Global Pandemic Free $100 Bitcoin Online Money Making Ways With A Paxful Bitcoin Vendor

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

What is that fellow kept alive stylers how're you guys doing today it's time to rise and grind rise and shine because you're sleeping on that money man alright I know a lot of us millions of us I want to address something first there are millions of

People around the world right now that are in quarantine that are practicing social distancing so on and so forth I know people have these what's up chats going on there's like a five-way call happening and they entertain each other

Having digital parties and such that's great you're keeping yourselves busy and you're trying to improvise and you're innovating as well but I'm going to share with you guys a way to actually use that energy and focus it on making

Money from home from just from your computer and internet connection I remember guys I've been doing this for three years literally I've been doing it for three years at home not training or paxville but I've been making up an

Honest decent living online for three years paying my bills and all that stuff and I want to share with you guys a couple of strategies right now what pack for both the packs well sorry life alright I haven't been really going live

With packs well videos at least so I guess I'll take this time to do that I think one time we went live and there were some sort of problems I couldn't really see the chat we do got a couple of people here rolling in right now we

Won't wait for the rest of people to come in before I actually start this hopefully my chats working this time around I don't know I am from the phone old school but it is what it is also guys I want to try something I hope

Everyone is safe you know my thoughts goes out to the infected people the elderly especially and I just want to give a big shout out to all the doctors and the nurses who be putting their health on the line and risking their

Health to help other people those guys right now are the true heroes okay the doctors and the nurses I appreciate you guys you guys are doing a fabulous job risking your health for others and yeah you guys are the real heroes during this

Time of uncertainty and crisis you know we're talking about a 3-month lockdown we're talking about grocery stores coming out potentially closing down but I'm here to show you guys the flip side of this the bright side how you can make

Money from home okay so we'll get started in a bit let me just say hello to people Oh natural size supply man your contact was awesome stay healthy a I appreciate you man I've never got anybody here for my

Chat if you don't mind sharing the link in the chat so you know everybody else could join in I know there's tons of questions man I've been getting bombarded with messages on telegram which I don't mind I really don't mind

It but you know I really can't you know give everybody 100% of my time so if I could get everybody here in this live stream well not everybody but you know what I mean more people and just like what we

Have right now that will definitely save me time and energy I'm gonna share with you guys one free route to bank your ass some coin all right so that's just chill out for a bit and wait for more people to roll in I'm empty I don't know if

You're here right now if you could share that link I'll be greatly appreciated or perhaps even on Wallace if you could share that link that'll be great as well I'm House it from Cape Town I wasn't going man Colin Smith whichever whatever

Part of the world you're from you know I always appreciate you for joining the live streams what's the time over there you guys are thinking about one how many hours ahead like was it like eight or something so first of all for the people

That are here right now do let me know how are you enjoying your packs well trades are you trading right now are you still stuck in the verification process or what's going on somebody's exercising there it looks

Pretty weird all 5:00 p.m. all right so what's the time buy me I don't even know the time hey still have in there so you're about six hours ahead of me and that's a beautiful thing about this whole online video right like think

About this guys back in the day right like when I was growing up in the 80s my parents just to put it to the news and that was the only source of media there's no alternative media there and you're just reliant on that one source

Right that network that broadcasting network now today we have alternate media sources where we could connect to each other instantaneously without having to go through well I guess we go through YouTube but you know without

Having to rely on just one or two sources to me that's awesome by the way guys smash that like button that like button oh this guy says it on YouTube I don't know it just um it gets stuck in my head

The way he says but button smash that like button please it's only two lights on 12 people here man okay so this method pretty much works for Maine I would say about 70% of the countries in on planet Earth

That sounds I saw may not sound very extraterrestrial like but yeah this will work for the majority of people okay now for the peoples in Africa one is my like what's up David I know hey I know David is a type of guy to

Have on his real account and then it's fake YouTube account I still talk to my videos and like it on both accounts alright so I appreciate you all right thank you m'kay respect man thank you we'll just carry on um I don't know some

People are working some people aren't this is a random live normally I go live more often than not I just haven't been guys you guys don't understand this grind so I have a research and development team that's looking into

Various different payment methods that could provide ass BTC in and out I'm dealing with you guys on telegram it's like customer service I gotta make my content right that's a lot of Labor involved if you want to make some fire

Content right the trades I got a trained on paxville to I haven't been trading much because you know what I tell people is I've been trading more part-time and doing the research more full-time I'm a constant that's been kind of part-time

To once a week so there's a lot to do but once you sort out all of that out and you ironing out the kinks you find comb through everything and you have your routes then it's like automated all right you just RIT's autopilot you're

Just trading daily and you don't care about research anymore but at the beginning the research is very very important especially when I'm trying to help you guys that are from all around the world right because some routes may

Work for Americans some may work for Canadians some may work for Europeans some might work for Africans and some just may work for everybody but that's that's in an ideal world it's hard to find a route that's universal for every

Single citizen um no matter what part of the world or from it's very hard you know it's kind of like me driving alright now you know there's a green light and I don't catch one red light you know I'm just drive around

Constantly green lights right it can happen but it's hard um anyhow so perhaps we could start it all right some of you already know this but the people who are not in my private chat and the people who I guess don't

Really message me on telegram you guys probably don't know about this so let me let me guess for the people who are at home right now that are bored out of their tree that are quarantine that only have the news on CNN I like to call the

Constant negative Network that's what I like to call it for you but if you fall into that category this video this live stream is for you let me just say what's up think I missed a couple peeps yeah I'm not gonna repeat what trending on

YouTube said but I school a lot of juggling bro so respect for the heart again man hey you know you're you're bad you're putting in the work to men so all right I guess we'll start it you know we've been seven minutes into the stream

For those who are watching this on the replay I guess you guys will just have to fast-forward or what have you ok so this is how it works guys I already share this for people in my chat I'm gonna share this publicly with

Everybody so what you guys really need to do it's not hard to find these methods to make money online okay I'm through packs well it's one of the most it's like everything is related for you in front of you it's all there okay

They have about three hundred and eighty plus ways to make money on paxville so what does that mean that means there's literally 300 ways to deposit bitcoin or overthrow it okay obviously you could use it through like um what you call it

Those are those prepaid debit cards you can use it with gift cards you could use it with a gold now you can use it even with services goods and services is a new option a new method of payments so you can't tell me there's not a way for

You to make money there okay that's impossible so if you scan through the payment methods you're going to see a various different vouchers you can see gift cards and you're gonna see something

Called ap CF card alright do smash like guys for the other what is it nine people that didn't smash like do do that okay there's something called a PCF card and why we choose passive card is for a couple of reasons number one piece of

Cards okay almost like it's almost like online cash where people can't buy it with a credit card so why is that important for us being partial vendors that's very important before my coffee

Gets cold that's very important because we don't have to worry about stolen credit cards purchasing these items or service voucher right so if you guys look at like say Amazon gift cards and other stuff like say I think the one

Vanilla's you are allowed to purchase out with a credit card and I go through the protocol of verifying the last four digits of the serial code with the last four digits on the card and the receipts and if not matches and on that receipt

It says paid in cash that's what we know it can never be a charge back because it was never bought with a credit card now with these pieces vouchers it eliminates that step you know and one thing with trades people on paxil they

Don't like long trades you know when they have a gift card or they have a voucher they want to go boom bam thank you madam in and out okay so that's gonna help then that's gonna help you that's gonna give you a reputation a

Higher score as well if the faster you are so that's eliminated we have already um come to that um to that realization now what do we do with this piece of card so there's there's so many partners or merchants online that accepts piece

Of cards so that presents a great opportunity for us but ideally where I like to use it right so like before let me just take a step back here and if you guys have any questions do ask me now and I'll get to that after I'm done if I

Try to like do it in between us just going to you know ruin the flow of things so the way you do that is like this you can go through a piece of centralized system okay so if you wanted to actually redeem your PIN you may have

To be redirected to your piece if accounts now with betting sites know just stop right now before you hit that X button yes with betting sites you don't have to do that and nothing's wrong with going through their

Centralized system just me personally if I don't have to do that then I don't have to do that so why not you know it's kind of like it's kind of like um you know if my wife is coming back home from work I'm like hey PM could you buy me a

Coffee yeah babe okay what do you want she comes she drops it off if I don't rather go get it why do I do that step right it's unnecessary so this is similar to that okay so from there you're gonna get okay guys listen for

The people that are still here pay very close attention to this part cuz here's where the real meat and potatoes leaves okay okay you're gonna get two betting sites you can bet on freaking crickets you can bet on freaking baseball you can

Bet on ice hockey look a better an NBA you can bet on eSports you can bet on the weather tomorrow you could bet on whatever you want it doesn't matter and what you're betting and you do not have to have any knowledge whatsoever when it

Comes to these games it's that's besides the point but this is what really matters the most okay you're gonna take your piece of cards that you got on paxville and they range for about 40 percent markup um the

42 percent margin rather than markup okay and I'm gonna give you an example with a thousand dollars okay and I do see the messages guys I'll get back to a what's up Wallace the route I'm showing them the roads so what you gonna do with

That now is let's see you got a thousand dollars worth of piece of cards at an average of forty percent markup so that now means you spent six hundred dollars to get this $1,000 worth of piece of cards right so you've got four hundred

Dollars that's pretty much profit but the problem now is you must make bets or you must spend your pay Civ in order to get this money and I'm gonna share with you guys something that's gonna just probably blow your mind they blew my

Mind so this is what you're gonna do you're gonna get a sign I'm gonna give you one there's one called bet365 it's very popular they do allow you to deposit with piece of cards and you know the

Other side it's up to you to look for there there's so many out there that you can find this I'm Americans might find some problems with this because I know betting sites aren't too keen with Americans okay so you guys might have to

Work your way around that there are some other ones called Thunderbird comm this live stream is pg-13 okay m'kay and Wallace you guys know what I call Thunderbird but okay so let's just say you got two okay let me get to the point

Guys the beautiful about the beautiful thing about live streams is this you get the real deal I just blob on and on and on but um so you we find two betting sites that accept pieceof cards

You have a thousand dollars worth a piece of cards that you got for 40 percent discount on packs well now you just uploaded 500 dollars to say betting site II let's call it bet365 and then you just uploaded the other half which

Is 500 dollars depending site B let's call it Thunderbird calm or whatever under pick whatever the hell it's called anyone don't matter as long as they accept piece of cards now you spent $600 how are you gonna get this money well if

You have any any experience with our betting sites they don't allow you to deposit and then just withdraw it's impossible you just can't do that okay so how are you going to get your way around this how are you gonna combat

That is by doing this what we're gonna do is we're going to bet on the same game okay so let's just give an example right now the NB is inactive but they are Iggy's that's going on okay you gotta make sure it's a two-way outcome

Meaning it's either you win or you lose there's no ties okay you guys follow all right please let me know if you follow so far so let's say I'm gonna give you example team is playing Team B okay we're going to put $500 half of our our

Piece of card on one website on team aid and then on website B which is the bookmaker B we're gonna take the other 500 on put it on T and B right it's kind of like our betting in a sense but just a little bit customizations are involved

Okay now the second part of that is make sure these odds have at least I would say 1.9 and up on each side okay cuz $2 pretty much means you're gonna make back your money so if you bet $500 on a tuba card you're gonna get $1,000 in return

Okay okay you understand I'm saying so now you just did your bets okay and it don't matter if team a wins or team B wins you don't care you don't have to watch the game and go through that stress and get gray hair like me

And get started get thinning here okay you don't that I go through all that BS you just go home you wake up the next day and it's money in a bank alright so this is how it works to in Canada the beautiful thing about this wrong and why

I like to focus on PTC ins and VTC outs is because it's like why go through my bank right if I get cash that has to go to my bank and then I gotta go to my exchange right so I'm eliminating those process and

That's why I like BTC in and out but with this routes in Canada at least I can only speak for Canadians why I like it is because guess what you do not have to do taxes on bedding so if you win any sort of bets or lotto or whatever you do

Not have to tax that that's non-taxable so that money goes to my bank account I don't even have to report that for taxes ladies and gentlemen who are watching this live stream that's it that's all I got for y'all all right bye

I'm joking so let's talk so that's the wrong let me try to reiterate that we'll go for a summary can you have $1,000 or less I'm just giving you $1,000 as an example okay because it's an easy number to work with with the math okay

You get out of the 40% discount you got to $500 that's a piece of cards that you uploaded on two separate sites that allow piece.if deposits you find the game across any damn market don't matter the sport esports cricket marbles

Freaking I don't know who could hold their breath the longest it don't matter make sure the odd is at least a dollar ninety and up okay because the dollar ninety is going to give you back 900 you're still in the plus and profits

Right if you get that I'm not a greedy guy if I see a game that's pay me even maybe a dollar eighty am i I might mess with that that's one give me back $800 okay I'm still in the profits I don't care okay so you know ideally find out I

Find a game that's gonna pay you 190 and up and then back opposite teams on two different sites you bank that coin to your bank account if you live in Canada your ass don't gotta pay taxes it's the crypto lifestyle baby what could I say

Alright who got questions nice access what up bro what's up Roger shit you put on the livestream snake says Grindr girl our bro Pok Pok ah alright I hear ya and he says the game have to be closely

Matched when it comes to odds yes yes indeed indeed if there's anything I missed out m'kay do let them know in the chat isn't shorting betting though then what isn't shorting betting then umm I don't understand what do you mean

Shorting shorting the market should we talk about Bitcoin surety I don't get it where's my coffee ha ha ha this coffee isn't the greatest to be honest it's the most popular place here in Canada but whatever I got to start making my coffee

At home and this is actually a risk for coronavirus alright if I'm buying my coffee outside somewhere so do you guys understand how that works ok I think somebody said something about short betting or something isn't

Shorting betting then um well yeah I don't know kind of like if you could we call it expand on that that'd be great now what we got here uh you are the crypto plug rest of the game has no ties yeah exactly so ideally

You want a game that only has a two way bet all right you don't want a three-way outcome you only want a two way outcome because the three outcome now it puts the odds against you because now you got another

Deciding factor you know and you don't want that it's kinda like the roulette table you know green I was at red black and then green you know you want it you don't want that green and again I don't know what you're referring to to

Shorting in regards to shorten the price of Bitcoin or what I don't know I'll wait for you to UM to respond to that but it's it's it's it's like our betting but it's a little bit different I don't know we got to make up a new terminology

For this maybe I don't know right you're pretty much covering your your but on each end that's all you're doing by using two different websites and the whole the reason why we do this is because you cannot just deposit the

Piece of card into a merchant site or a betting site on withdraw you just can't do that okay and again yeah so the way to get the money is to actually um split it on two sites separate separate teams same game

Badda-bing badda-boom what does he wanna know what else so I don't know I always bet green bro okay well there's there's there's double green on there so it was a double zero on one zero okay here we go so I meant ETF shorting or Bitcoin

Shorting maybe it's different than your style of betting either way that's cool of no taxes betting yeah yeah that's some different I have I can't really comment on that that's some different to what I'm used

To so yeah I think most places and don't call me on this to check with your you know wherever you reside the resources but I'm pretty sure in Europe they're pretty lenient when it comes to anything any profits or any winnings that you've

Made from lotto okay I know in England they're like that I'm not too sure about like say Germany and Holland and what-have-you alright guys so this was a live stream I mean I could still go live if you guys want if you guys have any

Other questions maybe you're having problems with your verification process on pax well I don't know we could continue forward I just wanted to probably reach out to you guys by doing this live stream

Instead of doing uploaded video to connect with you guys right I know possible right now they're pretty swamped up they have a lot going on right now they're you know they're sharpening their tools they're upgrading

The system the verification process is an issue right now for most people maybe it is a software thing right so just yeah be patient with that they're pretty swamped up right now they have like the demand for patch well right now is crazy

Guys so many people are registering maybe it was my videos I don't know but whatever it is what it is the point is that they're pretty backed up at the moment so do have patience what we got here mq says you could you could back

Read on the side and black on another but hope it doesn't come up in oh yeah no no so the roulette was just something stupid like I don't mean literally go bad Roulettes I was just talking I was just showing that like referencing to

Roulette the style right how it's like a three-way outcome there's black there's right under is green right what this is only two ways so make sure you guys are definitely bending to a outcomes Michael Evans says our piece of cards better

Than other options so in my humble opinion I love peace of cards because yes the credit card thing you don't have to worry about that so I like normally with gift cards and that's a good question Michael thanks for asking

That because with gift cards we must require that the buyer submits the receipts I'm like again if the more like the more needy you are so to speak you're telling them it has to be a receipt you have to take pictures of the

Card you have to do this you have to do that you know it's going to limit your buyers okay and the beautiful thing with paysafe card is you could tell them just give me the pen because you know right off the bat they can't buy it with a

Stolen credit card or with a credit card period okay so it gives them more are more luxury or more convenience rather in that regard and it makes your trades faster so to answer the second half of the question is this with PC vouchers

The is actually very nominal on packs Wallsend it's 0.5% now something else that I like to train is flexi pins and new surfs those are also vouchers but Pottsville charges are 3% for those

Which I don't understand whatever they're the boss not me they make the rules so um yeah they work on the same in that regard um piece of cars are super I wants a super high volume but the volume is a nice especially if

You're in Europe then Kanda III might experience a little bit of um you know the volume isn't as good but it's good enough alright um yeah so I hope that answers your question I I think it's better I like I should say better

Because it's a personal preference right it's great because you don't have to worry about stolen credit cards on chargebacks it's pretty much like cash once you check the balance it's there you redeem and it's yours so you can't

Get double spent either like with gift cards and the fees are nominal on packs will end its like point to five percent okay I got locked my doors I don't want nobody to give me coronavirus you know see that guy walk in there he's just

Gonna open my door say hey welcome to the world of coronavirus you know some people are doing that I know anyways I wouldn't bring that up that's too graphic to talk about in this stream

I was gonna see some whatever what David Morales says kiss keep it simple stupid who me hey I like you you could call me stupid it's okay what we got it Wallace that's instant fun with peace if exactly it's an instant fun so that's also great

As well right when when you guys are trying to sell gift cards and it depends on the retailer um more times out of 10 those gift card companies that you sell to they they do not sell it right away and some cards you could lock it but

Probably 80% you can so what does that mean that means the person that just soldier that gift card on paxville they have a window a window most likely a 24 hour window to spend the bounce on you after you release the Bitcoin so with

Peace of cards with flexi pins with neo serves with other other vouchers out there you can't get double spends okay enough to worry about credit card beans stolen either so it's yeah I love it for that yeah and obviously no taxes on your

Winnings right when you when you do that right I just explained for you guys in this livestream it don't get much better than that like what are you guys doing at home right now seriously I understand anything new will

Be misunderstood what are you guys doing are you guys doing that whatsapp chat with like your friends and family when you got telling here on the phone and some guys play music and you guys are dancing are you guys playing like board

Games digitally that's what I was doing last night with my sisters and them it was their idea but I'm just saying spend that time doing this spend that time trying to figure out ways to make money on packs

Well that's what I'm doing that's that's what people are doing that's what you should be doing don't be pink it around on your phone like you know social media FaceTime with people you're wasting your time please

Guess what when this is done when this will quarantine thing is done well you have the time to actually research on your computer how to make money from home which I've been doing for three long years okay

Your ass is gonna go back to work your ass is gonna be working for that boss again your ass is going to be unhappy for the most part people some people are right stuck in traffic I don't know man like I truly believe technology has

Vastly changed the way we can make money online right or just not online just period right like when the internet was invented it was it was crazy people didn't understand the power of a search engine like Google right web crawler

Yahoo and then it evolved to like oh now you can have a website and make money a digital store right and now we're going to like um when Amazon first came out everybody was like oh I don't trust that site man you know I don't want to put my

Credit card on that site now today everybody got their credit card on Amazon it's Monday and it's just normal its second nature that's just the way the world is well guess what you add cryptocurrency you have

Blockchain tech you have Bitcoin you add immutable rerun reversible transactions limitless across the borders without banks and ball bro guess what you just got a full-fledged business now all right you got a laptop okay no you got a

Phone all right good you know come on guys let's go make excuses okay use this time wisely and figure out a way so you could all provide for your family that's all I could tell y'all

My dad oh shoot I don't know what's going on there maybe I got a backlog here oh yeah so nice hash also says okay sorry I missed somebody so Michael Evan says thank you for the info thank you for joining the live

Stream man Wallace says everybody who isn't get in the telegram chat group hey we only got like a few spots left to be honest I'm just saying but honesty what's up real careful with the coronavirus bro hey man thank you I

Appreciate you for watching on man thank you for that I try to stay safe but this is definitely flirting with that Ryan I shouldn't be drinking our public coffee you know okay MQ says no ball needed for peace if

Also that is true David Morales says I'm waiting for this damn girl to get ready to go out to go out where and where you going bro come on man well hey you're in Miami so I don't blame you guys can go into the beach or

Something that's different I don't have that luxury over here Mike Lee says Pottsville is full of scammers that is true but Mike Lee answer this answer this for me okay that is true but is it crypto full of

Scammers isn't Telegram full of scammers packs was full of scammers because it involves cryptocurrency and Bitcoin so I mean like I think we're all used to that already right we are all used to that if you're sorry that was an email probably

Something CEO wants me to make him a video nanana I don't do that shit no more that was an email notification but yeah if you already know that cryptocurrency as a whole is infested with scammers

Then I mean come on man you know that's just part of the territory right hey by the way guys do smash alike I appreciate that we got 24 people watching and only eight likes I'm starting again like seriously

I'm taking a personal right now I really am starting to take that personal my heart yeah please smash like maybe I won't go live as much anymore cuz I got a lot more likes on my uploaded videos than I do live I don't know maybe you

Guys don't like my facial expressions no tell me please what is it I'm Chris's research is key and now is the right time that's true like research it could be time-consuming but it's rewarding I'll tell you that you will never ever

Research routes like if you spend the time to like figure out ways and never get nothing out of it so even if you didn't tap into a route you still found out so much information that you never knew before the research started so it's

Always a win-win whenever you research Michael Evans says working from home for three years still going that's the way bro that's the way like I truly believe the educational system in schools and universities is so outdated guys think

About this like I'm 35 right now something like that like I was telling my buddy the other well I was telling somebody anything I was telling I'm kid the other day when I turned 30 it's like I forgot about my birthdays but anyways

I'm 35 give or take and when I was growing up in school growing up rather and you know when I was you know going to school they never told us about online businesses they never told told us about blockchain tack they never told

Us about building businesses on the blockchain they never told us about peer-to-peer finance platforms like packs well this was not even there right it was like oh yeah well gonna work for a big company

Make sure it's unionized and get some good benefits and retire well your ass is like 75 you know does that make sense to you retiring at the point of your life when it's all over it's all said and done you're getting a sickness you

Could barely walk well you know you're not in your right health and enjoy this measly retirement fund that the government gives you does that make sense no you know why because it's extremely outdated I'm telling you the

Educational system is outdated but you know why they don't want to change it it's money man because people are any debts going to university going into college spending fifty thousand hundred thousand they still don't even get a job

In that field they still don't get a job and if they do get a job is I feel guess what they're unhappy they're stuck in traffic all day long listening to the crypto lifestyle on YouTube wondering how they could get out of this routes

You know oh this ruts I'm so used to saying routes so yeah like I know people good jobs man but they're not happy I know doctors I swear to God I know a doctor he's not happy with his job I

Know an accountant not happy people who are getting paid well right so it's kind of like also a lot of people don't know what they want to be when they grow up right there peer pressure they see their friend is becoming a doctor going to med

School in the Caribbean or something to become a doctor they get jealous so they don't want to try that or maybe they want it they get jealous because they see somebody else becoming you know getting an MBA or something and they try

To do it and when they get it they're like oh that's it that's what it's all about right they start their you know find themselves in the work field if they're lucky and it's not for them right so I don't know man something got

To change okay so this is something I want to address somebody here a Russian person I can't read your name it's in Russian once that okay hey please tell me how not to get banned on Amazon for redeeming gift cards and buying products

With gift card violence please okay so this is the thing right I'm in video on this on two videos on something really guarding this and you know I'm not going public with certain things like this because if everybody knows this is

What's going to happen people are going to get banned and yes it's in their terms as well okay I've called them they said you could buy gift cards from gift cards I have told you guys multiple times now squash that

Just don't do that anymore and then I didn't update the video buying it with products now I see here from Russia that's the problem right there if you're using a VPN right wrap the back the house of cards are gonna

Fall on you okay Amazon is going to flag your account and then they're not going to allow you to do that so if you're buying a you know gift cards with physical products which should not be a problem especially with the business

Prime intact and by submitting your LLC that should not be a problem okay and what you guys are doing but um do not use VPNs do not you know use your local currency if you if you're gonna go buy a product and that's all I could tell you

Amazon you know they make their own laws so they could do whatever they whatever they deem fit okay so I guarantee you're using a VPN and also people in Europe are having a lot more trouble than people say in North America

Doing this and that does include people from England as well so I actually got something in my back pocket I'm that I'm gonna be working on in that regard so yeah just sit tight and I would definitely reveal that info when the

Time is right Stacey Lau asked how are you doing Stacy um how did you get in the telegram chat so the thing is this right ideally it's people that are on my team and what does that require that requires people oh

Yeah who signed up under me right guys look man it's a lot of work this is a lot of work even people I might try to ask it from for more routes but we're always working on that but what's more important once you find out that it

Works then you gotta find out if it's profitable then you gotta find out what person from what country can use it right and then you got a back tested making sure that's sustainable so it's an ongoing process

Alright and again I know people want to make money want to make money but we cannot rush these new routes I were tapping into all right but to answer your question Stacey Lao to get into my child you can just message me I like

Your name Stacey Lau so maybe I'll just let you in how about that all right and I might be getting should I give you a Bitcoin alright I'm gonna give you a Bitcoin right now I'm gonna give away $100 worth of Bitcoin right now I just

Don't know how I'm gonna do it how should I do this somebody give me an idea whoever's watching this live stream it's gonna get $100 worth of Bitcoin for free I just don't know how I'm gonna do it

How am I gonna give it away give me some ideas guys our seller says these are ways to deal with scammers or can I think I missed at the top there oh hi there is that um the Susan I think you're in my chat already I believe from

Italy are you from Italy I think you are if my memory serves me right yeah so Michael so yeah square up something down for people cards yeah so this is the thing um my square up is fine it's intact I could share another a method

With you and how to do that but I don't want to give away two in one video also that I want to run out of video ideas okay I can see that within the next video but if I tell you another way here I don't know it just don't make

No sense um so yeah and I don't want to ruin it too right because then just like that it could get ruined and square up is another one I went live with so this is why I try to give you guys three routes publicly but it's going to happen

Like square up it's going to happen like the other like like like was an Amazon right it is it's just going to happen so you guys are gonna have to message me for that and there's other criteria involved as

Well I don't mind helping people at all actually I love helping people I get a great feeling out of it I feel gratified and especially now right why not oh yeah so speaking of square up my account still fine with square up although I

Have not used them in a while so you just got to start slow with them and you can still do it mix it up with also in real debit plastic credit cards on packs full by asking for ID though when you're dealing with that because you don't want

Any charge ups if you could mix it have the ratio like say 60 plastic real debit cards on paxville and 40% Visa gift cards you'll be good you'll be good I'm sorry to tell you in that regard okay so beaut beauty says the thing with

Packs well is that packs well seems like does care about having okay yeah so like the clinic packs well the thing is this so I told you get where you're coming from but I won't say that how they want them there because if they wanted them

There they will never ever level up their ID verification process and make it that much more strenuous right I'm going to switch spots before my jump up and all that but I'm gonna switch spots I just don't like that spot anymore I'm

Gonna go to the lake yeah so the thing with paxville is like if they're really supported scammers they'll never make that ID verification process that much more strenuous right so I mean I can't agree with you with

That but could they do more probably I think you could always improve in that regard but again like maybe they need to hire more staff I don't know because they are backed up so you know definitely like if you scroll down on

Paxil on the training section you could give them your pointers give them some of your feedback and some ideas so if you have an idea and how they can let me tap definitely do tell them okay and they're open to that as

Well if that makes sense sorry guys I'm just gonna I'm gonna stop the car soon get into a spot um you know I could go a lie for five hours I don't give a shit I'm gonna you know if you guys got something

To talk about let's talk about it so um I'll give you my time I got no issues with that ah damn the parks closed off whatever I guess I'll just stop here for now okay next question unstoppable domains Wow

I don't know did my zombie domain cells yet I really don't know I have not logged in to open C for so long so I really can't comment on an unstoppable domains we had a little thing going on there in the past it's

Well documented on my youtube channel I made a badass video I don't really like make these edited videos anymore marriages porn I don't know I'm not gonna be doing that too much so I don't know I'm out of the loop with

Unstoppable domains maybe I might log into my open sea account see I got 777 aetherium hey cuz that's the going price of my a crypto zombie domain I don't know I don't know man I'm not in that I'm not focusing around unstoppable

Domains as much anymore hopefully you guys could give me some information on that okay next question hey Stacy I'll give like a fist pump emoji oh that's cool

Oh yeah I told you I'll allow you into my or my daughter Black Cats crossing in front of me on the road that is such bad luck but I didn't how does that work if the black cat crosses in front of you it crosses then you got to drive past it or

Walk past it okay so I'll just make a u-turn now it's looking at me I don't like cats anyhow okay Wallace says they never told us how to make taxes not me bro Mike Lee deleted a message it man say what you mean I mean what just say

You don't gotta delete it god bless you bro hey man like I say stay I'll see if I'm out there man tryna yeah practice social distancing alright that's a beautiful thing about YouTube this is social distancing doctor not supposed to

Be happy way okay so China sending test kits around the world laced with life coronavirus I don't know man about all that you know like you know this is the thing about CNN right there all right wing wing MSNBC Fox News all of those

American broadcast networks obviously they're going to point to other countries but if you really look at the history of America they are lying bastard it's okay you know I don't want to get into all of this this is a

Definitely another video for you know another day or a different subject but we could briefly touch upon it listen there's something called the Freedom of Information Act and after 50 years the American government by law has to

Release this information now Vietnam was a pivotal time in history for Americans and just the world the whole world actually okay what is it 50,000 or 80,000 American soldiers were lives were taken away and

God knows how many Vietnamese soldiers died in this false flag operation now in these documents the reason why America went into Vietnam because they said their base that they had off the coast of Vietnam which was called the Gulf of

Tonkin was attacked by the Vietnamese within these documents the Freedom of Information Act it clearly says that this was not true coming from a visa the commander of this project or whatever the the the Navy SEAL guy

Whatever he is said the commanding officer said that this was a false flag operation that they went in there for their own for King greed okay now we could look at Afghanistan when Osama bin Laden was best friends with the American

Government fighting the Russians in Afghanistan what what did the Americans do they trained al Qaeda they funded al Qaeda and they gave them arms and ammunition to fight the Russians and then all of a sudden 15 whatever 25

Years later 9/11 happened and they blamed it on al Qaeda okay I don't want to get into 9/11 because that's what I touch you know it's too close to home people might get personal with this but you guys do your research look at the

Documentaries and see what makes sense to you not what makes sense from mainstream media because they always feed us bullshit so I don't look at the news I don't I think whenever I turn on the

News or if it's on because I turn on my TV and my daughter wants to watch YouTube I maybe my wife was watching you know the news I literally go into my into my arm the kitchen put a popcorn into the microwave pop that shit because

There's nothing but entertainment value for me okay I get my popcorn already and I just watching tomorrow I just as entertaining all right cool you know it's like it's like an episode of Game of Thrones for me watching CNN I don't

Take them serious bro their credibility it's a lost it's kind of like your favorite youtuber that got you into scams all the time these credibility is lost right so it's like that with me and our mainstream media so they can see

It's it's try and they can see it's that but they are one of the most corrupt 'add media sources in the world if not the most corrupted okay so that's what I gotta say about that you know they were seeing that how it came from China that

That city and all this shit but yeah China has one of the most renowned would you call it coronavirus like protocols to limit its okay they didn't mass quarantine under they also didn't mass testing so they could talk all the shit

About China but China citizens you know it's not like Italy it's not like I'm Iran it's not like America now so they got that under control that's the facts so that's all and I'll stop talking about that

Okay where are we okay so Mike man yeah hey well you know what bro just don't trade there if you can't handle that the basic steps involved just don't do it bro problem solved okay so Stacy says I'm great and it's

Loose one Lucy Lucy Liu is short okay oh is that your telegram using him alright I'll look out for ya m'kay says Amazon multi-billion company so you can't pull the wool over their eyes that's true the

Only way you actually could combat Amazon is being legit and just do it get your LLC get your business prime you know I'm even getting merchants account if that's what you want to do right whatever it takes just do it I mean you

Got all the time in the world right now what's your Excuse just do it you're home you're quarantine do it alright once we got here okay gia bud says what insurance should I take to win this Pete with a scammer if

I use paysafecard very good question so when dealing with the pensive card I'm Gaea this is what you could do check the balance the moment you check the balance and if it's not there okay okay well let me back up

For a second if you're a Bitcoin seller you will automatically already have the benefit of the doubt when it comes to packs well not to say they're always gonna side with you but you have in the Bitcoin um you know puts you in good

Standing with them and also if you are verified across all three levels ID address and phone and email okay about four levels okay now with Pacey if it's very like I have not had one not even one fraud traded with peace of cars and

Other vouchers because once the bounce is there and I check it I redeem it they can't spend it on me so it's not like gift cards so what I would do is if you check the bounce and it's not reflecting right in accordance to the trade take a

Picture of that I'm just uploaded in the chat and that's it and you say hey man the bounce is in there what are you doing cancel the trade right and I think so argue with you just wait an hour Don go

Through the dispute and they're gonna automatically win Stacey Lau Lucy Liu Lucy Liu says learning so much from all your info working from home recently that's good good to hear good

To hear I mean like you know there's many ways you could do this right but for me personally I like to take control of my own finances and working with Bitcoin and blockchain and you know like working with Bitcoin a blog – I saw like

That guy right but you know blockchain is pretty much you having your own bank you don't need to be dependent on them and now they're threatening out the threatening us by saying the bank's might close down now right so yeah I

Don't know if that's the case then it's all about the BTC in and out routes you know I mean so come on man I got you covered I got you covered don't worry city life says oh my god you serious me me me me

Oh shit yo I am so backed up right now I even forgot about the Bitcoin giveaway yeah so how am I going to do this I don't know Tommy post a question who answers first wins Wow I'm super backed up okay I'm gonna

Stop talking so I could get caught up with the messages Nene Chu says Richard Hart is doing a work 10,000 X giveaway on Twitter by the way just need to follow him and another person and retweet the contest awesome

Yo man you gotta love Richard Hartley I don't care what anybody says that guy's an OG um he says what he means he means what he says whether you agree with him or not it's besides the point because he fully believes in what he says and he

Speaks it boldly all right you gotta respect someone like that and a guy that's giving away money – why not give $100 a Bitcoin of someone who researches in route and reveals it to you get everyone's brain working exactly okay

But that sounds good let's see some more suggestions I'm a poster theory Madras okay ah tea we hand you'll be dropping some some nasty comments on my youtube channel it's all good hey my skillet stick bro I don't care

I'll fish criticism I don't care I'm used to it I've been on YouTube for almost three years I really don't give you know no offense I really like I take people seriously but when it comes to criticism it doesn't really affect me

You know it is what it is man you know what I see what you want to see bro anyhow how can we register online store as a virtual terminal in USA if we don't live there so there are a number of different virtual terminals that you

Can use I know Citibank has one as well that probably is your best option okay there's a couple other of things I could mention but I can't mention that on the air because it's going to ruin shit so you know what I'll just do it

Anyways so I'll tell you one other way so what people do is they'll get certain online stores okay so whether you want to sell out an or an Amazon store or if you want I want to say Amazon though don't do that

What's other options eBay stars I'm an SDC soar Shopify store the payment processors stripe they're very very lenient when it comes to one vanilla gift cards okay but still you should probably mix it up with credit plastic

Cards or debit cards first that are you know that are real plastic cards right real Visa cards as well and then go ahead with your gift cards I was told by somebody who does this it works with um with Shopify and that's

All I can tell you man you know you guys are going up like look guys I'm doing research right and I can only tell you guys what I found out from my experience and what people are who are also practicing this and what the information

They have handed down to me now that's limited information you guys have to really try this out on your own on your own time as well and see what works for you I want to make sense to you as well right the whole purpose of my videos is

To show you guys what works yes and what doesn't work or whatever but also to encourage you guys to look for your own routes because anybody could do this once you put in the research and that's the main drawback or take away not

Drawback but take away you should get out of my videos okay if I could do it if other people could do it you could do it too and a lot of people might say I don't got the time well I think you got more time now than ever before so you

Can't really use that excuse I love say solutions I love that you don't edit your video shows offense authenticity which is to me the most important aspect of trusting the information that you're delivering yeah

I actually used to edit a shit ton a shit ton before but right now I'm moving that I'll just do you know what I'll even do lives like this I like like I'm the type of guy to wake up in the morning with my morning face have all

That eye boogers and everything and I'll just hit the live button I'll just talk like seriously that's how I am I don't know people will take that but at the same token I've come to the point in my youtube career so to speak that I really

Don't care I look you know my hair spinning look at that bald spot I don't give a shit I usually wear this on it was like hair was it like hairspray thing that covers up my bald spots I don't give a shit anymore

What you see is what you get see the grace see the fitting see my morning face see my bags I don't care it sounds genuine as my information right so it is what it is me says you you're stopped it's only if the black cat interrupts

Your path thank you okay you know what I really can't come up with an idea to give away this Bitcoin so I'm just gonna choose somebody by name maybe or MK Wallace if you guys are still there please let me know how okay what's a

Watch out for when trading with paysafe so the particular route okay you're talking about trading or did I answer that already oh did not get scammed yeah so yeah I mean really I truly just make sure the

Balance is there and how do you do that you could download the PC app and check the balance or if it's kind of like an Amazon gift card when you redeem it and you punch in the number and you submit it if the balance if it doesn't you

Reflect the balance or it says the cards with news then you know the cards been used take a picture and upload it to the to the trade chat that's it peace if there is no real protocol in place you need to to implement to detect scammers

Other than just check the balance it's that simple and that's a beautiful thing about PC of cards what about digit X what is digit X I'll even know what that is I was something I heard about like two and a half years

Ago I don't know not what not 10,000 Oh $10,000 worth of X that's amazing man I love that guy awesome Stacey Lewis says authenticity yes you're awesome you think of a number first person to guess that number wins

Bill all right guys it's what we're almost reaching an hour I'm about to give away a hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin because you know I'm sure you guys can use it right now a little bit more than me you know maybe you guys

Want to go buy some milk maybe you want to buy some eggs you want to buy some food maybe just we'll invest into paxville maybe you want to trade whatever you want I'm gonna give you $100 right here right now all you gotta

Do is message me your bitcoin address in telegram and you're using them that was on YouTube and you're gonna get that Bitcoin so how should I do this who's there Estella okay who's ever here whoever answers this question is when we

Get the bitcoins let me see you I'm thinking that's too easy of a question I was going to say what's the highest traded vol what market trades the most on on paxville but that's too easy

Give me a second I got to think let me see sorry guys ah okay I'm gonna I'm gonna test you guys on the content within this live stream okay so with a PC of card I want two things

From you I just said it to okay number one how do you redeem a piece of card and how much this box will charge from their fees for a piece of card those two things whoever answers that first will win $100

How do you redeem the piece of card not trade it redeem and how much fetus packs will give for this $100 worth of Bitcoin added salut what says because I what seven came in right now well it's not bad low so

Whatever not hundred might turn into two who knows well no that's kind of unlikely because big coral have to go to 12 key um okay Stacey you're missing one more thing how much is how much this box will charge

For it so Christopher you're half right no you're wrong jbs no come on Stacey you're almost there no no Dustin they can answer hair that's fine they can answer here but I'm gonna give them the Bitcoin um through telegram because I

Mean I could give you to give it to you here to if you want you can leave your Bitcoin address in the comment section but I'm gonna see about a hundred Bitcoin addresses there trust me I think that's what happens everybody tries to

Like call me for it nope nope oh shit maybe I'm wrong let me check this no last time I checked it was different nope yes No so Gaia got it right point five but you

Didn't tell me the other half bro whoever says both in one response is gonna win a bunch of dollars come on guys yes but you gotta say the one message right now yes

Stacey got it she said it in two but it's running back to back so point five percent on the app not so you checked the balance yeah she now she just did it in one message so I gotta give it to her now yeah guys by the way so somebody

Double check that for me please if possible charges 0.5% for PC farm for PC fees last time I checked it was that and this was like about three weeks ago so I know they've been changing their fees somebody check that out for me right now

Because I don't want to be giving you as wrong in full and giving away a Bitcoin for that wrong before too yes they see if that's correct well you want even if it's correct or not because incorrect or not because

That is what I told you guys which I think it's correct one day if packs will updated those are those are those fees fee adjusted to feel whatever then I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure I'm right so there you go one hundred

Dollars goes to Stacey Lau Stacey what part of the role you from please let everybody know if you don't mind oh my goodness oh my goodness look who it is the stranger cryptogenic holy shoot bro dude honestly you broke my heart it's

Kind of like when I when I was young and I asked her this girl that I love like I really had a crush on when I was like 14 if we could go out I back in the day was just called going around could we go around like would you go out with me

Would you be my girlfriend but I'm not saying I wasn't asking you that but the old you to do that thing but I was really looking forward to that collab and then you went missing on me I was like oh he stood me up it was kind of

Like a girl that you said hey meet me at this you know at the cake steak house and then you get her flowers you put on the table you order that you know the food and she doesn't show up I was heartbroken bro what's going on it's all

Good man yes you're right dude your rights so yeah you're right yeah so thank you for bring that up so I didn't know how bad it was but people who are putting corona in their videos I noticed that YouTube isn't allowing me to

Monetize it yeah you're right man I gotta take that out I gotta take a lot of maybe I'll change your title after I hear some people Richard hearts been experiencing something to his videos been getting

Deleted from YouTube I don't know if it's because of corona yacht in the title but he's just been getting that just period I think it's his bitcoin videos sorry guys I am very congested as well so I might song I'm at sundown yeah

Congested all right on your from our United States that's good because I'm in the United States most of my routes work they're in the States are you familiar with Bitcoin no Stacy do you how like do you know how

To send and receive cuz a lot of people ask messaging me are people who are recently laid off who are in quarantine and they're brand new to this game like they really they don't even have a Bitcoin address right like I gotta teach

Them all of that so that's why my content has been backed up in terms of like one video a week right so I got a lot on my plate right now my plate is actually it's overloaded as it's already two so it is what it is

Cryptogenic says they limited me to the point I couldn't even watch YouTube and I got them into a lawsuit holy shit bro that is crazy is it that bad man I gotta take that I got taken off in my title I gotta take that off yeah Stacy says I'm

Learning that's good as long as you have the you know the the the the motivation and you want to learn that's all that matters to me because a lot of people don't want to learn today and then the next day it's like I am good right they

Go about their normal day which is cool too but you know okay guys so after I'm done reading the messages I think we're done later I think it's safe to see how you know I touch base with you guys not only I gave away another route that

Works I could put money into your bag especially if you live in a country that does not have taxes on any sort of lottery or bedding or anything like that this is going to work perfect for you this could work for anybody mainly

Outside of America um there are some betting sites that allow Americans but I can't really recommend that and again guys do you know my disclaimer as always do check with your local councillors and all that stuff you know every

Jurisdiction does vary but this is like terms and service which you you know it's really it has to do with the company with terms on service so it's not the law and again this is you could do this right so I just want you to make

That known so once again with this particular route is perfect for someone like me living in Canada because once that that cash it's my bank it's not in taxable and what are we called

Non-taxable living the crypto lifestyle but it's important like for me I wanted to do my taxes I do I always say this in my videos I don't I don't have a problem doing taxes let's do it you know let's do this the right way so I could always

Do it so when I build my mansion I don't got the damn IRS knocking on my door or CRA in Canada knocking on my door saying hey man you owe some money you know so definitely do your taxes do it the right way you never got to watch your back

Never ever hide anything from them and that's it man that's just me so hey you know what I'm gonna go through the messages and see if you guys got anything else and congratulations to the winner Stacey loud one hundred dollars

Worth of Bitcoin I'm cryptogenic says I was streaming every single day on Twitch and now I can't so even twitch is a lot is that is not allowing the coronavirus thing why are they censoring that I just don't

Make them sense I don't understand that Stacey Lau says I've been researching for months and just recently found you hey huh that's cool I'm on yeah that's good that's good that we met up you know people that are looking for this info

I'm pretty much the right guy there's not a lot of people on YouTube talking my paxville so yeah it's hard to really get to get you know that that information out right okay so there we got cryptogenic man it would have been

Cool if you were here from the start man but yo thank you for the heads-up I bought that coronavirus in the title I'm probably gonna change the title now so guys you know what what do I have in store for you in the future I really

Don't know because again my most of my time is being spent in the research department finding routes if you guys want anything you know any questions answered related to paxville or just anything period man message me or

Telegram that's probably the best place to catch me you can also email me at the crypto light or sorry you could email me at a crypto lifestyle at or message me on telegram I have to craft a

Lifestyle one word on telegram okay guys so you know what I don't really I don't really think there's much left to see other than till the next video you're on your own later Stasi message me a telegram I owe

You $100 with a Bitcoin or leave your Bitcoin address in the comment section here you can do that as well

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