Google Nexus 6: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on April 14, 2021

Hey guys Mike here the Detroit Borg with a look at the third and final installment in the Nexus lineup for 2014 this is the Nexus 6 so I already take a look at the Nexus 9 and the Nexus player but now it's time for the grand finale the big Nexus 6 smartphone launching with Android 5.0 or lollipop which is a major redesign of Android so we're going to take a close look at that in this video now this is a flagship phone with flagship pricing so off-contract this is 649 for 32 gigs or $700 for 64 gigs now we also have top-end flagship specs here we have a Snapdragon 805

Clocked at 2.7 gigahertz we have an adrenal 420 GPU we have three gigs of ram 32 gigs or 64 gigs of internal storage no micro SD card slot to expand storage we also have front-facing stereo speakers and a fairly large 3200 and 20 milliamp hour battery which is identical to the note 4 this phone also has a huge 5.9 6 inch AMOLED display with quad HD resolution so that's 1440 by 2560 good for 493 pixels per inch so that's a lot of pixels we also have a 13 megapixel camera on the back capable of 4k video recording with optical image

Stabilization and a dual LED ring flash that surrounds it alright so let's go ahead and crack into our box here the packaging again is very similar to the Nexus 9 and the Nexus player so let's go ahead and slice open our packaging here there we go there is our Nexus 6 which is quite large now you can see it looks like it's a black phone but actually this is the cloud white version there is a midnight blue version as well so if I flip it over and you'll see that cloud white back panel which also has a lighter silvery trim around it so this is a nice metal frame again the design

Is very similar to the Moto X which I also reviewed now this is a polyurethane or plastic material which has a rigid fuel to it but it does have a nice texture nice smooth texture we're going to take a close look at this phone in this video but first let's get the plastic off the front here alright just pull it off and there we go alright let's set that aside for just a moment so we can take a look at the contents of this box here so first up is our nexus literature packet so we pull this open here so we have a nexus 6 Quick Start Guide with that red theme

Very nice and then you also have your ejection tool here so we can just pop that out if you want to eject your sim there we go again very similar to other motorola products and then we have our safety warranty guide which is gray which means it's less interesting right now taking a look at our accessories we have our very large turbo power supply so this is that turbo charger that also comes with other Motorola devices lately we just need to peel off this little plastic cover here you can see that nice glossy finish with the Motorola dimple toward the center and the USB port on

The bottom so again this is a turbo charger 15 minutes of charge will give you 6 hours of additional battery life on this phone so again a nice quick charger that works only with the supplied USB cable all right so let's go ahead and boot this up for the first time just going to tap and hold the power button along the right side which is toward the middle here which makes it a little more reachable now sever vine controls just below that now we can see that the bezel surrounding this large display are quite small which keeps the phone nice and compact despite its large

Display although you can see they're not quite symmetrical the lower chin is about half the size of the upper chin here now as you can see on the bottom we have our on screen Android keys but when you bring up an app those black out so you now have a more symmetrical display so it looks like this design was intentional now toward the top we have our earpiece which acts as one of the front-facing stereo speakers we also have a 2 megapixel front-facing camera good for 1080p HD video and then right next to that in the shadows are all these sensors the proximity sensor the

Ambulate sensor and that sort of thing what you're missing here are the IR LED sensors that are available on the Moto X and the other motorola products launched this year which read the presence of your face and the presence of your hand to activate ambient display mode down below we'll find the other front-facing stereo speaker which also incorporates one of the microphones now just like the Moto X these grille pieces are raised which means that when you place the phone flat on the table you won't muffle the speakers it also helps to keep the glass off a table so you don't scratch

It also like the Moto X we have a curved glass edge which makes it feel really nice when you swipe across the screen now what you're missing here is an ambient light sensor just like on the other Motorola devices and that's because this phone also incorporates ambient display which means when you handle the foam it wakes up the display to show you your most recent notifications now the Nexus 6 does this a little differently so instead of having badges with brief text at the top you have your entire notification panel right on

Your lock screen just grayed out so let's say is battery life this is much more informative and when you tap on the screen it lights up for you and could swipe to unlock it to see your notification now on the back we have a plastic material which has a nice texture – it's not what I would describe as soft touch but it does have a nice silky feel to it we have our Nexus branding toward the center which is chromed looks very nice we also have that classic although more subtle Motorola dimple toward the center this is much more prominent on the Moto X but

Of course you can see your Motorola logo sort of stamped in the middle now just like the Moto X we also have a 13 megapixel camera on the back with a ring LED flash so basically there is a reflector that surrounds these double LEDs which surround the camera which gives you a more even fill flash now the difference here is that this camera has optical image stabilization which the Moto X does not have now at the top you can see this prominent piece of metal which is part of the metal frame which gives us a really rigid feel of course you can see we have these antenna

Insulators on either side because the frame does integrate the antenna now at the center you'll find your headphone jack and then you'll find your nano SIM tray which you can eject and install your own SIM now the great thing about this phone is that it's a truly universal phone meaning you can stick a Verizon SIM Sprint t-mobile 18 T and it works the same all I have to do is make sure your carrier registers the IMEI so that's unusual especially in the US now along the right side you'll find your sleep-wake power button along with a volume rocker now that sleep/wake power

Button does have a texture to it so you can distinguish between the two buttons even though they're next to each other now toward the tapered bottom you'll find a microphone and at the bottom you'll find a micro USB 2.0 charging port and as you can see here again all that metal construction along with these intended insulators at each corner now if you look at the phone in profile you can see that classic Motorola shape so you can see it's thicker toward the top thinner toward the bottom it's also thinner at the corners so it kind of slopes around and fits nice and

Comfortably in your hand now like the nexus 4 5 & 7 this does support wireless charging and it is compatible with the nexus charger but it is kind of hard to position exactly right but you want to position it somewhere around the nexus badge that's where the charging receiver is but of course wireless charging is going to be much slower than the turbo charger that comes with the device so the other big story with the Nexus 6 is Android 5.0 or like pop so this is one of the launch devices so one of the great things about lollipop is the new lock screen which

Shows you all your notifications and as you can see here you can scroll through it to expand those notifications as you can see here they continue down and they stack on top of each other which is a kind of a nice effect here as you can see here when you drop all the way down you get to your quick settings toggles such as a bring this slider here you can see your battery status you can jump to your settings or jump to one of your profiles date and time you can also see these quick toggles for rotation lock bluetooth Wi-Fi and that sort of thing we also have a quick access toggle for a

Flashlight which is very handy to have so again all of that is available from the lock screen so I can tap on one of these to launch right into that app or I can expand the notification here to see more of my messages and again I can dismiss it by swiping to the right I can tap on it to launch into the app again let's go back and then you can see I can tap and hold on that item to see which app is pushing it and I have options here so I can tap on settings it takes me to my settings panel for that app or I can tap on this and get to information so with information I can block

Notifications or I can change the priority of the notifications now if you look at these notifications you can see the top five first and then you have all these other notifications just below it now if you look at our notifications they're here chronologically and you can see all the other notifications that are also available here so you can see those badges and you can see how many more notifications we have pending so I have to do is swipe down to see the rest of them now if you scroll down here you can see that we have this car dedicated to Google now notification so that's a

Separate area toward the bottom here and then you have a clear all button here to wipe out all your notifications this also means you can directly act upon the apps on the lockscreen so for example if you expand up this notification I can archive it or reply to this email now I really like the way some of these notification panels behave when you scroll through it so for example you have your media player up here and when you scroll up it stays persistent but collapses for you so kind of nice here and then when you bring it back down then it expands back out so it's pretty

Nice now to launch one of these apps all you do is double tap on it and it takes you right to that app now you can see at the bottom we have this pulsating lock button so we can swipe up to unlock our device but you can also launch quickly into your camera app just by swiping left or you can launch into the phone dialer by swiping right so from home screen you can see we can swipe right to see Google now launcher and then you can tap and hold on the home screen to edit this so you can change your wallpaper and new widgets if we take a look at our widget

Panel you can see they've also updated then as well you can also jump to your settings which allows you to turn off Google now if you prefer and change some other settings now I also have my drop-down notification sheet here as you can see I've cleared up most of my notifications and I can swipe down again to get my click settings now when you adjust the brightness slider here the drop down shape disappears momentarily when you release it it comes right back so you no longer have to leave the drop down shade in order to control some of these settings which is really nice now

You can also use a two-finger gesture to jump to quick settings right away now we also have quick access to multi-user mode so you can see I'm currently logged in but you can use a guest mode here now guest mode basically logs you out creates a separate space for that user and what they can do here is log in with their own account they can adjust the wallpaper they can take their own photographs all without affecting your account so you can see it's basically returned to the default setup here so it's even to return to the default brightness here which is too dark here

But again you can see this is all their own apps in order to use them they would have to log in with their own account so again they don't mess with yours alternatively you can add a new permanent user to this phone so basically they'll go through the same setup process with this phone as you went through when you set the device for the first time so they'll be asked to log in set up the Wi-Fi network and that sort of thing you can also manage the accounts under more settings and this is where you can delete them now you can see I've already moved in here and added

Some of my apps but if you go to the apt where you can see most of the apps here are just google apps so they're stock Google apps and they have all been updated for Android 5.0 now one of the updates is the change to email so the email app is now integrated into Gmail so if we go to the Gmail app here you can see this now integrates IMAP accounts so you can see I've added my gmail accounts and my IMAP account so if I go to an account you can see I can add an IMAP or pop account as well as an exchange account if I want we also have a new default messaging app which is

Independent of Google's hangouts app but this is a standalone Android app it's not cross-platform it's a much simpler epi no longer need to log in with your Google account now personally I prefer hangouts as my default SMS app so I'm going to set this up under settings select SMS select SMS disabled and click yes and now that is my default messaging app and of course I can move this out of the way add hangouts we also have our new updated Android keys so we have our home button which you can swipe up on to get to Google now we also have our recent

App switcher which introduces overview so you can see all your open tabs or apps or that sort of thing all in one sort of accordion view and they're all stacked on top of each other and you can see they're really quick to cycle through here so if you want to get to something you want to access again just tap on it brings it right forward of course you can also swipe them out of the way to dismiss them like so now some apps like Chrome will actually allow you to see each individual tab as a separate window which can access from the overview future here so for example you

Can see a tab for The Verge you can see another tab here for USA Today you can see another tab here for all the blog and etc personally I'm not sure I like this just because they're in chronological order so each tab is kind of stacked behind different apps and sometimes it can be kind of hard to sort through here so you can see I have these other tabs back here I have another tab right there another tab right there so it can get a little confusing to sort through now similar to mullux you can control this device hands-free but you have to enable it under settings right

Now you have to be able to see this search bar in order to command the device but if you want to be able to do this from the locks data from anywhere on the device you can enable it under google now so what we're going to do here is go to settings we're going to go to voice now the next thing I'm looking for is detection here I'm not going to speak the phrase because it will wake it up but you can see I can toggle on all these options so I can select always-on so response to your voice whether the screen is on or off you can also enable this when the screen is locked okay

Google play dead mouse playing dead mouse so as you can see it's basically like having that star trek-like computer we can place this phone anywhere in the room and command it from a distance we also have enhanced Android wear integration with some really neat features so if you launch the camera app and you have an Android wear device connected it will detect the presence of the camera app and will launch a shutter release utility so basically what will happen is you have an app on your watch that acts as a show to release and you can place your phone anywhere you want

But basically when you tap that show to release it takes the photograph after a countdown and then will display that photograph on your watch and if you want to regain access to the shutter release button just swipe to right Wells has some enhanced security features so if we go to settings go to security go to our screen lock you can see what's available swipe pattern pin or password right now I have swiped but let me go ahead and enter in a pin here and we're going to show you exactly what's new here so for example if you restart your

Device or if you power it down you can enable the ability to require a pin to start the device now as you can see when I swipe up here I'm not prompted to enter in my passcode and that's because I have an Android wear device connected using smart lock so if you add a new Bluetooth devices you're prompted to enable smart lock so trusted Bluetooth devices like an Android wear Smart Watch or your Bluetooth in your car will bypass the lock screen so I can enter in my password here just to authorize this device as a trusted device and I can add them so you can see I've added my car

I've added my watch and I can add additional trusted devices either from Bluetooth or NFC now if you want to bypass smart lock just tap the lock button and your device is locked until you manually unlock it so now when you swipe up you have to enter in your pin and of course smart lock will not work if Bluetooth or NFC are turned off so I've turned off Bluetooth here so if I go to unlock my device now you can see I have to enter in my pin next up let's go to our settings panel which has been updated with search so we can just start searching for things like screen so if

We start typing in screen you can see cast screen display brightness level etc so you can see lots of search results right away and you can tap on them to jump right to that Settings panel now you can see we have our Wi-Fi settings pretty standard stuff you can turn Wi-Fi on and off you can see the available networks now I'll see your Bluetooth settings so you can add new devices or manage your existing devices so for example under sync I have several options here because this is an in-car system you'll save your data usage information by app which is nice under

More you'll find things like your default SMS app you can see there's two to pick from right now if I tap on this you can see hangouts and the standard messenger app so you can manage that here as well you also have NFC which you can toggle on and off Android Beam tethering and portable hotspot VPN cellular networks and emergency broadcast settings under display you'll find adaptive brightness which is on by default it's not accessible from this drop-down shade here you can just change the brightness but you can't toggle adaptive brightness on and off so you

Have to go here to find it now there's sound in notifications you'll find independent controls from media alarm and volumes as well as vibrate for calls in eruption settings phone ringtones and that sort of thing now when you press the volume button of course you can control your volume and you can now control your do not disturb features which is really nice on stock android so you can see right now I'm receiving all notifications but I can also select priority notifications so here I can select whether I'm receiving all events

And reminders phone calls or messages and I can toggle those on and off and that can also adjust these and set specific days and specific times of day in which this automatically activates alternatively I can select indefinitely or for 15 minutes all the way up to 8 hours so it will automatically turn off after a period of time or I can select none so I'll receive no notifications at all and I can also limit that by time under storage you can see how much space is taken up and what's taking up all that space including other accounts that are using your device under battery we

Can see our complete battery history so you can see your timeline and see what's taken up all your battery life alternatively you can also go up here to enable battery saver mode and modify those settings so you can turn on right now so embarrass a free mode you can see dials back screen brightness CPU performance and data performance you can see we now have these orange bars that are omnipresent here let's just remind you that you're in battery saver mode you can also turn on battery saver mode automatically when the battery is down to 5% or 15% or never never is set by

Default we also have our application manager so we can see our downloaded apps and how much space left aching up you can see all your running apps and how much system resources each app is taking and then you can also see all your apps under users this is where you can add new users or remove the ones you do not want you also have tap and paying here as well thanks to NFC well several location settings which you can toggle on and off we also have security and this is where you can manage smart locks so this is where you can add additional devices or permit certain devices for

Smart lock smart lock also includes trusted face so there is face recognition in here so we can go ahead and set this up basically what's going to do is bring up the camera and it wants to Mac or face here so let me see if I can do this on camera all right so I had to do this off screen but it got it so let me show you how this works so if you look down here you can see it's scanning for your face it does it really quickly so again pay attention to that lock button at the bottom again scanning unlocked so find your face right away and you can unlock it without entering

Your passcode now if I can't find your face as I'm hiding behind the camera right now so we can't find it you're going to have to enter in your passcode manually also under security will find our screen pinning which we can turn on and off so will happen here is that once you have this on if you go to your overview you can see that we now have this pinning icon available under each app so you really have to bring the app for it if you want to pin that app so now you can see this pin icon I can tap it and it locks to this specific app so that means

The user cannot escape this app they can only interact with this specific app so this works particularly well with the phone dial if you hand your phone off to somebody who wants to make a quick phone call now if you want to get away from this all you have to do is tap and hold these two buns and your screen is now unpinned and you're good to go and of course under about this phone we have Android 5.0 if you keep tapping on it you'll find the lollipop Easter egg if you tap on that it just changes colors if you tap and hold on it you get to a flappy bird themed game alright I

Got one that's good see if I can get two nope alright that's good enough now the great thing about the Nexus 6 is that has these loud front-facing stereo speakers which sound great so what I'm going to do here is play a sample video and compare it to the standard bearer in this segment the HTC One m8 which also has excellent HTC boomsound front-facing stereo speakers hey guys Mike here at the Detroit Borg with a look at Google's Nexus player and the optional game pad these products are produced by a soos and are powered by Android TV hey guys Mike here at the Detroit Borg with a

Look at Google's Nexus player and the optional gamepad these products are produced by a soos and are powered by Android TV although the Nexus 6 is louder than the HTC One m8 it's not quite as clear and tends to distort at higher volumes obviously the big story here is that display 5.9 six inches which sounds bigger than it is that's because the phone itself is pretty compact relative to its screen size we have pretty small bezels but the screen shrinks down quite a bit when you're using certain apps because of the on-screen Android keys which take up

Quite a bit of space so when you compare this to something like the note 4 which has a smaller display you can see that display looks a bit bigger because it has off screen Android keys but like a lot of Motorola displays this one is kind of pink kind of a warm color compared to other ones like the note 4 it's also kind of on the dim side compared to something like the iPhone 6 the iPhone 6 plus is definitely one of my favorite displays out because it is really bright take a look at our Geekbench three scores you can see the Nexus 6 scores about the same as

The note 4 and Note edge then those edges what I have right here but they have the same spec the same Snapdragon processor same three gigs of ram same graphics processor you can see that the iPhone six-plus does better with a single core score but not as good with the multi-core score now compared to the Nexus 5 this is a fairly modest gain which is kind of interesting and that may have something to do with the qHD resolution versus the 1080p resolution here now because we have a high-end processor running stock Android this is highly optimized so the system runs

Really quickly really smoothly especially with Android 5.0 which is pretty graphically intensive so we have those nice transitions and everything moves very smooth with a high frame rate that's particularly impressive with a qHD display because there's a lot more pixels to push here so performance really keeps up here I'm really impressed overall now there are occasions when things tend to lag and stutter here and there but they are sporadic and kind of hard to predict and of course that may improve over time with further software updates now the

Camera app is pretty basic you snap your photograph you can see get a little animation indicating that the gallery is to the right so you can swipe in to get to the gallery and swipe through your images or videos and swipe back to gets back to the camera now you can also pinch in and out to zoom in on your scene here as you can see get a little animation that follows your fingers and of course you can swipe in from the left to get to your modes so you have video mode lens blur panorama and photosphere now lens blur is kind of interesting here so let me show you how this works

So you snap your photograph and you basically tilt the phone up while snapping the photograph now if you swipe over to your gallery you can see it's processing the image so this will allow us to refocus the image after it's taken the idea here is to focus the subject in the foreground and blur the background to give you some depth of field now I can tap this icon to change focus so I can tap anywhere on the scene to focus on the subject or the background or I can use this little slider now getting back to the standard camera mode we can go up here to see our available options

So we can switch between the front-facing and rear-facing camera like so you can cycle between your flash settings although on or off you can also see that we have HDR plus if we enable hdr+ you no longer have options with the flash you also have your grid lines which you can turn on and off and then you have your timer now this took a moment to figure out but you have to be able to see your modes before you can access your settings for those modes so for example this is where you would change your resolution quality so you

Can see that 13 megapixels is 4 by 3 but if you want why it's green you'll have to go with one of the other lesser resolutions like 16 by 9 which is at nine point seven megapixels we also have our front camera which is 2.1 megapixel i thought was 2.0 so it's 2.1 megapixels 16 by 9 or 4 by 3 you also have your video mode so we do have 4k video recording as well as 1080p or 720p now when you select 4k it stays on 4k we also have our front-facing camera again 1080p or less and then you have other options like panorama resolution and lens blur options now all camera should

Have this little nanny here which remind you to rotate your phone to landscape orientation before you start recording or taking photographs now while you're recording video of course you can pinch in and out to zoom and you can snap photos all you have to do is tap the screen now you have continuous autofocus with this camera so it automatically focuses it for you so you do lose the ability to tap the focus now in terms of camera quality I'm pretty impressed overall we have 13 megapixels to work with so you do get really sharp images color reproduction is pretty good and

That does a pretty good job exposing scenes low-light performance is surprisingly good that's thanks to the optical image stabilization in this camera which means it's able to take really sharp shots at nighttime this works especially well with HDR plus so hdr+ produces really amazing results I'll have some examples on the screen so you can see for yourself so I'm really impressed overall with some of those software features and with optical image stabilization 4k video recording is really smooth so I can walk around with my dogs they're pulling on the leashes

And yanking the phone out of my hand but it still does a nice job balancing it really well now this camera does feature continuous autofocus which can be quite slow and intrusive so it's slow to respond and then spends a lot of time hunting around trying to find focus this is worse in low-light conditions so I find that if you're taking photographs in low-light it spends a lot of time trying to find focus so this isn't the right camera to choose if you want to get those quick snapshots now that dual LED flash system does provide a lot of even light around your subject so it

Does minimize shadows a lot of the cameras place the LED flash to the side or to the angle of the camera which means you get a lot more shadow but unfortunately that also means you usually get more red eye hey guys my cutie Detroit pork with a look at the front-facing camera of the Nexus 6 again this is 2.1 megapixel is good for 1080p HD video and as you can see here I have a lot of light sources going on I have light coming in from the window right next to me I have these big light boxes behind me and it's doing a fairly decent job

Compensating without being too intrusive so a pretty solid camera overall and audio pickup is really good so overall I'm pretty impressed by the Nexus 6 thanks to its large screen size with a higher resolution q HD display with that AMOLED technology which gives you vivid colors and deep blacks you also have excellent speakers one of the best speaker systems you can get on the phone right now it's a little shy of the HTC m8 but they're really loud and clear we also have pretty decent cameras a 13 megapixel camera on the back with optical image stabilization which

Delivers really excellent results in a really decent front-facing camera as well and then you have fairly decent battery life I'm able to get about four four-and-a-half hours out of this phone at maximum brightness that's strict on screen time but of course you're going to see less performance when you're using the device day to day I'm also really impressed by the design and materials they've used this is by far the best Nexus device I've ever owned with that nice rigid metal frame and that curved glass display at least curved along the edges which gives you a

Really nice feeling phone in the hand now with the tempered edges and the smooth back panel it is a little slippery to handle so you may want to add a case to make it a little more printable but the big story here and the reason to buy this phone is Android 5.0 or lollipop which is an excellent smooth operating system that looks really sharp that comes with a lot of nice features so the combination of great hardware and great software makes this a great phone and I think it's worth the price so that's going to do for me in this video thanks for watching and I'll see you

Again in the next one you

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