uh but also the other new thing with the surface pro x is a new color option

Hey silver what about the color options it's all about the colors this year um the story platinum finish uh is the new uh default one of the two new color one of the new colors you can get the tablet itself in so there's two options now the black or the silver platinum thing and then the signature keyboard cover now comes in that same sky ice blue that i really like as well as the red and the standard black so those are the new things i mean some of the other features are like software based and

You know windows on arm is struggling but you know i don't have you had any experience with windows on arm devices matt no i've never heard anything good about it so i try to avoid it when possible um but yeah like it's not it's just not there yet it's sorry it's not your main driver laptop is um an apple right yeah there you go so i think it's an interesting like device arm-based pcs i used to be super excited for them i still am hopeful that they'll do good

I want to see what microsoft is able to do with his own chip maybe it was different from the hcx gen 2 in some way and that there actually are speed differences but again i'll need to like take it to real world testing to know um but they've also bumped up the battery life estimate from 13 hours to 15 hours uh so you know that's nice to see maybe that's what the processor improvement is so uh y'all tell me if you're excited for this thing because it's

It's hard to be excited anymore when when windows on arm still needs so much work all right so do we want to just take a break to answer questions or do you want to just seamless transition to ios 14 review um maybe like can you do just another line or so um buttoning up the windows on arm section yeah or i can talk about actually the the other accessories and just be like there's still more news but yeah yeah i think that would be good okay ready

Yep so in addition to the laptop go and the updated processor and options for the surface pro x which by the way still starts at that 9.99 price um microsoft also unveiled new ergonomic mouse modern mouse a display adapter and some new keyboard things check out all the details on but really overall just feels like it wasn't it wasn't even a big enough set of news for microsoft to do an event they just dumped it on us out of nowhere so yeah i guess i'm kind

Of glad for the reprieve thank you um all right should we do a chat segment or there maybe just a little one like yes theo we are reading the comments hello um if you are just joining us we're um reading the chat comments in between segments we're trying to make sure that the people who just listen to the podcast don't feel left out because that would be sad um oh hi the dominant go who says

They're going to definitely subscribe to this podcast on overcast later thank you oh my god yes because they love your accents uh that is super weird but matt that comment made me think like oh man i'm gonna do something interesting with the subwoofer thing that you said i'm gonna do a little sound design i've been wanting to do some creative audio work this word okay matt how do you pronounce w-a-n-d-e-r wonder say that again wanda

Wander right yeah okay so i was told by someone like in who was teaching me something that i was pronouncing that word wrong because americans apparently y'all pronounce it with this hidden you like wonder versus wonder which is w-o-n-d-e-r so it's like wonder and i was like the person teaching me was like this is these are the two words and this is how you pronounce it as i do not hear a difference and i was so such a niche difference like i would and then like one of my friends

At school way back when um when i first came to new york i said the name alan i still i still trip on that name like a-l-a-n how do you pronounce that matt allen but like i'm british so it's all flat and we don't like add rs and y's i don't even i don't even feel like whoever praised our accents is now unsubscribe okay but let's be um let's be clear here sherlin also speaks i think like 300 more languages than either matt or i

Speak so well i speak japanese to a defense decent level oh really yes basically fluent i can get along okay that's that's why me and sherlin get along we have like passive aggro kanji debates we have a lot of kanji conversations yet what that word means in chinese and that well actually in japan it means sun so yes it's very fun to be like chinese words with with matt smith that's our new podcast chinese word

And gadget podcast spin off number 32. yes yeah um not as interesting as matt's feet matt's feet no that's still in production at the moment so gabriel says listening to you on overcast is awesome but asking questions or leaving comments that come up in the chat in real time is really fantastic so thanks gabriel and uh theo says where are you guys from i thought you guys were all from america so since i'm talking yeah since i'm talking i'll go first i am like lifelong inside the new york

City event horizon i grew up right outside of new york city and i'm afraid that my accent is setting in like i wanted to move out of the air the area before the accent really settled in but i'm afraid that that's happened and uh matt so where are you yes i was born in the north of england uh in chester then i actually lived in wales which is technically a different country for my the first few years of my life and then i was pretty much raised on the south coast of the uk near cities

Called portsmouth and southampton the originals not the cheap american copies um and yeah mostly raised in the uk and then as you can tell from what we just said earlier i've lived in japan once or twice well twice i did through two three years since in japan three in a city called sendai where i did what all white men that go to japan do i taught english then i came back to the uk uh i turned around three times turned into a journalist and then went back again this

Time to tokyo as an engadget editor and was uh engadgets man in japan for yeah three years that's cool i didn't know long time listeners know i like to talk about how some things in singapore we get really right and some things we don't so go back to the old episodes but also if you want to hear the way i normally speak with my singapore yeah that was i cannot i cannot use my singapore accent with all these like american

White people but i am going to try because otherwise you all don't know that i'm actually really racist i'm not even american you just call me america actually yeah i say i say i meant i meant like uh uh white people angmos as we like to call it but yeah anyway that's my usual accent that's my singapore accent that i always use when i'm at home and with my friends thank you very much bye-bye matt like has singaporean friends too so i think you like actually know the accent like there's such like an air of like i

Don't care what anyone else is saying but this is my story and that's what i love about it it's just like i'm gonna keep talking and talking and talking then you don't know when i'm gonna end because my inflection will go up but now i've ended now it's your turn to talk no the singaporean style of talking is super different because like we really don't give a crap i almost said the different word we really don't give a like crap about pronouncing every little letter in every word i today are very

Hungry like it's just it's like hey why you like that one you know like we don't even use proper grammar in actual anyway um we did get some legit questions throughout uh on the the uh chat someone asked if you can use usbc to charge the laptop go um it has a microsoft service connector if i'm not wrong actually that's the pro x let me double check the laptop go uh and but i can get it to you but the answer should probably be on as well and so while sherlin's checking that matt uh i know that you play video games also i've been thinking about this thing related to video games so i'm trying to get a video game opinion okay usually like have you played any of the games that are traditionally considered you know competitive you know like overwatch or anything yeah so i play i play over overwatch as a dirty casual on my playstation 4. yeah

Um so like i was i've been playing overwatch like a lot of overwatch on uh the switch for the last few months like it's it along with uh tick tock and um you know just trying to keep my head out of the news or the three legs of the stool keeping me sane in this pandemic quarantine um overwatch is like the big beefy leg though and it i like last night i was playing and i just heard davindra in my head like why would you plea be playing overwatch on the switch

You know like you could just get like video like uh video quality render quality and then after that i remembered that actually may not be so much a thing now but in the past pro gamers have actually turned their video settings down a little bit so they get a frame rate boost or um just so you aren't distracted by extra animations because like i don't know i i feel like i'm not missing that much because i interesting because and i hate to do

This to you ben but i actually agree with davindra and you know i hate to do it but like switch overwatch it's just like i think the frame rate is just too low like i mean i'm not playing on pc i'm not using a mouse or anything and i've got i've got uh overwatch switch as well but it's just a little bit too it hurts my eyes just the frame rate and the kind of there's a lack of fluidity i think compared to the main consoles and the pc versions um i get what you're saying though about reducing the kind of vividness of a

Video game so it's not so aggressive to play and you feel like you're in the zone a bit more do you use the kind of gesture tracking aim and stuff uh no i try to do like manual aim yeah um i've had like the gesture tracking game is pretty good once you get used to it um but yeah i i also didn't really quite click with me so i just played it and i mean i came off like two years of playing it on the playstation 4. so yeah controller overwatch makes more sense to me but

It's still a lot of fun and like the core benefits of overwatch aren't about precision and headshots so i mean some characters they are yeah but like the reason i loved overwatch is because you can play that game and not be a crack shot and still have a huge effect on the game yeah yeah i mean i like how you can feel like either a hero or a zero for like five minutes and then you're on to the next game um of course now we're getting questions about uh overwatch characters but i think

Tonight can i can i please yeah we so thank the mini overwatch chat segment but let me let me quickly address the uh rpc questions so bry or britain asks if armed pcs can ever replace traditional x64 x86 pcs so far they look like made for specialized use cases with high prices you're i think you're absolutely right they are pretty specialized they're the focus is on long battery life and connectivity so the price is also very high because i think qualcomm's chipsets are a little bit more expensive just for these

Specific machines so i think you have a very good point there brody mentions that they were disappointed there was no news on the surface neo yeah we were too uh we were like where's the neo news but they're probably not ready i think they're still taking in the lessons they've learned from the surface duo and then applying that the uh santino fantilla i think asks if this is microsoft's answer to chromebooks not really microsoft has had a line of

Laptops called like stream i think hp stream i remember was left basically they've made like cheaper windows 10 machines in the past uh those were the ones that were meant to sort of you know square off against the chromebooks but armbase is just a very different it could be it could take on chromebooks but they're not yet cheap enough to take on chromebooks chromebooks are a lot cheaper um and i mean just to follow up on that like surface neo stuff like there was a report

I think like spring you know how this year has just blurred but there was a report that some microsoft execs said they were pushing windows 10x and surface neo back until 2021 so yeah probably going to be next year when you hear absolutely surface neo news or something certainly oh that's news yeah i agree because i mean production like assembly lines have been so affected by profit too they need to have that device ready for production as well if they're ready to introduce it to the world this time so

There's a lot of things uh in the mix then as for everyone else that's surprised or or commenting on like being from the same place as we are yeah we love that and someone kayla kalos said tristan is the word people pronounce differently too is that true tristan's a name my bad tristan how do you pronounce tristan yeah and like the best thing about having uh lots of people from lots of different places is usually the chinese comments just get uh no love like nobody pays attention to

Them there's always random chinese comments on live streams but no with cherlin she's like oh yes hello and like read the comment in chinese and answer it in chinese and like isn't that what the internet is actually about and we have matt smith so if you want to leave comments in you know irragana or karakata and he's going to be able to read it and talk to you embarrassingly maybe maybe yeah yeah i mean i can handle the kanji i can also basically read

Yagana but ira gonna i don't know pronouncing pronunciation anymore but uh hiragana is pronounced tristan i i think i know the japanese renaissance ila ghana but i think anyway but but anyway i learned japanese a while ago and uh dark paladin is like what i'm saying yes i am singaporean hi um and uh yeah people speaking dominic says they only speak two languages i can't tell you how many languages i speak because i might lose count

Oh humble brag i know you're german and your spanish is atrocious my spanish is much better now because i've actually been learning but my german was terrible because my friends gave up teaching me they were like we can't teach you only the vulgar words you've got to learn actual words i was like no okay i think one more comment uh before we move on to ios i'll need you out there from harvey ken from china uh so gabriel says that um it's quite satisfying to see microsoft pushing

A cohesive ecosystem with its hardware um he was going through the accessories and uh there's some hardware he'd want to buy you know like the surface aesthetic is clean which is yeah absolutely yes i fully agree that's a very good point and and microsoft has done a good job with his accessories too and it's starting to build out a proper hardware ecosystem with the surface earbuds and the headphones and like all of that other stuff so good point one final can i just put a pin just

Finalize the overwatch on switch chat oh god apex apex legends is coming to switch i am oh my god are you serious i've been looking forward to that i was hoping for that for a while and they announced it ea play but yeah it's genuinely happening with cross play uh this fall i'm so i'm stoked on that i was wondering what you wanted i know the hot content you need ben i know what it is okay well speaking of hot content i really want to talk about um all of the different ios

Aesthetics there we go i think this is so interesting because uh ios is like super um arturi about their um aesthetic so let's get into matt's ios review so matt why don't you lead off that segment how can i segue from microsoft to ios i can talk about it because i mean we also we have those sound effect buttons and so you can i can just ask matt what he's been working on or i can just throw it and be

Like yo you reviewed ios 14 for us you know what's your like what do we what should we know or something like that yeah it works that works for me okay okay let's do that so this week matt your review of ios 14 went up on in uh what do you feel overall about this new update i think it's uh pretty refreshing like i don't know when it comes to testing out an ios update right like it's hard to derive exactly what changes between all the numbers unless it's like

You know remember when they got rid of the home button it was kind of you know game changing and that kind of thing yeah huge huge differences the last couple of years hasn't really been that kind of thing like they've just been refining honing making it all work like you know it should um but yeah ios 14 it well to be honest sherland you're you know you're an android fan girl it gives you everything you might want or need on ios like it gives you so many features that we've had on android for years like

Yeah off the top of my head like picture-in-picture video like uh an app drawer of of a sorts uh like just the kind of in you know eminently use useful features we haven't seen in ios and now they're here yes absolutely i mean the the the main thing i think that people have been experiencing that's new with ios 14 are these like new widgets and allowing you to customize your home screens more freely or have more options to and people have been posting a guides on how to do that on ios 14 all

Over the internet on tick tock or on twitter that i've seen uh and yeah the other thing i've been seeing pop up on my twitter timelines is everyone showing off their ios 14 home screen aesthetic aesthetic um which like i will say having i mean we've had these on android for a while and honestly we've all i feel like generally cycled back to like standard home screen with icons and no not a lot of real widgets um but that depends maybe power users still have them anyway

It's fun to see like ios now ios users now going oh this is great i can create this really thing and i'm like yo we've gone there and come back already like welcome like come come back to us later um i will say though these images that people are posting of their home screens look a lot nicer than i ever seen on android it's weird it's weird maybe just people are more creative or or more about that look on on do you know why this is happening now do you do you want a little bit of explanation

About why i like that sure yes i think you should explain it to me matt's playing i'll try matt's play it's the match playing segment jingle hit the jingle uh so alongside like these widgets now which include like you can have like a full you know a screen encompassing photo widget that has like your prettiest photos or weather widgets or calendars the rest of it and there's also third-party ones which adds its own aesthetic again but you can now with ios 14 you can kind

Of uniquely tweak with the the image files for icons kind of yeah ascribe your own ones and that means you can just kind of go bonkers like you could on android devices like you can very much just choose any kind of image and slap it on any kind of app you know whether it's an internal apple you know native app or chrome or maps or spotify and so you can literally make any kind of aesthetic you can make it kind of you know a mosaic photo that joins

Together you can you know have a unified kind of nature theme i'm looking at an absolutely bonkers superhero one where they have a different super different marvel superhero for like every icon um i love that there's something i think there's something nice i agree with what you were saying like android people have come full circle like yeah we did we went you know we went completely wacky a few years ago and remember like you know like i imagine

I can totally recall lg as a particular example offering their own kind of aesthetic builds where it would you know they were skins weren't they you called themselves yeah there were so many had its own samsung had his own htc had sense you know all of that yeah and it would unify all of the icons and kind of you know splash them all with the same paint and the same kind of aesthetic logic and stuff so it's really weird to see iphones doing it now i mean it's it's is it retro i feel like it's a retro thing to do

It's retro in the way that like fashion brings back retro every once in a while but adds a new fresh spin so it is kind of retro but still feels new i think especially to ios users who have been faced with the same screen for so long now being able to play around and have that freedom is fun i want to go quickly into like what ios 14 does offer that android doesn't get yet but i want to point out that when we were on our production call talking about ios 14

With our video team for this show i everyone on our video team is like ios people so i'm not trying to judge but i'm trying to judge um everyone is an iphone user and no one on our team it seems like has downloaded ios 14 just yet and i think that's why i think that uh okay so one of one of them uh on one of them who's on the stream now just chimed in to say that they have and that it's good i think julio was the one who chimed in and uh he thinks he's a techie so maybe

That's why he downloaded it ahead of time but most people i think don't jump on software updates as quickly as we do um so if you're out this podcast you're probably uh an early adopter but if you have friends who haven't maybe show them your aesthetic convince them that this is the whole point of you know getting ios 14. um but yeah there's some other features on ios 14 right there's yeah there's a few um yeah there's a lot actually kind of like two over yeah um that's the thing though

You know when you do these reviews and your brain is just 24 7 thinking about this topic uh so let's like talk about my favorite things so um there's huge upgrades obviously with the widgets and with app organization and kind of it refreshes the whole experience now on top of that you have genuine you know feature editions now i loved picture-in-picture video which i've already mentioned and now this is a big one uh the ability to choose default apps

For your email client and your website oh yes yes um i'm a chrome and a gmail user so they went immediately onto default um and yeah it's so nice to like have my kind of my process set like i open things in chrome because you know i have well it's on my pc i have you know i have my add-ons and my widgets i have my bookmarks i have my passwords manager i just it all smooths better when i know i'm opening a link into chrome and not safari and now it does it for me so i'm going to have to

Like awkwardly try and copy and paste from the address bar open the chrome app copy and paste it in yeah i have to re-log in again and just have myself have a headache just for using my phone welcome to what android has had for a while but yes so i did those changes immediately i really hope apple kind of walks this further like i hope they kind of bring i mean every review you'll read about ios 14 says the same thing like bring maps like i don't want to open apple maps give me google maps

Yes but i was thinking things like uh notes um i'd love notes to be like other kind of organization and productivity services that would be very cool to save it into like uh i'm trying to think of the google equivalent they have their own kind of notes yes keep is exactly what i'm thinking of yeah google keep or hey even like evernote or some dropbox mentality there's lots um that apple could do with this to make it even more kind of

Power user friendly and that's what it feels like it feels like a lot of this is great power user stuff but a lot of it is good for dumb people like me do you want me to go on yes please keep going why are you a dumb person i would love to know uh it's the blonde hair it's mostly the vlog yeah i never graduated high school i i i have nothing to add to that i really don't think i can chime in so why is so why is ios 14 good for stupid people like me or maybe lazy is a

Better word no um it's probably siri like it got good siri got smarter um so there's like alongside one of these widgets there's one called smart stacks this means you can kind of overlap widgets on top of each other because you don't always need the weather widget you need it when you need it and then you know show the battery life show me news headlines so with smart stacks you can kind of layer them on top of each other if they're compatible sizes and then you you know

You have the ability to cycle through them on top of that with siri and like machine learning the phone as you use it will start to kind of automatically shuffle the cards up the ones you'll need to see or would see it automatically bubbles them up later there's even one that does this with like an app there's like a siri suggestions widget that is at its biggest size looks just like eight uh normal app icons but these are like auto magically

Generated they're like algorithmic algorithmically known to be the ones you're going to use or want to use at either that time of day or i've seen it stimulated by when i disconnect bluetooth or leave the house the best example i wrote in the review is like whenever i left my house at midday to go to the gym my uh my like hiit timer app would automatically pop up in my notifications saying do you want to launch this now and this is this is the clever stuff this is

The kind of predictive you know smart phones i want to see oh smartphones see what i did there yeah like you know these are the kind of things where it's doing half the job for me like bring feature before i know i need it like you have the knowledge you know how i use my phone you know for me arguably i use my phone for way too many hours each day like inform that you know design the phone around how i use it it's yeah it's really refreshing and very

Cool like this is very much like initial steps but i find it exciting am i am i too excited i think maybe maybe but it was okay it's okay to get excited i because i even am excited for this because google has done stuff like that like suggested apps and whatever in your app's drawer or even a suggested row of apps in android 11. um i've never found them to be all that useful or clever they've just never surfaced the right apps for me so it sounds like

These widgets or the smart stacks or series suggestions seem to be at least understanding your behavior on your phone better um and i need to go and like figure out if i'm you know maybe not doing something right with andrew yeah yeah just to follow on from that i have been using ios 14 in the beta as well so it probably has a lot more information although were you using android 11 in kind of i was using android 11 and beta for a while and then i was using the full

Android 11 before my review went up for a bit um and it's still i mean it's not even just android 11 specific it's overall android right the whole suggestions um software system in there it's it's still not as smart as i'd like it to be like that use case that you talked about with the hit uh timer coming up once you leave the house never happens for me don't do anything and you don't leave the house though right now it's true yeah um but it should be smart enough to know because like i almost always at the same

Time every day launched my yoga app to cast a workout to tv or something right and you could always surface that app like near the right time of day but they're not popping up for you in part because also the way i use my apps like i search them directly from the home page anyway you know i mean like i just pulled down the pictures you know these things shouldn't it you should know you're launching that program right so i i feel like there's a lot of work to do the other thing too that i want to

Point out that android doesn't have that ios 14 brings is i mean you've always had imessages i love imessage like that was the hardest thing for me when quitting um apple that i did five or six years ago and i had to like give up on all my imessage group chats and back then i was into group chats like well i am into it now too but anyway um the fun thing doing during your review was that we had to get on an imessage group chat because i was also reviewing

The apple watch at the same time so i had my iphone going and we could change the name of the group i think uh we could also change the icon which is new and these are like very minimal like tweaks to imessage they're not the hugest but you can also thread messages i guess and i think it was a little bit confusing in fact you were a little annoyed when i kept replying to a thread apparently was that annoying for you like was is this a feature you wish wasn't there

No like these are all good features but it all plays catch up but this is one of those we've already been talking about you know we're from different countries and stuff but in the uk yes everyone swears by whatsapp like um i know you're quite a heavy telegram user and yeah message is just like it exists here and people use it but it's definitely not the big messaging king it is in other countries like yeah so a lot of these features to me were like yeah i've seen this before

I've seen this either on android messages or uh whatsapp or telegram or even line like if you want to go crazy like yeah i mean it's you know like it it means it stacks up better against its rivals so it's all good stuff but again it's nothing it's nothing to get too hype about i don't think but it's still better than android messages it still is because rcs is here but it's still not really the dream that i really wanted it to be um the nice thing about

Things like imessage and android messages is that you don't need to have your friend install something else to be able to talk to them right you just need their phone number or their contact information and that's why these built-in apps it is so important to get them better yes there are a plethora of other options out there for chatting on but you still have that added step of making like i i love telegram but i can't get all the people i want to be on telegram like i still need to like find alternative

Means to talk to people sometimes which is hella annoying you all just get on telegram if you want to talk to me but um i also have to talk to you on whatsapp which is annoying i'm like my whatsapp has a notification must be matt has got to be mad might be brian it might be brian it's either brian or matt um or my family but there you go anything else about ios 14 we should um you know kind of pay attention uh let me think um i'm trying to think of like the main

Things there's so much to kind of chew over i know um i think one thing i found is a lot of the features are kind of hidden away now this is a very apple thing i think but unless you're like totally you know you've read like if you're you know an apple device reviewer you've read the kind of apple sanction reviewer guide or watch the entire entirety of wwdc so you know absolutely every new ios feature but a lot of it is just squirreled away they have a tips app that is

Okay it's very it's a lot broader it just teaches you you know skills for ios period not any kind of particular version of ios so a lot of the time like you wouldn't know these things unless you sort them out like the translation app is a great new addition now this does uh on machine on-device translation if you remember to download the language packet so if you're thinking of using it when you next travel somewhere which might be

Quite a while from now well yeah yeah you need to download these language packs ahead of time but once you do you have like a magical audio based translator you can type in as well in all these major core languages i think there's about 12 languages at the moment um but it's impressive it's good um it works good with my japanese it worked on my not great french german i worked with brian we just mentioned bryno our video producer guy in new york he worked with his korean um

Yeah it's pretty impressive i mean google used to be the k well is i'd say still the king still is yes yeah language translation yeah i was going to shout it out like again another thing that welcomes to android which you know google rolled out better translation services recently but it has always had pretty good translation tools um even on the phones you just have to pull up a separate app but now it's better baked in i think into apps like maps or assistant and stuff like that but yeah

It's nice to see you you know have this feature available for ios as well yeah like just any kind of translation that's on device makes it more likely for you to use it when you're actually on vacation you know when you just don't want to use data because you're afraid you're going to get billed forever um and yeah it's a great feature to see i think they're the main takeaway takeaways are uh yeah better you know better home screens more you know your phone doesn't look like

The iphone did in 2007. now it looks modern it looks it gives you information you need and that's like you know we're in 2020 now this is you know this is what you should expect from uh an apple smart yeah and then the other one is yes siri making you know siri getting to a point where it's relevant and useful um yeah it's not perfect of course but it's it's getting a lot better yay i think that's a good segment break i did use my tone of voice as if

End of segment yeah you did you did um do we want to do a quick pause or do we want to just quickly blast through uh working on any gadget picks uh yeah i think i'd like to go just straight through working on engadget picks everything so this is just a reminder to the chat we are watching um please put in your questions uh we'll get to them after we're done with the recording again we're just doing this to make sure that the people who listen to the podcast

After the fact don't end up feeling left out um and mark dell's back in the chat that's yeah hi markdown that uh we've seen a bunch of times before always happy to hear and also char backs is here hi charvax and yes i will ask google soft to bring chrome native to windows and arm listen they don't have it nate they say they do a lot of work on chrome but yes i i will i will ask them but we'll go ahead with our recording now doing more second okay yes and so uh

Let's hit working on i can i can lead that if you want yeah please do okay so your ios 14 review went up mark can we do that again can we let's do this should we talk about how crisp at the wrong time in my video oh gosh don't be salty don't be salty but yes for those of you who saw a review video and the credits spelt matt with two t's this is matt it's actually with one t like a welcome mat

But yes um matt that you step on yes yeah that's what i was doing this week yeah that was the vibe okay so let's okay let's take that again reset it okay and shout out to mark dale i guess okay so your ios review went up uh this week matt but what else have you been working on that's a that's a great question um because i half the time i don't know what i'm working on um what i'm doing recently um i've also been playing with the apple watches so um sorry i missed out with on your talk

Last week so testing them out i'm taking a few photos here and there um loving yeah apple watches um i can only use one at a time i have the the apple watch sc and the apple watch series six so i've got the six yeah at the moment um i would love to know what you think is the better one because i think interesting yeah whether the sd is enough is the question yeah exactly yeah that's the thing um but i think given that i've had a series five before i don't think i could pedal right too

Much straight for most people like yeah that's a very interesting watch apart from that what else am i working on this week i'm always feeling so busy but maybe i'm not busy maybe i should be fired um obviously every day i'm doing the engadget the morning after newsletter yeah subscribe tma at email me tma is also an uh anagram of matt so it's very easy to make oh yeah that's right yeah i can't say remember though and then i've got the uh morning edition

Podcast which is a different podcast to this so that keeps me going for half the day in the afternoons i'm editing people so i've got some cool stories from the other uk guys nick summers uh dan cooper um steve den also reviews some cameras so he's reviewing some cameras for us at the moment so that's my day i'm afraid i haven't got anything specific to tell you right now that's totally cool that's what your job is uh and you know i never ever think that you're not doing any work

So don't worry about that i'm not going to tell on you to our overlords um i've been working on as per usual listeners of this podcast when i'm always working on top secret stuff so more stuff i can't tell you about but by the time this podcast goes live you can check out for something else that is like under wraps that you'll see very soon um some interesting stuff around ethics and mental wellbeing that sort of stuff so yeah keep it locked we obviously are

Also about to head straight into review season um so there will be a lot of devices that we're going to review soon stay tuned for all of that before you buy anything uh you know and also apple's iphone events probably kind of come up soon so i think we're all in like prep mode for that we don't have an actual date but we're just we're good preppers we we you know believe in preparing for the future um anyhow speaking of preparing yourself we also need to relax once in a while and

Matt you prepared some recommendations for us what are you telling people to check out this week uh what would you like to give me a flavor i have a recommendation for anything flavor matcha matcha matcha flavor that's my engadget pick matcha family matcha matcha m-a-t matt cha for tea okay that was not as funny as i thought what is your real recommendation let's go i mean it's a bit it's a bit lame because we've been

Talking about half the half the podcast and i was talking to you uh about it just before we kick this off but the pixel 4a like what okay this is like an incredible little phone like i got it a bit later than uh the us team um so i missed the kind of review rush oh well um so yeah you're welcome um but yeah it's an incredible little phone um like we're saying like the price point and the specs and how it looks you're just you're getting so much bang for your

Buck here like i'm talking about the original 4a right not the yes i mean yeah not the 5g like you could wait till next year for a 5g phone i would argue um probably a headphone jack um again that pixel camera which is just so reliable it might not be the complete best but a lot of these completely best camera phones are only the best when then when they're in the hands of the pros if you give a pixel phone to engadget superfan my mom julie smith she will

Still take incredible photos because the pixel does have to work for her like so she's a great photographer now oh yeah well she she uses an iphone most the time but i have a pixel nearby so when we you know we had a family gathering recently when it came time to take photos of the my adorable baby niece yes shout out to etta if she's listening she definitely isn't she's definitely listening she is listening she's in our hearts um yeah when it came

To taking photos there like i could i could pass my pixel to anyone in my family and know we'd get a really nice you know family photo without any need for me to kind of hand hold or take the photo myself that kind of thing that's awesome uh yeah that's that's a good recommendation for people who are looking for a phone for not too much money i am going to recommend our usual uh pop culture entertainment uh recommendations however

Since the avenger's not here don't tell the vendor but i watched his recommendation from last week because i never watched his recommendations um but last week he recommended this show on amazon prime called utopia and uh it's it's as good as he says it holds up it's uh very wild but my actual recommendations are and i forget what order i was going to tell them in um but okay so one of them and i on this show i try to like own the asian horror genre genre god my accent's all over the

Place again um asian horror movies are my whole thing and so this week i'm starting off with this korean uh flick called swaha the sixth finger i don't really know how to pronounce the first word it's svahs i have no clue um the sixth finger it's um not really super natural but it's slightly supernatural i'm a big fan of like anything with ghosts and science fiction and fantasy and this is right there um it's about a religious cult

Worshiping for deity type things and then but they're going around killing girls because they believe one girl is some sort of big enemy or something big enemy energy um so anyhow it's really um typical of like recent korean films where there's this underdog story involved but there's also this like criminal procedure procedural element to it and then also some hints at supernatural stuff going on i i really liked it as a big mood it was really mysterious

It felt great i don't know if you spent a lot of time watching asian movies anymore matt um but this is available on netflix i think you might be able to check it out in the uk as well if you i don't know if you watch actually ghost shows but look it's on uk netflix we do get a different flavor of netflix you do but i mean if you have i would recommend you check it out because i like this sort of stuff um the other recommendation is something a lot more light

Um but not uh but still very supernatural but really freaking hilarious you must have heard of this show everyone i think has heard of this show it's it's people have hyped it up and i've just refused to watch it until recently it's called what we do in the shadows have you ever heard of it of course yeah it's so good it is like in is another level it's a whole other level it's like it's a comedy series on hulu here in america

And um i mean i've heard so much about how good it is it's deadpan humor it's very like low-key the budget seems not too high like the production value isn't super there's no special effects for a lot of things but the humor and the writing is ridiculous the characters are all just these like pathetic actual vampires but they're like we're so great and then like a light blinks in the background that's sort of like that sort of juxtaposition kind of yeah it's hilarious and

You know it's based on a movie right by uh taika ytt it sounds so familiar so there was a movie and then an off tv series thank you i i like what he does psycho white tt so i can't pronounce his name either i am so sorry i think he's involved with the tv series as well so oh good i mean his the tv stuff he's worked on i think he was involved in community too and community is really great so yeah yeah so so anyway what we do in the shadows if you want something

Laugh out loud funny like honestly like i didn't think i was in the mood to laugh when i accidentally started watching what we do in the shadows but like i just let it play on in the background and i just couldn't stop like laughing it was ridiculous so that's for you to relax to dear listener and viewer uh hopefully something that will cheer you up amid all of this bleakness that is going on all right so i can do the outro ben if we're ready and then we can take more questions from the let's do the outro i've been banking

Questions we have some pretty wonderful substantial ones so we'll hit that after we do the after wonderful and i'll do this outro really quick i'm hearing some sort of audio um yeah and your i think your mic connection it feels like it's just the issue maybe we need to mute ben slightly for a bit to see what's up with that okay all right i'm just gonna take the the outro recording on my end it will hear it on the recording my local recording anyway okay

And that's it for the episode this week everyone thank you as always for listening our theme music is by game composer dale north our outro music is by our very own terence o'brien the podcast is produced by ben elman you can find matt online at uh at twitter at that matt smith that's matt with 1t and if you need me you want to tell me about all these shows that i'm never going to watch until two years later i'm at shirlenenlow on twitter as well email us your thoughts and feedback at leave us a review please on itunes and subscribe on anything that gets podcasts including spotify all right i think that's it for the podcast recording and we can take questions okay yes is my audio a little bit fixed no not at all so what is the issue there's like static in the background like it sounds like yeah like your mic thing is wiggling or something um yeah that happens sometimes

Uh ben slash sherling can i press stop on this recording uh uh matt uh sorry ben generally likes us to keep going just in case there's like during this just in case there's something kind of funny i know that like my laptop sounds like it's about to take off so i'm just seeing what i can kill oh like your fans are on high speed okay yeah okay so we've had a lot of stuff that people are talking about um okay jesse said uh a couple of times ooh did

Matt accidentally leave i think he may have he was fixing his laptop yeah i'll just let him come back but uh yeah and he can handle everything for now jesse in the chat said uh hate to see google neglecting the indian market the 4a isn't released yet the pixel 3a launched for a very high price of 546 dollars and uh it seems like the chinese market has successfully captured the indian market so can you comment on why um google isn't better in the indian

Market i i can't tell you why because i don't know what their decision is i also don't know that they're doing this deliberately i feel more like i mean they have me it seems like the um approach with the indian market has been something along the lines of kaios which is to use like a more affordable or lightweight version of android because it seems like um affordable phones feel so much more important in certain markets than in the us in the us like an

Affordable phone just doesn't do as well as the high spec version uh and i think it has a lot to do with the way like these phones were bought by consumers which is through their carriers and so carriers of all the control here whereas it's kind of i i'm not familiar with the indian market at all but it feels a bit more free-for-all in other parts of the world um and i don't think that google is neglecting india like deliberately i think more that they

You know certain countries are just easier for google to work with right now um i do feel bad that you guys are not getting the google phones first or early or at the same price you are right though that the chinese brands have definitely kind of like taken over their xiaomi phones are doing really well oppo real me vivo they're making very good budget phones for that market um and yeah i think it feels like chinese companies are eating up the money that google's leaving behind there

And then gabriel in the chat mentioned uh in relation to ios 14 he just said like he tried customizing widgets and then just decided the grid was easier due to muscle memory which is true like the thing that i've seen in all of the reviews is the great and maybe a little annoying thing about ios 14 is that it nothing needs to change it could just be another update if you want it to be or it could be like a real

Revolution in aesthetics for real that's yeah that was a major point i made you in my review as well like you can change how you use your iphone or you can just keep using it the way you've always used it and that's not a problem either like it's very easy to just carry on using it like it's ios 13 which is i'd say that's a pretty good thing as well and then doug said that with apple slowly lowering its wild garden around uh um proprietary things and with its

Anti-trust case when do you think they would allow third-party digital assistance or would they at all i mean i've why would we want them though right yeah i've used isn't there a google assistant app i think i've downloaded the google assistant app briefly yeah you can use it yeah yeah on ios and that's because google wants to be on everything google also has more services across different things like an ios user might still use google drive right whereas for

Me i'm an android user i don't use icloud like it's a little bit different i have different needs um yeah um but maybe the idea of it is that you could use um a google assistant or hound like i was using hound for like a hot three months several years ago um from sound hound which is really just a uh like it's in the same space as um oh what is it shazam you know it's it will tell you

What song you're listening to right um so i think what they're looking for is like oh okay you can just use google assistant instead of siri i don't know if that's ever going to happen like that would no not for iphone i don't think so also it just wouldn't make sense because like siri can do more things on an iphone than google assistant can the way that apple has worked it out like you can send messages with siri but you probably won't be able to do that with assistant the way you can with siri um yeah

And then uh i think this may be more for matt but i'm not sure there's a question from dj about the jai i'm sorry if i'm mispronouncing that have you guys um heard about the chaos uh with the pre-orders of the nvidia 3000 series yeah that was a week a lot of people are still waiting yes do you have anything to say other than like feels bad man that's the thing right

But it's funny because nvidia offered a pre-apology before it even screwed up the sale of this card so they knew this was coming and they still just could not figure it out um they were like surprised there was this huge demand for you know this leap in graphics capability which seems so dumb uh shout out to all the people talking about windows on arm about 64 x64 emulation yes that is apparently coming 64-bit x64 support is coming later this year microsoft announced that yesterday

Um and then yes steam working on the surfacex markdel is just answering questions for us that's awesome yeah thanks so much mark uh there's another question about do you think they'd ever have 30 third party control center widgets yeah i'm looking forward to stuff that we haven't even seen yet like i think that there's probably going to be like a little widget revolution now in in ios 14 and i'm looking forward to like the new hot widget that everyone is going to be using i mean hot widgets is its own podcast

Right there um but yeah like you've barely seen any third-party widgets yet um let alone an app that only offers uh you know widgets being like the main point of an app so yeah you're going to see those kind of things um but we've kind of we've kind of run its course with widgets on android so the education has already happened i mean i kind of appreciate ios's toggles in the pull-down menu more than i need it on the home screen like

I feel like i can use other things on my home screen like i have better uses for the space than you know toggles i mean android toggles are now in the drop down as well so yeah i'm not sure if that's the thing that's going to set the world on fire i'm curious though if there's going to be oh i think shirlene wanted to say something yeah sorry i'm just catching up on the chat and just shouting out like those people asking me to tell my secrets what do you think i'm going

To get myself like in trouble with all my company people no i do have a ton of secrets and you all can just check in for them i have seen theo brian asked but i have seen the new um fitbit sense indeed we talked about it about two episodes ago or last episode actually so please check out the episode of the podcast on whatever podcast platform and people are also asking about pre-orders can you still pre-order a ps5 and xbox series x

Also a lot of good comments about um the best tagline for the pixel 4a approved by mom approved by matt's mom isn't that great yeah she get money from google if they use that on the box all can figure that out you negotiate that um uh shout out to we got like a lot of good conversations going the dj or the dj i think i can't really pronounce the name also like ben uh also has a lot of good comments about discord and overwatch um and some late joiners to the show are

Asking if we can update y'all on what the surface surprise news was basically go and the surface pro x has an update so that's basically it really no news on the neo and no other really exciting like oh my gosh this thing is so good kind of news you know uh here's an interesting thing from d-man d-man is another uh returning uh commenter demands great yes hello what's up he said that weather in stocks would be good widgets uh for me uh but he heard some youtubers

Saying that ios 14 really hurt their battery life hmm okay oh yeah and dj is saying that it's pronounced dj okay thank you for correcting thank you that's what i thought um but can't be too sure you know so like when you were mentioning how few people upgraded to ios 14 when we were talking about that in our production meeting uh you know i hit back by saying that uh it's always good to wait a point release or so

And yes you always say to wait a point release or so so i'm hoping that the battery life issue will probably be resolved in a point release or a couple i don't know if it'll be that fast but yeah maybe a couple um i wouldn't know ios rollouts are are not something i'm as familiar with matt do you have any suggestions for people who might want to update to ios 14 and are worried about bugs or or battery driven uh like the major bugs i still see are unsurprisingly with the widgets

A lot of them don't update when you need them to like i have news on my news widget from last week and it's still stuck there and it doesn't seem to be anything i can do to fix it and then every now and then it will suddenly magically refresh itself um so yeah the widgets are still a little bit buggy there was an intriguing bug the uh that went that did the rounds on ios 14.0 where when you set your default browser to something other than safari if you uh hard reset your phone well we hard rebooted it sorry if you had rebooted

Your device it would re-reset that to safari so you'd think you'd you know things would be opening in chrome and then you'd be like oh that's odd that just opened in safari anyway that that got fixed on ios 14.1 so like we're saying if you if you wait for just a 0.1 that often fixes a lot of things and for the record i haven't seen any issues with power management whatsoever um yeah which iphone are you using uh the big old giant one 11 pro max

Okay so not even like a very new iphone and you're still not seeing the battery drain which is good well well yeah the only newer one is the sc right yeah i keep thinking the 12 is already out but that's just me having read too many leaks um speaking of phones that are not yet out the oneplus 8t centino fontilla i think excuse me uh asks if we have the oneplus 8t review that phone's not even like actually announcing even though like the announcement

Like oneplus has said it's going to announce that phone i think on october 14th so no we don't have a review yet but uh stay tuned i think we will we've got one uh comment from dj asking what laptop do we recommend for someone who has a pretty competent pc as their main driver so you're looking for like a gaming laptop it seems uh no they're using their pc for gaming oh okay um so depends on like what your most important features are if you want to

Stay connected all the time and you don't really care about app compatibility any of the windows and arm laptops are actually pretty decent like if you're not using it for photoshop because you have your pc uh to do that stuff on and you don't need to use photoshop on the go yeah windows on arm is actually perfectly fine i love the gigabit connectivity everywhere i go and if you want to shell out for that extra data money otherwise if you're looking for like a

Lightweight uh windows 10 laptop that does everything um i mean not to be a davindra here but you can always do the xps 13. or uh the surface laptops are pretty good as well but those are on the expensive side it also depends on like what your budget is if you want to spend a bit less money and you're okay with chrome os chromebook could be good too there's just a lot of options i've always thought that it was funny

That davindra always talks about like i was an i.t guy i was an i.t guy and yeah he clearly has it guy taste yes yes definitely uh someone's asking what buds am i using i'm using the galaxy butts plus right now for the stream but i do have the pixel buds um yeah can you ask me what headphones i'm using please are you using the pot the apple earpods with yeah the inbox uh apple uh iphone uh wired headphones um circa i guess 2015 because they still have a a 3.5 millimeter jack is that why you're

Using it with this stream now like you plugged it into your laptop via the 3.5 yeah just like plugged into my laptop yeah okay very innovative money-saving uh audio solution next question yeah um i'm trying to go back upwards because i remember seeing a few oh someone asked if we had the pixel 5 i don't have it yet i have no this is just an iphone speaking of pixels and cases so matt you were talking about a

Like a cloth case or something and i'm wondering yeah that doesn't pick up stains like do you do you leave your phone in puddles ben no i don't leave my phone in puddles but like i might leave it on my coffee table and my coffee table might have residue even though i try to keep clean oh it's quite a hardy fabric it's like it's like sofa fabric or a curtain fabric it's quite a hardy weave of a thing um but yeah i've had it on the three and

The four um but yeah it's it's and it's also like um it's not a single color so yeah any kind of stain you do get on it doesn't show up much okay it's fairly easy to clean i think too but mine did get really grotty after some time i just was like ugh can't bring this near my bed like you're a clean freak and i'm a grumpy crappy person i'm so i can't can i say you know i'm so obsessed with cleanliness that like i can yeah yeah actually this is reminding me that

Um i would really like to get a case to protect my brand new baby iphone se2 and um i want a case that feels good in my hand and i think that a fabric case might be good for that so i will try to find a fabric case that does a similar thing of not picking up um stains or anything like seriously that's still like one of the best things about iphones is you get so many options when it comes to cases have you seen my sushi my fake sushi cake then i've seen the sushi

Is it on the desk it's easy for you to find or it's absolutely thick and solid so i barely use it but um yeah like it was like actually just glued onto like a really cheap plastic case i think but yeah it was when i was living in tokyo and it's like fake genuine looking you know sushi on rice and yeah that was my case at one point all right we're go we're going to tackle the last few questions in on the chat because we reached a lot and then like you guys suddenly have more questions

But we're going to wrap this up because we've been here for two hours um so yeah the man points out he still loves the headphone jack very good point that you don't have to charge them or lose them very good dj asked if we see microsoft shaping the gaming industry with their latest acquisition of bethesda and the rise of game pass that's what we talked about last week i was gonna say i swear you guys talked about this last week um like to paraphrase my you know matt's opinions on it like bethesda is a

Huge win for microsoft and like the best thing they have going for the xbox is game pass uh so yeah this is like all great news for xbox i mean sony still has the lead and i would say that but um yeah xbox is playing xbox is playing a good game so yeah it's all getting quite exciting dj if you want our deeper thoughts on that please check out last week's episode of the engadget podcast santino asked what do i think what do we think of the me 10t pro that was just announced this week that was something i

Was thinking about including on the podcast as content or news this week but we really just were overwhelmed with google and microsoft news so we couldn't get to it you know i ended up writing about it like i wrote the news please tell people what you think of the specs well this thing i didn't see it like that's the thing it's this blur we kind of mentioned it earlier like it's this blur of incredible specs for a very reasonable price um yeah it sounds very excellent on paper like if you're gonna get one of

These like when xiaomi announces a phone it doesn't announce your phone it announces three so always always go for the longest name you know the the uh was it the the me 10 t pro yeah like uh santino mentioned like that's the one you want to go for that has the 108 megapixel sensor this is literally going off the top of my head um it's fine yeah huge battery uh a hundred and like let me check it out but i think the screen is like it's not even 120. it's even more higher

Oh while you do that i'm gonna just shout out to other people who have left comments yes the new fabric cases from google this year do seem very pretty yes theo microsoft's aesthetic the colors are so great this year i really like the way it looks um and demon asked if uh microsoft bought wb gabe studios in addition to zenimax that would be a huge win for them uh dj don't worry about being new here we love newcomers just keep coming back to go back to that i'm actually

Obligated now yeah you must stay on you must stay on the street until next week so then back to the me 10 t pro what a name uh it has 144 hertz 6.67 wow um and it says it will reach those kind that kind of refresh speed on social media and supported games so something will run on it that goes at that speed um and yeah and it's priced at 599 euros so that's like a very that's not bad at all yeah it's a keenly priced device and at the same time xiaomi just to kind of throw all the news out there like they announced their own new smart watch it

Doesn't run wear os it's their own proprietary thing but apparently you just have to charge it twice a month or the battery life is 14 days long we talked about this on twitter yes technically the press release said 16 days oh there you go so i think we're going to have to wrap up soon but you know if you want if you have more questions that you really want us to talk to you about send them to come back here next week thursday

At 10 a.m eastern for the next live recording you can also hit us up on twitter i'm at sherlin lowe matt i'm very i'm insanely responsive for some reason matt is at that matt smith and ben i forget your exact handle hey bellman hey bellman yeah k-h-e-y-b ailment so thank you all so thank you all so much uh thank you also to our video team who i briefly sort of mentioned but we have a host of people helping us out in the background here marknell definitely shouted out yes by

The way includes owen davidoff julio barrientos luke brooks and jason shark thanks so much for the hot chat today guys this is great yeah this was fun all right we'll see you next week everybody thank you so much for joining us bye thanks have a great week bye um hmm

um you

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