GOODBYE 2019 (4 years on YouTube).

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Hey everyone I hope you're all doing well and thank you so much for clicking on this video with it being the end of the year if I'd do a little yearly roundup video but I also think it's important to start by saying at the beginning if you spent Christmas with

Non-vegan friends and family I hope that it's been okay and a Christmas can be notoriously one of the most challenging times for vegans so if it's being tricky for you I'm really sorry to hear that and I just hope that maybe you had some

Positive discussions and conversations as a consequence of it being Christmas but if not and it was just horrible then I'm really sorry to hear that and hopefully the next year or so some significant progress can be made to make

It easier next year if you spent Christmas with vegan friends and family then I hope you've had a wonderful time that does sound like a a nice experience doesn't it just be able to celebrate something if you do celebrate Christmas

Or just have kind of togetherness and community and unity of your friends and family especially if they're vegan so I hope you had a good Christmas with it being the end of the year and actually not just the end of the year but the end

Of the decade as well which is a little bit more significant isn't it I thought maybe it'd be good to do a little video where we kind of go through 2019 I can really talk about some of the things that I've done for the experiences that

I've had and also maybe just a broader picture of of veganism in 2019 as well and well actually it's kind of fitting as supposed to me cuz I'm back in London now I've just finished the Europe tour so that's the tour of the Netherlands

Germany in Switzerland I've been doing since the start of November I did 67 talks in that time which is a lot it really was a lot but it's been a fantastically productive experience and by far my kind of my most preferred tour

That I've done in terms of what I was doing in terms of the volume of the work in terms of the perceived effectiveness that I think that it's hard it's been a really wonderful experience for me and one that I'm very very happy about and

When I hope you've kind of enjoyed following me if you've been following me on Instagram as I've been doing the tour but we'll get to that blessed that kind of at the beginning of the year as I suppose would make most sense at the

Beginning of the year for me was really defined by creating the disclosure podcast so during that time the first kind of few months of the year I was uploading the first series of the podcast I'm really excited to say that

I'm bringing it back for a second series as well I've got some really well I perceived it to be really interesting conversations with some great guests and so I'm really looking forward to uploading those for you guys to hear but

I actually do have a couple more episodes to what I need to record so if you let me know down below in the comments if there's any ideas and he feels and he guests anything you'd like me to discuss in the podcast and I'll

Have a look through those and see what maybe would be kind of befitting for the final few episodes that I need to record but I'm really excited that I'm bringing it back for a second series and I'm really looking forward to releasing

Those and I really hope that you guys like them as well so the beginning of 2019 was was uploaded episode 2 the Disclosure podcast it was also doing a TEDx talk why the two TEDx talks during the first three months the first one was

In Lund so in Sweden and the second was in bath so here in England and both of the TEDx talks what worked very different I suppose in themes in terms of tone in terms of presentation but I was really happy with those no I was

Really kind of just so incredibly honored to be invited to do two TEDx talks it was a very fulfilling experience and I was just kind of over overjoyed I suppose but also overwhelmed with the support that you guys gave me

On those two talks I think collectively they've now got between them 1.1 million views and the second one which is called every argument against veganism I think some like nine hundred and fifty thousand or something on YouTube so to

Me that was just you know really exceeded my expectations was something I was so grateful for so thank you to all of you for watching it for sharing it and I hope that you found it to be a useful resource what I've actually

Really enjoyed this year I suppose is because those two text talks are right at the beginning in the first three months what's been really rewarding I suppose for me as that as the years progressed I've had people come up to me

Saying that it was those two TEDx talks and in particular that the every argument against veganism one there was kind of the push for them to go vegan or at least to even consider veganism as being this logical and rational

Lifestyle choice so that's been really nice for me I'm really rewarding and I hope that you have all liked those two talks but I was kind of the first three months so April was really defined by my trip to the US I was invited to go to

Harvard University by the University to be a guest lecturer in one of their lessons or one of their courses which was about animals as commodities which was just a I say surreal because I never expected for that to happen you know

It's definitely not and to be invited to do that has definitely most probably been the most exciting opportunity of my life so far and it was wonderful I do – such a blast there and because I was there to go to Harvard I made little

Tour of it and so I visited including Harvard six Ivy League universities in total and because I was at the Ivy League's doing some talks I thought will actually be a good opportunity to do the debate of vegan tables as well so I said

The tablecloth a couple of those universities obviously of them being Ivy League I thought it'd be a great opportunity because there's such renowned institutions and so I was really happy with the quality of the

Conversations that I got from those debates I suppose I mean it's always good with the debate vegan tablecloth because the people that sit down have usually at least four to run these issues before and then often debated

Them before so it's kind of creates a good Plainfield for some really good conversations and I was really happy of them I've obviously been uploading those throughout the year and I've been very grateful to all of you guys for engaging

With them for sharing them I definitely think some of those at some of the best conversations I've had and so I hope that you agree with that as well and then at the end of the u.s. trip I also visited and did a talk at the Google

Headquarters in New York City which was a great way to to end this small little tour as well which was great I suppose after that late spring and into summer was doing a lot of behind the scenes planning work for varying different

Projects obviously we had the official animal rights March which this year was even bigger than the oprius in terms of not just the London participation but the global participation as well as surge we've also released five

Investigations this year including the dismantled dairy campaign which took a lot of planning a lot of work 18 months worth of work in total but a lot of work during summer as we built up to it finally been released but we did five

Investigations through surge throughout the entire year so chicken farming as well as dairy farming and really hopefully just trying to expose the realities of what happens to animals to the consumers and and to the people as

Well so that was something that we've been working hard on this year we also did the off-the-hook truck tour as well where we visited the coastal regions of the South of England in our vegan fish and chip truck and we were handing out

Free portions of tow fish and chips the tow fish and chips we serve at Unity diner two members of the public which to me was just a tremendous experience though to have that kind of participation from people who truly try

Vegan food and then to have them enjoy it and to ask good questions and have great conversations yeah just just a great way to spend time and a really unique and interesting project for us to do something different to what we've

Done before we also released two rounds of advert housing campaigns research this year so we had kind of advertisements on the electronic billboards on the side of buses on roadsides and also in the

London Underground as well so we did two rounds and both rounds were different in tone different in imagery the first one was it was kind of more bright colors asking more probing questions or at least a selection but the second one we

Did was dark it was a picture of a pig taken in a farm in UK with a question that really kind of pulled together I guess a lot of what people say and you care about being animal lovers and questioning the authenticity and

Veracity of that statement that people like to make also during this time we were planning on moving Unity diner as well we've come across this location we just thought it was a fantastic location it used to be run by a rib Shak who'd

Actually gone out of business due to lack of customers we just fell in love with this space it was kind of touch-and-go over summer whether or not we'd actually be able to open the restaurant there because there were

Seven other restaurants or competing for the space but we were very lucky because the landlords well they really liked the concept of unity diner they really liked the food that we're serving they really liked the fact that we're trying to make

Consumers more conscious and more ethical in their choices and they really responded well to the concept of the diner in general so we were very fortunate in the end to get the space and when we opened it in September which

Feels like such a long time ago now even though I suppose it wasn't that long it's just been so busy since September but we opened in September we moved locations in September I'm just so proud of the team it's so happy we just love

The space and we're so happy that we were given this opportunity to move into this location and make this statement as well about how the high street is changing how consumer choices are changing how people's demands for food

Is changing as well so it's kind of wonderful to be a part of that change in terms of the food side of it as well so I'm really glad that you guys seem to like it as well and you like the new space and we're just really really happy

With it me personally was very proud of the team it was also during this time that the Europe tour was being planned I had known for a while that I wanted to next go around Europe and visit institutions companies and schools in

One particular Netherlands Germany and Switzerland and sorry I could have had my heart set on that for a long time that's what I wanted to do during the the final months of the year and so that was being put together and I don't think

At the beginning when it started being put together that I really realized how much it would spiral in terms I suppose opportunity but also just in terms of volume of and it wasn't long before I realized

That this was going to be a really hefty tour in fact the most intense when I've done it has certainly turned out that way but it was a wonderful experience so I've been away November and December and during that time it's just been a roller

Coaster of talks of experience they're top tech companies universities but also what lots of schools as well and I think the school sign up it's been really interesting for me to just have those conversations with with pupils of all

Different ages and for them to be so responsive but only just responsive just so educated like that is what has really surprised me and really made me feel very helpful I did I did a talk at school international school in

Switzerland and after I did the talk one of the one of the pupils came up with his pupils about 11 years old probably maybe 12 and they were just telling me all the things I've not spoken about not in a negative way but to say there's so

Much more you could say they're saying you could have mention antibiotic resistance you could have mention this aspect of climate change you could have talked about the ocean degradation and all

These things like yeah there's so much information isn't there I said some how do you know up all this you said well I i watch youtube videos and you know I've been learning all about this and a lot of my peers have been doing the same

Because it's just stuff that kids are naturally curious about now and I think it's really wonderful so the scores have been a great opportunity but also lots of universities lost lots of businesses as well and the business side of stuff

Is kind of like almost I suppose in a way the polar opposite to the schools schools you're talking to kids who who maybe aren't so entrenched within these systems who may be handsome grained within these lifestyles but then you're

Talking some businesses and it's kind of the opposite you're talking to adults who they're very much ingrained in these systems who have been doing this for a long time the people in their 50s and 60s who the lifestyles had been this way

Their entire life but again at the same time even during these environments the reception was really rewarding and the questions were fantastic and the engagement I've just had a wonderful experience it's been a lot of hard work

It's been grueling at times it's been exhausting but it's also just been wonderful so I'm very grateful for that and so to everyone who visited any of the talks they did during my Europe tour for anyone who's involved in the

Organizing in your universities or businesses or school's whoever is a part in making this to happen just thank you so much and thank you to all of you who supported my tour thank you to everyone my patron who

Supports my work month including the tour as well so thank you so much to all of you for making it happen I can't tell you that I'm not tired on my return to the UK but I'm also more driven I think than I've ever

Been at this point I feel invigorated I feel inspired and I felt so ready for next year like unbelievable like ready for 2020 and I feel like we're gonna hit the ground running in a way that we've not done before so I'm feeling great

Tired but also great and I can't wait to get started with next year already there's been lots of talk about big January there's been lots to talk about what 2020 will bring in so January viii January will be an absolutely

Stellar month if that's the right word to use as it always is and I can't wait to see the progress that's made next year it's definitely been a wild decade hasn't it for veganism go back to 2010 not much was going on flash-forward 10

Years to 2020 and so much has changed right the conversation the participation the awareness it has changed so much in the day in this one's past decade let alone this past year as well and I just think the next decade is going to be

It's gonna be a complete whirlwind of experience a whirlwind of change I'm sure one where maybe doing a roundup of the 2020s it'll be even more mind-blowing everything that's changed over the next 10 years and so that's

What I can take from this year in general I suppose as well as the tour at the end of this year it's just that feeling of kind of hope and I do feel optimistic in many ways I'm not going to say that there is it some climb anxiety

In there because there definitely is and there's obviously a sense of worry that we're not going to change fast enough and of course I might changing faster for the animals ever but the same time I am hopeful for significant change in the

Short-term future but I'm sure the next you'll have lots of amazing things happen not just in terms of food availability but in terms of significant movement progress as well and so actually just to finish this video I

Kind of would say it's actually been four years since I set my YouTube channel up I start uploading videos in January 2016 and four years ago now which to me is just crazy to think about it I can't believe that four years later

So much has changed within the movement but I'm also very grateful for all of you guys for supporting the work that I've done over the past four years it means more to me than I could ever possibly express in words and so I'm

Very very grateful for that plus four years have been just a whirlwind and experience I suppose whirlwind of events for veganism but just for a personal perspective it's been a an exciting journey one that I'm

Really looking forward to continuing in a current way for more things in the future and to continue working hard to keep elevating the work that I do hopefully to keep pushing myself to do better to be more efficient to be more

Effective but I want to say thank you for the past four years for all of you who've been around since the beginning or whenever you've joined and whenever you start watching thank you so much to all of you it means a lot to me it

Really does and so if you've ever financially supported me or if you currently do financially support me then thank you so much because the work that I do is only made possible through you so thank you so much to all of you for

Trusting me engaging with the work that I do for enjoying the work that I do and for believing in me it does mean the world to me honestly so thank you so much I hope you had a wonderful year I really do and I hope that you feel the

Same way that I do about the next decade and the next coming is a sense of hope but also a sense of motivation so thank you so much watching this video let's hit the ground running in 2020 let's not lose momentum let's do the

Opposite let's keep gaining momentum and keep going and change the world as quickly as we possibly can for the better thank you for watching and Happy New Year you

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