Google Fuchsia OS could change the world…but…

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

we've known about fuchsia OS for a while
now Google's new exciting different
operating system that some people are
calling the Android killer
well Google pretty much refused to
acknowledge that even existed until now
they have just lifted the lid almost
entirely by going live with the fuchsia
OS developer site and before we get into
that let's take a look at the UI itself
so this is a super early Developer
Preview running on the Google pixel book
this demo lets you take a look at how
the software might look on a smartphone
as well as a laptop and you'll notice a
few things it seems to really embody
material design every pop-up has this
card style not too dissimilar from
recent versions of Android there's a
demo application of this rotating shape
and you'll notice when it's minimized
the app is not just holding its place
but running simultaneously the
multitasking generally looks kind of
amazing it's looking like you'll be able
to have five or ten windows at a time
functioning in whatever space you like
and you can even drag one on top of the
other to enter tabbed mode so that's the
ability to still run apps in full-screen
whilst also being able to seamlessly
switch between them like tabs in your
browser anyways there are hints all over
the place that fuchsia has big goals if
nothing else the name itself fuchsia is
a color and it's a combination between
pink and purple pink being apple's
codename for a potential Mac operating
system and purple being the codename for
what ended up becoming the iPhone we
might be reading into it too much here
but pink plus purple does suggest an
operating system that spans devices of
multiple form factors but I wanted to
talk about this idea that fuchsia oh s
is going to kill Android the idea that
this is going to be the smartphone
operating system of the future that is
definitely what the initial consensus
was but having seen what I've seen
recently I'm starting to doubt that
notion at least for the next five years
at Google i/o this year they had these
little interviews called fireside chats
and this particular one with hero Sheila
one of the founding members of the
Android team is probably the most open
conversation that's been had about it
there's a few things said here that
raise some eyebrows the first thing he
says is that fuchsia OS is an experiment
it's a concept that allows Google to
test new ideas which in itself implies
that are still in very early stages the
second thing is that Hiroshi completely
dismisses the idea that because this is
a new operating system from Google it
must be the one operating system from
Google he said that fuschia can happily
coexist with Chrome OS and Android and
then the third thing when afterwards
asked specifically about Chrome OS he
said we're going to be better than Mac
OS and Windows and this is important
because a big part of why people assume
that fuchsia OS was going to be a
replacement is that currently Chrome OS
doesn't exactly work perfectly with
Android and so it would have made sense
for Google to have one unified OS but
judging by what's been said here Chrome
OS is about to become a bigger focus for
Google not a smaller one this could all
be part of a plan for them to dismiss
the idea and then swoop in later and
surprise us all but I doubt it
Hiroshi was really open when asked about
fuchsia he straight-up said we enjoy
that you love the intrigue in it but
there really isn't anything to be
intrigued about it looks like whilst
fuchsia is capable of running Android
apps it has no intention of replacing
Android it's trying to coexist to
improve the capability of devices that
otherwise might not be very smart at all
okay but there is one key difference
with fuchsia one key advantage it is
based off a microkernel called zircon
which compared to the Linux based
Android has massive scalability it is an
OS that could work on anything whether
it's as powerful as your desktop PC to
as low powered as your toothbrush and
this has an important implication you
might remember when the smart home was
this really intriguing really exciting
prospect that was at least five years
ago since then there's been surprisingly
little progress for something that was
supposed to be the next big thing and I
think part of what's been slowing the
whole thing down is the fragmentation of
software so even right now I'm using a
bunch of smart home devices I've got
this Phillips hue light bulb directly
behind me I've got these not only four
or panels on either side and downstairs
I've added in a couple of lifx smart
bulbs and by far the biggest problem I
have with all of these is that they are
the opposite of seamless the philips hue
bulbs need a separate $50 box to work
properly the brains of the system these
nano leaf panels I love them but you're
still setting them up
typing in pairing codes and I've had a
really hard time getting these to work
well with my Amazon echo and then as for
the lifx bulbs downstairs without a
Google home installed if someone wants
to change the light color without
setting and syncing everything up on the
lifx application they're out of luck
it's not a specific complaint with these
bulbs it's the market in general but
it's looking like fuchsia can change
this it could shift even small scale
devices like bulbs from being dependent
on some sort of hub or application to
being completely independent smart
devices that just need a power supply I
think it's all pretty exciting anyways
as I mentioned at the start Google has
just published a brand new fuchsia
website pretty simple looking but
nonetheless massively meaningful it is
trying to get developers involved by
literally giving instructions on how to
build apps for it as well as a
searchable directory so they can get to
grips with this new capabilities as we
already know bringing in third-party
developers and being really developer
friendly is completely crucial for a
sustainable platform and so the father
Google is doing this the making all this
effort is strong indication that this is
not just a site throwaway project it's a
really big part of Google's future if
you enjoy this video then I've got
plenty more smartphone news content like
this so do you consider subscribing to
the mister who's the boss Channel my
name is Aaron Anna we'll catch you in
the next one


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