Google Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Pro Speed Test & Camera Comparison!

by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

Hey what's up guys everything Apple Pro here today let's take a look at Google's new phone the Google pixel for I want to go ahead and see how much faster or slower it is versus Apple's iPhone 11 Pro and then get some camera samples in there because this phone is legendary

For a whole that legacy of them is for the night time shots and very curious before we jump into that just want to show you a couple things about it first off the motion sensor and basically you can approach it wake up for you and here

We've got the motion sensing for music so you can use a gesture with the radar sensor and swap songs I found that it works 9 out of 10 times the further away you get obviously it's not gonna work so you got to be fairly

Close in their live transcribed works fairly well prepared godzilla meow salute sure yeah bokeh professional translated it fairly well and the Google pixel for looking a little dated with the

Snapdragon 855 a full generation behind Apple's a 13 doesn't even have the snapdragon 855 plus that would require additional cooling the advantage it holds is two additional gigabytes of RAM so we'll see how that reflects in round

Two where we have to keep more applications open now this is running a day-to-day real-world speed test a bunch of applications you might find throughout your day and seeing which one finishes or complete the test

First now one thing I noticed about the iPhone this time around since my last iPhone 11 Pro versus 10s vs. 10 speed test is that the applications seem more optimized things are smoother running better and the iPhone has had a few

Software updates since so it's on iOS 13 point one point three now and things are looking really really good and there's two things I'd like to note about the pixel so for one the display in a bright environment outdoors or under these

Bright lights it's not as bright doesn't look as good in max brightness versus the iPhone and as we know the 11pro does have the world's best display named by display mate so they could have done better there although the 90 Hertz

I'd say makes up for that that's a trade-off I take any day to have that on the iPhone – why does it have an old processor the Snapdragon 855 is not the newest and the most current I know that the a 55 + draws more power and these

Don't have the largest batteries but even with the 90 Hertz display on after running the battery performed fairly well and it was back to the test so the iPhone is leaps and bounds ahead of the Google

Pixel for already finishing up the test with our 4k video editing portion at this point the iPhone is already finishing up the 4k video export all while the Google pixel is still several applications behind the Apple II 13 is

Truly a marvel of modern engineering finished up with a round one time of two minutes and eight seconds and just now the Google pixels getting to the 4k video export although this is one area where the Google pixel did surprise me

It had a ridiculously fast export time better than any other smartphone that I've seen with this clip so props to them on that handled the export very well but it finished with around one time of 2 minutes and 53 seconds so

Here's the big difference between the two while the Google pixel has an additional 2 gigabytes of RAM it had absolutely zero not one application pre-loaded in the background it literally dumped every single one to

Finish that 4k video export and that may be the secret to why it's so fast but I had to run through every single one not even the last application was preloaded it's ridiculous so there's some sort of optimization

Going on where it dumps every app in the background and that's quite unusual to see with a smartphone with more RAM and this is where it became quite clear to me that the iPhone has had some optimizations since it first launched as

In my first speed test on an earlier version of iowa's 13 almost none of the applications were open but everything since minecraft was in this version of the test props to Apple for doing that maybe we'll see something of the sort of

The pixel as it is still a brand new device but I'm very disappointed its RAM management was wack and completely ineffective compared to the iPhone with its inferior 4 gigabytes you never know when you'll need your phone in a pinch

After it dies and there's a serial killer chasing you this is the ultimate test of that in 3 2 1 and attempting to start them up at the same time here Android 10 on the left Iowa's 13-point 1.3 on the right and

This one does not have any carrier labels no screens like that Wow just like that starts up way way faster than iOS so I'm liking this Android stripped down as such unique experience so much better than

Anything while your Samsung offer and there it is on the iPhone so a little bit slower there and I just want to give a shout out to Google the amount of refinements the pixel has gone through software wise I really feel it like

Using the mate 30 even the note 10 it does not offer this level of refinement I love the gestures everything is snappy everything feels great and I want to test the individual app speed here on a couple applications so generally though

Both were pretty quick snapchat one two a little bit faster there on the pixel Instagram one two just smidge faster on the pixel camera app one two and this one is ready to take pictures sooner I phone not far

Behind Photoshop and the iPhone loaded this one faster and rendering the same image here 10k and the iPhone loads that one faster so for general app launching some of the smaller stuff it looks like the pixel loads those sooner heavier

Stuff the iPhone and let's take a look at the Geekbench scores so this is using Geekbench 5 and the new calculations oh wow that's actually kind of sad why is this so low so that's the snapdragon 855 the non plus variants unusually low

Score even for that processor and 6 gigabytes of ram so we've got double more than double in a single core and that impressive Apple a 13 gives us a 3366 on the mole time so next up its getting an an to to benchmark going and

Just for fun seeing how hot these devices get the iPhone 11 pro reaches a scalding 107 degrees on its hottest point actually 107 point four so about the same there the antutu results snapdragon 855 already a little long in

The tooth it is time for the 865 next up let's test Google's face on lock versus face ID and I want to test something funny out so this will unlock with your eyes closed and yeah it does so if you're sleeping your girlfriend is

Curious wants to get in there she could do that if you're dead at your funeral they can lift it up to your face and it will unlock okay let's test speed wise here so one two three oh wow so they are quite a

Difference there animation wise apples got a way longer drawn-out and Meishan one two three both are quick apples of course is more secure and one more thing I'd like to commend Google on with the pixel for is adapting a 90

Hertz display it's smoother you know it's everything I've ever wanted out of an iPhone display and supposedly we're getting it in 2020 with a 120 Hertz display potentially on the iPhone but it's so great I mean everything is so

Smooth launching your applications it's just a pleasure to use this phone and going back to the iPhone there's a very noticeable difference now what I'm most interested about with the Google pixel is of course the nighttime capabilities

The pixel line is notorious for it being able to take good pictures with night sight so let's see one two three it is a separate mode not automatic like on the iPhone 11 probe so if you don't go into that mode you will not get the

Same great picture Wow definitely the iPhone in terms of colors like down on the rocks more natural-looking to what I'm actually seeing here in real life that is incredible okay this is a nighttime video the ultra wide lens and

Fortunately so do that but the iPhones isn't even that great at night times very noisy and with wind I guess we'll see on the computer these are the undisputed kings of nighttime photography the Google

Pixel has long been known for its nitesite feature and the iPhone 11 pro with its night mode really caught up and even surpassed the Google pixel in some areas now depending on the lighting and the situation where the lighting is

Coming from the skin tones would sometimes look better on the pixel sometimes on the eleven the probe but both looked fantastic I noticed that the Google pixel was a lot cooler it didn't always reflect the actual colors of what

I was seeing some objects would be displayed differently but you know you really can't go wrong with either one it's such a small difference between the two and some daytime footage 4k with this beautiful autumn foliage so there's

One concern I had with the pixel notice this when I shift to a more green environment notice how cold the picture gets then going to Orange everything lightens up vivid more bright and then it's cold I don't understand why it does

That transition but it's definitely noticeable look at the green leaves how blue they get as soon as I pan downwards so there's some sort of color correction issue I have faith that Google will fix that otherwise in 4k both look fantastic

You know in daytime most modern smartphones are gonna look good the true test here was in the dark and both did really well personally I like the iPhone colors a bit more more realistic but in the daytime both look

Great of course Google's legendary support with the app looks fantastic very easy to use somehow though Apple one up them in the ease of use of how the night mode works but no complaints to either one it's up to you let me know

Which one you think looks better in the comments I'm leaning towards the iPhone because it doesn't have that weird color issue where it makes everything a lot bluer and colder than it looks to be in real life right now also this is testing

The two x telephoto zoom lens which the fix will just received so stabilization while moving and both do fairly well here pixels working and overdrive kind of jumping between corner to corner a while

Stationary let's do some panning yeah both look great of course everyone was wishing that they would have received an ultra wide lens and that's just one area where the pixel cannot compete it is a wonderful feature

And wonderful addition to the iPhone camera that concludes my comparison thanks for watching hopefully this helped you determine which device you'd rather go for peace

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