Google Pixel 4 Leaked in Full: Everything we know so far!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

if you ask me what makes a Google pixel
phone special I might say the software
or the nitesite camera or the fast
updates but not much of that has to do
with the actual hardware in the case of
the pixel four series though that may be
about to change with multiple cameras
new radar based gesture controls and
plenty of other surprises and I like
smart central and this is what we know
so far about the pixel four and pixel 4
XL before we get started language future
if you want to wear the history of
Android on your own body in shirt form
then be sure to hit up the Android
central store link in the description
for our new history of Android
okay fun story this video was about
ready to go live when Google made the
extremely ballsy move of basically
confirming the bulk of leaks that have
emerged over the past day or so so here
it is officially the pixel for from
Google four months before release it's
pretty wild to see a company just come
out and confirm leaks like this but then
again this is Google we're talking about
here first there's a big old camera bump
that looks likely to house at least two
rear cameras the exact number of cameras
isn't quite clear the Google rounder
appears to show three but other leaks
have pointed to just two though it's
hard to make out whether this top lens
here is a full blown camera or just some
other kind of sensor you could say this
is an iPhone 11 copycat because that
phone too is supposed to have this style
of camera bump but realistically this
phone has been developing for just as
long as Apple's and of course we all
remember the huawei mate 20 series last
year which had the same style of camera
module anyway the big takeaway is
Google's probably finally moving to
multiple rear cameras in the pixel line
not surprising for a 20-19 flagship
we're triple cameras are increasingly
seen as table stakes but this is
actually super exciting when you
consider the strengths of Google's
cameras have always been the image
processing are not necessarily the
optics typically the telephoto and ultra
wide-angle cameras in most phones are
much weaker optically meaning poor
dynamic range or low-light performance
but Google can overcome these issues
through its unique HDR plus processing
and nitesite camera features having used
moments telephoto and wide-angle lenses
on the pixel 3 I'm excited this year for
a pixel forward at least two rear
cameras Google's image basically
confirms CAD renders from seasoned
leaker on leaks that appear just 24
hours beforehand while adding a little
bit more detail the other thing these
renders reveal is the conspicuous lack
of a fingerprint scanner around the back
which will examine a little later on so
those are the main clues from these on
leaks images the presence of an AP
speaker up top suggests goggle isn't
going completely baseless but from these
images it's not entirely clear what
Google is doing up top to find out that
we need to look at yet another leak
Lewis from unbox therapy managed to
unearth pixel four and pixel four Excel
dummy units showing phones around the
same physical size as a pixel three and
three XL with the same square camera
both sizes apparently housing only to
rear cameras
he says there'll be no not sure on the
front but instead the substantial
forehead containing an array of five
imaging sensors so why do you need all
that space up top well apparently
there's not just no real fingerprint on
the pixel for according to unbox therapy
there's no fingerprint scanner at all
Mike Apple Google is apparently going
all-in on secure face authentication and
that's backed up by a recent report from
XDA we've dug at references to a hidden
face authentication feature in the
current Android Q beta both of these are
pretty controversial decisions in the
Android world we're used to fingerprint
by now and it's not gonna be easy coming
up with something as good as Apple's
face ID plus any phone with a big ol
forehead runs the risk of looking pretty
dated in late 2019 where all the
momentum seems to be behind reducing
bezels and notches at all cost but at
this point I want to go in a bit of a
tangent and take us back to Google i/o
in May this year back then Google
showcased its next-gen assistant which I
said will be launching on the next
generation of pixel phones and if you
look closely at the device being used on
stage you'll see a few things first it's
in what's called a lunch box case these
are big clunky cases that used to
obscure the design of upcoming phones
when they used outside of the labs and
as the biggest giveaway that Google
might have actually flashed a pixel
fought on stage a couple months ago
without anyone noticing Google used
regular pixel three phones for some of
the other demos but this one was
obviously bit different because
assistant had to be running on the
device itself so obviously you want to
showcase that on the fastest phone
possible even if it isn't something
that's actually been released yet
besides pretty much the only reason to
hide a device in a lunchbox like this is
because it is unannounced the phone on
show here seemed to have a dual selfie
camera based on the software demo though
not in the exact same place as the pixel
3 along with an 18 by 9 display the rear
camera is also completely blanked out
aside from the single hole with a flash
LED which was part of the demo not 100%
confirmed this is the pixel 4 but it
seems pretty likely to me and the front
design would fit with what we've seen
from on leaks and unbox therapy so what
else do we know it looks like a
predictable spec sheet for the pixel 4
based on leaked benchmarks these are
hard to fake admittedly but the numbers
here on Geekbench are exactly what we'd
expect to see from a pixel 4 so now
track 1/8 55 6 gigs of ram and android
cube I think we'd all love to see 8 gigs
of ram and a pixel 4 but Google
has been historically stingy in that
department on the software side the
Android q beta program has given us a
pretty good idea what to expect once the
pixel four lands big changes come into
gesture navigation privacy and
permission management improvements a
system-wide dark poder new theming
options finally a full desktop mode and
native foldable phone support check out
our Android cue videos for more on
what's new there
finally one late-breaking tip bit that's
really fascinating
Google's projects so lie which I'd
almost forgotten about could be coming
to the pixel for to support some kind of
advanced gesture system this technology
was first demoed a couple of years ago
with applications imagined around
smartwatches and other gadgets at the
time Google's approach allows very
precise gesture input for things like
turning a volume dial or precisely
tracking something on the screen
ninety-five reports the solar chip will
be included in the new pixel for but
doesn't offer any details about
precisely how it'll be used
there are countless possibilities though
from something similar to Apple's 3d
touch only freeform and something in a
space above the phone screen to easier
ways to control the volume or summon
Google assistance so after a relatively
boring pixel 3 release cycle looks like
the pixel four could have some really
unique and exciting new features stick
with us in the coming months as we learn
more about the pixel 4 and pixel 4 XL
and subscribe so you don't miss Laura
upcoming coverage thanks for watching
and I'll see you next time

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