Google Pixel phone hands-on

by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

hi everyone this is David with Android
police and we are here at Google's event
in San Francisco launching the new pixel
phones Google has a number of things on
demo here but what you're most likely
most interested is what I'm holding here
or potentially large version this is the
regular pixel phone and the really blue
finish which will for a lemon-thyme to
exclusive the United States Google will
roll it out to other countries
eventually that's not clear when exactly
so like I said this is the standard
pixel the five inch model that retails
here in the US for $649 for the 32
gigabyte version you will have to pay
$749 if you want an upgrade to the 128
gigabyte version if you want the pixel X
all of which there are several floating
around on this table here I'm not
currently holding one that is $769 to
start with an 800 $69 cost for the 128
you leverage with that which is very
spendy indeed but let's look at the
phone and a little bit about software
now if you're familiar with the pixel
laundry leaks that have been happening
over the last couple of months this
laundry should look very familiar to you
it has a new pulled up app drawer design
which I personally remain kind of not
sure how I feel about it it's definitely
a big change granted you could get
another icon in your quick launch bar
now you can see you've got the Google
tab on the left there you press it and
you will search you have this concentric
circle home button that I'm going to try
to get a little closer on here and if
you tap it it's hard to tell in the
video probably but you get a little four
dots and if you hold it your little
system pops up for your voice commands
very quickly a my dad and speaking you
quickly Wow
these phones are really really really
really fast Google isn't really
discussing specifics on performance
optimizations but as far as the hardware
goes the Snapdragon 820 one chip brings
lpddr4 ram obviously a much quicker CPU
core than last year's Snapdragon eight
and along with you FS 2.0 storage
instead of emmc so even under the hood
as far as harbors concerned these phones
should feel much faster just by default
but Google has gone a step beyond that
and they've made some major improvements
to touch latency in general system
like I said they aren't willing to get
specific about exactly the changes
they've made just yet but suffice it to
say there are lots of them and the phone
just running around here feels
exceptionally quick I mean these are
very very fast phones everything feels
very responsive getting back to software
features though you can see you've got
the support tab which appears to be a
permanent fixture in the Settings app
which is an interesting choice but if
Google wants to target mass-market
consumers maybe that makes more sense
you can check out the Google system rep
send your information blah blah blah
let's go back to the gestures we talked
about these a while back there under the
moves area here and as you can see one
of the cool ones that some people are
excited about is the swipe for
notifications feature on the fingerprint
scanner so I'm just going to pull down
on the fingerprint scanner on the back
of the phone you get a pulldown
level-one pull down again goes level two
for your full quick settings could be
handy if you like that and you can swipe
up to collapse it back down you can jump
to the camera by doing a double twist
let's see if I can get that to work

that's a bit harder I'm really bad at
these gesture things I might just suck
at it I'm not sure
there's also oh wait I think this is the
flip camera that we want to enable let's
try it again maybe not well I may just
be bad at this and may just not be
working right I'll show you how quite
quick the camera boots up though it is a
pretty impressive wrong button
it's really really fast Google says they
made some significant improvements to
the HDR algorithm some of this has been
allowed by the newer image signal
processors and the Snapdragon 820 one
chip that allows them to speed up hdr+
very significantly so the processing
time for photos should be much shorter
than it was before and the shutter lag
should be substantially reduced as well
the actual camera tech and sensor tech
problem of the last year's phones I'm
not too familiar with the actual
technical specifications as far as the
look of the software it's basically what
we expected you know this is this is
Android 7.1 we can show you in the
settings menu here you see about phone
Android 7.1 with an October 5th security
patch level and it generally looks like
Android 7.0 just with a new launcher and
some extra features in the settings menu
now one neat feature that we did talk
about that you may have missed though
that some people probably are
undoubtedly be happy to see is if we get
into display here sure I'm looking at my
camera viewfinder and it's very hard to
see you can see there's a night light
option and so this will tint the screen
at night you can set up rules when it
comes on to reduce the brightness the
blue pixels on the AMOLED display this
is very similar to night shift by Apple
Samsung's new blue light filter on the
galaxy note 7 so it's definitely a
valuable feature nice to have for sure
there might be a few other things hiding
in here that I'm not aware of but out of
the box who also get Google's brand new
seamless updates they were introduced
Partizan Android 7.0 pixel phones will
be the very first devices to offer
seamless updates on Android seamless
updates probably won't come to any older
devices we will said that when they
it would be too difficult prior major
repartition of the storage to achieve
and it just wouldn't be probably a good
experience to try to to implement so
these will be the first phones where you
will download a system update in the
background it will install and you'll
just reboot the phone and it's going to
be updated which should be great now
that you're getting monthly security
patches and coupled with the new
just-in-time compilation that should
reduce the amount of app optimization
time on the thumbs to make updates feel
a lot quicker different so this phone
seems very much to earn these phones I
should say seem very much have been
designed around being fast and that
seems to be you know it is a good Priory
to have for Google now other things that
I can't really talk to you about right
now obviously can't tell me how long the
battery's going to last I can't really
tell you how good the camera is you know
I can tell you you know hardware as far
as look and feel I really like the blue
version a lot of people do not like the
white front though because you have that
sensor window right there and the blue
outline is contrasting and you know it's
a matter of personal taste I will say
the blue has me a little star-struck
right now whether that will be true you
know a month from now I don't really
know but I like it definitely and as far
as the bezels well they are what they
are they are pretty chunky on this
regular pixel they are a little less
apparent on the XL of course just sewing
proportions but overall the phone feels
nice hold and actually Google talked
about this briefly it's very hard to see
on camera but the phone is actually
thinner at the bottom than it is at the
top you might be able to just barely
kind of perceive that here on camera so
Google's idea is that you know phone
should be easier to hold the bottom and
it's thicker at the top where the
thickness doesn't really matter to
ergonomics as much I would also guess
that it's thicker at the top so they
could avoid having a camera hung which
is clever
definitely as far as functional uses for
this back window right here this little
glass piece well it does allow the NFC
signal to get through the body of the
phone more easily
other than that though it really doesn't
serve many functional purposes it is
mostly a design element
there's no wireless charging
as some people may have speculated and
speaking of charging it is uh presumably
the same USB specification as last year
15 watts over USB type-c with google's
chargers this kind of uh you know what
we expected on last year's Nexus phones
in that respect the screen is a very
hard thing to judge right now the
lighting in this room is pretty awful
unfortunately so everything looks very
yellow don't judge the screen by what
you're seeing on the camera right here
as far as the pixel excel is concerned
it's the same phone with a bigger screen
and a bigger battery and a higher
density resolution to accommodate for VR
and such regular pixel does work with VR
so I'm not going to really show the
pixel excel in this video I don't have
anything for good scale to compare or to
you get most of what you need to know
just by looking at the regular phone
they start on pre-order today like I
said this really blue version will be a
temporary US exclusive to come to other
countries later as far as the other
colors those are available and all
colors of the phone are available in 32
or 128 gigabyte variances this video is
already running really long so thanks
for watching everybody and we'll have a
lot more pixel phone coverage to bring
you in the coming weeks and probably

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