Google Pixel XL vs Nexus 6P: Does the Nexus hold its own?

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

the Google pixel Excel is an awesome
smartphone the Nexus 6p was and still is
an awesome smartphone but when Google
announced the pixel it meant two things
one it meant Google was finally ready to
release their very own smartphone one
that would allow them to go head-to-head
with mainly Apple and Samsung a phone
over which they had full control of both
software and hardware and two it meant
the unfortunate death of the Nexus a
brand so dearly loved by the Android
community the last phone to carry that
Nexus name was the Nexus 6p it was part
of Google's ongoing collaborations with
other OEMs to release a phone with
top-notch specs but at a lower cost ever
since the beginning the Nexus smartphone
name was always accompanied by the name
of its builder you had these Samsung
Galaxy Nexus LG Nexus 4 LG Nexus 5
somewhere on the device you'd see their
branding and some of the time the design
of the phone was heavily influenced as
well if you remember the Motorola Nexus
6 that thing was pretty much a Moto X on
steroids the two looked nearly identical
so Google's pretty much had enough of
that as you may or may not know Google's
pixel is actually built by HTC but the
design was all in Google's hands and if
you'll notice there's zero HTC branding
here but with the last of the Nexus
smartphones we have a phone that appears
to many as one still capable of
competing for consumer pockets well over
a year after its release so how well
does the 6p compared to Google's new
baby the pixel XL let's go ahead and
take a look at what exactly
differentiates the two is it out with
the old and in with the new or does the
old expose the new when the well we
built Nexus 6p was released I called it
the best Android phone ever made in my
review it was a near-perfect smartphone
because it did almost everything well
with little to no sacrifices boasting an
extremely attractive 5.7 inch quad HD
AMOLED display flanked by stereo
speakers had USB type-c a rather beefy
3450 milliamp hour battery a super solid
12 megapixel camera a 499 dollars
starting price and a sleek smooth
aluminum build which can be extremely
slippery by the way this goes for the
pixel as well so to help with that I
went ahead and slapped some deep brand
skins on mine you can find the ones that
I'm using in the description so really
it was almost as if t 6p could do no
wrong for the money no other phone was
coming close to the 6p at least in my
opinion not to mention one of the
nexuses biggest perks getting the latest
versions of
Android first although it may be a
developer build my 6p is running Android
7.1.1 which is actually sitting atop the
7.1 on my pixel excel this developer
build of Android seemed to breathe new
life into my 6p as it appears to have
gotten even smoother at first I thought
it was the placebo effect but the more
and more I used the phone the more I
became convinced that it wasn't this
one-year-old phone is straight butter in
all honesty I would have no problem
whatsoever tossing my sim card back into
the 6p and using it as my daily driver
it's still that good the pixel excel on
the other hand is built better it has a
newer faster processor and it has a much
better set of cameras and while we
should expect these types of upgrades
especially after a year there really
isn't too much else that separates these
two phones well of course you could
argue that the pixel has Google
Assistant which might I mention is not
only unique to the pixel out of the box
it's also pretty much the main selling
point of the phone according to Google
but you can actually get Google
assistant on your 6p and other devices
as long as they're rooted so there goes
that and the pixels fingerprint reader
can actually be used to activate the
notification shade with a down swipe
although it appears as if Google is
looking to bring that feature to the 6p
so there goes that to something that
does heavily separate the two is the
never has a nexus phone launched with a
starting price over 650 dollars the
closest we've come to that was the Nexus
6 from 2014 that launched at that exact
650 dollars and it was still cheaper
than the competition
now as I stated before the 6p started at
$4.99 the pixel XL on the other hand
starts at seven hundred and seventy
dollars Google clearly threw caution to
the wind with this one bumping up the
price to compete with Apple's iPhone and
Samsung's Galaxy so by now you're
probably asking yourself two questions
one is the pixel Excel really worth that
much and two if so is it really worth
dang near three hundred dollars more
than the 6p to answer those questions
you really have to consider what the
pixel has going for it and how it stacks
up to its competition the pixel runs
buttery smooth pure stock Android and
has a gorgeous display solid build
quality and a killer camera and while it
may not be the most consistent camera
out there it's definitely up there with
the cameras found on the iPhone 7 and
galaxy s7 edge you could easily say it's
top to the pixel charges extremely fast
with USB power delivery and in my use I
averaged about five and a half to six
hours of screen
on time so what else can this phone do
well not all that much to be honest I
mean you've got phones like the s7 and
iPhone seven sporting water-resistance
the iPhone 7 HTC 10 and Nexus 6p have
great sounding stereo speakers the LGV
20 and s7 have expandable storage and
the V 20 and iPhone 7 plus have dual
camera lens setups and none of these
things can be found on the pixel XL so
what makes this phone worth that extra
cash this is totally a viable question
especially when considering Google's
young assistant is spearheading the
pixels marketing campaign so when
looking at the big picture aside from
the speck bumps there really isn't that
big of a difference between these 6p and
Excel let's be real here
sure the pixel is newer faster more
solid it's the best stock Android phone
out there but I'll be honest with you
guys after using both devices
extensively I'd be way more comfortable
recommending buyers to snatch up a 6p at
500 bucks then a pixel XL at 780 dollars
only under certain conditions however
now if you're someone who takes a lot of
pictures and you rely on your phone to
capture that perfect moment the pixel XL
is definitely worth the extra cash
however that's not to say that the 6p
doesn't have a capable shooter the 6p
actually still takes really good shots
but at the end of the day it's no
question which one is superior if
money's no object and you're looking for
the latest and greatest again the XL is
your phone but if you're hesitant due to
the price and you don't necessarily need
the latest and greatest specs and if
pictures aren't your main focus no pun
then the 6p comes out the clear winner
if you're in the market for a phone and
you're considering these two devices I'd
say save a few Benjamins pick up a 6p
and wait for the second-generation pixel
XL if you already own a 6p I would still
recommend that you wait an upgrade isn't
totally necessary in my opinion I've
said it before and I'll say it again
Google's first attempt at a complete
in-house smartphone was a good one but I
just missed the market could have easily
hit and if it did hit that mark it would
have been a home run Google will take
what they learned from this first
go-around and they'll come back swinging
with the second generation pixel as of
now the Nexus 6p is still a heavy hitter
so what do you guys think which phone is
better pound-for-pound let us know by
dropping a comment down below we'd love
to hear your feedback but that does it
for the video I hope you guys enjoyed it
if you did feel free to hit that like
button subscribe to the Android police
channel if you haven't already but that
does it for me I'll talk to you guys in
the next one
and thanks for watching

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