Global National: July 12, 2020 | Manhunt ongoing as community mourns death of 2 young Quebec girls

published on July 13, 2020

on this Sunday night the manhunt for Quebec father his two daughters are dead could he be hiding in the thick dense forest and for how long revisiting the deadly missile strike that killed dozens of Canadians you

Cannot today as your own another country for justice who's being blamed for Iran's military mistake watched the struggle to make face masks mandatory what a police were not by law the safety measures getting pushed back and the

Pandemic strikes Bollywood a family dynasty exposed to Cova 19 global national with Robin Gil good evening and thank you for joining us an intense manhunt is still underway

In Quebec tonight police have not found the father of two young girls found dead in a community south of Quebec City the bodies of six yield Romi an 11 year old norica Ponte were found yesterday in a heavily wooded area the sisters were the

Subject of an Amber Alert earlier this week but police have not located their dad investigators believe he's still in the area globals Olivia O'Malley has tonight's top story

Quebec provincial police have spent all day Sunday combing the dense woods in Santa Pollyanna about 30 minutes southwest of quebec city by foot atv and helicopter sparing no expense in the manhunt for 44 year-old Martin

Carpentier's police have confirmed he is a suspect in the criminal investigation into the deaths of his two daughters six-year-old Romi and 11 year old Nora for sure is a suspect in the event that we have actually but for the cause of

The death we're gonna wait for the autopsy to be done on the two young girls while officers have not come in contact with cop on ta they believe he is not far from where the girls bodies were found Saturday people who live in

The area reported seeing car on CA but so far that's the only sighting if we do arrest him it will be a major information that he can tell us about all the sick ones that happened in that event the girls and their father were

Members of a Quebec Scouts group the organization has created a memorial for Romeo and Nora in Livi the town where the family is from members of the scouts group didn't want to speak on camera but they say they wanted the memorial to be

There for the girl's family they say it started small but throughout Sunday members of the community came by to pay their respects police are asking Saint apollyon out residents to stay vigilant but to also leave the investigation to

Officers on Saturday night they ran into trouble with people searching in the woods within the police perimeter since we're doing a criminal investigation important elements can be still on the side or around in the area police are

Asking residents to stay on their property and if they see carp on c8 not to engage and call 9-1-1 Olivia O'Malley Global News Santa Polly in there a report of Iran is shutting some new light on the downing of a Ukrainian

Airliner in January all 176 people on board were killed including 55 Canadians the Iranian government eventually admitted responsibility but the flights data recorder still hasn't been turned over

To international authorities and as Heather expressed explains this new report is providing little comfort to those who lost loved ones Edmonton xemnas nabe II was one of 176 people killed in the downing of flight

752 for her grieving husband months may have passed but the pain is still incredibly fresh I didn't even touch her clothes or shoes like so many others who lost loved ones in the January crash Javad Soleimani is looking for justice

And accountability Iran initially denied responsibility only changing course days later admitting it was responsible for shooting down the passenger jet but since then the international investigation has been painfully slow

Now a report from iran's Civil Aviation Organization has found errors made by the crew manning a missile battery were largely to blame the report outlined several key moments that led to the crash the surface-to-air missile battery

Had been moved and was misaligned as well those Manning the missile battery could not communicate with their command center and opened fire twice without getting approval from ranking officials the report also noted that the Ukrainian

Flight had done nothing out of the ordinary when the missiles were launched I think the big challenge is going to be you know why did why did the Iranians knowing that they were going to have such activity in the skies allow

Civilian aircraft to be in there in the first place it's not enough to just say there's a breakdown in communication there should have been a stoppage of all civilian aircraft frankly in the air six people believed to be involved in

The incident have been arrested and after a lengthy delay says it plans to send the black box to France later this month to be examined the Canadian government is among those waiting for that information

A spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada said in a statement to Global News immediate action is required from the Iranian regime to ensure they conduct a comprehensive and transparent investigation in accordance with

International standards it's what family members are anxiously waiting for as well we are just silent cannot another country for justice Heather Eric's West Global News Calgary turning now to the pandemic anyone

Living in Montreal who attended a bar or Club this month is being urged to get tested for covin 19 at least five bars in the city have reported cases since July first eight people have tested positive for the virus but health

Officials believe there are likely more they're now trying to track down all customers and employees but it's difficult to do if establishments are not keeping proper records we have a growing number of cases in a bunch of

Different places brought us to the conclusion that in order to get in front of it we wanted to send out a call to the whole population rather than go bar by bar or situation by situation anyone showing kovat 19 symptoms should isolate

While waiting for test results Quebec still has the most confirmed cases in the country it added a hundred and fourteen new cases today bringing its total to more than 56,000 doctors say one way to reduce the spread of the new

Corona virus is to wear face masks and more municipalities are making it mandatory but not all places are enforcing the rule the same way and as Karen Lieberman reports not everyone wants to cover up either

As provinces and territories east Ovid 19 restrictions more people are venturing out to restaurants cafes and shopping malls and a growing number of cities are mandating they wear masks in public you know you look at cities

Across the world that have put in a policy like this it's made a dramatic difference Brampton is one of the latest cities in Ontario to implement a mandatory mask by law but there is no province wide rule leaving the decision

To individual regions look what's happening in the states with everybody not wearing a mask and Florida and Texas and that and look at their numbers versus our numbers in Montreal a mask by law comes into effect at the end of the

Month the town of Murcia Quebec is not waiting after a kovat 19 outbreak linked to house parties I want to make sure nobody's gonna get it from me because I can have it and I and I don't know I have it right the question in

Cities that are making masks mandatory is how it'll be enforced under the order businesses can refuse entry to anyone not wearing a face covering that puts the onus on the owner and the client could face a fine or in most cases just

A simple warning everyone's wearing masks and even though no one's out ticketing everyone is it's top of mind for everyone we're not police we're not by law we're just trying to work with walking out live for us not everyone is

Reacting kindly to the suggestion I'm not the video but making me service this Toronto woman who refused to wear a mask in a hospital faced backlash after posting online about it while the current science suggests masks helped

Contain the spread of the virus experts so far are not pushing for a national mandate given that we have only about 200 to 400 new cases of Copan 19 per day I think it would be very challenging to have a nationwide mandate this

Infectious diseases specialist points to Alberta which has found ways to nudge people to work masks wearing they're giving them out at drive-through restaurants they're giving them out at places that are high-risk so for example

Congregate settings like long term care settings homeless shelters you give everyone the opportunity for death Karen Lieberman Global News Toronto in the US the virus is showing no signs of slowing down

Florida has shattered a single day record reporting more than 15,000 new confirmed cases that's the largest one-day increase of any state since the pandemic began as Jennifer Johnson explains the startling new numbers come

As the American government debates how to reopen schools new cases of Coppa 19 continue to break state-to-state daily records Florida North Carolina and Texas all reporting staggering increases states across the country are being

Forced to close businesses again as the pandemic continues to spread despite that the Trump administration wants schools to reopen in just a few weeks there is no nothing in the data that would suggest that kids being back

In school is is dangerous to them and in fact it's it's more a matter of their health and well-being that they be back in school but massive covin 19 outbreaks have occurred in Texas daycare centers and summer camps and other states while

Millions of parents want their children to go back to school millions of others and many teachers are concerned young children won't keep their masks on I just can't imagine having my six and seven year olds wearing a mask correctly

School districts across the us are debating plans on how to safely reopen many proposing a hybrid option a half-day Learning remotely a half day in school officials and hotspots are scrambling we're going to obviously do

Our very best in our community considering where the health data currently is at positivity rate of 291% a month ago it was a 6% a commentary in the medical journal Pediatrics concluded children do not frequently transmit the

Virus and schools can and should reopen in the fall with masks and proper physical distancing but federal health officials say adults need to do their part to we can turn this thing around in two to three weeks if we can get a

Critical mass of people wearing faith covering US President Donald Trump wore a mask for the first time in public when he visited Walter Reed military Medical Center Saturday he has faced months of backlash for not wearing a mask while as

Administrations doctors urge all Americans to use one Jennifer Johnson Global News Washington the new coronavirus has hit Bollywood royalty tonight with three generations of the button family now infected the

King of Indian cinema Amitabh Bachchan and his actor son Abhishek are both being treated in hospital with apparently mild symptoms Abbas ex-wife Bollywood star and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai and the couple's

Eight-year-old daughter also have the virus mom and daughter don't have any symptoms so they will quarantine at home the daily Koba 19 caseload has shattered a record in India in the past 24 hours

More than 28,000 people there have tested positive for Cova 19 India has the third highest number of cases in the world behind the us and Brazil Global News has learned the Wii charity has laid up contract workers hired to

Deliver the federal government's student grant service in a statement the organization says with the government funding no longer available we had to make the incredibly difficult decision to end the contracts meantime the

Federal Conservative Party is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to testify before a parliamentary committee it will examine his government's decision to award we charity with the now scrapped 900 million dollar contract despite his

Family's ties to the organisation normally Prime Minister's don't appear before parliamentary committees but these are not normal times this scandal is about him and him alone it is his family the Trudeau family that got the

Money it is him that made the decision to give this organization a billion dollar sole sourced competition-free contract the Conservatives will need support from the bloc québécois and the NDP to compel Trudeau to appear Finance

Minister Bill Morneau who also has family ties to the charity is also being called on to testify an explosion off the coast of San Diego coming up the fire that erupted on this Navy ship plus the heat wave hitting the

US firefighters are battling this huge blaze on a navy ship docked in San Diego Bay the fire spread across the USS BONHOMME RICHARD this morning after reports of an

Explosion the ship was undergoing routine maintenance at the time 160 sailors were on board when the fire started 18 of them were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries heat alerts are in place across

Much of the US tonight in Texas several cities including Dallas are expected to see the temperature rise to at least 37 degrees Celsius despite the heat dozens of texts and spent the day outside waiting in line for summer

Food staples in California people flocked to beaches in an attempt to beat the heat more than 20 locations across the US could break temperature records over the next few days in Hong Kong people lined up for hours in the heat to

Vote in an unofficial primary election the city's pro-democracy group is holding the vote before it selects candidates for an upcoming election hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers have cast a ballot despite warnings that

Doing so could violate the new national security law Beijing imposed the controversial law on Hong Kong last month it criminalizes virtually all forms of dissent still ahead living with the coronavirus what happened with Cova

19 is here to stay watching global national some public health and infectious disease experts are pressing for provincial and federal governments to shift in minimising not eradicating kovat 19 to basically accept

This disease will be with us for a long time joining us to talk about that is dr Vivek Gowell former president of public health Ontario dr GU Lu have said that aiming to prevent or contain every case of covin 19 is simply no

Longer sustainable why not well once we got to the stage that we did back in March with widespread community transmission the WHL when it declared the pandemic they said it's time to move from containment which is a strategy of

Eliminating disease to mitigation that is reducing the impact and the effects of the disease but we allow society to get on as much as possible and the other reason why containment is no longer an effective strategy for us is what's

Happening everywhere else in the world so if you think of small island countries like Iceland New Zealand have pursued a containment strategy have strict border controls we're not in the same sort of situation we're next to a

Country that is not containing the disease we rely on that country for critical supply chains and even with the border controls that we have we will continue to have imported cases so to go after a strategy where we try to

Eliminate every case would mean not only keeping our economy shut down but putting a virtual seal around our borders like some of those other countries have done which is not sustainable for Canada would it be

Foolish to jeopardize the progress Canada has made up to this point by opening the border I certainly would not be recommending lifting them at the present time with what's going on right now but we need to start thinking about

What we're going to do in the future as the United States and then the states that are hardest hit right now start to bring things under control and we need to think about risk-based approach to opening up our

Border so rather than saying Canadians should avoid non-essential travel to all countries of the world which is the current recommendation start to look like at what countries or regions like the EU have done where they have

Identified countries that don't have community transmission and are lifting the quarantine requirement and in fact they've lifted the quarantine requirement for Canada because they see Canada's having managed the outbreak but

Canada has not lifted the quarantine requirement for residents of the EU you've indicated the current approach to dealing with kovat 19 carries significant risk to overall population health what do you mean by that the

Restrictions have also had an impact on the healthcare system itself we have people who have had their procedures cancelled we have people that have had medical visits canceled and as a result of that they're going to be suffering

Consequences we have a decrease in emergency department visits have been reporting United States for a heart attack for stroke for diabetes complications those people are going to have consequences we have all of the

Impact on children the early childhood development is one of the strongest predictors of lifelong health we have increases in domestic violence we have food and security we have increases in drug and alcohol use all of these things

Over the longer term will have an impact on health and then the unemployment itself leads to increased health consequences so I think the critical thing to remember is that the public health measures themselves have

Consequences dr Koh well thank you for your time up next no Olympics no problem how to run a global race in the pan demmick in an ideal time the Tokyo Olympic Games

Would have kicked off in less than two weeks of course they've now been postponed because of the pandemic but last week track-and-field fans hungry for international competition still got their wishes granted well sort of our

Mike Armstrong explains how one unique event in Switzerland pulled off a worldwide race hello and welcome to the Vell classes Eric inspiration games in a normal year this event would have 25,000 people packed into the stands with Kovac

19 that wasn't possible but organizers really didn't want to cancel its new it's different it's a challenge bear with us now here's what made it complicated the event was spread out in seven arenas

Around the world in the women's 100 meters competitors stepped up to the blocks in California Florida and Switzerland that you can see that slight headwind in Zurich the runners actually raced with no one beside them making it

A little rough on the announcer hard to tell who's gonna get to the line first the racers ran simultaneously then editors stitched the whole thing together in a matter of minutes so it seemed like one race it's gonna be very

Tight and deep no the results were probably less important than the fact the competition took place at all with amateur events around the world canceled this summer some might have trouble ever coming back and okay

Pole vault this event might have been a little gimmicky but at least it gave Zurich organizers some you go missing a year think of the damage that could be done to what minimal branding they already have it is when the event wasn't

Really a model going forward you can't have some competitors and sunny climates against others dealing with wind and rain but there weren't many competitors complaining canada's Andre de Grasse won his event he says it was just nice to be

In a facility that was actually open yeah I mean it's been really tough I mean you know the past couple months you know we only been training like two to three days a week oh well we've been trying to bounce from you know track the

Track getting kicked off here and there no Lyle's in California sorry in Florida excuse me there was one snafu in the men's 200 meters it appeared a runner had beaten

Usain Bolt's world record that cannot be right it turned out that crews in Florida had set up the blocks at the wrong spot the runner had only done 185 meters Mike Armstrong Global News Montreal and that is global national for

This July 12 I'm Robin Gill tonight your Canada is angle Mont BC we'd love to see your corner of this country so email your photos to viewers at global national comm thank you for watching and I'll see you back here tomorrow have a

Great night

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