Google Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Note 10 Plus Camera Test Comparison!

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Welcome to the complete camera comparison between the brand new Google pixel for Excel iPhone 11 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Note m+ and starting with video it's good that all three phones can record 4k footage but the pixel can only do this at 30 frames per second

Versus 60 on the other two you'll also notice dynamic range Samsung struggles the most at keeping both the dark and a light areas well exposed it's prone to over exposing highlights but a little more worrying is the pixel which

If you look carefully actually becomes grainy in the darker areas even in this daytime scene there's a good chance this will improve over time with future updates but we're on the latest right now and as it stands hmm but generally

Speaking Samsung's video has the most saturated colors and the iPhones the best dynamic range it's especially obvious if you look at the skies you'll see that the bright spots on the Samsung and occasionally

The pixels as well they're a little bit overblown compared to the iPhone which has the much darker and more controlled the note also has live focused video the ability to artificially blur the background as well as audio zoom which

Can isolate audio from whatever you zoom in on and get to have but I wouldn't call either of them huge features but what is significant is that both iPhone and Samsung come with ultra wide cameras this new pixel phone doesn't and I gotta

Say the more I use ultra wide cameras the more I like them and actually between those two ultra wide cameras you might be able to see iPhones dynamic range is greater every now and again with video I also noticed that the pixel

Struggles to autofocus correctly as you see here but again I'm putting this one down to something that'll be ironed out with future software hopefully you can also in this frame see the differences between color profile on the iPhone and

Samsung Samsung opts for color iPhone opt for neutrality so far then it's not looking great for Google but one of the big things they did talk about with the pixel for is nighttime photography using their new and improved night sight

Feature and so as the light is just starting to dip there's no significant difference but as soon as it disappears a few things to note all three are pretty exceptional at nighttime the fact that in the same shot we can see the

Dark as well as what's happening inside this bright building is impressive and now that we're cropping in 10 times you can probably also see the pixel four shot is clean iPhones photo is little grainy and Samsung's a little softer in

Part due to the aggressor noise reduction algorithm they use the iPhone produces almost always the warmer redder looking image with that and the Samsung being a little more true to life than the pixel anyways you might have

Heard Google has taken light mode a step further this time astrophotography mode which means if you take the phone to an ultra dark environment and you stick it on a tripod it'll spend a few minutes capturing

Everything it can so of course we had to test this and to do that I headed to a night sky observation deck and this photo here was the result on first glance it might look like the iPhone has captured more starlight but there's

Anyone we crop into this that the full picture emerges the note m+ gets absolutely slaughtered in ultra low light whilst the iPhone can still output a really solid image but it's not close the lower the lighting the further ahead

Google pulls the lack of the ultra wide on the Google it stings but in really low light is not something you'd use anyway these cameras just need more light to work properly and when it comes to you to times zoom they're pretty much

On par this was in a pitch-black room thankfully I can also say that Google and Samsung do a good job with flash illumination the something especially it's got really good lighting evenness on balance then when taking photos in

The dark Google does a great job it's just a shame that this advantage doesn't translate to video if you look at the water in the scene Apple is the only one that was able to properly expose the bright spots and if we try with even

Less light the trend is only exaggerated admittedly this was taken in what was effectively blackness but the iPhone still holds up it's not a crisp and super sharp image but at least it's noise free Samsung is after and the

Pixel is definitely in last place here you've also again when it comes to video got the advantage on Apple and Samsung with the ultra wide camera which the pixel doesn't have and in this scene in particular you can see how – ultra wide

Is wider than Samsung's and if instead you wants to zoom in then mix back really the pixel has a brighter results but with iPhone the finer details are a little bit more legible slow motion is an area that Samsung has traditionally

Won in but we're getting to a stage where each phone has their own merits all three can record continuous slo-mo up to 240 frames per second and with this you can see a bit of a spectrum in terms of the dynamic range preserved it

Is pixel on top then iPhone 11 Pro then Samsung Galaxy Note m+ that said the iPhones advantage comes in two forms it can a record slow motion using the ultra wide camera which the other two can't and can also take slow fees or

Slow mo on the front camera a little bit less important than rear camera I think but still a feature and then you've got Samsung which as you might already know it can record bursts of super slow motion at 960 frame per second and just

Because of the sheer contrast with how slow this is versus normal video it's an impressive effect now we keep talking about video quality but another really important aspect of it is stabilization it's good on all three if you're filming

At full 4k resolution it's good enough that you can walk normally and the bumpiness of footsteps on the ground is massively smoothed out it won't quite feel like the phones are on a slider but it's not far off and if we dial that

Resolution down to 1080p stabilization improves further and if we pick up the pace and I start running a few things the pixel becomes a little jumpy iPhone is more stable but produces a bit of warping and Samsung pulls ahead

Honestly the stabilization is crazy I was sprinting at this point all right let's address the elephant in the room arguably the most important factor when picking a smart phone camera daytime photography the past pixel

Phones have been praised for their color processing and so the good news is that the pixel four is every bit as good but the bad news is that it's barely better it renders colors really well and produces punchy shots with what looks

Like a bit of extra sharpness and slightly exaggerated textures however whilst the dynamic range on this phone is very good it's not as good as Apple and Samsung's best you can see in any challenging scenario those other two

Phones do a slightly better job at controlling bright spots like the Sun color-wise iPhone looks the most natural but I don't mind the extra bit of saturation that the note adds to its photos

Well the pixel 4 does bring to the table is a 2 x optical zoom camera but the other 2 phones have one of these two googles suppose it advantage comes from it using the software on top of this to stack images and bring out more detail

When you're further away did the results speak for themselves not really I'd say all three are about on par with varying levels of sharpening being used as when we were taking video when you're taking photos the ultra wide

Cameras are just as dramatic and it's just as painful that we don't have this feature on the pixel Samsung also has the advantage of being able to focus better on objects that are closer macro shots so to speak with portraits you're

Looking at three of the best phones for it it just has their own style and so the winner is a little personal preference but I would add especially with the most recent camera update Samsung's edge detection is fantastic if

You were just wondering about general camera detail we can take a well-lit shot like this and crop in 20 times long story short there isn't a whole lot in it as for front cameras I've always said the pixel phones they're a little

Unflattering and that remains true here it kind of looks like the whole image is sharpened including the details in my face then again I've talked to a lot of people about their opinions on this front camera and my takeaway was that it

Varies there's a spectrum of people from those who want a selfie to be as flattering as possible to those who want it to be as realistic as possible and so it's better if you look at these images and decide where you lie on that

Spectrum less negotiable though is at the pixel and the iPhones cameras are wider than Samsung's if you switch to portrait mode on the front a similar story and I'm personally a fan of the iPhones and results plus with video the

Pixels redness becomes a little more apparent and whilst the iPhone and Samsung can record at 4k resolution on the front it is limited to 1080p and Samsung also just takes it in terms of stabilization and finally audio quality

So to start with you're hearing me microphone from the pixel now the iPhone 11 pro let me know if you think that is better and finally the Samsung Galaxy Note Templar bear this in mind I think audio

Is pretty important factor so the conclusion here is a few things I would expect the pixel to improve a little in terms of software and that phone does have some areas where it's got a clear advantage like night photography but on

Balance I don't think it holds up to the best phone cameras out there from the lack of the ultra wide camera to the lackluster video quality on both the back and the front cameras the pixel feels a little outclassed compared to

The other two this is not to say it's a bad camera system far from it but it just doesn't feel like a huge leap forward in a year when that's exactly what the competition was doing if you enjoyed this video I made a video

Delving into the secrets of Apple accompanied by I think you'll find it really interesting so I'll leave that link from here and with that being said my name is Aaron and this is mr. user boss and I will catch you in the next

One you

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