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published on July 9, 2020

ASB Destin welcome back to smarter everyday today we're gonna hang out with theThunderbirds of the US Air Forcesee if we can break the sound barrierthe temptation when you're making avideo about yourself flying in an f-16is to use the power of editing to make

Yourself look as awesome as possible doI need to teach chinstraps code yes butthat's not this video because I'm notawesome these pilots however they'reincredible but I learned through thisexperience that an f-16 is very

Different than a t-38 several years agoI went on a familiar ization flight atRandolph Air Force Base in a t-38 a dualengine trainer they used to train theirfighter pilots I learned a lot about theeffects of g-forces on your

Cardiovascular system and for the firsttime in my life I felt the forces of afighter jet 5 G's in fact when I got theitinerary from the Thunderbirds and Istarted reading stuff and it said thingslike get plenty of sleep I was like ooh

I haven't really done that and then it'ssaying hydrate and when you think you'rehydrated drink some more this looks likeit's pretty much a big deal but you knowI've I've done the fighter jet thingbefore so it's it's got to be similar

Right I got this man was I wronglet's start with who the Thunderbirdsare they consist of 12 officers 8 ofwhom were highly experienced fighterpilots and 120 enlisted personnel fromnearly 30 different career fields these

Are the crew chiefs the mechanics andthe technicians who make sure the Jetsare always mission ready every memberhad to apply and was hand-picked in ahighly competitive selection processtheir mission is to plan and present

Precision aerial maneuvers and toexhibit the capabilities of modern highperformance aircraft and a high degreeof professional skill required tooperate those aircraft they've done thiswith a variety of jets over the years

And they're currently operating the f-16Fighting Falcon more commonly known asthe Viper the FAA and the militaryhighly restricts upper sonic flight overland due to sonic booms my flight wasscheduled to happen before an airshow

Practice at Keesler Air Force Base inBiloxi Mississippi Biloxi is right onthe Gulf of Mexico and there's a stretchof open water between there in my homestate of Alabama where supersonic flightis approved I am finally gonna get to

Break the sound barrier which issomething I've been dreaming about eversince I learned about the physics ofsupersonic flight this is my pilotThunderbird 8 callsign flak major Jasonmarks on turns out flak was trained by

But the same pilot instructor that tookme up in the t-38 which made me feel alittle bit more confident about what wewere about to do he explained to me thatthe f16 airframe was incrediblymaneuverable to the point that the human

Body is the limiting factor really whatwe'll do when we first get into airspaceis we're gonna do a G awareness exerciseGX so we'll accelerate to about 400aughts and then we'll pull for 5 G'syou're gonna test my limits yeah ok you

Probably know this but just to reviewright now you and I are in 1g we feellike normal gravity's around us right ifyou're in a fighter jet and you pullback on the stick and you fly in an arcit's gonna feel like you're being

Pressed through the seat because of thatradial acceleration it's like whenyou're driving a car and you turn realfast everything slides across the dashsame thing so if you're in a 2g maneuveryour 10 pound head is gonna feel like it

Weighs 20 pounds if you're in a 7gmaneuver your 10 pound head is gonnafeel like it weighs 70 pounds and Iconceptually know all this stuff and Iunderstand the math but what flak wantsto do is he actually wants to subject me

To this environment well it's a warm-upit it's not so much testing it's likehey can are we ready are you an adult orare you I'll make sure that connectionsare good can you breathe appropriatelythings like that so okay G strain hasn't

Changed probably since you know whatcommunity to be here right so when westart you're gonna know instantly if Ican hang or not pretty close okay coolI'll be listening to your breathing so Ican give me feedback if there's any you

Know things that I see okay and thenwhen we do our next our actual Gawareness exercise it will be a six toseven G hundred eighty degree turn thatwill do so will sustain a moithat's a six to seven GS for how long

180 degrees of turnso we'll sustain that for that's probabout 28 seconds or so okayI'm gonna level with you about what Iwas thinking at this point in the gamewe're sitting there talking about all

The stuff that's gonna happen and I'mthinking you know what I can do thislike I I ran a half marathon I can carryall the groceries in the house at thisin one go one trip I can get all thegroceries it if worse comes to worse I'm

Just gonna lay there and I'm just goingto receive the G's and I'm just gonnatake it I might black out but I'm good Iunderstand the manI'm good but I knew that I needed tofake just a little bit of humility

Because I didn't want if something badhappened I just wanted to be able to sayyou know I told you you were gonna getme so I was saying stuff like this toflag or do 40 on rolls and consecutivelyand then we'll do our max turn 90 turn

After the LR rrl so we can do it beforethey oh so this is the shake and bakelike this is yet this is that's this iswhen the true test of your middle sowhat happens is you do the little stuffand then you're like okay just to remind

You that I'm the fighter pilots andyou're not we're now going to do thesenot it's not that it's just to show youthe training and physical nature ofbeing in combatafter the briefing it was time for

Sergeants Jasper Robertson ed port on tosuit me upthey measured me fitted me for my helmetmade sure the mask fit correctly sohypoxia wouldn't be an issue trained meon the ejection seat and laced up my G

Suit to the right size on the way out tothe fly line I was kindly offered a pairof aviator sunglasses which I declinedand we walked out to the jet and to behonest this is where it started to feelreal you always walk to your jet and

Slow everybody everybody walks inslow-mo everybody else is moving fastbut we're walking in slow motion that'sfine there was a lot of tradition goingon at this point and you feel reallyspecial but your feet are planted firmly

Back on the ground when you have to puton the G suit in front of everybody atthe jet if you don't know what you'redoing there's absolutely no way to lookcool putting the G suit on in front ofother people it is the G snap the

Workout man climbing up to the cockpitof an f-16 is absolutely surreal rightfoot right here yes sir take your lefthand put it in front of your name youput my name on itoh absolutely that's impressive yeah

This is cool throw that helmet on lookcool look cool that's gonna be hardmy god that's my guy okay here we go themoment I've been waiting for we're gonnapoint down the runway he's gonna kick onthe afterburner which means putting fuel

In the exhaust to get additional thrusthard bank right shoots straight up to16,000 feet this is insane it's what Iimagine like riding a rocket might feellike I am ready you are ready my friendI am ready sir do this

Oh gone ready now look up ready now theroll here comes the afterburneranymorehere it's coming updepartures and we're each airborne ofpassing 204 fevered East upward

Departure radar contact climb andmaintain one six thousand which camedown supernatant climb to one like stuffin your outfitter radios you know that'sa delight which adjust away trace yeahit's about one to one man look at you

Turning to avoid the Sun sure we'll goyeahand just like that for its 16,000 feetso now that we're airborne in an f-16and we should probably learn how to readour instruments this is the heads-up

Display otherwise known as the HUD ifyou look at the HUD the left side 35 onethat's our speed yesif you go down from back down the ladderwhere I am yep so number right belowthat is our current Mach number so point

Seven zero and then below that to theleft at 10 that's the current sorrythat's the max G that we pulled and thenon the top of that ladder current pointyep one point three oh four got it yeppoint six nine Mach is where we're at

Cool all right you ready to do that wetalked about yeah good okay here we gothe first maneuver according to theflight plan is the G awareness exerciseto 180 degree turns and when I feel theG's I'm supposed to clinch everything up

Maintain my breathing make sure I'mgetting enough oxygen in my brain andI'm also wearing the G suit which issupposed to squeeze my legs and thatshould help out tell me I need to startdoing the river yep so as we all say the

G's and when I say you guys want tostart pulling so that's what I need youI think my hit back that's when youdon't need your head back necessarilybut that's what you're going to want tostart applying your g string okay cool

All right man we don't know if my suitsworking yet by the way we didn't dry runit I'm sure it's fine all right here wegoHere Come Gall right

I was bit forth like 46 okay all rightready here we gocutter a degree turn coming up all rightthat's nice you and you got six pointseven there good nice man yeah that'simpressive dude

The first maneuver we did in the f-16was already far more difficult than themost difficult maneuver we did in thet-38 which made me realize this is morethan this but it's going to be fine likeit's it's gonna be fine next we went

Supersonic we took the jet to mil powerwhich means that fastest the engine willgo without the afterburner and we wentfor it yeah and we're at point nine ninebombs so as soon as I go afterburnerwe're gonna break the money okay so I'm

Looking down here okay yeah point ninenine mom I didn't see that all rightready yeah here we go baby there's theMach man we just broke it 10 for 005well I can tell you that I can feel thejet starting to climb yeah now watch

What happens when I go idle flow downlike that oh wow breaking the soundbarrier in the cockpit of a highperformance jet is something I'vedreamed about and studied about foryears and it finally just happened I was

Expecting a shake or maybe a littleRumble nothing happened other than thesegauges that bumped I wouldn't have knownwe went supersonic but the reason thegauge is bumped is fascinating let'sstart with this this is called a pitot

Tube and this is how you measure howfast a jet is going this is essentiallythe pointy part of thethis is an old one that's kind ofbeat-up but if you look at the end of itthere's a little bitty hole as a jet

Flies through the air the air moleculescome to the pitot probe and they raminside that hole and if you've got apressure gauge on the back of that holeyou can measure what's called thestagnation pressure basically it's how

Much air is stacking up which is ofcourse a function of how fast you'regoinganother thing about pitot tubes thoughis they have a second pressuremeasurement and that's on the side you

See these holes here that's called thestatic pressure ports and they go to adifferent pressure tap right back herein the back and if you take thedifference of this and this and you plugit into a fancy equation you can

Calculate the airspeed of the aircraftso if you think about it there's twomain things that influence a pitot tubenumber one is the velocity of theaircraft the more air that comes intothat front port the higher the

Stagnation pressure but on the staticpressure port it's mainly affected bythe altitude of the aircraft at lowersea levels you'll have a high staticpressure but as you go up in altitudeyou'll have a lower static pressure

Because the air is thinner at higheraltitudes when you start breaking thesound barrier though weird stuff happensfor example the prandtl glauerttransformation says that an aircraftshould experience infinite air pressures

As it approaches Mach 1which of course would destroy theairplane this theory is known as theparental glauert singularity so thistheoretical infinite pressure that thefront of the aircraft sees due to the

Prandtl glauert singularity turns outnot a thing which is great because nowwe can go past Mach 1 what we do seehowever is a sudden increase in pressureright as we approach Mach 1 and we cansee that by looking at the altimeter you

See how the altimeter reading seems togo down by 500 foot just before punchingthrough Mach 1 that's because thepressure is increasing at the staticport on the front of the aircraft butonce you punch through Mach 1 the

Altimeter reading goes up by 1300 footinstantly and this has a veryinteresting explanation when an objectgoes faster than the speed of sound ashockwave is created and to take acloser look at that let's revisit a

Previous episode of smarter every daywe fired a supersonic bullet and useLehren imagery to visualize theshockwave the pressure on the front ofthe shockwave is higher because the airis piling up in front of it but the

Pressure behind the shockwave is what'scalled a rarefaction meaning it's at alower pressure so now compare the shapeof a pitot tube to that bullet if wehave a shock wave on the front here thatmeans the static port is going to be

Behind that shock wave in thatrarefaction which means it's going tosee a lower pressure that makes thegauges on the dash read a higheraltitude because a higher altitude isequated to a lower pressure and that's

Why the gauges bump when you gosupersonic in a jet I always knew thatwas a thing but I never knew why and itfeels really good to finally understandthe physics behind itanother thing I thought was interesting

Is this is the rare opportunity toexperience something firsthand that I'vealways heard about in my classes andthat's the fact that the speed of soundis lower at higher altitudes yes here weare point 99 Mach about 399 there we go

We just broke the Mach and I haven'teven touched afterburner reallytechnically super cruising with a littlebit lower than before on the left at20,000 feet you can see that we brokeMach 1 at an airspeed of 473 knots

Calibrated but on the right at a higheraltitude of 29,000 feet we broke Mach 1at an airspeed of only 390 two knotscalibrated now this is calibratedairspeed which is different than trueairspeed and yes we were going different

Directions and winds and stuff like thatbut the upshot is the higher thealtitude the lower the airspeed requiredto break Mach 1 I think we're a littlebit more efficient at supersonic justdepends on your throttle

We're at 33 G's Wowyeah I lost the ability to think good ifyou're not trained for 3 G's all thetime blacks just up there like like it'sno big deal but I'm gonna back sufferingit was incredible anyway so back to

Maneuvers we're gonna split s which isflip it over upside down 180 bag theother way so are you gonna do the theother maneuversuh-uh yeah man you ready yeah I am notI'm not excited about the 90 I'll pay

That right now okay I will I will do youwant yeah make sure you hold on to youryour GoPro because we're gonna do asplit up maneuver all right right nowwe're gonna split upyeah all right all right you come to G's

Okay let's pause it right here and backthat up and play this right here is theprecise moment where I stopped winningsomehow the beginning of that split scaught me off guard and the eggs beganto scramble

I await fairly I'm doing I'm doing badyou're bad well that was that wasamazing and I cannot do any more thanthatthat was my limit oh yeah I stayed awakebut what's it got some pointy cheese on

That at 72 Gees my head just felt likeit weighed over 70 pounds my vision camedown to a singular point and I no longerhad the ability to think I was gettingworried about the upcoming 9ji maneuverwhich is why I was happy when Flagg

Decided to let me rest with a knife-edgemaneuver all right here we go man youcomes a knife that smoke on ready nowand a little left bank a little bit ofrudder and a little bit of light on theG see you at this altitude except for

The aerodynamics to hold on I'll try andput a little bit more rudder in thereyep so at this altitude if I'm gonnalevel with you I don't even rememberthat conversation I was just hanging onfor dear life but looking back at the

Video knife-edge flight is prettyinteresting if you think about how wingswork they have a lip vector that comesstraight out of the wings keeping you upin the air but if you're turned likethis that lip vector doesn't really help

You so what you have to do is you haveto use the body of the aircraft itselfand the rudder which is why thismanoeuvre is performed much better downat lower altitudes closer to sea levelbecause the density of the air is much

Higher and you can get much more liftout of your leveloh I'm a pillar why do you beat my tailmy iPad actually rotated it's cute inthat night did it really you want to trythe eight-point roll yeah yeah okay this

Was a little bit slower but it's a lotof fun all rightsmokes on ready now and here we go foreight point stop one two three four fivewe did it we can do a little invertedflying if you'd like sure all right here

We go smoke on ready now it's gonna feela little pushwhoa there we are inverted who comes alittle bit of a roll okay my body doesnot like this all right we'll roll backout real slowly okay I'm tapping out

Buddywe'll cruise back to go port how aboutthat yeah cool me and that was it Itapped out and I did not think I wasgoing to tap out my plane was to get inthe seat and just do whatever and just

Take it but in the moments that split sboggled me a little bit and I couldn'trecover my vision started coming in Iwas stuff was spinning I started hittinglimits I didn't know I had and ithumbled me like I that kind of humility

That's forced upon you it's different Ihave to live with the fact now that Ihad an opportunity to do a 9g maneuverin an f-16 and I tapped out that's ahard thing to learn more about what mybody was doing let's take a look at

These these aren't the 3d versions ofthe semicircular canals on the inside ofyour body this is the gyro in your innerear I'm not even really sure how thesego but to learn how these work let's goto Houston Texas to NASA's neutral

Buoyancy lab and speak to a physiologyexpert their names Sharon she's got areally good demonstration that shows ushow these things work so what I want youto do put your hands like this okay putthem on your knees it's probably easier

Know when I turn you in this direction Iwant you to tell us that we're goingthat way okay when I turn you in thisdirection that way okay if I stop youbecause I'm gonna mess with you okayokay all I want you to do is not look

Okay close my eyes close your eyes tightinward I'm just gonna take it for alittle rideokay okay I'm gonna mess with you okayall right so I think I think I'm goingin this direction okay I'm going I can't

Tell what I'm doing anymoreokay open your eyes a my movie nopeyou're right boy you sure are are youserious I'm very serious can you look inclose to my eyesmy eyeballs are okay they're not moving

Anymore no but they sure work can you doit one more time sure thingokay Wow okay okay yeah I'm gonna stopyou in three two one stop open your eyesthat is messed upI got sweaty I'll bet you did Wow okay

That's what happened so it's my ear thatmakes me messed up in the air forcethunderbirds yes yes this is whathappened can you remember those swimminsemicircular canals I was talking to youabout yeah there's stuff and floating in

There this has stuff hasn't been made inyearsyeah but if I move the glass the fluidpretty much stays where it is because ifthere's not enough resistance well ifyou had some hair cells in there when I

Move it back and forth you could imaginethose hair cells would be going back andforth back and jata that's why when youturn your head this way you can feelthat motion now watch what happens whenI start spinning it pretty soon the

Fluid catches up with the sides of theglass and that's your semicircularcanals when I stop it the fluid keeps ongoing so it's bending your hair cells inthe opposite direction so what you'rerelying on is what your semicircular

Canals are telling you now what happenedto you when you lift your head upwhoa all of a sudden you've got to thefluid start to move in the other one aswell it it's called a Coriolis effect itfeels like you're tumbling in all

Different directions at once and it'smiserable thank you it's very good thankyou for explaining thatyeah it explains why I wasn't able tothat's why I tapped out the thunderbirdsyeah it's not pleasant so when my head

Bobbled my vestibular system had adifferent axis of rotation it had tothink about a couple that with amaneuver that gets my ear fluid spinningone way and then the other yeah I justcouldn't handle it okay I was ready

Samp I was like a flak flew straight andlevel and I started feeling betterreally quickly in fact after exactlythree minutes I had fully recovered bythat time though flak had to get backfor airshow practice and we were already

Out of the airspace slated formanoeuvres we did however get to dosomething really awesome we flew over toMobile Bay which was a super specialthing for me because granddaddy used totake me there when I was little the

Battle of Mobile Bay is where AdmiralFarragut supposedly said those famouswords about torpedoes and full speedahead so it was really cool to flythrough there in an f-16 the return tobase was a little weird for me

Personally because I knew there weremaneuvers left on the table that wedidn't do even as we were landing I wasstill second-guessing my decision to tapout of that 9g maneuver I told youearlier that the limitation of the f-16

Is the human pilot inside for examplethe control stick barely moves whatyou're seeing right now is not even aquarter of an inch of movement on thestick but that is a 6g pull you'rewatching and that was enough to totally

Own me with that in mind I'd like tointroduce you to one of the mostimpressive people I've ever met her nameis major Michelle Curran callsign maceshe's with the Air Force has selected todo some of the most difficult maneuvers

Performed by the Thunderbirds and let metell you I felt some of these maneuversand it's hard to overstate how difficultthey are what strikes me while talkingto mace is how remarkably modest she islike he's just listening to her talk

You'll be like oh well what she's doingclearly isn't at the edge of humancapability but it totally is but whatreally strikes me about mace is howincredibly humble she is this is underbridge 6 this is mace mace I don't know

Exactly how the show goes down sothere's eight birds there's six that areactually in the demonstration so we kindof refer to them as the dimewhich is one through four and then thesolos which is five and then I am the

Posing solo so we come together all sixand close formation we call out theDelta at the end of the show but thefirst part of the show you see four Jetstogether and really close formationthree loops and rolls and all kinds of

Things like that and then you have fiveand I who are doing opposing passes maxperforming the aircraft five whole nineG's I'll do vertical rolls or I go forthe 200 feet over the ground up to15,000 feet in just a few seconds so

We're kind of the shotgun on reallyshowing you what the f-16 I just flewand I did 72 G's and I could not thinkand I'm told you do 9 G's in the showyeah so it's in acquired tolerance riseit really I think seven is a comfortable

Spot to be like it's okay but from 7:00to 9:00 it's substantially worse feelingbut we trained for that right we fly forfour months over the winter learning ourprofiles getting used to pulling G'swill fly twice a day so you actually

Build up a tolerance if I haven't flownfor a few weeks it's a little bit harderto come back to the pulling G's and whenI'm doing it all the time we were the Gsuit like you wore today yes it's stillthe life back into you like like I could

Not think at all my brain just quitworking and you and you're not only areyou talking on the radio and you'redoing coordinated time maneuvers and allof that yes I have parameters I have tohit not talking on the radio under nine

Just because you felt at the area beingcrushed out of your lungs at that pointand we have specific breathingtechniques to do exchanging that air tokeep the pressure in your lungs duringnine G's but I am flying 200 feet over

The ground doing a max turn and thenwhen I roll out of that and I go into myhalf-cuban which is where you pull upand over the topI'll pull about eight I'm going uphillfor that you're doing nine G's at 200

Feet off the deck are you serious yeahso what is the angle of bank for thatbecause like it's almost 90 is it reallyso how are you feathering that so wehave a flight path marker and our headsup display our HUD and so you really

Just put that on the horizon line aslong askeeping that on there and I get a solidpull it'll hold a level turn without alot of climbing and descending thatsounds like she's just saying words but

That's super human stuff like that is wepractice a lot it's it's like superherostuff that's amazing thank you so muchyeah 9 G's that is impressivewhatever 72 I couldn't do something tohappen thank you I don't know if you

Really call what mace said there she'spulling 9 G's almost 90 degrees andshe's 200 foot off the deck like ifyou're going hundreds of miles an hourit takes no time at all to go 200 feetthere is no margin for error here this

Is what I learned flying with the airforce thunderbirds sometimes in life Iget overconfident and I'm probably notthe only one that does this but maybeI'm overconfident because of somethingI've learned in a book or overconfident

Because of a life experience I'vealready had that similar to this one ormaybe even because of a past success Ihad here's where I'm at right now thoughif I don't approach each new experiencewith an appropriate balance between

Confidence and humility there's a goodchance I'm gonna be humbled by force somoving forward whether it's a physicalchallenge or a discussion with a friendI'm gonna try to maintain that balancebetween confidence and humility so I

Don't end up looking stupid which canhappen sometimes in front of a lot ofpeople on the internet teaching peoplehow to maintain this balance betweenconfidence and humility that's what theAir Force does if you talk to any of

These pilots they'll say there's no roomfor error we constantly have to remainhumble and be practicing to improve theability to operate an aircraft safelybut there's another thing the UnitedStates Air Force does they take people

Who might not think they can doincredible things and show them thatthey can that was amazing if you wereinterested in the Air Force I will leavelinks down in the video description thiswas an opportunity of a lifetime so big

Thanks to the Thunderbirds thanks to allthe ground crew getting the aircraftready for flack for taking me up it wasamazing so check that out links down thevideo description go check them outyou'll notice there's no sponsor on this

Video so big thanks to all the patronsthat support at patreoncom slashsmarter every day I hope this video andyour subscription if not that's no bigdeal I'm Destin you're getting smarterevery day have a good one bye

If you want I can let you live for alittle bit uh yeah cool or I mean youhave your craft but there's no inputwhatsoever yeah Elan rolls Western rightboth of geez if you want okay I'm goodidea roll and you then

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