Google Stadia Is Dead to Me

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

all right I had envisioned a very
different type of video for Google
stadia when they announced this product
in March I was pretty excited about it I
had tried several game streaming
services before like betas and stuff
like that but I thought if there was one
company that could do it right if there
was one company that would just nail it
it would be Google and they didn't nail
it now
the launch was rough it came out earlier
this week and like they were missing
codes missing hardware I was lucky
enough to be able to get it relatively
early and just experience it for the
past few days but I don't see stadia
panning out the way I had hoped so I
talk about two things first to kind of
set the framework of this whole game
streaming thing first is visual quality
and second is lag and latency and stuff
like that so first when it comes to
visual quality this is a streamed
service right and when it comes to
streaming anything it doesn't matter if
it's 4k or 8k it's never gonna look as
good as natively rendered content
streamed content always takes some kind
of visual hit and stadia is no exception
now some of it is coming over as
upscaled 1440 or even upscale 1080p
content that's up to the game developer
as to what they want to send over it's
not Google's fault but it's not really
nice-looking stuff if that's what you're
expecting based on the marketing and
stuff like that you'll be a little bit
disappointed it's acceptable and it's
kind of what I expected the streaming
service to be just understand that it
doesn't look nearly as good as a modern
console or a modern gaming desktop but
it's sufficient to make the whole
experience passable
the second thing I want to talk about is
lag and latency and bandwidth and stuff
like that so streaming a game is
difficult there's a lot of stuff that
has to happen to get that game onto your
screen now just for reference the
internet that I tested this on I tested
it on two different types of internet
gigabit like fiber so one gigabit up one
gigabit down so really fast Internet at
home as well as 100 megabit up and down
and in both internet scenarios I was
getting pretty reliable connection and
when it's smooth and connected and
proper the gaming is fine there's no
real noticeable latency that would
disrupt the
experience but when it comes to leg and
it does happen here and there regardless
of what type of internet you have the
game experience sucks
like a straight it becomes this
unpleasant experience and when it comes
to stadia the lag is different so even
in a single-player game if you lag
because of some kind of internet
connection issue the stadia service
continued to process and send
information to your setup because it
can't tell that you'll act like it has
no idea that your internet glitched out
for a split second so when you actually
connect back up time has passed for the
stadia server so it's as if your
character just travels forward in time
but you don't see any of it you just see
your character warp from one state to
the next and it's actually quite jarring
in the middle of a game it actually
ruins the game experience if it happens
frequently enough and it just it just
happens like even with great intranet it
just happens here and there and that's
part of the that's that's part of the
experience right now the other thing I
want to talk about is just reliability
and quality of Internet so regardless of
how good the stadia speed test
classifies your connection to be you can
still have issues now you won't notice
these issues when you're streaming stuff
like Netflix right because you're
watching a movie and you're buffering
but there's no buffering when it comes
to game streaming it's literally live
content being piped to whatever screen
you're watching it from and if there's
any kind of internet hiccup it'll
disrupt the flow of the game now another
thing I want to talk about is game
selection in the current game store
order we're going to call it with the
stadia this ecosystem it has a very
limited number of games it's to be
it just launched and you just have a
smaller library of games when things
launch like this but it's really weird
that there was no like triple-a
exclusive title that launched with this
any kind of console that ever launches
has something that launches alongside to
entice people to purchase the system
this had one exclusive game it's called
guilt it's a very mediocre and almost
forgettable game to me I don't think
it's strong enough to entice people to
this ecosystem so in its current state I
don't think that Google stadia is a
particularly enjoyable product to play
with it's cool like the be able to
switch between screens and switch
between devices quite fluidly
is cool but in no way shape or form is
this a better gaming experience than
what we have outside of stadia so it's
not better than a desktop it's not
better than Xbox or Playstation and if
it's not better why would anyone switch
now the one thing that I thought was
Google's kind of secret weapon was
scalability because they have access to
these really powerful servers and lots
of them games that are made specifically
for stadia can be incredibly cool like
they can tap into servers that are
infinitely more powerful than anything
else other gaming streaming services can
offer and these servers can be used as a
development platform for stadia but if
you're a developer and you look at
Stadium and its current state there's a
bit of risk assessment going on you're
thinking is this worth it like is it
worth pulling people from projects that
would be making games for established
platforms like all the other consoles
and PC is it worth pulling that into
this like an untested immature ecosystem
that has a lot of technical difficulties
to make this thing work properly like
it's a very risky move and when I see
how this thing plays in ideal conditions
like I have good internet right when I
see how this thing works I can see it as
being a very big turn-off for developers
like they look at this stuff and this
smells risky like we're in a market
where developers are making call of duty
six seven eight nine ten like they just
keep going for safety picks because that
stuff sells they know it sells and for a
developer to be like hey let's roll the
dice on stadia I don't know I don't see
it happening any time soon the
controller itself is pretty cool it
looks nice feels nice it's got USB C
charging but when it comes to stuff like
this it's entirely about the games
particularly triple-a titles that are
ideally exclusives on a system like this
but I don't see that happening on stadia
for a long time like one maybe even two
years maybe never I'll be honest like
you I don't know anyways until that
happens until we see some good stuff on
the system it's dead to me
hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs
if you liked it subs if you love to see
you guys next time

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