Google Pixel 4a First Impressions // Pixel 4a Unboxing Pixel 4a Review

by birtanpublished on October 5, 2020

Hey everyone digital david here today in this video i'm gonna be unboxing and reviewing the google pixel 4a i did receive this phone as a gift from google but any opinion expressed in this video is strictly my own that being said if you're interested in this product and you want to find out more about it the link to it will be in my video description below you can see how it comes packaged to you right here in a very nice and simple retail box everything looks

Great now let's go ahead let's open it up and look at the package contents here all the package contents first up we have your safety and warranty information followed by your quick start guide and your sim removal tool with instructions then we have a usb type-c adapter to make transferring your files and information from your old device to your new pixel phone very simple and straightforward we also have an 18 watt wall charger for it usb type-c with a

Usb type-c to usb type-c cable and then last but not least we have the pixel 4a phone right here let's go ahead let's look at that in more detail so here's a look at the front of the google pixel 4a with our 5.8 inch oled display it's 1080 by 2340 pixels featuring 443 ppi take note in the top left hand corner we have a cutout in the display for our front facing eight megapixel camera that can record up to 1080p video at 30 frames per second

Here's a look at the bottom you can see our stereo speakers and our usb type c port then we flip it around to the top we have our headphone jack the right side we have our power button and our volume up and down button the left hand side we have our sim tray then on the back side we have our google logo our fingerprint sensor and our camera module we have a 12.2 megapixel rear camera that has autofocus with dual pixel phase detection this can record up to 4k 30 frames per second 1080p up to 120

Frames per second and 720p up to 240 frames per second we have a nice large built-in battery 3140 milliamp hours six gigs of ram 128 gigabytes of storage and we have a qualcomm snapdragon 730 processor all tucked in to this device with a black plastic back and don't forget about that beautiful oled display now before we power it up let's go ahead let's get a sim card installed so take the included tool gently push it in place to pop out the tray and you can see we actually already have

A sim card installed it came with a google fi sim already installed in the phone so at this stage go ahead swap it out with your current carrier or if you use google fi or want to sign up just go ahead stick it back in and complete activation also if you're interested in google phy i've reviewed that phone service on my channel in a previous video so go ahead and check it out i currently use google fi as my main phone plan and i've been very happy with

It for the last couple of years also along those notes i'm going to go ahead we're actually going to install a visible sim so i really like the visible phone plans as well they're super affordable especially if you want to have unlimited data in mobile hotspots i've reviewed a lot of visible devices and the visible service on my channel in previous videos so go ahead and check that out that's the sim we're going to use for this video and review so i'm going to go ahead i have it

Installed back in the tray now we just have to gently push everything back in and we're ready to boot up our device so here we go we have the phone powered on and booted up setup was a breeze very simple and straightforward with all the prompts that google walks you through here's what it looks like guys obviously you can change the background and then you can add a bunch of apps i went ahead i downloaded the six apps that you see right here that we'll be using in this review but want to show you guys what it looks like

Very nice the first thing i noticed from my 3a to the 4a is the fact that i don't have the squeeze for assistant anymore so keep that in mind if you like to use that feature it's no longer on the pixel phones at least with the 4a but very responsive i love the screen the screen is beautiful the hole punch doesn't bother me it blends right in with the taskbar so everything is really nice and i'm very happy so far i've been using the pixel phones since the original pixel i had the pixel

The pixel 2 now i have the pixel 3a which is my daily driver but i'll soon be switching to the 4a so very happy love how responsive it is here's probably the most used feature i use with this phone is i just love having the news at my fingertips to browse and read you know curated content to what i'm interested in sometimes google gets that wrong but other times they hit it spot on with their recommendations for news articles so i love having that

Right there at my fingertips let's go ahead we can pull down the taskbar right here you can see all the different options that we have very standard android love the stock android experience right here it's phenomenal then we can pull it up too you can see our apps so a lot of google apps and then a couple apps that i went ahead and installed no bloatware on here so very nice again very responsive i'm impressed so far

Everything looks good so if we go ahead we can pull this back up let's bring up our settings we can look at a couple different options right here so you can see all the menu items we have let's go into battery first up you can see we have adaptive battery we can turn that on or off it can help extend the battery life based on your phone use and the apps that you typically use so keep that in mind right there really nice that we have that feature obviously you can turn

The battery percentage on or off it does come charged out of the box mine was not fully charged that may vary depending on whatever they feel like that day i guess in the factory then we can look at our storage right here too so we have 128 gigabytes of built-in storage i downloaded one game that was three gigabytes so keep that in mind we should actually have even more free space but basically out of the box you'll have over a hundred gigabytes of free space you can see the breakdown

Right here 12 gigs for the system one gig for files 3.8 gigs for other apps some of that is stuff i downloaded as well too so again keep that in mind you'll have over 100 gigs maybe closer to 110 plus gigabytes of usable space right out of the box which is really nice guys great that they come with 128 gigabytes standard now so there's our storage then we can look and learn more about the phone if we want and we can see the system that we have currently guys

We're running android 10 so comes with android 10 right out of the box and again it's a pixel phone so we get the truly pure android experience right here really happy with it guys it's so nice not to have any bloatware or any other you know ui or interfaces kind of masked over what android should truly be now let's go ahead let's look at some benchmarks so here we go guys you can see our benchmark results right here we got a score of 26 15 83 we defeated 22

Of users first up you can see our cpu right here so defeated 28 of users and the breakdown now we can look at our gpu defeated 22 percent of users in the test results then we have our memory right here defeated 37 percent of users and the results and then we have our ux defeated 29 of users and the results right there so now just for fun here's my google pixel 3a so you can see the differences in the results with the same

Test right there and obviously on the pixel 3 i'm now running out of space with the 64 gigabytes of built-in storage as opposed to the 128 gigabytes of built-in storage for the pixel 4a now you're looking at the results of our visible mobile network speed test so you can see the results that we get our download our upload and our ping obviously that's going to be network and area dependent not so much pixel 4a dependent but you can see it's going to have no issues handling all of the most popular and common apps

Available today for you to consume and browse media with online now just for fun let's go ahead let's test it now over our home wi-fi network so you can see in real time what that looks like so you can see the speeds that we're getting right here and we're going to get some fantastic scores as well too from the app awesome is the best rating that you can get so you can see we currently locked in our download right now our ping and upload is finishing up right this second right there so there's

The results over our wi-fi network right here same thing all the most popular apps will work great this will vary depending on your internet service provider and your wi-fi router as well but you can see the results that we're getting in real time right here with the pixel 4a and my home wi-fi network now let's check out popular social apps like instagram you can see how fast it loads right there no issues at all very responsive to touch

This is a nice display definitely a nice upgrade from the pixel 3a just from the display itself with the size and how much thinner the bezels are at the top and bottom of this phone really nice that they put the camera over in the top left-hand corner to hide it with the taskbar so we can just enjoy more content and media on the screen and less bezels that's definitely what i prefer love the more borderless display look

And feel of this phone from the previous versions of pixel phones but yeah you guys can see it's working just fine no issues there to browse photos watch video stories that sort of thing now let's go ahead let's pull up youtube so you can see here's youtube it's going to load pretty quick for us not bad right there hey what do you know there's a digital david video right there so cool let's go ahead let's look at it check it out that's a previous video

That i did on my channel but no issues at all easy to browse hey another one and it's a google pixel 4a who would have thought so be sure to watch that video if you haven't already but there it is pretty cool right there guys very easy responsive no issues at all with it everything works great now let's try out some games all right so you guys can see we have asphalt 9 loaded right now on the pixel 4a

Everything looks great guys look at how good everything looks really impressive really nice very fast and responsive so you can see for a couple more seconds how everything looks on the 4a very nice though display's doing great phones not having any issues it's not getting too warm hopefully that's a good sample for you guys to see the gaming quality no issues at all with asphalt 9 no lagging stuttering

Staggering or anything else very clear and crisp gameplay really quick i wanted to show you guys how to turn on one of my favorite pixel features this is not specific to just the pixel 4a it's the now playing feature so go ahead pull up your settings select the gear icon go to sound then it's the second option up from the bottom now playing there you go here's where you can access all of those settings you can show it on the lock screen notifications and view you're now playing history

Which is really cool keep in mind if you're worried about privacy now playing never sends audio or background conversations to google and you can learn more about the privacy and protections that they offer you if you select learn more right there so let's pull up photos we can see it right there here's the first photo i took guys that's my aloe vera plant so you can see this just regular unedited photos snap straight from this phone there's my succulent

So no special modes or anything just taking some pictures for you guys of all my succulents now you can see here's portrait mode enabled so you can see the detail that we get this camera is spectacular guys my succulents look fantastic too so love seeing the camera quality right here all these are in portrait mode so good guys the quality is insane then here's my dog dog just a regular photo from that rear-facing camera then we have a

Portrait mode pick look at him so good that portrait mode is fantastic guys the camera is top-notch you just can't beat it at any other phone at this price point here's a video we'll look at the videos in a minute here's a front-facing selfie no portrait mode here's another one again so you can see how good those photos are guys they've been unedited in any way here's another selfie from the front-facing camera

This time we have portrait mode enabled so you can see how good it looks here's another one portrait mode look at how good of a job it does fantastic camera here's a picture i took of my pixel 3a i love the color the purplish color so definitely my favorite phone of all time and then here's another portrait selfie i took in my studio then we have a night photo right here guys so i took a couple photos you guys could see what it's like in the dark so

Here's a regular photo with night mode enabled here's one without night mode here's the same photo with night mode so you can see huge difference right there then we have another one of the sky so no night mode right here same photo with night mode so it definitely makes a huge difference guys here's another photo no night mode here's a photo with night mode look at that guys same picture drastic difference in the dark in low light

Environments so cool can't stress that enough here's a regular photo again no night mode which actually isn't that bad with the street lights there here it is with night mode look at the detail and quality fantastic it does take a couple of seconds to process the night mode pictures you got to hold the phone steady but look at the results guys i didn't edit that in any way that's just the camera and the phone processing that image with their night

Mode so huge difference really a cool feature to have and look at the quality i think it looks really good so definitely helps to have some light in the picture when you're doing a night mode shot but even just the horizon in the sky at night you can see no night mode and night mode even that's really cool you can see some details in the sky and the horizon right there with the tree line so really impressive

Guys definitely makes a big difference not having it versus having it right there so this phone definitely lives up to the hype with the camera that it has pixel continues to innovate and push the boundaries of just one camera on the back of their phones and it's really impressive now let's look at some video here's a raw 4k video sample of my dog doug right here so you can see him enjoying his time outside on the back deck

We're gonna walk around for a second we'll look at my succulents too so you guys get a feel for the mic quality this is the raw mic audio and i'm not even holding this with the tripod or any stabilizer so you'll be able to see what it's like just holding it in your hands and walking around 4k 30 frames per second for this video with raw mic audio now we're taking that same 4k 30 frames per second video again in portrait mode so instead of holding the phone for landscape we now have it in portrait there's my dog doug

He's enjoying his time outside and we'll go back and look at my succulents again this is the raw mic audio and this is unedited video 4k 30 frames per second checking out my awesome succulents alright so here's your raw sample video and audio from the front-facing selfie cam right here you can see my succulents behind me over there and my dog doug sunning right there enjoying his time outdoors so here's the front-facing camera raw video and audio on the google pixel

4a now i'm recording that same video again but now we have it in portrait mode with the front-facing selfie cam so there's my succulents and there's my dog dog so this is what it looks like from the front facing camera in portrait mode if you want to take and capture some video so really nice beautiful beautiful day here look at that lighting look at that camera how cool is that for video pretty sweet right now we're gonna take a look at

Text messaging and the mic phone quality we get with the pixel 4a so first up let's go ahead let's send some text so i'm sending text from the pixel 4a on the visible network to an iphone se 2020 so i just sent a text message it just arrived on the iphone let's message back we're going to send an emoji back and you can see we just got it right here we can send our own emojis if we want so very fast super responsive

Now we can go ahead let's send a picture so let's swap cameras there we go so let's send that photo along should take a couple of seconds and while that's going on let's go ahead let's do the same thing right here we'll do a thumbs down since it's an iphone and we're doing a pixel 4a video but we're going to send that image back to the 4a so you can see we're receiving one and we just sent one so there we go there it is guys you can see the 4a

Photo right there in the iphone se 2020 photo right there that's going to arrive on our pixel phone right now so no issues there very easy to use texting we have video options depending on what app you're using and if it's you know another android device that sort of thing and then obviously we can quickly call right there we can view more information details delete archive search love the search functionality for

Messages then we have the plus option right here so you can see we can add gifs favorites send location google assistant for restaurants movies weather google pay to send or request we can also send a little voice memo we could share a contact or attach a file so we have a lot of options with the default messaging app for the pixel 4a i love this app it's great so everything works very smoothly just for fun you want to send a gif let's send a gif so here we go

Here's a gif we can send and you can see it's going to send it might take a minute to make it to the iphone but there it just sent and we just received it so everything works great now let's go ahead let's try out the call quality hey guys this is your google pixel 4a raw mic audio test you guys can hear exactly how it sounds if you want to make a phone call we're using the visibles network that's the sim card that we currently have installed i'm going to go ahead i'm

Going to move the phone further away from my ear so now we have the phone way out here we're going to bring it all the way around in front of us you guys can hear how the microphone sounds we're gonna go ahead we're gonna switch hands we're gonna bring it all the way back here as well too we're gonna put it up to our left ear and keep talking as well we're gonna snap and try to make a little bit of background noise too to see how the microphones do to handle some of

Those background noises that can be a little bit distracting never happen all the way out here again put it on speakerphone too so we're talking into it using speakerphone right now so this is your raw mic audio test for the google pixel 4a so when you're making or taking phone calls there's also a great built-in call screening feature so let's go ahead let's try that out right now we're going to call the pixel 4a from my iphone right here

So we're calling it once you see the incoming call we can select screen call and listen to how everything works it's really cool hi the person you've reached is using a screening service from google and will get a transcript of this call go ahead and say why you're calling so there you go you can see how the call screening works it's really cool we also have some more options from google assistant if we need to have them tell us more information if it's urgent i can't understand

Call me back i'll call you back or i'll message you you have other prompts you can select and use if you want so really a neat feature that you'll find very handy as you make and take phone calls it helps you block out some potential spam calls as well in conclusion my thoughts on the pixel 4a are as follows overall it's a great phone at a very competitive price point google does this right with the hardware so they give us

A really fantastic camera which is probably the most hyped feature about this phone and they give us six gigs of ram and 128 gigabytes of built-in storage which is awesome they include the headphone jack usb type-c so they have us covered you might be able to knock a couple points off for the phone with the processor that they chose but if you ask me the everyday person isn't going to care they're not going to notice and honestly it's a great experience using this phone thanks to their incredible software it's

Just a fantastic phone to use guys there's nothing more to say than it's an awesome phone which is why i've stuck with pixels since the original one it's just you can't beat the user experience if you ask me my own personal opinion other than that though we can talk about the battery for a second i think the battery's just fine i'm optimistic over time it's gonna be better than my iphone sc 2020 but i wouldn't say it's incredible definitely enough to get you through a

Day no issues anything like that and they do offer you quick charging so that is definitely a nice alternative to have if you do have to charge it really quick you can get some juice before you head out other than that though guys here's what i'd like to see in the future from this phone one is wireless charging if they would have put wireless charging in this phone and could come out with you know a similar price maybe 10 20 30 40. i don't know

50 bucks more at the most this would just crush all the competition if you ask me so i really wish they had wireless charging in this device and the second feature i really want to see is a wide angle camera they have this huge module here but they only have one camera in there so why have this massive module without putting in our wide angle camera please and thank you i want that in the future or if you're not going to include it just make this module go away and put

The one camera lens in there like the 3a that would be welcomed as well from a design standpoint because i'm just not the biggest fan of the modules right there but a wide angle lens would be awesome and the ability for wireless charging would make this phone incredible and i'd pass out and it would just be the best thing in the whole wide world if you ask me so google please and thank you in the future please add that to your you know xa devices your 5a 6a whatever

Going forward that would be fantastic but yes great phone competitive price point decent hardware great software experience and you'd be really happy so now you might be wondering well should i upgrade great question if you're coming from the original pixel or pixel 2 yeah go ahead upgrade you'll be really happy if you're coming from the three and beyond maybe the three you might want to upgrade maybe the 3a but i have a 3a and i'd say i probably wouldn't

Upgrade myself especially because my phone doesn't have a cracked screen the battery's still going strong i've had no issues with it so i don't have a reason to upgrade with this device but i want to say if your battery's dying your screen's cracked something's not working well then this is a great pixel phone to upgrade to to get the latest from google at a very competitive price point it's just so much more affordable than the pixel 4 and i think it's a much

Better value than that phone even though it is missing some of the features that i want to see like wireless charging but you get what you pay for and this is a great deal at an incredible price well that concludes our video thank you so much for watching don't forget the product link will be in our video description below please go ahead check it out and do your shopping from there any purchase made through that link help support our channel

At no additional cost to you so we're really grateful and thankful for all of your support while you're at it can you go ahead and hit that like button for us and subscribe to our channel we have new content coming out daily and we don't want you to miss anything please go ahead and give us a follow online and make it a clean sweep facebook twitter instagram twitch tick tock discord you can message us on wechat check out our website

And join our free newsletter thank you guys so much for being here don't forget new content daily and we can't wait to see you in our next video

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