Google Pixel 5 First Impressions // Pixel 5 Sorta Sage Review

by birtanpublished on October 26, 2020

Here we go guys you can see the phone is on and now let's just drop it right in hey everyone digital david here today in this video i'm gonna be unboxing the google pixel 5 shout out to google for sending me this device to review for you guys on the channel so thank you thank you thank you google guys if you're interested in this product you want to find out more about it the link to it will be in my video description below you can see how it comes packaged to you right here very nice retail box

Hashtag team pixel all the google logos and branding you come to expect with the pixel phones and their product packaging as you can see from the front of the box we have the sorta sage color this is also available in just black now let's go ahead let's open it up and look at the package contents here all the package contents first up we have your quick start guide with your sim tool tucked in the back of it then we have your usb type-c the usb type-c charging cable we have your 18 watt power brick right

Here usb type-c and your wall end then we have your usb type-c to usb adapter for easy file transfer as you set up your new pixel 5 by connecting your old device then we have the pixel 5 right here let's flip it over to look at that sort of sage color it looks fantastic we have a nice aluminum back and that color is beautiful now let's look at this phone in more detail here's a look at the google pixel 5's home screen on its beautiful six inch

Oled display at 1080 by 2340 pixels 432 ppi hdr support and smooth display up to 90 hertz you can see in the top left hand corner we have our front facing camera featuring eight megapixels and a 2.0 aperture recording 1080p video at 30 frames per second here it is from the side you can see our sim card tray here it is from the top here it is from the other side you can

See our volume buttons and our power button here it is from the bottom you can see our usb type c port and our stereo speakers let's flip it over to the back side you can see our 100 recycled aluminum enclosure with the google logo our fingerprint sensor and our camera modules right here this features a 12 megapixel lens and a 16 megapixel ultra wide lens this can record 4k video at 30 frames or 60 frames per second

1080p video at 30 60 120 or 240 frames per second this has a 4 000 milliamp hour battery eight gigs of ram 128 gigabytes of storage and it features the qualcomm snapdragon 765 g processor so the pixel 5 is packed full of a ton of great features you can see on the home screen right here we have a great live wallpaper by default and it moves around depending on how we position and hold our phone which is really really neat i love that wallpaper also if you notice the red icon on the

Top we're actually using the built-in screen recording functionality to record this video for you guys then we can swipe over here you can see google news curated for your browsing preferences and we can go over here we can see all the apps that i went ahead and downloaded that we'll try out in this video now we'll go back to the home screen you can see the default apps right here let's go and let's pull this down let's look at some of the icons we have you can see flashlight battery saver

Just a quick access to some of the main features that you'll be using with this phone here's nearby share we can turn that on it's like airdrop for android phones we can share photos and videos battery share we can quickly turn that on as well right here battery share allows us to charge devices using the wireless charger in the back of this phone then we have screencast now let's go into the settings we can look at some of those in more detail so let's

Pull it down let's pull up settings let's start at the top you can see we'll go to battery first here we go we can tweak all of our battery settings right here turn adaptive battery on or off view the battery percentage here's our battery share settings so we can stop the sharing at 10 percent it can charge our pixel buds or other wireless devices now we can go back we can look at our display next you can see the brightness level night light adapted brightness

We can also go to advanced and there's smooth display so you can see we can automatically raise the refresh rate from 60 to 90 hertz for some content this does increase battery usage keep that in mind then we can go down to sound and vibrations right here a couple great options here first up is live caption we can turn that on you can see all the settings we can change total detect speech on your device and automatically generate captions for you

And we can go back now we can select now playing one of my favorite features is your pixel phone can show you songs and the artist on your lock screen without you having to do anything it's all in the background never sends audio or background conversations to google so your privacy is protected and we can go back then you can see we have our storage settings right here out of the box we got around 114 gigabytes of usable storage now you can see we've already used 27

Gigs but you'll have at least 110 114 gigabytes of usable storage before you download anything yourself the system taking up a majority of that around 11 gigabytes and you can see tons of different options we could go over learn more about our phone be sure to view the helpful tips and support section for your pixel device now let's go ahead let's look really quick we have some power button shortcuts if you hold down

The power button you can see we can add a payment method and then we can control all of our smart devices right here just by holding down the power button so that's really a nice feature now let's go ahead let's look at some of our apps first up let's browse youtube and let's check out the video quality and playback as well as the live caption feature so hey check it out here's our youtube channel let's select our most recent video it's

The pixel 5 unboxing let's play it so far so good everything looks great let's see if live captions kicks on hey everyone digital david here today in this video i'm going to be unboxing the google pixel 5. so you can see that right there and how accurate it is guys if you're interested pretty sweet guys and then if you want to get rid of it you can just drag down to dismiss but no issues at all with youtube very responsive very fluid very fast now we can pull up instagram

Here's instagram guys you can check out what it's like to browse content on here so we can see stories we can see some pixel 5 content right there look at how nice that screen is to be able to consume and browse content you can check it out how responsive it is as we move up and down oh check out that pixel content right there so you can see everything nice green great colors very bright very responsive perfect for browsing instagram facebook twitter tick tock videos

Any sort of social media content consumption online now let's go ahead let's pull up google chrome you can see we have the verge loaded right here let's refresh it and here we go you can see what it's like to browse the web right here whether it's tech news fox news cnn or sports news now we can go ahead let's select an article here we go prime day 2020 deals very responsive no issues you can see what it's like to scroll very simple and straightforward web

Browsing with a beautiful experience thanks to the six inch oled display now you can see we have asphalt 9 loaded right here we're gonna do a quick race you guys can see how fluid and smooth the gameplay is keep in mind we're also recording the screen from the same phone as it's pushing out these graphics to play so look at how smooth the gameplay is great sound great graphics and we got first place don't worry guys if racing's not your thing i have call of duty loading right

Here so let's go ahead let's start this round so you guys can see what the graphics are like right here pretty sweet let's go to the action let's get them oh we got another one let's get him got him good let's go what do you guys think of it though check that out look at how smooth and fluid it is got a guy right there got him cleaning up house right here fluid gameplay and graphics

Now let's look at a couple quick benchmarking apps first up we've got geekbench 5 right here it's a free app you can download if you want to test out your device so you can see we can learn more about the pixel 5 right here android 11 qualcomm we have six cores at 1.8 one at 2.21 and one at 2.4 then you can see our compute right here so our gpu the adreno 620 our resolution and our ppi let's go back now we can look at our history we already went ahead and ran

The test today so here are the results that we got 594 single core 1505 multi core score here's some of the system information again that we talked about and you can see our single core performance right here feel free to pause and study it further here's some more of it then we start to make our way into multi-core performance right here you can see more of the results and there's the remaining multi-core scores

Now we can pull up in two-two benchmark you can see the test that we ran earlier in the score that we got 310505 you can see right there we can go ahead we can open that score up we can actually see which percentage of users that we defeated so our cpu score was 99.862 defeated 38 of users you can see more of the individual scores right there gpu defeated 29 of users a score of 83 43 9. our memory defeated 50 of users you can see we got a score of 67

93 5. and then our ux defeated 48 percent of users with a score of 59 26 9. you can see that right there for android 11. you can see some more hardware details from the app megapixels for the cameras the battery capacity so that's the benchmark results using intutu it wouldn't be a pixel review without looking at the camera settings so go ahead open up the camera app on your device you can see right away we

Have our camera settings we have our ultra wide at point six x one x and then two x we can easily adjust between those right here and you can see the difference here's one x there's the ultra wide you can start seeing further out in my studio just for fun we can do that right here too there's one x there's two x there's 0.6 x with the ultra wide lens pretty sweet so we have tons of different options depending on the mode we want to be in

We have night sight we have portrait camera video for video we have the same options at the top 2x 1x ultrawide at 0.6 x then we have a slow motion mode normal and time lapse to the right you can see we also have if we hold that down or video stabilization options standard locked active and cinematic pen to choose whatever one you desire when filming your videos then we have the more section you can see panorama photosphere and lens google lens is awesome if

You've never used it you should definitely check it out then we can go back and we can go to video we can pull down our settings so you can see our options right here 4k 30 or 60 full hd you can see same thing 30 or 60 and then we got slo-mo we can also select this settings gear icon to take us into the settings for the whole camera we can save the location sounds google lens suggestions save selfie as previewed if you want social

Share you can do that right there gestures frequent faces you can turn that on or off you can view advanced settings we can choose our framing hints if we want that on or off grid type we have multiple grid types depending on your preference camera resolution full or medium video stabilization we can turn that on or off right here audio zoom's a cool feature zooming in on a subject boosts sound and reduces background noise then we have our feedback and our help section if you have any other questions

So that's a brief look at the camera in all its settings now let's go check out some of the photos we took first up let's look at some nighttime photos here's a regular nighttime photo at 1x of downtown then we have it with night sight turned on pretty big difference right there same thing again but this time with 0.6 x or the ultra wide there it is with night sight turned on big difference there's a front-facing selfie there's front-facing selfie with night sight turned on

Then we can go to a regular picture at night now with night sight same photo without same photo with we can do that again for this house no night sight now we have night sight turned on look at all the extra detail look at how different the photo is same thing again we only have a couple of landscape lights on right here and i don't think this is a bad picture at all with the amount of light we had outside but check out

Night sight completely different unbelievable the change we get same thing right here we just have a street light illuminating outside here's night sight turned on no night sight night sight same picture again now with the ultra wide so just the street light now street light ultra wide with night sight amazing the difference right there and you can see a picture down the street 1x now we have night sight and we have that same picture again

At point 6 x the ultra wide and now we have night sight turned on and look at the difference between those photos again same photo 1x 0.6 x so we can see a lot more on the left and the right side of our composition and what we're capturing with the pixel camera now we can look at some daytime photos here's my dog dog in portrait mode look at how good that picture is he's perfectly outlined and it's got a nice soft background for us here's my sweet baby laney you can see

Her in the stroller here's the storm drain with some pretty fall leaves now the next picture you can see i did the 7x zoom so there's the storm drain with leaves then i just zoomed in on some of the leaves made sure they were in focus snapped a picture and i'm really happy with how it turned out then here's a fall flower arrangement in portrait mode if you can't tell i love portrait mode then here's the same crosswalk during the day of downtown

That we looked at earlier at night you can see it with 1x regular mode then we have ultra wide so pretty big difference regular ultra wide we see more of the street and the sky then we have a portrait photo of a sign then we can see regular ultra wide regular ultra wide regular ultra wide pretty big difference but i want to point out with the ultra wad if you've noticed there's no fisheye distortion there's no distortion here which is really nice that's what you want you want that wide

Angle but you don't want a distorted photo and we have beautiful fall scenery right here regular ultra wide regular ultra wide portrait portrait and you can see we have the donut that i had earlier in portrait mode it was delicious look at how good it looks still oh i wish it was still available for me to eat right now then here's my dog doug in the city again so you can see regular then we have an ultra wide photo of him

So there's regular doug and there's ultra wide doug here's a 4k 30 frames per second sample video at night you can see we have a street light illuminating out front of my house there's a car driving by a porch light on you can see the image quality at night 4k video 30 frames per second raw audio from the pixel 5's camera and microphone as well here's your raw 4k 30 frames per second video at night

I'm standing on my front porch you can see the street light right there and the car is parked on the street it's really dark outside look at the video quality at night here you can see the neighbor's porch light this is your raw mic audio as well from the pixel 5. and you can see how good of a job the camera's doing at night in a low light environment now you can see the raw night video from the front-facing camera the front-facing camera is at 1080p 30 frames per second in a very dark

Low light environment you can see the video quality coming from that front facing camera right here here's another 4k 30 frames per second video at night looking at the downtown you can see the video quality right here now we're looking at the front camera again 1080p 30 frames per second same spot in downtown we have a little bit more light now so you can really see how good of a job the video is doing in this low light environment the details that it's able to preserve with the camera right there

Again 1080p 30 frames per second this is unedited in any way here's your 4k 30 frames per second sample during the daytime you can see the quality just being held in my hand right here so you can see the raw unedited video 4k 30 frames per second now we're walking at 4k 30. there's my dog doug right there you can get a feel for the quality again just holding the phone in my hand no other stabilizers used here's another video

At 4k 30 frames per second now we can go to our wide angle right there so we're at point six x versus the default one x right here so there's one x phone's in the same spot and there's the ultra wide lens right there capturing some great great great video for us in 4k 30 frames per second now we're testing out the mic quality of the google pixel 5 when you want to use this to make or take phone calls this is your raw unedited audio test of the pixel 5's built-in microphones

You guys can gauge how it's going to sound when you're using your phone one of my favorite features that's available on the pixel phones is the built-in call screener so i'm going to show you guys what that's like on the google pixel 5 right now so let's go ahead let's make a phone call and let's try it out so you can see i have an incoming call right now from digital david let's go ahead and screen it hi the person you reached is using a screening service

From google and will get a recording and transcript of this call go ahead and say why you're calling so you can see right there it takes care of everything for us and now we can wait for a person on the other end to provide us with more information your car's warranty has expired this is urgent so there you go you can see we got a reply now we can give more prompts it's difficult to understand you at the moment could you repeat what you just said

And google assistant takes care of everything for us and then once we're done we have other prompts if we want to say something like this or you can just hang up or you could accept the call if it is something important so in this case let's go ahead let's just end it with this they can't talk right now but they'll give you a call later thanks and goodbye it's that simple guys it's a fantastic feature i use it all the time now the test you've all been waiting for the

Google pixel 5 5g speed test so first i want to mention that i live about 30 minutes outside of downtown cincinnati and i'm using google phi and their network to conduct this test which means we're using t-mobile's 5g network so keep that in mind if you're on google phi you'll be using t-mobile's network in your area for 5g coverage so first up you can see the google five 4g lte speeds that we got we conducted this test and now you can see the same speeds we got using the pixel 5

And 5g yeah look at those results so for download we basically tripled our download speeds for upload we basically increased it by 10 x unbelievable all the tested apps work great no issues at all honestly 5g is so fast that a lot of people in my area if they're using comcast spectrum cincinnati bell don't even get those speeds so that is just incredible very blown away by the technology of 5g that's super exciting for the future of

All things mobile devices and content streaming and everything else that we do on our phones so the pixel 5 supports wireless charging i have an anker wireless charger right here i'll go ahead i'll link to that product below for you guys let's just gently set it on the charger and there we go it's charging just fine no issues at all with wireless charging but the exciting feature this year with the pixel 5 is the fact that we can actually share the battery and

Wirelessly charge other devices from the back of our phone so again we can turn that on just by dropping down our taskbar and selecting battery share so once we have that turned on guess what we can take a device now that charges wirelessly and charge it off the back of our pixel 5. so guess what i have pixel buds right here let's go ahead let's set them on the back and now you can see they're charging just fine so hopefully you can see the light on the back of the pixel buds right

There it's got a faint glow to it but you can see it's charging just fine now you can really see the light right there but there we go guys that's battery share now the last test we're gonna do is the water resistance test and the best way to do that is to actually just drop our pixel 5 in this bowl of water so the pixel 5 is rated to be submerged in up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes let's just drop it in this bowl and see if it still works so

Here we go guys you can see the phone is on and now let's just drop it right in all right rip pixel hey doing just fine i see the screen it's not working underwater with my finger but that's okay not expecting it to but you can see we have it submerged in this bowl of water right there so far so good nothing weird here it is now we can drop it the other way in check that out we can take it back out right here all right yeah there we go hey look at

That so far so good no issues at all we can set it back in we'll give it a couple of seconds in there nothing weird though no issues just hanging out in a bowl of water no big deal so if you drop this in the sink toilet maybe even a lake if you can recover it quick enough you're not gonna have any issues i just wouldn't recommend taking it swimming or anything like that and obviously keep it out of the ocean and away from

Any salt water you do happen to get your phone wet might not be a bad idea to power it down and definitely spend some time drying it off so it works fine if you submerge it in water you're not going to have any issues just get it out as fast as possible and hope it doesn't go very deep if it drops off the dock or something like that but in this case no issues all the buttons still work everything is fully functional so very

Impressed that we're able to submerge in the water and still have a working phone so overall my final thoughts on the pixel 5 are as follows this is a well-rounded and solid solid smartphone google did a great job with the pixel 5. this might be my favorite pixel to date they really focused on the things that matter they didn't get flashy with having a flagship processor top of the line performance things that us as a consumers have to pay a lot more for but don't necessarily get

A great rate of return but they focus on the things that matter like the screen you use the screen every day on your phone and it's a great screen definitely a nice improvement from previous generations let's talk about that camera as well a fantastic camera and we finally got our ultra wide lens well done google it does not disappoint all-day battery too with the 4000 milliamp hour battery and thanks to google's awesome software we can really get a lot

Of extra juice out of that device and simple things like wireless charging is always great and the fact that we can now wirelessly share our battery with other wireless devices that is a great feature to have in a phone let's not forget too it's 5g and we get blazing fast speed so again everything you do day in and day out on a smartphone this phone does it great it exceeds at it browsing with a great screen taking a

Bunch of great photos using mobile data on 5g networks you're going to get incredible performance with this phone having a phone that lasts all day with its battery yeah check pixel 5 does that as well too so again google really focused on the things that matter with the pixel 5 and it really shows well that concludes our video thank you so much for watching don't forget the product link will be in our video description below please go ahead check it out and do your shopping from there any purchase made through that link help

Support our channel at no additional cost to you so we're really grateful and thankful for all of your support while you're at it can you go ahead and hit that like button for us and subscribe to our channel we have new content coming out daily and we don't want you to miss anything please go ahead and give us a follow online and make it a clean sweep facebook twitter instagram twitch tick tock discord you can message us on wechat

Check out our website and join our free newsletter thank you guys so much for being here don't forget new content daily and we can't wait to see you in our next video

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