Goodbye Samsung…

by birtanpublished on September 3, 2020

All right so that time has come to switch smartphones it's just it's part of the gig here as you know many new smartphones come across the table and I'm always examining them trying to figure out which one is gonna be the next one to become my daily phone it

Goes in my pocket and I use for an extended period of time and often that means beyond the typical one-week cycle in many cases it means I'll use that phone for months if it happens to be my favorite during that period that's been

The case with this one in front of me this is the s20 ultra I've told you guys about it dating back to when it came out and my SIM card went into it I recently updated you and asked you guys what I should switch to from this device you

Guys voted so I heard you on that but before I switch over to another device from this one I feel since I've used it for so long I should give you guys some feedback some feelings some some things that some observations that I think you

Start to pick up on with an even greater extended usage takeaway biggest takeaway this is a big phone that seems weird that seems like something that you could observe immediately upon getting it out of the box which I did it's a thing that

Becomes more apparent to you as it is your main device as it sits in your pocket for a longer period of time I think for me this is right at that fringe it's right at that edge of maybe being too big I didn't know if I was

Ever gonna say that to be honest because smartphone sizes have just been consistently scaling up and the screens big and beautiful and brighten but this one may have been the first where I was sitting there thinking man it'd be nice

To have a slightly smaller phone right now maybe lighter maybe the weight is even a bigger component for me if I'm out and even maybe even put a pair of gym shorts on you know that could happen it has happened it's kind of it's crazy

Then this thing it's flopping around and you feel kind of like you have a weight in your pocket it's got the huge camera module on it it's totally understandable that said that comes with probably my favorite aspect which is the battery

Life because the phone is huge it means can slap a giant battery in there that's exactly what this thing has as a 5,000 milliamp hour battery it has some of the best battery life I've ever experienced in a smartphone so much so that there

Have been times where I forgot to charge it one night and I made it through most of the next day no problem which is kind of crazy for me personally it's been at the very top edge for me on the day-to-day of anything I've tested

Recently you have a huge display you have a hundred and twenty Hertz refresh rate now granted most of the time I'm running this not in the highest resolution because I'm picking the high refresh rate instead I'm not super

Excited about the fact that I can't do both hey man if I want to drain a battery and I want to run high res alongside high refresh I wish I could do it cuz the Refresh is probably my next favorite feature after the battery just

The unbelievable fluid nature snappiness now the next thing I want to touch on is probably the biggest con for me maybe I just had high expectations in this department and I don't think they were actually met here which is the camera

Department I just expected this camera to demolish and it didn't really do that and I'll tell you specifically where and I talked about this a little bit in a camera test video the autofocus here leaves a lot to be desired I don't know

What is going on there's been some updates but it's still particularly if you're shooting video the autofocus is just not grabbing very quickly it's it's kind of bizarre but it's just not at the level that I had hoped for personally

This doesn't matter as much for still photos where it can grab focus you can snap the photo and move on with your life but during video it's just it's painstaking sometimes when you're just waiting for the thing to grip focus and

It doesn't none of the drawbacks to me are a complete deal-breaker that said just because Samsung is a leader in this space like I said you set your expectations really high and you hope for things to be perfect it might very

Well be the best battery on any smartphone right now outside of those endurance things that exist as far as this flagships go it might be the best battery it might be the best display when you combine Samsung's OLED tech

Along with this high refresh but it's not a perfect phone no phone is perfect the speakers are really good on it as well by the way I should also pop that in there but anyways it's time to switch now you guys

Voted I gave you guys the the choice I talked to you on Twitter and I even put a community post on YouTube and it was a unanimous thing you guys want me to switch to this one right here this is the latest one plus device it is of

Course the oneplus 8 Pro I was kind of thinking about the one plus eight as being a potential option but it just they added a feature to this one that I have been waiting for one plus two ad for so long that I just couldn't imagine

Going with the regular one plus eight model and that of course is wireless charging and on top of that it is the fast wireless charging this guy right here which is their proprietary quick charge warp charge 30 wireless charger I

Don't mind I have it here but it's important to note it's an extended cause this thing is I don't know 90 bucks 100 bucks Canadian it's an extra cost on top of this to take advantage of the fast wireless charging it will work it's

Backwards compatible with any wireless charger you have but it's a thing that I use I have it on my bedside table and whenever I would switch to one plus devices in the past I'd have to go yank the cable back out and I know it's

You're nitpicking but it's just the differences between these flagship devices it's so slim that every little extra headache is something you've got a report on something you talk about like I said it's tough to find a champ so

You're looking at these slight little advantages and oneplus didn't have it now they have it Samsung kind of left the door open at least with the ultra model in my opinion now I know a lot of people really like this blue color I'm a

Little more traditional on the smartphones I like black and gray and things like that for the dailies it doesn't really matter I'm gonna pop a later case on it obviously yeah the later case for me is a must it

Was actually the motivation to start the company was to make sure that I had availability personally on these cases when I would switch to this wide variety of models and the availability wasn't there in the past and of course now it

Is these are both available you can order them right now these cases whether it's the oneplus 8 pro or the s20 ultra or the regular s 20s or the regular 1+8 and it's just because I got so used to this

Particular texture and I got used to this grip and I got used to this in the pocket it's the thinnest case you can do and it provides just enough friction that these glass phones don't slide out of the pocket which was the main issue

For me whenever I was using a modern phone caseless alright some quick observations with the oneplus 8 pro it's also big would you look at that the one the s20 ultra I thought was enormous I told you it was enormous you look at

These on in the picture and it looks like they're the same size blonde plus is just straight-up saying it we're coming after your s20 ultra money that's where they're at now they scaled up the thing they scaled up the price which

Everybody has an opinion on I don't know if it fits their DNA but they're coming for that s20 money now I will say it does feel smaller I know in your picture they look identical but it's slimmer on the edges so the whole thing feels

Thinner of course it does have a smaller battery in it same chip similar screens either way these are both competitors for your flagship money I think it's pretty obvious and I think a lot of people will be cross shopping these two

Phones now that the oneplus 8 pro does exist so for me this is a perfect transition put the sim over here in the 8 pro and then have the s20 ultra fresh in my mind the experience of having used it obviously I'm giving up some camera

Modules I'm giving up some battery life I'm gaining something that's slightly more portable and I'm changing software oneplus has always been one of my favorite software optimizers in the Android space because they don't mess

With it too much they mess with it in ways that you you actually would want to mess with it or you could appreciate for example within the customization you the colors right within your settings menu here you could change these little dots

From their blue out the box and then you're into red very easily if you want to system customization your accent color this can be whatever you want the thing you might actually want to do same with tone not just dark mode but

Dark mode light mode and colourful mode okay why not throw that in the shape of your system icons is available to switch and even your icon pack and this is all within the default launcher here of course you can put whatever launcher you

Want but it's kind of cool to see that right out of the gate your home settings I mean tremendous number of options the animations are sped up by default and then of course you can turn them off completely within the settings now you

Can do some of these things on other phones through secondary launchers but one plus just giving you that option straight away and almost encouraging you to take advantage of it I'm a fan of that I mean the whole thing it just it

Feels really snappy I don't need to tell you guys 120 Hertz and this could be a big step for them really if if I use this thing and it's a valid competitor or if I even see it as an improvement for me on the day to day over the s20

Ultra it could mean that oneplus has really arrived because that top dog that heavy Samsung favorite that that I mean they've dominated that kind of icon within the flagship Android space for so long and oneplus has been ok to occupy

This secondary space which was the flagship killer now they've got this thing which they're they're basically saying is a straight-up flagship certainly with the price point so I understand why I turn some people off

But if it can displace this phone on the right and I think it's a valid move I need a sim tool good thing about shooting all these phone unboxing videos there's always often a sim tool nearby I slapped this baby on boom boom let me do

A pocket test real quick yeah I mean it feels a little bit lighter 1+8 pro new personal daily driver if you have questions about my experience with it hit me up on twitter does oneplus have what it takes if they want playing the

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