Getting A Welder is The Beginning of Getting MOAR!!!

published on August 3, 2020

ryan's mobile one that's beautiful it's a little smoke cloud from getting this fired up heading to the lake and when i go to the lake i bring everything i used to haul things this

Way and it just didn't work it blocked my visibility and it chewed up my wave runner and it took forever to load and unload this is just a friendly reminder quick video

You need to get a welder and a plasma cutter why let me show you so this is my wave runner you've seen this in videos before what i've done to it is i like bringing the

Kayak because that's a lot of fun anywhere that you take the wave runner you usually want the kayak vice versa i took a bunch of strut unistrut so i can position these anywhere i want

This thing stays on amazing paddle stays like that and i just love what i've done with that and so i'm doing a little bit more i don't have any kind of a foot or jack thing to put on this

I didn't really like the ones that are available so i like the camper style ones because it's really quick you can just hit that with your toe and just get it to drop

But i want it to be able to stand for you know to be level we use also use these for hanging up life jackets and all that kind of crap laundry this keeps this from oscillating when there's not a kayak on it

When you go to launch your heads back here and you can just take this and push off and help to launch it and push this thing away because you can't really reach over the side of these with your

Legs to kick off very good they don't have reverse this one doesn't have reverse these are like goal posts you just go between the goal posts and it works amazing weight added forward of the axle

Actually adds to stability makes it ride better the bottom of the kayak is no higher than the roof and it's aerodynamic and my emergency light still works so i can help people on the side of the road and not get hit when people

Are on their cell phones you get shade on your seat after you launch a wave runner and you go to park you can see the bars to know where your trailer's at make it the way you want it so this is

The way this jack thing's gonna turn out this goes up on here you can see i've got a buttress that i've welded on there i plasma cut holes in this and when i plasma cut i come in from the

Side and then i just fill it back in you see look underneath you can see it a little bit better same story over here but when you can make it your own make it the way you

Want it it's awesome another thing if you go to step over this with the truck you know like this is all my vin number axle stuff but this is a lot better to stand on

And a lot grippier i might do like some zigzag welds or something to make it even better but that's something that you can stand on to get up and over it i did the buttress on this side because

When this pulls down and goes out that way the buttress won't be in the way but it'll still be really strong otherwise and if this gets mangled as they often do i can unbolt it

And put on a new one and even if i don't like this at all this thing's pretty handy like i say as a step anyhow i need to do something for gas cans maybe but that's another day as far as welders

I really like my millermatic i'm not sponsored by them i really should be for all the videos i put on for them but anyway that works great it's got dual voltage you can do

Aluminum with the spool gun kit and the other i'll leave a link in the description for that and this is just a cheap cheap plasma cutter this is what the cuts look like there is a ton of slag that you gotta

Knock off that's a drag gun but it cuts through this pretty good and it doesn't cost a lot you do have to supply your own air you need to know

You need your own air supply fantastic but wrong air supply you need compressed air going here and then this is a toilet paper roll you want it to be dry if you get water in the tip it blows the tip

And makes them look all gnarly and nasty they should burn out clean like this i'm done with them like this you can see it's blown out on the corner there on the bottom left anyway consumables are cheap cheap awesome

Lots of happiness being able to get things just the way you want it so this is all tacked together at the four corners and i'm gonna go ahead and just buzz it in the rest of the way you can

Do a flux port or you can get a tank i would strongly recommend getting a tank or two this one's my aluminum tank this is c25 it's basically co2

25 percent there's argon and then this one's straight argon anyway how fun is it to be able to get it the way you want it i can't tell you how happy this has made me this also creates shade for this

And uh it's just so stinking handy so so handy so that's it tell your wife or whoever brian's mobile one gave you permission you need a welder you can make money with welders you can

Save money with welders but for me what i really like about it is i can make it just the way i want it nice thing about mig welding or wire feed welding and especially if you have gas

It's just so stinking easy as long as you've got clean material it goes awesome you want to hear it kind of a buzzing sound it's like cross between a buzz and cooking bacon it should sound like this

It's just that easy let me show you what that looks like up close that's pretty decent looking i didn't have to wait for anybody to do it i just got after it and kabam and that's with thinking about

Filming and having a crazy day and all that other kind of stuff still turns out awesome and remember grinders and paint make you the welder i ain't so there's my primer and of course i've

Got some paint there and there's my flap disk on my angle grinder and that's what makes things look just really smooth like this very little effort

And it just lasts for years and you just appreciate the heck out of it every time you did it because you did it super satisfying the little dots that i did for grip super easy super quick

Cut it weld it grind it face it quick erase it that punch anybody got it all painted primed and put together this side was really easy when that's out of the way you can just

Hit it with an impact gun and that works great this side's a little tricky because the buttress is in the way for using a ratcheting box wrench i had to use a socket and a short socket almost got there i

Probably should have next time i pull this off i'm going to cut that bolt a little shorter because the bolt limits the socket the other mistake that i made is this and i just basically lopped it

Off with the plasma cutter and then i went back and i welded it right here so that it's got the strength so it doesn't have as big a footprint but usually don't need a snowshoe on these

There we go tucks up out of the way pretty slick is it the lowest thing hanging down mid might nope this is lower doesn't say it might be but it's not so anyway i'm happy with that and the

Paint turned out crappy in the best way possible it's got all this texture to help make it slip resistant and i didn't even have to throw sand on it and paint over the sand i don't think i've

Ever seen anyone do something like this but i really like it there's something about when it's on the ground that makes it so heavy when it's like this it's not bad you can just throw a leg over it

I put my elbows on my knees and then i just lift with my tippy toes just kind of push up like that use my calf muscles to get it up and onto the coupler oh i got the oil changed in this beast i had to clean the

Air filter didn't realize it was so bad this turned out awesome as you can see it's all trimmed out and i've used it twice already so i had to unhook the had to unhook the vehicle in order to

Get the oil changed see if i can do this one handed one knee one arm i can't narrate at the same time but i can sure do it this thing is so nice i want to do it on

The four-wheeler and the four-wheeler sits lower than that so i was able to just kick this thing take a little weight off and kick that and get that one up

I love it look how sharp that looks it looks like it's supposed to be like that couldn't be happier got this pulled back in so that i could change the taillights i'm pretty sure they're not

Supposed to be that colorful it looks great just didn't work so good it looks unhappy it's got two eyes and nose and an unhappy face pretty cool

I didn't do any drafting on it i just saw it in my head what i wanted to do and went for it there's a couple of hang ups i had number one i had to cut this off as i mentioned and

Had to weld the back side but if you have a welder and a plasma cutter little hiccups like that are no big deal man long day i'm going to get to bed if you like what you see you want to see

More hit subscribe and ring that bell and what about projects and things that you've done that you've been pleasantly surprised about let me know in the comments below

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