Google Pixel: 5 best and 5 worst things

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

the Google pixel is a great smartphone
but it's not without its flaws either
let's take a look at the five best and
worst things about Google's newest
device starting with the good stuff I
really enjoy the display on this device
even though it's only 5-inch 1080p
AMOLED display it's still a bright and
vivid panel with great viewing angles
for outdoor usage obviously you can bump
that up to a 5.5 inch quad HD AMOLED
display with the XL and it still won't
outshine some of the best panels on the
market such as the galaxy s7 but it does
come close watching videos or playing
games on this screen is not going to
disappoint and some of the benefits that
come with a 1080p display is the
substantial performance and battery life
camera without a doubt this is one of
the best if not the best rear camera on
a smart phone yet what really amazes me
is that I can take the phone out of my
pocket double tap that power button in a
snappy quick photo of my subject without
having the image being a blurry or
overexposed mess there's almost no
shutter lag super fast out-of-focus and
Google's enhanced HDR plus mode makes
this one of the fastest cellular
shooters I've ever seen
combine that with unlimited Google
photos cloud storage at full resolution
and there's no debating that this camera
definitely lives up to Google's claims
if we take a look at the images colors
look natural and sharp toning down the
shadows and highlights even in low-light
scenarios details and colors still held
up quite well with little to no noise
softening or blown out highlights
shooting video in 4k resolution with an
electronic stabilization will also bring
you somewhat smooth and crispy footage
on a bumpy road but it does occasionally
overcompensate for intended movement
which will sometimes lead to robotic
looking pans and sudden chips still the
Google pixel makes for a highly
impressive camera that anyone will come
to love software I honestly love the
software the pixel is the best way to
experience all the new new get features
including some that are exclusive to
this phone there's a new white
navigation bar with a subtle animation
when tapping the home button Google
assistant to help you with all of your
questions any conversation formats a
redesign launcher with beautiful live
wallpapers launcher shortcuts swipe up
gesture for the app drawer and circular
icons in the settings you having
like to reduce stress on your eyes and
night and enhance google backup to
automatically store your app data
contacts SMS Wi-Fi passwords and so
forth and you swipe gesture to check
your notifications or bring up the quick
settings panel just by swiping down on
the fingerprint sensor or swiping it up
to close it a support section of color
chat with a Google representative
whenever you need help with your device
and blue accents all around the UI for
now most of these features mentioned can
only be found on the Google pixel and
you'll be very satisfied knowing
everything is smooth application reload
time is fast there's no bloatware to be
found and you'll be the first to get
software updates for two years
guaranteed performance with all these
new bells and whistles it's good to know
that this phone can handle everything
like a champ now I haven't had the pixel
long enough to say what long-term
slowdown looks like but I can say the
day-to-day consistency of the speed is
totally commendable with the Snapdragon
820 one chip u FS 2.0 storage and 4
gigabytes of RAM everything opens
quickly rarely stutters and runs buttery
smooth even when I happen to switch over
to the s7 edge it still doesn't seem as
quick as the pixel lag spikes become
more noticeable to me as I switch over
to different devices heavy 3d gaming
wasn't any different with the audrina
530 GPU overall this is one of the most
consistently fast phones I've ever used
battery + charging another great benefit
is the battery life even though it only
has two thousand 770 million powers I
could easily get through an entire day
with regular usage at four point five to
five hours of screen on time obviously
your stats may not match mine but keep
in mind that have Bluetooth enabled at
all times from mode through 60 GPS for
navigational purposes Wi-Fi music
streaming and my brightness turned
almost to the max + what USB type-c
power delivery standard I was able to
fully charge the device in just under 2
hours in general I'd say the battery
life is pretty solid and with quick
charge you shouldn't have a problem
using the pixel through an entire day
switching over to the flaws and please
keep in mind that some of these are a
bit nitpicky so they are undesirable
features but nothing that will make you
believe that the pixel is a horrible
device price starting you at six hundred
and fifty dollars you can get the
regular pixel with 32gb
which has a smaller display and battery
capacity in the excel if you were to
purchase a pixel XL with 128 gigabytes
you'll end up paying 870 dollars and
that's not including sales tax or pixel
protect that's two hundred and twenty
dollars more than the Nexus 6p at 128
gigabyte model and regular galaxy s7 at
its launch $100 more than the s7 edge
and same price point as the iPhone 7
plus 128 gigabyte variant that's a lot
of money it's definitely a great device
with plenty of new features but at the
end of the day this is easily one of the
most controversial parts as nowadays you
can get a decent device such as the axon
7 or 1 plus 3 that cut the price in half
and arguably provide a similar
experience this topic honestly comes
down to personal opinion but I do think
the pixel is a bit overpriced if you
also think the two-year device
Protection Plan by Google is a bit too
much at $100 you should definitely check
out upsie they provide a two-year
accidental warranty plan but it's only
$80 there's also a deductible of $75 for
any device but you will still be saving
some cash because Google is deductible
on the protection plan is four dollars
extra for the pixel and $24 extra for
the pixel XL the cover drops pills and
not functions to protect your smartphone
and they're definitely not overcharging
you for insurance like most other phone
companies do plus if you use the coupon
code andrew police you get 10% off so if
you want to try it out i'll leave a link
down below
no expandable storage or 64 gigabyte
model with only two variants to choose
from 32 and 128 it's a little
disappointing that a 64gb model was not
an option especially since this device
doesn't have a micro SD card slot I get
that Google is not including expandable
storage because they want their users to
take advantage of the cloud but I just
don't see why they didn't include a 64gb
by option for some users including
myself 32 gigabytes is just not enough
storage especially since the OS already
takes up 5.4 gigabytes and updates to
the pre-installed Google Apps will take
up around one gigabyte leaving you with
25 gigabytes to spare right out of the
box if you want to get more storage
you'll have to pay $100 extra and for
some users that just sounds like a waste
of money as
they may not even get close to using up
that much space if it were up to me I
would have just included a 64 gigabyte
variant for $50 more and that would have
made a huge difference
speaker the single downward facing
speaker on this device would have been
better off if it was on the front like
the Nexus 6p don't get me wrong and
still gets loud and doesn't distort at
its high points but whenever I'm
watching YouTube videos or playing a
game in landscape mode without my
headphones the palm of my hand tends to
muffle the sound and makes it seem like
the volume is turned way down I would
have let it slide if there wasn't any
room on the front but there obviously is
no water resistance I think we all know
this by now but the Google pixel is not
waterproof with an IP 53 certification
the only way this device can meet water
and have a guaranteed survival is if
you're in the rain or if it gets a
little wet Google claims that they just
didn't have enough time to work with HTC
to make a waterproof design and there
are a couple videos out there pixels
surviving immersions but that's not to
say that you should be dropping this
thing in a bucket of water as other
components throughout the phone could
get damaged over time no wireless
charging maybe I'm being a little nit
picky on the subject but wireless
charging would have been nice Google
just decided to not include this feature
after the release of the Nexus 6p and
it's still a missing feature on the
pixel it's definitely not a huge impact
like the removal of the headphone jack
but I enjoy throwing my phone on top of
your wireless charging pad at night and
not having to mess around with any
cables but it's not the end of the world
well that's it for this video let me
know in the comments what you think
about the Google pixel make sure to give
this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it
check out Andrew please calm for some
great Android news and I will see you
guys in the next one

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