Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 – Season 1 Review

published on July 2, 2020



ghost in the shell' stand alone complex

2045 is a brand new show that's on

Netflix right now the first season all

12 episodes are available and this show

follows the members of section 9 led by

major Motoko Kusanagi as they explore a

new and ever-evolving threat to mankind

I love the first stand alone complex

show I think it's an excellent anime

it's one of my favorites I remember

seeing it for the first time and I

remember being so blown away by it that

it really changed the way that I looked

at anime it was one of those first shows

that made me want to think deeper about

what I had just seen and tried to look

into the implications of the show and

read up on it shows like that and

strangely FLCL had a similar effect on

me they both kind of dropped around the

same time for me when I saw them anyway

and I thought a lot about those shows

and made me want to research them and so

standalone complex means a lot to me

whereas the original standalone complex

was 2d animation this show is 3d CG

animation for some people that's going

to be an instant turnoff there's a lot

of people that don't want to look at an

anime that's fully 3d CG and in my case

I do prefer 2d animation I just think it

looks infinitely better I think the

possibilities for storytelling strangely

are deeper and better when it comes to

2d animation even though you'd think

that 3d animation would open things up

for some reason that makes it feel more

limited to me and while the original

stand alone complex show experimented

with things like 3d animated cars this

show for the most part was fully 2d

there was also a 20 version of ghosts

in the show which was a remastered

version of sorts of the 1995 movie sort

of a special edition with enhancements

it was horrible to look at and I always

hated it it was also an easily available

version of the movie it was really easy

to find that version of the movie and a

lot harder to find an HD version of the

fully untouched original classic from

Mamoru Oshii gratefully they have

released that on blu-ray and I loved

watching it still to this day so this

franchise has used 3d technology in

various ways throughout the course of

their movies and shows but this is their

first time to fully you

and I think the effect was poor this is

not to say that the show can't be good

as a 3d show I mean look at Clone Wars

for instance the first season of Clone

Wars doesn't really look all that

impressive the character animations are

very dull and very wooden but if you

look at the final season of Clone Wars

it's fucking amazing so it's not that

this show is bad because of its CG a CG

show can definitely be good and I'm

hoping that with season 2 which they

have talked about making and since this

first season ends on a cliffhanger I'm

hoping they do I really really hope that

with season 2 they just put more money

into it more effort into it a lot of

talk has been thrown around that this

show resembles a ps2 game so let's

actually talk about a PlayStation 2 game

that of ghost in the shell' stand alone

complex a game I have enough gladen is

actually kind of good surprisingly

keeping in mind that the PlayStation 2

was not an HD console if you compare the

two there are definitely some

similarities I could see this entire

show being a cutscene for maybe a ps3

game so unfortunately the look of the

show is so distracting that I had a

really hard time getting invested in the

story the other issue I had with the

show is that the story doesn't really

get started until about halfway through

the first six episodes of this 12

episode arc are very scattered we have

section 9 they're essentially

mercenaries at this point they're not

being used in an official capacity by

the government anymore but they have

remained a team they have a new recruit

that they constantly make fun of because

he's a rookie and he's kind of shitty at

his job and he just kind of disappears

after a few episodes he just he's like

bye see you later I guess we're done

okay that was that was a character that

was in the show for a while those first

six episodes explore some social

economic problems some class issues you

have people who are literally fighting

back against the 1% some of that is

interesting a lot of ghost in the shell'

has very political implications and this

show certainly doesn't back away from

them but it just feels like the show

isn't building to anything it feels like

the story isn't really big

a story yet finally in the last half of

the show they start to explore

post-humans people who have been

enhanced cybernetically or through

control by outside forces to be insanely

strong one of them is punching people's

heads off actually

punching people's heads off like he will

hit people on their face and their heads

will fucking explode it's kind of cool


and as these enhanced individuals rise

to become a threat this is when the show

becomes more interesting

togusa is also sort of exploring a

younger kid who has become obsessed with

Orwell's 1984 and he might be developing

terrorist tendencies this is when the

show gets a lot better the final six

episodes if you can push aside the fact

that the animation is subpar and could

be considerably better this is where I

was like okay this actually feels like

standalone complex to me this feels like

the characters have something

interesting to do they're not just sort

of wandering around looking for a job

there's even one episode that is

completely detached from everything else

where Bato goes to a bank and he

discovers that the senior citizens of

this bank they're basically being used

by this really terrible boss and their

money's being stolen and they're staging

a robbery and he decides to kind of help

him out definitely one of my favorite

episodes completely taken out of the

continuity of the show it was just a

nice little standalone no pun intended

episode I tried my best to look past the

fact that this show which is coming out

many years after the original looks

worse than that show I tried to look

past that but I couldn't help but

mention it especially this hilarious

like meme worthy scene where this naked

posthuman guy is fucking doing backflips


there's just like a lack of

self-awareness where they didn't look at

that and think wow that looks fucking


but gratefully the characters are at

least maintained the camaraderie amongst

section nine particularly Madoka

Kusanagi Votto and togusa these

characters still work well together and

I like what they did with them there's

some really great subversion of what I

thought was happening where characters

are able to use their cybernetic

enhancements to hide in plain sight or

to make someone think they're dead but

they're not I won't get into spoilers

because odds are a lot of you haven't

seen this show yet but they do a pretty

good job of surprising you in the final

six episodes it just takes a long time

to get to them because it feels like

this show has no idea what it's doing

which is so strange to go into a show

especially one that's that's fully

computer animated where you can put the

camera anywhere you want and feel like

you don't have a plan something else

that I greatly missed was yoko kanno

music her themes her soundtracks for the

original show I love them so much I've

listened to that music for years not

just the intros but the music throughout

the entire series really incredible

vocal choral arrangements this show has

a lot of wom music I was like what is

this 2010 that inception just come out

are we still doing Blom like we're over

that guy's come on I'm gonna give ghosts

in the show stand alone complex 2045 a/c

like I said I was just pumped for a new

show in this continuity and I do think

that they started to figure out what

they were doing towards the end I have

greater hopes for season 2 if they do

end up making it as they seem to be

planning to I have greater hopes for

that and I hope that they can also

improve the animation like I said I am

NOT against a fully CG show you just

have to compete with what else is out

there you can't just put out some ps3

look and shit

you have to compete with the world of CG

animated shows and you look at the final

season of Clone Wars this just doesn't

cut it

guys thank you so much as always for

watching I'm curious to know what you

thought of the first season if you

happen to check it out on Netflix as

always guys if you like this you can

click right here and get stuck man eyes


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