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by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Hi i'm kristen goodwin on this episode of the fox news rundown amid the coronavirus pandemic and civil unrest law enforcement officials in several u.s cities are wrestling with a surge in violent crime

Former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is credited for bringing the crime rate down in the big apple during his leadership in the 90s he discusses what he would do to solve the spike in shootings and homicides

Plaguing the nation and shares his thoughts on the contentious house hearing with attorney general william barr president trump calling polls suggesting he's trailing presumptive democratic

Nominee joe biden in the 2020 race fake saying he believes his silent majority will carry him to re-election fox news politics editor chris steierwalt weighs in on these claims and discusses whether he thinks some

Americans are not being honest when responding to polling plus commentary by guy benson host of the guy benson show on fox news radio the fox news rundown is a daily news podcast where we

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And this is the fox news rundown wednesday july 29 2020 i'm dave anthony the protests in portland oregon are now centered around a courthouse protected

By federal officers and it's turned into a nightly battle the democrats want to see portland burn between now and election day as a way of defeating trump even if they kill a few people along the way

And donald trump wants to stop it i'm lisa brady at some point in every campaign time runs out for the person trailing in the polls president trump says those polls don't

Include the silent majority but he clearly has some work to do voters on the issue that matters overwhelmingly more than any other voters have determined that he just can't get it right and i'm guy benson

I've got the final word on the fox news rundown more than two months after george floyd's death during an arrest sparked nationwide protests against police brutality

The focus has shifted from minneapolis where it happened and seattle where there was that chop anti-cop zone to portland oregon the protesters there have been out every

Night for over two months it's evolved into a battle with federal officers deployed to protect a federal courthouse people marched to the court try to gain entrance and have set fires

Thrown things used explosives attorney general bill barr at a house hearing tuesday said the officers aren't looking for trouble but are being targeted some have been injured

What unfolds nightly around the courthouse cannot reasonably be called protest it is by any objective measure an assault on the government of the united states

Judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler scolded barr saying this confrontation was set up now you are projecting fear and violence nationwide in pursuit of obvious political objectives

Shame on you mr barr the mayor of portland democrat ted wheeler has been demanding those officers leave saying he never asked for them in the first place and they're making the situation worse a

Mayor that should have been fired ten weeks ago after the fourth week of riots for new york city mayor and current trump attorney rudy giuliani you might as well just burn your city down

In one day and play the fiddle like nero if you're going to allow that well he he himself went out and supported the protesters he joined them the other night and he got tear gassed yeah as well he should

Should be arrested actually for doing it but they don't arrest anybody and if he got arrested he'd be out in a minute because comey doesn't hold anybody in jail so basically anybody in america that

Wants to riot go to portland you can ride like crazy you can break open windows you can steal liquor you can steal dresses you can steal televisions and uh even if you get arrested you'll

Be out in six hours meanwhile you got a mayor who's shown support for you by rioting with you and trying to attack the federal building he's trying to blame it on the federal

Government which tells you how pathetic he is the federal government didn't arrive until a week ago this has been going on for two months and the federal government is doing just

One thing and one thing alone they are protecting the federal building they have vowed to take down and they have the appropriate law enforcement officers there to do it they have not introduced the army that's

Another complete lie by the lunatic left they are using dea agents atf agents and other civil law enforcement organizations these aren't so exactly who what

Organizations uh mayor what organizations are we dealing with you talked about the dea what other i mean there are people saying that these are secret police that the president has put in

And they're basically like troops on the streets that's what a lot of the critics that's ridiculous they're not secret police nothing's secret about them at all they say they're in plain clothes well

Of course they're in plain clothes my most effective policemen were in plain clothes policemen are in plain clothes all over the country sometimes you want a uniform to deter somebody from doing it

Sometimes if you're dealing with a more sophisticated problem you want a police officer that can't be recognized so he can observe the crime and then make the arrest this is a complete democratic hoax but a lot of these

Cities are run by mayors who are democrats and the mayors of six cities have joined together they're urging congress to make it illegal for a deployment of federal officers like this if the

Mayors and the cities don't want that would be entirely unconstitutional okay they can go ahead and do it but the constitution of the united states allows the president to deploy troops if he probably finds

A level of of of um suppression that's going on and we have it we have a uh kind of revolutionary situation going on remember that president eisenhower and president kennedy did this

During the civil rights movement when the governors refused to integrate the schools he sent he certainly sent the united states marshals but he also sent in one case uh reserved offices and it got done

Quickly the democrats want to see portland burn between now and election day as a way of defeating trump even if they kill a few people along the way and donald trump wants to stop it you

Were mayor of course in the 1990s in new york city if let's say president clinton at the time decided to send in federal officers to new york and you didn't want them

What would you do he wouldn't do it he wouldn't do it because i had a very good relationship with him and he knew that i knew as much about law enforcement not just about anybody in the country

I mean i i was probably the most experienced person in law enforcement that's ever been mayor of new york city and the results show it i reduce crime more than any other mayor in any city ever i reduced homicide by

60 overall crime by 67 and i did that in eight years and it remained that way under michael bloomberg who was an excellent successor he got crime down another 20 so

Before this democrat takes over we were a perfect city in that regard we were the safest large city in america we had to work hard to become that i'm i got us there and bloomberg kept us there as soon as this

Communist inspired mayor left-wing-inspired mayor took over the condition started to deteriorate the statistics show the same thing in a lot of major cities

Shootings are up 200 percent in new york in the past month versus last year murders and shooting incidents have also surged from chicago to houston to los angeles in atlanta the murder rate skyrocketed

240 percent in recent weeks mayor keisha lance bottoms called it a perfect storm of distress in these corona induced tough economic times yet overall violent crime is down

Year over year according to new york times report it's five percent lower in 2020 so far compared to 2019 in 25 large american cities studied and back to new york rapes are down

Almost 25 there's less felony assault and fewer robberies in grand larcenies why all the ups and downs well first of all there isn't all that much to to burglarize and rob everything is closed

Down and there's not a lot of stuff to take the worst thing the mayor did is release 8 000 people from our prisons including some rapists who have committed rape so he's added

Instead of adding police he's added criminals he already had too few police and too many criminals plus the governor passed a no bail law which means that when the police arrest

Somebody they're back out on the street within four or five hours so they they have contributed directly to the out of control situation that we have the city did a great job from 1994 until

De blasio and keeping guns out of the hands of bad guys the chicago mayor keeps saying that the reason for the big rise in shootings there is that

Congress and the president have not acted to make gun control laws stricter so then why is it that we have per capita four times less murders than her and we have the same gun control law you

Know what the reason is we aggressively enforce the laws that we have and we take the guns away from crooked people so who is going to comply with a gun control law

A terrorist an organized criminal a professional burglar robber they're going to walk in and say my name is jon jones give me a gun of course not the people that walk in

Are the people that legitimate people but if you are intent on committing serious violent crimes and you're in the act of doing it you don't give a damn about registering mayor i've seen people refer to these

Times as similar to the late 1960s with civil and racial unrest and protests in the streets do you i wasn't around in the 60s do you agree that it's similar or not

Well i agree i agree that the level of violence is similar although i think it is completely different than the 60s and the 70s this is a different thing that was going on in the 60s and 70s they were

Protesting a war that they believe was unjust and they were protesting a civil rights situation that they believed was unjust and they didn't have a second or

More important agenda so here instead there's no war there's really no civil rights agenda the agenda if you look at it is purely social

If you read their platform their agenda they are doing all this to do away with the nuclear family to do away with private education to gain reparations for black people so that black people would get a

Lifetime income and nobody else would they're they're involved they're involved in this to do away with the police and become their own police these are people who don't care about black lives they care about a few black

Lives they can exploit but when a little one-year-old gets killed or a 19 year old or a woman and it's just a black person killing a black person they turn their back because

It should be this is the movement known as a very few black lives matter of course rudy giuliani is one of the president's lawyers still battling to keep trump financial records sealed after a supreme court ruling allowed an

Investigation into the president to continue there was another hearing in that case in a lower court on monday and while it's being led by manhattan d.a sai

Vance giuliani says it's new york attorney general leticia james pushing this this is a complete abuse of power by an attorney general who was elected on the promise

That she would get donald trump that's so inappropriate to elect a prosecutor to go get a certain person i can't tell you and the fact is all of these tax returns have been there forever

They're in the hands of the irs if something has to be done to protect the public the irs knows a lot better how to do it without a political motivation than the highly politicized

New york city criminal justice system and what happens though if you lose well i'll tell you what she's not going to find anything she's going to have to make things up

She's going to have to say oh look how money was spent look how much money was spent on that but this one you know that kind of stuff to prejudice the pose you're not going to find any just like none of them have found

Anything haven't you found the history to be they make big boats and then they fall apart and then the press doesn't say anything about it so they can do it again

I mean way back papadopoulos was gonna break the case open he's gonna be the key witness against trump huh he only met him once knew nothing about russia

Then carter page oh he's gonna be the big so it turned out they illegally wiretapped him and they got nothing he had no connection with russia i can go on and on you know roger stone he was going to get the president we got

Him now maybe they should sit back relax a little and say to themselves when do we stop you try five times and you can't find a crime

Maybe you gotta stop maybe he didn't commit a crime former new york city mayor rudy giuliani of course one of the attorneys for president trump thank you again for joining us thank you

This is guy benson with your fox news commentary coming up august is just a few days away not much time for president trump to turn around sagging poll numbers and approval ratings for his handling of the pandemic

A man works for us with us very closely dr fauci and dr burks also highly thought of and yet they're highly thought of but nobody likes me it can only be my personality president's been calling more attention

To the u.s investment in fast tracking a coveted vaccine while joe biden prepares to announce a running mate next week and criticizes the president's decisions

Policies and tone i'm running because trump is the president and i think our democracy is at stake for real the presumptive democratic nominee has been staying close to home

In delaware and unveiling his economic recovery plan planck by plank calling for trillions of dollars in spending to address a wide range of issues from child care and manufacturing

To clean energy and racial inequality and he's been leading in poll after poll by double digits in some cases though the president and his campaign question some of the polling methods

And reject those numbers it's hard to be behind in a race and we understand that people are going to attack the polls because they can't just say well we're losing and it's not not looking so good right

Now chris stirewalt is the fox news politics editor also co-host of the i'll tell you what podcast trump is in a position that only a handful of human beings in

History have ever been which is to say an incumbent american president in the modern era who is substantially behind in his re-election bid um it's only happened to one person

Uh two people exactly like this george h.w bush and jimmy carter uh harry truman and gerald ford were there too but they were they were uh elevated to the presidency not elected to it

So he is in a club of only five people who have ever been in since world war ii in this space and it stinks right there's the experience that both um carter had

Uh and the experience that george h.w bush had which is voters come to conclude that you aren't going to win anyway and it drops your the enthusiasm of your remaining supporters

And they say i'm not even going to buy i'm not even going to bother um in order for trump to avoid that outcome he has to keep his base connected and engaged to get that 40 percent

42 percent of the electorate uh to stick with him do we have any sense what's hurting the president the most right now is it all about coronavirus

Yeah they blew it and he's trying to get back on the good foot now um it they wasted a lot of time in an election year you just can't waste this much time but if you think about the run of time

Between the oval office address that the president gave and let's say inject the uh disinfectant into your lung stuff that was the wasted time from a

Political standpoint that was where voters were increasingly increasingly increasingly concerned about this issue and people were really upset and the economy was going sideways everybody was freaked out

And trump couldn't find a way to engage so now that he has adopted is trying to adopt a more contrite uh partially contrite and earnest compassionate tone uh

As this goes on and i think when we look to the events of last week well in the week before that dump the campaign manager cancel the jacksonville rally admit that things will get worse before they get

Better uh have a sober sighted serious seeming briefing this is the setting that could turn the race around substantially for trump because right now voters on the issue

That matters overwhelmingly more than any other voters have determined that he just can't can't get it right he's his his approval for handling the coronavirus is in the

30s and he's sunk so while he's out front sort of trying to shift the tone a little on that and and do a better job on that the campaign ads on his behalf keep

Making the argument that the defund police movement is dangerous that life will be dangerous if joe biden is elected that he'll be a puppet for the radical wing of the democratic party

Is there any evidence that those arguments are resonating with voters other than the president's base so these i have never seen a ad as scaremongery from a presidential campaign

This makes the willie horton ad look like a peanuts cartoon it is the most terrifying a little old lady who looks like she has just come from a life alert commercial

Is about to be murdered by shadowy figures in the dark and joe biden doesn't want her to have the police it is and of course it's totally fake because biden has said one million ways that he can he supports

More funding for police not defunding police he said it in can't mean he said every way that he can say it he said it but they know that for older voters and that's a that was a big turnaround of

The most recent fox news poll older voters who because of their vulnerability to coronavirus uh had uh turned on the president um to a pretty surprising degree this of course voters over 65 are really

Important for trump uh the boomers are are his people and he was in trouble with them and i think the focus on law and order chaos murder death uh and joe biden wanting you to die uh probably is good

With those voters as is the stuff about the preserving confederate heritage and all of those things i think those are good that's a good issue set for keeping older voters

Uh on board because if you don't you know it's it's a damned if you do damned if you don't for trump if he doesn't take care of his base and suck up to his base then he's not in a position to reach out

To the suburbanites who will decide the election on the other hand if he reaches out to the suburbanites he'll lose the base and he won't be in a position to get the election so it's a

Really tough trying to thread that needle what about the president's and his campaign's silent majority claim that they always bring up i mean i ask with the recent

Poll from the cato institute in mind which showed a high percentage of people basically afraid to admit their political views could that add weight to the silent majority argument i have i have

Not seen that poll but i can tell you that uh regardless of what any poll says obviously americans don't feel comfortable sharing their political views with other people have you have

You been on the internet uh it's not great and um the the terrible thing about america today we used to know you don't talk about religion and you don't talk about politics you shut up

About that stuff it makes other people feel uncomfortable and those are your views and that's your business in this performative era in which we live driven by social media

People just feel this very strong compulsion to talk about their political beliefs and to judge the political beliefs of others and so places like you know you have

Twitter that just becomes a sewer where you have this you know acrimonious space where people want to be seen argue with others and hold each other in contempt so i'm

Not surprised that people wouldn't want to talk about their political views and more power to them the less the less people talked about politics and the more they talked about dogs and kids and baseball

And everything else the better off we'd be is the pool of undecided voters shrinking yet if you will and who and who are they has that changed much since 2016 or are we all

Always looking at about the same amount of undecideds well something to remember about undecided voters is a lot of them are lying they either don't want to say that

They've decided they don't want to say who they've decided uh or they just want you know i don't know yet because maybe they think it's better to wait till the end um i you know these a lot of these

Voters are leaning one way or the other when you get down to it though you're talking about an undecided vote of like four percent probably three or four percent and those are probably a lot of people who

Aren't going to vote right those are those those are probably if you haven't made your mind up if you really haven't made your mind up you're probably not going to vote i

Wonder if we could leave this on a positive note for either side and that is to say that it's you know less than 100 days on the one hand it feels like time's

Getting short but then it's there's still time is the bottom line right right well you know we um we were talking before about carter and bush

Ford and truman have another story to tell about incumbents who are way behind uh at this point and that is ford staged an astonishing rally uh he got very close at the end he was way behind

But a couple of things happened republicans united ronald reagan who had challenged ford came in and uh in the the convention and strongly endorsed ford the party healed

It provided great momentum going forward ford got out there and ran like crazy and also people came to have doubts about a very unknown character and an unusual political character jimmy

Carter harry truman uh at this point was so far down uh that pollsters were stopping polling because it what was the point and he rallied so hard because what he did was

Similar he was in trouble because uh bigots in the south who were angry at him for integrating the armed forces had bolted and formed

The dixiecrat party uh strom thurman who would go on to become a republican was their nominee so you have all these bigots enthusiastic bigots who are angry at truman and they're going to defect and it looks

Like truman's going to lose the south but truman is able to get those voters get not those voters back but convince enough less bigoted southern voters to come in he keeps virginia he keeps north

Carolina he keeps florida uh he keeps georgia i believe but he does lose south carolina alabama mississippi and louisiana but wins the rest of the south wins enough to win the presidency

So for trump he could sort of think of that as his suburbs right he's just got to get enough of those suburban voters to say i don't like him i'm bothered by him and i don't think he's a good leader

But i'm not going to vote for a democrat i know what i'll get with taxes i know what i'll get with spending i know what i'll get on the courts so i'm just gonna i'm gonna stick with trump but that depends on

Him having enough self-control to keep it basically uh between the lines for for another 90 some days fox news politics editor chris stirewalt thanks so much for your

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Subscribe to this podcast at it's time for your fox news commentary guy benson what's on your mind president donald trump recently sat down with chris

Wallace of fox news sunday for a full broadcast hour of challenging probing questions on a variety of topics wallace was on the top of his game and gave trump a really tough interview

Since then i've been making the case that joe biden ought to do the same what's good for trump ought to be good for the man who wants trump's job but on sunday chris wallace said this this week we

Asked the biden campaign for an interview and they said the former vice president was not available i'm glad they'll persist and i hope at some point the biden campaign relents american voters deserve to hear biden

Pressed on issues with follow-ups there hasn't been a lot of that and the idea that biden is not available doesn't pass the smell test the guy is nothing but available with plenty of

Free time down in the basement disengaging and sleepwalking to victory may be a sound strategy we'll find out but the american people deserve better and joe biden should sit down with chris wallace this

Is guy benson host of the guy benson show you've been listening to the fox news rundown stay up to date by subscribing to this podcast

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