Google Pixel: Making it mine – custom widgets, backgrounds, launcher, and more

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

I've been rocking the Google pixel as my
daily driver for a couple of weeks now
and I wanted to show off my setup so I
could possibly inspire those who are
looking to spice things up a bit also
before I show you my setup I customized
the outside of the device with AD brand
skin I'm a big fan of the new design
having one sheet and wrap the entire
device buttons included making for an
easier installment and cleaner touch
I'll drop a link down below so you can
check them out as for the software's I
usually go for a more minimalistic setup
with not too many widgets or shortcuts
on the home page as I don't like
cluttering up the background and quite
possibly draining the battery life with
all these widgets running in the
background I'm also using the pixel
launcher since I love the exclusive
animations Google implemented when
tapping on the pill or long pressing on
an icon to bring up the app shortcuts
but you can still recreate a similar
setup on Nova Launcher if you don't own
the Google pixel I'll drop a link down
below to my recommended Nova settings
along with all the wallpapers super
widgets and files needed to rock my
setup let's start off with the main page
as usual you have the Google search bar
at the top to folders down below one for
the most used google apps and the other
for all of my social media andy doc with
all the essentials phone messenger
camera Instagram and Chrome Beta where I
really make it mine is with this super
widget in between my folders it has
three arrows similar to that of the app
drawer with the time temperature and
battery percentage right next to each
other if you tap on an arrow a large
card will pop up displaying more
information when tapping on the time a
social card will pop up displaying the
vector image of myself the day any
couple of apps at your disposal the
temperature card displays the weather
forecast for the next three days in your
area and the battery has details of your
charging status along with an
approximation of how long your battery
will last it also shows you a picture of
a graph mimicking the battery history
but that's only for decorational
purposes it doesn't actually show you
your battery history kind of a bummer
but it's whatever if you want to create
this make sure you have the super widget
Pro installed or it won't work
download all four custom super widget
files through the drive link down below
place those files in your phone's
internal storage under super widget then
templates next you're going to want to
download pop-up widget from the Play
Store open it up and add three four by
four super widgets this
for the actual cars that will pop up
from tapping on the main widgets from
their place a 3×1 zipper widget on the
home screen and choose SD card and then
main widgets if the weather text just
shows question marks try adding a custom
location or changing the weather
provider in the global preferences if
everything looks good tap on layout then
open one then module on tap scroll over
to the shortcuts pop-up widget and
select the first super widget 4×4 card
do the same for open 2 & 3 but make sure
to not select the same super widget 4×4
card now tap on the arrows and select
the appropriate super widget files for
each one and that's it you now have an
insane widget that does a lot but
doesn't take up too much space the page
on the right is very simple yet useful
displaying a music widget that works
with any music player you have installed
if I play a song off Spotify it will
automatically display the artist name
track title album cover in an abstract
formation and media controls I have it
set to open Spotify when I tap on the
album cover but you can choose to have
it open whatever app you use to play
music right from the widget settings if
you want this amazing music player with
so many more to choose from make sure to
download kW GT custom widget and Millis
widget for kW GT from there place a kW
GT widget on your home screen and select
the music player or widget you prefer
that's all I have on my home screen like
I said before I don't like stuffing my
home page with too many widgets and
customization is limited on the pixel
launcher but if I were to switch over to
nova launcher everything would be set up
the same way but I would take it one
step further I would probably use Ango
as my main I compact to have my app
drawer follow a materialized look each
crafted image is colorful eye catching
and flat with over 1,300 themed icons to
choose from for the folders I would
replace them with colorful dots only
found on candy Kahn's icon pack I just
think these folders fit in well with
Ango as for the wallpaper I always grab
mine from backdrops they have some of
the best-looking wallpapers I've ever
seen with at least one uploaded every
day and for the lock screen I have Kanye
West blessing all of my incoming
notifications get ready
50 shows up that's basically what's on
my Google pixel I'll leave all the
necessary apps and file links right
below that like button let me know in
the comments what you think of my setup
and what I should add or remove check
out Andrew police comm for your latest
and greatest news on Android and I will
see you guys in the next one

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