Google Assistant review: Is it actually useful?

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

so in case you haven't already noticed
google has made artificial intelligence
a huge part of what they're trying to
accomplish in the world of mainstream
technology we've got the Google pixel
which is pretty much the only device
that has access to their new Google
assistant unless you either have a
modified device or you use a low but
seriously who uses that Google home was
also recently released which looks to
make the Virtual Assistants and even
bigger part of your daily life and to
keep you constantly connected with the
search giant but with Google assistant
it's pretty much the main selling point
of the pixel
it also looks as if moving forward the
assistant will take over for Google now
and now on tap so what exactly can it do
differently than what the current Google
Voice Search commands and Google now
already do and is it even useful in
everyday life alright so we already know
that Google assistant can show you
pictures of cats it can tell you how
tall someone is what two times two is
what the weather is like over in Arizona
and where the nearest Taco Bell is
located I'm pretty much your normal
everyday smartphone power user so
something like a Google assistant should
be just what I need right well what I
use assistant for is pretty simple since
I don't necessarily have all the time in
the world to keep track of everything
that I want to I'd like to check up to
see if my Chicago Bulls won their last
game did the Bulls win last night
Chicago Bulls won 98 295 yesterday
against the Miami Heat
all right cool that's nothing new there
are also times where I need to set a
quick timer whether it's to take a power
nap or when there's food in the oven set
a timer for 20 minutes all right 20
minutes starting okay quick and simple
there are other things I would use it
for like finding out what a word is in
another language finding the lowest
price for potential upcoming flights
what days certain events land on and
setting a quick reminder so while these
things are pretty elementary and we've
had these features on previous
iterations of Google Voice Search there
are some new additions that I actually
found pretty useful okay so I know that
the Bulls won their last game but now I
can follow that up with a bunch of
additional questions who do they play
next the Chicago Bulls next game is
tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. when they employ
the Washington Wizards what's their
record their fifth in the Eastern
Conference with five wins and four
since two games behind the Charlotte
Hornets who's their coach Fred Hoiberg
is a head coach of Chicago Bulls
so with these follow-up questions I
don't even have to mention the Bulls
anymore assistant is smart enough to
know that so as to keep the Bulls as the
forefront of the conversation now as
someone who finds himself shopping quite
a bit keeping a list of things is always
useful of course
and with Google assistant doing just
that got even easier add body armor to
my shopping list ok body armor to your
shopping list so it'll actually go into
Google keep and start a shopping list
for me which I find it very awesome now
as someone who needs to remember a lot
of things I can tell assistant to
remember some of those things for me for
example I can tell it that my favorite
food is pizza at least I think it is
then later on I can ask the assistant
what my favorite food is and it'll tell
me that it's pizza definitely an
underrated feature in my opinion next I
could go ahead and ask it what my day is
looking like what's my day looking like
good morning Zack
it is 10:51 a.m. the weather in Fort
Worth currently is 68 degrees and partly
cloudy with a high of 74 degrees have a
good one now of course if I had more
things going on like reminders and
calendar appointments those things would
also be included but after that it
precedes to play the latest news updates
which again I find very useful you can
also use assistant to share web articles
and YouTube videos to Twitter
unfortunately I haven't been able to get
this featured to work on other social
media like Facebook Google Hangouts or
even text hopefully we'll be seeing that
soon though there's also the wide world
of if this then that
although assistant as of now is only
compatible with nest filip CEO and smart
things you can still connect the
assistant to if this then that to
control things like your life x bulbs
which is what i have there are a bunch
of other things to choose from and you
can always create your own applets as
well google assistant will also take it
upon itself to entertain you I'm bored
I've got this we can play a game I can
find you a fun fact or we can see what
random fun comes our way fun fact it
would take 45 Sistine Chapel ceilings to
cover a soccer field how about a joke
did you hear about the two antennas that
got married
the ceremony was okay but the reception
was great
what kind of horses only come out after
dark nightmares but there's more to it
than just jokes and fun facts check this
out I'm feeling lucky sweet okay when
the music starts things might get a
little weird
prepare yourself welcome – are you
feeling lucky it's like a game show but
you don't win any money or prizes yes
this is actually a thing pretty cool
right I kind of like this so while
Google assistant has some new tricks up
its sleeve it's still in its early
stages things like casting YouTube and
Netflix to my TV straight from my phone
isn't a thing and that's what I'd have
to use Google home for hailing an uber
or lyft cab natively controlling my life
expose and things like that are still
non-existent there's also the fact that
with assistant you can set up
subscriptions so if I ask a question I
could tell the assistant to give me
updates about it every day at a certain
time of my choosing the bad part is that
this only works via the assistant in a
low really wish I didn't have to use a
low to get to this feature however signs
do point to those features becoming
available sometime in the future so
we'll just have to wait and see so yes
Google assistant is useful at least for
me anyways it slowly but surely becoming
a big part of how I operate as far as
contextual information inquiries timers
reminders lists and sports updates go
and I can definitely see why Google is
pushing this so heavily not everyone
will find it useful though in fact not
everyone will see the difference between
this and Google now it's still very
young and fairly undercooked but what we
have now is a great foundation for what
we should be getting in the future I'm
excited so what do you guys think do you
like the direction Google's moving with
its new assistant do you find it useful
work let us know by dropping and comment
down below we'd love to hear your
feedback but anyway that does it for the
video if you guys enjoyed it feel free
to hit that like button subscribe to the
Android police channel if you haven't
already that does it for me I'll talk to
you all in the next one and thanks for

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