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published on July 3, 2020

so today we announce the next question

yes Nick Sutra he's saying just have


on today amazing compliment today best

wax on second hair day

yes a lot of questions yes waste

difference between hair wax hairspray

and hair gel

but if you compare it to the food could

you make a good comparison there I think

it's it's if you take different it's

it's the whole recipe it's how it built

gentle it's more built for you know how

do I explain it so it's easy to

understand it's more it does have a lot

more PvP it means the styling

ingredients in it and it's much more

water-based and if you have a wax you

have these wax types that actually

supports your hair makes it more

flexible and the hair styling process

it's it's more natural ingredient based

Beach ways with beeswax them can now be

wet sand we also have different yeah

mark works as well you all ended up and

then it gives the unique standing from

your purpose very product and the spray

goes easy into the hair and can be all

over the wax has more texture so it will

make you hair again and the hairspray

it's it's we do have a hairspray about

Lane line no it's not a hairspray

meaning because a hairspray with aerosol

with the gas type in it then you spray

it as a finish and then it locks to hear

it's it has very high amount of alcohol

in it and a very much pvping styling

ingredients so more it's more locking

the hair and the pre styling spray which

you can also call hair styling spray

it's before you add that hair wax so you

get out of the shower you give it a

round sidekick or psychic zero and then

you have a high volume and a great

amount of hold and control you

but you can use it as a penis spray if

you put science

tips so there's a lot of questions

actually really really a lot of

questions so some and some of the

concerns are if the hair products are

related with getting Bell a bolt then

you may be using and if you're not

washing it out I think why this this you

will lose about 100 to 200 hamstrings at

they either you see if you've ever had

you will see in the head there are some

constraints either you see it in the

drain after watch was watching your hair

or either you see on your hands because

you're using a sticky products so that's

why people are confusing hair product

with Hallows that's one exception if you

use a very heavy wax or a paste and

you're building a crease English girl

yeah it can cause some problems but not

something you need to worry about and

the reason why is the hairs work is

basically dead it's the root in the

skeleton that is growing the hair

swirled and you have a lot of roots in

thin or fine hair then the hair roots it

can be you know it can be underneath the

surface of their scalp so if there's a

lot of boys that is blogging for the

hair roots to grow then you can

for help for starters you can you can

pop your hand when you get out of the

shower and you in my opinion always had

a priest and it's great and then you get

out of the shower then part the hair so

if you want to decide to go this way you

blow right this way and if you want to

have a high volume a quick going on and

in the frigid then make sure to drag the

hair in that direction right so

basically you should shake your hair

with the tools you can also use your

hands but there's a better chance you

can put a lot of heat on it and that's

also why you read pre-sentence break do

we have a conclusion here yes yeah this

one and most importantly proof studies

vary after the shower yes

when so then you shape the hair with

this Johnny comb or another coat that

fits the hairstyle this one creates a

good separation it's easier to control

so a good I got another question a good

play that washes easily next question hi

Emil and restless how does the new

formulation of gold-digger perform this

have been a lot of about the new code

ready because it's an extreme product


but first if you afraid of it's not

of course it will may be different but

don't be afraid you should also remember

to cover the air with trouble

freestyling 10 to 15 pumps so you call

it the hairs pros then the hair product

will not go directly into the roots in

the same way if it's you know totally

rinsed from anyways so would make sense

your question how to strain

straightening like ok curly hair without

a hair heat a straightening way to take

out the hardness of the same way goes

for your strip if a few hundred new

shirt then you stretch out the lines and

that's the same with the extra but if

you had too much heat then you will burn

the shirt so that's why you're gonna add

the sidekicks press the heat protection

and we also have you have all the

protectors this one that's

it's the southern guys saying 25 it's a

heat protector someone was asking how to

prevent or repair dry hair make sure



and one more question and give away

afterwards how to manage rough wavy hair

all the time so that's 15 minutes okay

so it doesn't dry up crazy because then

that's question may be important should

I use conditioner after the Bible and

detox champ


using the skyline shampoo it's more

reason so that means that you definitely

need to use the conditioner but it's you

know it's a question I would use a

conditioner when I feel I need that

extra more i'll not use it every day

every time you used to detox chaemoo but

it's it's a personal matter crosses the

salerno people saying thank you about

everything you have just talked about

Siham McGregor he's very thankful also

and now we should go so why are we

giving giving away what shall we give it

to the most funny yeah oh this is not

funny me hi from Russia that's not funny

sober and funny i I sleep with a picture

of you guys under my pillow and dream of

the cause the gold digger works he

doesn't love me you wanna know what a

Big Mac in France is call it the Big Mac

which one is is it better to have one

baby in ten trash cans or ten babies in

one trash can what okay I think we are

going after day the the joke with the

the guy that sleep with your pictures

with the picture of you under the pillow

maybe it's not our it's not a joke I

know I know I do the same every day okay

so it's a his name is yes

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