Get Quick & Straightforward Curls at Dwelling (New Technique)

published on July 2, 2020


hi guys I'm Rasmus from slicker TV and

today I'm going to show you how to get

super nice curls fast so let's get to it

we have two coats one pre styling spray

one bottle of water and some hairspray

first I'm going to apply some water to

soak up my hair so we can get some nice

curls going on I'm going to make small

pages yes just enough water so we can

make some pots


so this is the tough section that we are

going to focus on


this is the best way to do it because

rubber bands will take too much time so

the most important thing is that you

have both rubber bands or some clips

which I'm using at the moment and we're

gonna do this fast


now I just need to apply some more water

to get my hair into the new position I'm

gonna style it a little bit forward so

just put a little bit of water into the

bag and into the sides using my brush

now it's time to apply the styling serum

with the sidekick that's gonna freeze

these curls really hard into position so

let's apply some also I'm gonna hit the

other parts of the hair so it will not

move out throughout the drying process

for the curly parts here I'm gonna give

it maybe 10 pumps to get it going let it

soak in that one moved it makes it you

gonna take them out in maybe one hour

two hours and before shaking it up I'm

gonna play some hairspray to really get

the maximum out of the curly texture so

I hang on

now we're waited for two hours and it's

a long while to wait if you don't have

the time you can find a blow-dryer and

hold it with distance you can see this

one is not blow-dried it's dried

naturally so there's some spikes going

on here I'm going to shake it up later

but first let's remove the pins just

remove it once at a time the good thing

about the metal clips instead of using

the rubber paints is that if you choose

to blow-dry then the steel will absorb

the heat and distribute it better into

the hair and obviously the rubber band

will keep out the heat and make it more

difficult whose plus it's also harder to

remove rubber bands compared to these

clips I think you can get these metal

ones in every beauty store near you


now to the hairspray and what we do here

we try to to seal the deal meaning that

we're gonna have the hairspray hot

enough while it's still in a curly

position it's important that we don't

spray it so much because else it will

get cracked up okay finally it's time to

shake it up and see what's happening

and this is first time and I'm doing

this type of tutorial so I'm excited to

see the result I definitely get the look

see here you need to really break up the

swirls because it almost feels like

small nuts while they are all right down

to the roots but loosen it up finger

comb still need to do a little bit of

finger combing I can feel it anyway we

have the nice texture going on and to

make it even better we need to work in

some products and make the final look

okay so in this case wrecking ball

it's a light clay there's a little bit

more of a play time here so that's what

I'm going for

let's do some texturizing


and you just rub it in with a flat hand

just rubbing it on the top here and all

the curls is coming forward okay guys I

hope you liked this short tutorial on

how to get curls fast and again you can

get the products on slick hair shop comm

remember as always to write in the

comment section down below what you

think about this hairstyle and also give

the video a like and be a subscriber and

you can be a part of the giveaway where

you can win free by the lane hair

products alright see you guys next time


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