Google Pixel camera review: Does it live up to the hype?

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

Google claims that the pixel has the
best smartphone camera anyone has ever
made their main evidence DxO mark
mobiles score of 89 making this the
highest rated device they have ever
tested let's put these claims to the
test and see if the rear camera lives up
to the hype just to get a few things out
of the way I decided to capture all
these shots and footages in the maximum
resolution possible twelve point three
megapixels for the rear eight megapixels
for the front and 4k video recording and
one full auto for HDR plus white balance
and flash when necessary the reason I
did this was to find out how Google
manipulated the camera to get that score
they so loved and cherished as there
doesn't seem to be a whole lot of manual
settings as compared to the galaxy s7
forcing most users to just go full auto
mode instead also before I move on I
wanted to thank D brand for sponsoring
this video the one I have on my Google
pixel makes it look like it's made out
of stone giving it a unique look and a
bit more grip without creating any bulk
I'll drop a link down below if you want
to check out even more skins to
customize your Android device with that
being said both models of the pixel
offer a twelve point three megapixel
rear shooter with an F 2.0 aperture lens
face detection and laser autofocus dual
LED flash and an electronic image
stabilization feature instead of OIS if
this sounds familiar that's because the
Nexus 6p has similar specs on paper but
keep in mind that the pixel has an
upgrade Sony sensor and SME HDR
technology for faster HDR plus
hands-down that is one of the fastest
cameras on a smartphone yet just
DoubleTap that power button to launch
the Google camera app and snap a photo
there's almost no shadow like super fast
out-of-focus and Google's enhanced HDR
plus mode makes this one of the fastest
cellular shooters I've ever seen
you can even long press it to take
multiple photos in a couple of seconds
and smart bursts will tell you which
ones were the best photos and even
create a chip in the process not to
mention that all these photos taken will
be saved on google photos cloud storage
at full resolution to save you some
space now everyone's seen the app layout
but in case you haven't you're captured
photos are on the right side of the
shutter button and there's a button to
switch to the front-facing shooter on
the left you have your typical modes
that haven't really changed since the
launch of the Nexus 6p slow motion
allows you to record your subject at up
to two
140 frames per second in 720p panorama
and photosphere are still great ways to
capture more of the area around you and
lens blur to put some more focus on your
main subject by blurring out the
background so in my full review of the
Google pixel I said photos taken on this
device come out looking phenomenal but
my feelings have cooled down a bit since
then don't get me wrong I still think
most of the end results come out looking
solid but there are a few things that
make it fall short from the perfect
camera for one I do experience it bit
more lens flare than most other devices
I've shot with especially when there's a
bright source of light around the camera
Google is aware of this hardware issue
and they will try to resolve it with a
software update but it will only work if
you have hdr+ enabled not a huge deal as
there's no reason to turn that feature
off as the image processing is still
pretty fast
other than that images in the right
amount of lighting still come out
looking very sharp and detailed HDR plus
mode does help a lot to fix overexposure
and washed out color issues without
making the picture look unnatural in
low-light the camera does a decent job
of not softening the colors and
degrading the detail when compared to
other devices but it does tend to spit
out grainy images from time to time and
has a hard time focusing on a subject
creating motion blur if you're not
studying enough it's not just with
pictures but in video as well as the EIS
just doesn't really help when
dramatically turning the camera to a
different subject still the camera did a
very good job of keeping the video
stabilized when walking and panning
around but it does occasionally
overcompensate for intended movement
which will sometimes lead to robotic
looking pans and sudden shifts it won't
do you any good if you're running either
as the gyroscopes just won't be able to
keep up can't complain too much though
as this phone still brings some of the
smoothest footages I've ever seen on a
smartphone audio within the video is not
terrible either although you're not
getting stereo audio it does a good job
of minimizing background noise so right
now I'm in a dirt road and there's not
too much going on so not too much noise
but you can get a tone of how the
microphone sounds and it is a bit rocky
so stabilisation let's see how that
turns out to be that's basically it the
front-facing camera also provides some
decent recordings and photos but there
does seem to be a bit of shaking when
recording with one handed use as
electronic stabilization was not
implemented on the front it's not a big
deal and it's still better than most
selfish shooters out there overall the
pixel comes packed with one of the best
cameras on a smartphone but it's not
going to compete with a DSLR this is
mostly for those who just want to take a
quick photo and not have to operate any
manual settings if you're into
photography and love those advanced
tweaks then this may not be the phone to
get unless you install a third-party app
instead I'd say the galaxy s7 would be
your best bet as of now still it's
capable of taking some great photos in
most lighting situations 4k video
recordings will create some majestic
stabilized shots and you definitely
won't be disappointed in the final
results well that's my full review of
the pixel cameras let me know in the
comments what you think about Google's
newest smartphone camera in the comments
down below and make sure to give this
video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it
check out and release our comfort some
great Android news and I will see you
guys in the next one

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