GOOD CALL! Taiwan REJECTED by World Well being Group

published on July 2, 2020

the World Health Organization excluded

Taiwan from their World Health Assembly


how far is China's influence reached the

answer might surprise you welcome back

to China uncensored I'm Chris Chappell

this week the World Health Organization

held an online meeting of member nations

it's called the World Health Assembly

and the main topic was how to tackle the

corona virus however Taiwan was not


why isn't Taiwan you know part of the

world aren't they also dealing with the

corona virus in fact haven't they been

the most successful at fighting it

Taiwan has a population of 23 million

but only 440 coronavirus cases and seven

deaths Taiwan was also asking the w-h-o

to vote on whether they could be an

observer at all w-h-o meetings something

they had been allowed to do until 2016

but in the end they decided to postpone

their request

but shouldn't Taiwan have at least been

at this whu-oh meeting about the corona

virus that Taiwan has been so successful

at controlling no of course not

I'll get to the reason in a moment but

here's some important background

information you need to know this is

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki on CNN's

reliable sources in April but then we

also talked about removing information

that is problematic you know anything

that would go against World Health

Organization recommendations would be a

violation of our policy

apparently violations of YouTube's

policy included our episode coronavirus

how w-h-o corruption helped it spread

yes over the weekend

YouTube censored that episode completely

removing it after had been up for almost

three months in the episode I've

referenced things like this AP article

about how the w-h-o spends more on

first-class travel and five

our hotels then on fighting aids and how

an internal audit found that the

division of the w-h-o responsible for

handling the corona virus outbreak is so

chronically underfunded it has

repeatedly been found to pose a severe

and unacceptable level of hazard now at

no point in this video did we actually

go against World Health Organization


unless you count chronically

underfunding your health emergencies

response division while your leadership

stays in 5-star hotels as a

recommendation actually the reason

YouTube gave for removing the video was

because it encourages or promotes

violent or dangerous acts yep now after

we appealed the decision and made a big

stink about it on social media YouTube

put the video back online in just an

hour but this experience you've really

got me thinking as a YouTube content

creator I need to be more responsible to

you my viewers when it comes to talking

about the WH oh thank you for pointing

this out to me Susan

which is why I've decided to praise the

WH o for excluding Taiwan from their

meeting that's a good decision one that

really advances global health and really

it's Taiwan's own fault for being


they rejected China's main condition for

entry which was acceptance that Taiwan

is part of China I mean it is that's

just objective reality if you look at

maps created by China or read

confidential internal memos from the

w-h-o that instruct everyone to always

say the Taiwan province of China yes the

World Health Organization always lists

Taiwan as a province of China they call

it Taipei the capital of Taiwan and

environs in a list of affected cities in

China and who am I to argue with Susan

Wojcicki I mean the w8 show I respect

their recommendations on all matters now

the US was really pushing hard for

Taiwan province of China to attend

the WHL meeting but come on how many

people has the us killed in the Middle

East which is very relevant to this

issue and anyway it's not as if Taiwan

province of China wasn't represented at

the WHL meeting Xi Jinping was there to

represent all the provinces of China he

even gave a speech where he promised two

billion dollars to help fight the corona

virus Wow

so generous with money I can see why the

World Health Organization has praised

China for their transparent response to

the corona virus China took action

massively at the epicenter at the source

of the outbreak this is heroic the

actions of China is making us safer and

I certainly wouldn't want to put a video

on YouTube where I disagree with the

head of the WHL I want to do that Susan

and yet Trump has been attacking the

World Health Organization and he's

totally alone

he's saying the wh OHS response to the

corona virus was too slow that's Trump

saying that not me I wouldn't do that

Susan Trump is also now threatening to

permanently cut us funding to the w-h-o

and possibly withdraw the us from the

w-h-o entirely in a letter to the head

of the w-h-o dr Ted Rose Trump writes

if the World Health Organization does

not commit two major substantive

improvements over the next 30 days I

will make my temporary freeze of the

United States funding to the World

Health Organization permanent and

reconsider our membership in the

organization that seems kind of unfair

to the wh show

I mean sure they've been very careful to

never contradict China when it comes to

the corona virus outbreak but is that

really so bad I mean China is now even

in favor of a coronavirus investigation

as long as it's done after the pandemic

is over and as long as the investigation

is about no country in particular I'm

fine with it

so remember everyone be like dr Ted

rose and followed the w-h-o guidelines

maintain at least three feet of distance

between yourself and others if you need

to leave your house wear a mask and

avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth

and definitely ignore the president of

Taiwan province China and now is the

time I answer a question from you a fan

who supports China and censored on the

crowdfunding website patreon YouTube

would have put us out of business by

frequently de monetizing episodes and

sometimes even removing episodes not not

that I have a problem with that

YouTube's vague and arbitrarily enforced

Community Guidelines keep us all safe

anyway today's question comes from up

and Beyond YouTube aligned with the CCP

incredible you are not allowed to

criticize the w-h-o what I never said

YouTube is aligned with Communist Party

interests that's ridiculous

just because they allow Chinese

state-run media to host videos on

YouTube and occasionally remove China

uncensored content it doesn't mean

anything fishy is going on and what's

there to criticize with the w-h-o

they're golden in my book thanks for

your question up and beyond and thank

you for watching and a big thank you to

YouTube I hope you enjoyed this episode

of China censored if you'd like to make

sure we never make this kind of content

again please support us on patreon with

as little as a dollar an episode that's

the only thing that's allowed us to

continue our coverage once again I'm

Chris Chappell see you next time



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