Google Pixel Review: One word, amazing

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

this is the pixel Google's newest
flagship to come with the latest Android
operating system Android nougat built by
HTC and a bump in specs making it a top
competitor in the world of smartphones
let's see if it holds up to the hype so
this year Google released two flagship
at the same time just like last year but
this time they're not your typical nexus
is the pixel and pixel XL is what
they're calling it I'm going to be
focusing on the regular pixel hence the
title of this video but just off my
first impressions I will confidently
tell you that this is a phone worth
considering and I'll explain why later
on let's start it off with a design
historically speaking google has always
been working with third-party
manufacturers for their smartphone
lineups and this year it's HTC this is
what they brought us a light but solid
design with an aluminium and casing
honestly it feels great in the hand all
my fingers line up perfectly with the
buttons on the side and the fingerprint
sensor on the back at first it may seem
a bit too small if you're switching from
a larger device such as the Nexus 6p or
galaxy s7 edge but that's why they have
the XL which is a bit bigger at 5.5
inches you also can't miss that rounded
rectangle glass on the back giving a
nice accent that really makes this phone
unique but if that window wasn't there
in the G logo was cleaned off you could
honestly mistake this as an iPhone so
the antenna bands front-facing earpiece
and giant space taking chin reminds me
of an iPhone without a home button I'm
pretty sure I'm not the only one but
that's not a bad thing I still love how
this phone looks and feels in the hand
the buttons are very tactile and clicky
there's no camera bump so this phone
doesn't rock from side to side when it's
flat on its back and the fingerprint
sensor is decent letting you unlock your
device in a second but it's not the
fastest one out there my only gripe
about the design is that it's very
slippery and scratches and fingerprints
on the back glass are inevitable so I
decided to pick up ad brand skin it
gives the phone a bit more grip and with
tons of skins to choose from I didn't
have a problem finding one that suited
me best I'll drop a link down below
anyway moving on to the display it's a
5-inch 1080p AMOLED panel you can bump
that up to a 5.5 inch quad HD AMOLED
display if you get the XL but overall
I'm very satisfied at how bright and
vivid these pixels get in outdoor
lighting it's not going to our shine
some of the best panels on the market
such as the galaxy
seven but it does come close viewing
angles are great colors are a bit
oversaturated but there is an sRGB mode
in the developer settings for a more
accurate look but it's not going to be
as dramatic as a Samsung Galaxy display
and at 1080p you can expect some great
battery life and performance as it's not
pushing out as many pixels watching
videos and playing games on the screen
is very intriguing and the downward
facing speakers also add to that
experience sure it's not a front-facing
stereo like the Nexus 6p
nor is it louder but it definitely
sounds more natural it's less distorted
adds high points and still gets decently
loud so the speakers they're not going
to disappoint but it's not going to be
something to get hyped about what is it
going to hype you up is the software as
we all know Android 7.1 otherwise known
as Android nuga is a huge step up from
marshmallow and the Google pixel is the
only way to experience all these new
features as some are exclusive to this
phone one of the game changers is the
on-screen navigation bar with the white
buttons being completely filled in you
get a neat animation when you tap on the
home button and if you long press it
google assistant will pop up essentially
it's a replication of Google now in a
conversation format allowing you to ask
it anything and it will try to find it
in the web it can also tell you jokes
play minigames search nearby restaurants
give you fly information and much more
it's still in its early stages so
there's a limit as to what you can ask
it to do for example it can identify
what songs are currently playing you
can't order an uber Gmail integration is
very limited so it can't tell you where
your package is or what your recent
purchases on amazon were and there are a
couple more missing features that's not
to say Google assistant is a horrible
chat bot and it's definitely useful but
it's going to take some time before it
stops saying I can't do that yet and if
you're wondering what happened to now on
tap it's still there you just have to
swipe up when Google assistant appears
and it's now called screen search
another obvious change is the pixel
launcher it features rounded icons new
animations the swipe gesture for the app
drawer and beautiful live wallpapers
that make it seem like you're
overlooking the horizon or the
whitehaven beach in Australia or even
the world plus wit launcher shortcuts
you can long press on an icon to bring
up narrow commands for example if you
long press on YouTube you can tap on
training to automatically take you to
all the trendy
YouTube videos or if you long press on
your phone you can speed dial some of
your favorite contacts I think it's a
very creative feature but I'm not sure
if I would use these all the time unless
I happen to memorize what shortcuts each
app provides with that being said the
pixel launcher is a great home setup
start off with but third-party launcher
such as nova or action launcher they
still provide more customizable options
so it honestly comes down to opinion on
what launcher you would most likely
stick with if you jump into the settings
there's even more nougat goodness such
as moobs which is basically quick
gestures the only new thing here is you
can drop down the notification and quick
settings panel by swiping down on the
fingerprint sensor or swipe up to close
it all the other gestures were already
possible they're just any more
centralized area now there's also a
nightlight be true to tint your screen
red and reduce strain on your eyes at
night and enhance Google backup that now
automatically stores your apps app data
contacts SMS Wi-Fi passwords call
history and settings along Google Drive
any support section to call or chat with
a Google representative whenever you
need help with your device not to
mention that there's also minor changes
that are worth noting such as the blue
accents all around the UI new animations
when you tap or swipe on something and a
restart button in the power control menu
I honestly love the software I know I
didn't cover every nuga characteristic
but with all these exclusive pixel
features and design aspects this device
comes with it's not a huge shock that
Google stock interface is one of the
main reasons anyone should go out and
get this device so we get it Android 7.1
is gray on the pixel but can it handle
all these bells and whistles well with a
Snapdragon 820 one chip and four
gigabytes of RAM I personally haven't
experienced any stutters or lag when
navigating throughout the UI the phone
itself just flies application reload
time is fast animations are buttery
hell even snapchat doesn't lag and that
says a lot playing games on this device
is no different the adrenal 530 GPU
handle those intense graphics like a
boss though I have heard different
stories about the Excel David over
Andrew police says the phone is still
really fast but it does stutter a bit
from time to time and it rarely happens
my best prediction would have to be that
bigger quality display if you combine
Qualcomm's latest processor and four
gigabytes of RAM with
DP display performance is going to be
stellar just take a look at the one plus
three that's exactly what oneplus did at
the time of its release and no one has
ever complained about the performance so
even though the resolution is lowered on
the pixel performance will be a great
benefit from this loss another great
benefit is the battery life now keep in
mind that battery performance varies for
every user so this is what I experienced
with two thousand seven hundred and
seventy milliamp hours it does seem like
that won't be enough but it is I could
easily get through an entire day with
regular usage at four point five to five
hours of screen on time I usually have
Wi-Fi enabled when possible Bluetooth
turn on at all times for my mode through
60 location for navigational purposes
and brightness turned almost to the max
I don't play games often but I do scroll
through tons of social media feeds texts
a lot and watch YouTube jump into the
camera Google has been rapidly improving
their smart phone cameras over the last
few years and this year I think they
nailed it the rear camera has 12
megapixels and F 2.0 aperture lens base
detection and laser autofocus and dual
LED flash even though those are the
exact same specs on the Nexus 6p you
should keep in mind that the pixel has
an upgraded Sony sensor and SME HDR
technology for faster HDR plus
processing in other words this camera is
one of the fastest picture shooters on a
smartphone photos come out looking
phenomenal with plenty of fine detail
and natural-looking colors it does seem
a bit saturated but not excessively like
the Galaxy s7 and even in low-light
situations the detail and colors still
held up quite well with little to no
noise softening or blown out highlights
when shooting a video in 4k resolution
the gyroscope based software
stabilization provides one of the best
stabilized footages I have ever seen on
your smartphone it almost seems like a
camera man used a handheld stabilizer or
even a tripod in the end the rear camera
on both pixels are great competitors
alongside the galaxy s7 and the iPhone 7
and we can't forget about that a
megapixel front-facing camera which also
takes some solid selfies other things
worth mentioning is that the pixel works
on all US major carriers it utilizes the
UFC 2.0 storage for faster app installs
and photo captures and supports NFC what
it doesn't have is water resistance
wireless charging a microSD card slot
and no 64 gigabyte mod
only 32 and 128 which brings me to my
last topic the price tag at $650 you can
get the smaller 32 gigabyte variant if
you want a lot more space you can pay
$100 more for a 128 gigabytes if you
want to get a bigger display and a lot
more battery capacity aka the pixel XL
you can pay another 120 dollars making
it as low as 770 and as high as 870 yes
I know that's a bit on the pricey side
but if you're rocking a two-year-old
device or had to return your note 7 and
you're looking for an upgrade that will
most likely last you another 2 years the
pixel gets the job done you definitely
won't have a problem with the software
or have to worry about not getting any
major software updates for the next two
years the camera will amaze you the
display and design is a subtle touch and
the battery should get you through an
entire day if you're coming from your
Nexus 6p or galaxy s7 unless you really
want those pixel exclusive features I
would just hold on for now because it's
not going to feel like a huge upgrade
the bump in specs are nice on paper but
when you actually use it it'll feel like
any other flagship release this year
still I really like what the gue pixel
provides and because of that I plan on
using this as my daily driver well
that's my full review of the Google
pixel let me know in the comments if
you'll be upgrading to the pixel anytime
soon and make sure to give this video a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it
check out Andrew please calm for some
great Android news and I will see you
guys in the next one

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