George Floyd’s Brother Speaks to Shane Smith: Tipping Point | Shelter in Place Episode 11

published on July 2, 2020



ministry in traffic you are ordered to

disperse now to permit the safe flow of

pedestrian traffic if you do so

voluntarily no charges may be placed

against you if you refuse to disperse

you will be placed under arrest









for the past two weeks protests that

began in Minneapolis over the death of

an unarmed african-american man George

Floyd at the hands of police have

exploded across the country and around

the world

Floyd's killing is the latest in a

seemingly never-ending string of deaths

of african-americans in racially charged

encounters with the police now the

protests are the biggest civil rights

demonstrations since the assassination

of dr Martin Luther King more than 50

years ago and with the backdrop of a

country already torn apart by a global

pandemic this seems like one of the most

pivotal moments in modern American


so in this special episode we wanted to

speak with people at the forefront of

today's civil rights movements we spoken

to the President of the n-double a-c-p

the mother of murdered black teenager

Trayvon Martin who is now an activist

and political candidate as well as DeRay

McKesson a leading voice in the black

lives matter movement but we start with

a man at the center of these seismic

events Fallone is Floyd the brother of

George Floyd mr Floyd thank you for

your time today

no thank you so today is a big day for

you and your family they officially

upgraded the charges against Derrick

shavon and finally charged the other

three officers with aiding and abetting

the murder of your brother how are you

feeling about that today I'm happy I'm

happy that they upgraded to charges I

want them to get to first-degree motive

murder because I think it was

premeditated but first I just want to

thank God that that even happened do you

think that today's upgraded charges

would have come about without the

massive national protests that have


nothing really new doggy let's do your

stuff I don't think it would have

happened but everybody was so tired and

so tired so everybody protesting right

now I have seen an Amish protest you

know it is deep right now the world the

world lives is all screaming out George

Floyd we want justice

Josh Hart we won't Justice I just wanted

to thank everybody who contributed to

getting us one step closer to justice

and they're not just doing it for me

they're doing it for my family too but

we're doing this for the world right now

because we all are united

maybe you have a message for all those

people out there protesting and voicing

their displeasure with what happened to

your brother what's your message to them

I want them to protest peacefully that's

what George will want that's what I will

want that's what the world needs but

when people sit there and kill people

like that in front of kids and children

out there they just it's not good it's

not good for the world nobody wanted to

see that nobody and nobody should have

to see that my thing is life is precious

I tell my mom that when she was alive

but she tell her did I tell my brothers

that all the time if you need me I got

you the police officers they spoke to

serve and protect and they didn't do

that day at all they killed my brother

murdered him on the spot


Sybrina Fulton is the mother of Trayvon

Martin the 17 year old shot in Florida

in 2012 whose death sparked a black

lives matter movement she is now running

for a seat on the miami-dade Board of

County Commissioners Sybrina Fulton

thank you for taking time with us today

thank you for having me first question I

mean I'm here in Santa Monica last night

there were tanks the National Guard

you know curfews what's your reaction to

the images that you're seeing on

television right now my reaction is

people are angry it's absolutely about

out what we saw recently with the trauma

of George Floyd being killed it's

definitely about that it's about Brianna

tell us about Ahmad Albury

it's about Trayvon Martin it's about

Oscar Graham is about Jordan Davis it's

about Dante Hamilton it's about Eric

garner it's about all

those names and more this is a reaction

to people just being sick and tired of

being afraid of being shot and killed

and nobody said owed accountable people

have been too silent they're being too

passive and they're saying this is it

protest for what we definitely want

people to March we definitely want

people to be heard we definitely want

people to protest you know we want to

see that happen because we feel like

that's the only way that we're gonna get

people to listen to us other than that

is business as usual and we're

continuing to lose African American

brown and black boys based on with

somebody else's mindset ears about that

person being a threat


that's me

do not leave do not leave


DeRay McKesson is an activist who's been

a leading voice in black lives matter

since the 2014 killing of Michael Brown

in Ferguson Missouri

DeRay thank you for your time it's good

to be here you said and I'm gonna quote

you when I see people on the street it

is frustration and it takes me back to

2014 when we were in the street in

Ferguson 2015 when we were on the street

in Baltimore it's a reminder of how

little courage we have had from

political leaders to change the system

Minneapolis is no exception

now what has changed if anything since

Ferguson yeah so let me zoom out a

little bit and sort of frame the context

for where we are today

the police have actually killed more

people not less since the protest in st

Louis in 2014 the only sort of glimmer

of hope is a hundred largest cities that

actually has been a statistically

significant decrease in police violence

but that decrease has actually been

offset by an increase in rural

communities and suburban communities in

a way that is completely overwhelmed and

overshadow the good work happening in

cities so overall the police have killed

more people not less a third of all the

people killed by a stranger United

States has actually killed by a police

officer 2019 was a first you everywhere

black people are more afraid of being

killed by an officer than being killed

by community violence and even when we

think about 2020 and March and April

2020 the police killed at the same rate

in the same number as he did in March in

April 2019

Kovach quarantine lockdown did nothing

to the rate and number of how many

people the police killed so that is what

we see in the street right now is people

being rightly frustrated because the

police have killed anyway in between 400

and 800 people as of today and that is




we were told that there will be

solutions coming we were told that

political leaders would have the courage

to implement solutions because we know

what they are and we relied – there

seems to be an element within the

protest that has different goals – black

lives matter or campaign zero sometimes

for violence sometimes there's looting

what do you say to these people I always

want to be clear about the language that

we use the only violence that I've seen

is the violence of the police violence

the police that caused people to take to

the street in the first place I have

seen property damage and I get that

property damage really upsets a lot of

people there's this interesting essay

that I would encourage everybody to read

it's called in defense of looting and

she says that there is no social changes

ever happen in the history of this

country that wasn't precipitated by

property damage the Boston Tea Party

like anything she can name that like

change society because the idea of

property is so rooted in America so in

that context this actually makes a

little more sense to me in this moment

but again I'd not seen violence from the

protesters I've seen people in the

street armed with the truth in a cell


I've seen those people shot with teargas

I've seen those people shot with a

bullet I know somebody personally who

has now permanently lost her left eye

because she was out on the street and

all she has her cell phone right that to

me is violence I in no way will ever

argue that that is comparable to a

stolen TV or like a broken pane of glass


so National Guard soldiers have been

called up here in Santa Monica where I

live it happened last night at least 75

cities have seen protests more than two

dozen cities have imposed curfews the

most since 1968 after the assassination

of dr Martin Luther King is this a

catalyst for change do you see this as a

positive or a negative why is this

seemingly capturing the zeitgeist of the

nation you think about the death of Mike

Brown at 2014 Mike Brown got killed by a

police officer and they left his body in

the street for four and a half hours

that was enough to push people over the

edge did you know like I know the

protests spread all across the country

we were in the street for 400 days then

it was you know it's Baltimore its

McKinney Texas it was a stream because

people are waking up to realize these

weren't isolated events these were the

byproduct of a system that was both

designed to do this and will do it until

we transform it and turn it into

something else

but we leave you angry you have another

reason is totally different everybody

else's you can see




Derek Johnson is the president of the

n-double a-c-p the storage civil rights

institution that has been working to

advance justice for African Americans

for over a century mr Johnson thank you

for speaking with me

thank you what happened so my first

question is is this a tipping point or

is this more of the same I think it's a

tipping point we have not seen this

level of engagement in over 50 years

we're talking about a country that has

been paralyzed with divisiveness for the

last four years in the last 80 days we

have gone from a global pandemic an

anemic federal response the realization

that African Americans were

disproportionately impact as a result of

adapting and access to health care to

incidents in Georgia in Louisville

Kentucky Central Park and watching

someone murdered broad daylight people

standing around saying you're killing

him and police officers on his back and

his neck for eight minutes and 46

seconds he's not responsive right now

and they'll go from answer and realize

that the district attorney in that area

was refusing to bring for justice for

that community for that family only

rezoning and peaceful protest

unfortunately spiraled into some of the

most horrific crimes we have seen over

50 years

we're standing in this mobile at a

juncture determining what type of nation

are we gonna be who's gonna be one

that's inclusive that's just where

everyone to support of equal protection

of the law we're going to continue in

this direction and if so we're going to

destroy the democracy that we are come

to the bunny what is your message to

police chief's across America today and

the majority of police chiefs they

actually have the type of compassion

that's necessary to govern a police

department I'm one who believed that is

not the majority of police officers

appreciate I think it is a minority we

have to get away from this notion that

we must protect these officers when they

have been bad actors unfortunately they

are far too many police officers who've

been hidden away with bad acts able to

move from department to department not

being properly disciplined able to

shield their records behind some union

contract those are practices that we

need to move away from and we need to

move toward a more accountable

transparent Police Department the vibe

that I got from the cops is the ones

that were standing there on the front

line in the beginning they want to add

we're looking for escalation or get

themselves like pumped up for a fist

fight in front of a bunch of people that

are like we just want our voices heard

there's a lot of just regular people out

there who are frustrated and confused

and angry what's your message for them

get engaged in double-a-c-p is one of

many vehicles we actually org backslash

engaged to become a volunteer to help us

turn a vote out help us promote a

message I once saw the seeds of Hope

because with hook we win if we are in

despair we lose because we are paralyzed

we can win but we can only win if you

get engaged the civil rights movement

gave us the Voting Rights Act it gave us

the Housing and it gave us the Civil

Rights Act it was a result of peaceful

protest people take it to the street to

say we need a better society and we end

that moment like that

it's America


this incident has seen many cities

hundreds of cities where people are

rising up in protest speaking of that

the man who killed your son Trayvon

George Zimmerman was not arrested until

mass protest mass political movement it

seems that the protests also played a

part in the rapid arrest of the murder

of George Floyd does it take massive

outrage and and people taking to the

streets to get justice or to get people

arrested for these crimes I would answer

that and say yes police the government

none of the people knots above us like

any of us come together they want us to

be separated even though they do what we

call good that's not good to us they're

not protecting the people they've hurt

us more than anything and even if we

tried to be peaceful

it ain't no peaceful protest they gonna

come at us aggressive we got to come

back aggressive the same thing when we

unite and we come together in numbers

that's the only time we're being heard

but why does it take us protest and why

does it take us sign the petitions and

writing letters and making calls and

doing all these other things in order to

get our arrest

when for other people that arrest

happens immediately if my son Trayvon

who was 17 years old had shot and killed

the person who killed him Trayvon would

have been in jail that same night and so

I don't understand why people don't see

that you know why people don't

understand that concept we are treated

differently you try you trapped oh he's

breathing right there bro

like you don't think that would any bro

I talked to another african-american

they clearly see the problem with George

Floyd they clearly can see that a knee

on a neck is not somebody that's being

treated like a human being that he's

people to treat it like an animal and

and we have to get other people to see

whether it's white people whether it's

white supremacist whoever we need to

have other people to see that what has

happened here is wrong

it's not our time to kneel anymore if

more of that race with able to put the

pride aside put everything else aside

you know move forward as a unit for this

entire trip our nation in a better place


35 cities yesterday and Counting rising

we deserve we took a week and a half of

national protests the largest since the

assassination of dr Martin Luther King

a change of prosecutor and global

outrage to make this happen why do you

think that is

every time you look up a black life is

somebody's dying no matter if it's a

woman or man somebody's dying so when my

brother passed away and everybody's seen

it on camera and broad daylight you

should stop and he's breathing right

there brother everything

that hurt he said he couldn't breathe

Aragones it the same thing I can't

breathe and the guy his head is killing

this Nick wouldn't get out could all

this we know it had to hurt now I'm

talking about anybody with any sense of

humanity in them would have known not to



I just want justice for my brother and I

know as the president of the United

States we can get that all here to do is

just go out and just let these cops know

here in Minnesota that that was wrong

and it's just it's not good he's saying

we all exceed

you know when I think about this moment

I think about we are seeing America

being exposed exactly for what America

is in this moment and we've always

believed that we can transform even the

worst things into something better I

think about the problems that we see

today as present but not permanent we

have seen this country organized we've

seen black people organized around

things that we were told would always be

this way and I lived reality has shown

that that is just not true we did it the

first time and we were learning so much

right we were like learning the data we

were trying to understand what the

solutions were and when you think about

it now 2020 we know so it's like we know

what to do we know that we can ban

chokeholds right but only 28 of the

hundred largest cities even ban

chokehold like we this is about

political courage it's not that we don't

know the answers now I remember being in

the street 2014 and people asked me what

to do and we were like you know we have

big ideas but we didn't know how to

necessarily get there 2020 we know so it

really is a lack of political courage

when you talk about lack of political

courage president Trump is called the

protesters anarchists and thugs

what is his administration doing during

this crisis and are they you know are

they showing leadership or they not so

this is one of the things that is sort

of helpful in this moment is that the

president has very little control over a

local police departments so there 18,000

police parks in the country other than

funding them to the DOJ and almost no

president has ever conditioned funding

to police departments on their

willingness or ability or refusal to do

anything around police violence so the

president is sort of just using his

bully pulpit ways that aren't helpful

but structurally it is not really a lot

there as you know he can call the

National Guard he could militarized he

can militarized apparatuses of the

federal government to intervene locally

but directly it's really not a

presidential thing it is mostly a local

leader thing so you think about

California California there's a law that

says that any investigation of an

officer the last more than a year can

never resolve discipline regardless of

the outcome that is a failure of

leadership in Oregon the law says a any

officer can use deadly force if they

think you dis committed a felony or they

think you're about to commit a felony

the fact that that still exists is a

failure of leader

the president has also claimed that an

Tifa is behind a lot of these protests

is there any truth to that you know it's

not lost to me that there are set of

people who benefit from a race war it's

not lost to me that other people who do

come to protest just to wreak havoc and

not in the spirit of what call people

and you think about just a couple weeks

ago when we saw white people armed with

guns talking about we need to reopen the

country and he didn't release a whole

set of statements condemning those

people the police treated those people

completely fine even though they are

armed and dangerous so you know who

knows what's going on with extremists in

this moment I think that there is some

truth to it I think there's very little

truth to what Donald Trump is saying

I am mobilizing all available federal

resources civilian and military to stop

the rioting and looting to end the

destruction and arson and to protect the

rights of law-abiding Americans

including your second Amendment rights

President Trump said in his speech on

Monday night that he'd deployed

thousands and thousands of heavily armed

soldiers military personnel and law

enforcement officers what's your

response to yesterday's promise for

escalation it was a sad day in our

nation's history when the

commander-in-chief tried to create

theater during a moment when we should

all be concerned on how to repair and in

fact I have lost any confidence that he

can leave

he will always go to a comfort zone of

the bits of behavior using props and

trying to create some level of theater

the show strength when in fact those of

us who can really see it know that the

emperor has no clothes and it's all

weakness you've expressed frustration

with president Trump's administration

what message do you have for him what

message do you have for our government I

have not seen him demonstrating the

intellectual capacity to comprehend the

need to serve all of America not just

those who reflect his mirror images he

has not even demonstrated the ability to

grasp leave some of the most basic needs

of the office of the presidency such as

making sure that all Americans have a

safe and healthy environment with all of

the warning signs leading up to this

pandemic he ignores him he has not

demonstrated the intellectual

understanding of why these things are a

priority so I have anything to say I

think the only words that we must say as

Americans as african-americans is at the

ballot box in November where we line up

and we ensure that outcome of the

election represent the needs and

interests of a healthy democracy dan

Rather recently said and I'll paraphrase

him that never before has a nation

needed calming words from a president

and never before hat will the words from

that president exacerbate his situation

more or something that effect do you

think the actions in the words of

President Trump is actually exacerbating

this problem this issue I think from the

time he took office he has not been able

to resist the tendency to target and

create other nests whether it was

through xenophobia racism gender


he has shown an inability to see people

outside of his vision that's unfortunate

that's not a true leader and because of

that we sit in this situation now

there's so many politicians that are out

here saying one thing and doing the

other leading these people are straight

where are our leaders it's not like

we're against our press we want the

President to do good so bad

nobody's leading nobody's holding people

accountable what needs to happen I

think a lot of people are frustrated

they said look this can't continue to

happen it can't continue in Ferguson and

Baltimore now in Minneapolis with your

son Trayvon it cannot continue what

needs to happen so that this stops well

I think people have gotten too

comfortable and nonchalant with the loss

of a black life a black or brown life

and and that needs to stop we can't have

double standards like in the case of

Ahmad our Burien bronze with Georgia you

can't take your gun home and go sleep in

your bed comfortably as if nothing

happened there was a life loss a human

being and I don't think people

understand that they don't

standard severity of losing a life and

how much it affects the family we need

to change laws so that we make sure that

when that happens that somebody happens

they need to have procedures in place

within the police department across the

board so they need to develop an outside

organization on outside community

relations board or they have to have

somebody that's in place that they can

investigate that they also need to do a

background check whether it's a police

officer or not how they have problems in

before we're dealing with African

Americans how they have problems before

we're discipline we need to know those

type of things you know we try so many

different methods like politics

economics trying to like develop

ourselves but week until you see this

violence happening so consistently and a

lot of us is just tired and like

honestly I'll just say yeah I think this

will be a test for all of us we know

what works and what doesn't work we have

a set of political leaders who seem to

be interested in making change and we

also have a set of people who aren't

directly impacted by these issues who

aren't finally accepting that this is

really structurally wrong but I think

that this moment we will be a test of

organizing so speaking of organizing

you've been an organizer for black lives

matter and now you're the co-founder of

campaign zero what is campaign zero and

what are the goals yes so remember when

we think about the mover we think of

black lives matter this is a big space

right but we think about the movement is

not defined by any one organization or

founded by a set of people just like you

saw in this moment the protests spread

organically the protest sort of moved

all across the country at their own pace

which was really beautiful it wasn't

because one or two or three people said

it should do that and that's the same

thing that happened in 2014 no but I

think what can't be zero we started

because we were like there has to be

something systemic like something is

causing the numbers to look the same all

across the country we didn't know what

it was but we were like there has to be

but we just

so we put 10 things down that we were

like leaving these are solutions there

were two that we were sort of alone and

being like we think these are big levers

so there was a use of force policies and

police unit contracts we had very little

data when we first launched we were like

we're gonna collect the data and we just

got lucky that we were right so when we

look at the use of force policies we

realize that these really weren't the

biggest levers and then we looked at the

contracts there were things in the

contracts and the laws that we were we

continue to be shocked by and we call it

a campaign zero for a couple reasons one

is that we were like we can live in a

world with the police kill nobody

like we can get to zero we can also live

in the world where we help people

realize that the majority of what we ask

the police to do is not a policing

function at all only 5% of the arrests

that happen in this country or a violent


that's an FBI number and that's a pretty

flat for at least the last twenty years

but we staff and resource

Elise Department's is if it's like 80

percent by electronic means you know we

arrest more people for weed than all

violent crime combined so there are two

big goals the first big goal again is to

reduce the power of the police so that

is use of course policies and police

sharing contracts and the second is to

shrink the role of the police do we need

armed people responding to car crashes

to missing kids to cat stuck in trees we

don't to people in mental health crises

we should find sets of people who are

trained experts to focus on those and

the resources to follow those people

there will always be a small number of

people where there needs to be some sort

of intervention and I'm not convinced

that has to be the police but we don't

need to fund that like we do right now

no just like not



we have every right to bother y'all

don't put that on

you said in the past and I'll quote you

the outrage we feel and the justice we

demand will reverberate through

Minneapolis and the country as a whole

we are done dying this moment calls for

us to unify uplift a family and pursue

justice now this has launched a we are

done dying campaign what are the aims of

this initiative we're done dying our

campaign is and say we're no longer a

victim of that room we need to demand

that Police Department's are more

accountable please the demand that

district attorney officers are more

accountable that our education systems

are more accountable that our help

delivery system is more accessible we're

done dying complaining about things that

are wrong we must fight in order to win

and to ensure that the quality of life

that's afforded to one community is

afford to our community we are done

dying it is time for us to take up the

medal and fight in November is the


so the n-double-a-cp recently put out a

petition demanding justice for a George

Floyd with some pretty specific demands

including sweeping national police

reform you know how do these demands

translate into action well nothing

happens if you have the wrong set of

individuals sitting in office in

November it's that moment for all

America to stand up and say are we going

to be a nation and look backwards and go

backwards are we going to be a nation to

look forward and go forward this

election is one of the most significant

elections we sit at all the time but I

think we now get it that the lack of

civility that we're now living under the

level of racial hatred or xenophobia

germinating from the white house has

created a pandemic of emotions a

pandemic of thought a pendant of actions

that we must take up to change the

direction of where we're going and if we

do that the policy priorities that we

are laying out will have the ability to

come to come into being we recently

spoke to former attorney General Eric

Holder about the importance of this next

electoral cycle now I'm not an alarmist


democracy is on the ballot in November

so for the n-double-a-cp

how important is November and what do

you plan to do to push the vote November

is our number one priority there is no

policy change without an election

outcome in which african-americans

increase our participation substantially

we are targeting specifically the areas

where we know we can increase the

turnout where we have to increase the

turnout so that the elections can

reflect the needs and interest not only

of our community the reflect that needs

interest for a stable democracy but in

November it is our hope that we put in

place people in office who understand

the impact of structural racism born in

public policy the structural racism is

seen when a child is born into a big zip

code that zip code will determine the

potential of their child by the public

air that their child reads the part of

the water that their child dreamed the

quality education that their child is

received the access that a healthcare

for their child but all of the social

determinants is basic store where a

child is born in this country

November can help us repair the

democracy identify the structural racial

policies that are in place and advance

policy that could benefit all Americans

in a way in which we can truly have a

just society there have been

demonstrations in all 50 states which is

a testament to the widespread reaction

about your brother's death how do we

move from the protests to actual change

what do you and your family want to see

happen we want to see all those guys

arrested on first-degree murder

convicted definitely want to see that's

justice my brother died he's not gonna

never be here again his kids will never

see him again in life

no man should have to go through that no

man a child is gonna grow up without a


do you know how many kids need a father

and you just took one away it's not

right it's not right





do you see this as a potential for

positive change I do I'm always hopeful

because it's about changing mindsets and

I know that being a police officer is

very difficult and a lot of people don't

know it but my dad was a police officer

here in Miami he retired and more good

officers spoke up and more good officers

said that this is not right and more

good officer said that was a human being

and what if it was your son or your your

brother or somebody in one of your loved

ones that had a meat of their neck until

they stopped breathing and I think a lot

of officers witnessed that on television

just like we V it or social media just

like we did and said there's something

wrong there definitely something wrong

with a system and what they're simply

saying now with all the protest is going

on now is they're saying listen what

about the other officers who were there

who did not say anything the many moves

yet bro

the many moves yet bro they want those

people as well to be arrested and not

only arrested but a thorough

investigation done 1987 you just killed

it do you think that things have gotten

better or worse since your son's death I

think things are on I think things are

getting better and the reason why I say

that is because now if you look at a lot

of the protests out there it's not just

African Americans


you see people of all races of all ages

that are out there in there protesting

and they're saying this is wrong because

they've seen it now I think for you know

if you think for one second well what if

the video camera wasn't there then this

would be a totally different outcome

because we would have heard that George

Floyd mr Floyd resisted arrest and

that's why he's think he's happened to

him but we clearly saw the dead well

note that he was not a resisting arrest

his hands were cuffed behind him he was

barely moving he only was able to move

his mouth when he said I can't breathe

and when he called out to his mother get

in the car get up if people don't get

there then I don't even know if they

have a heart beating inside of them

what would you say you know to the

mothers of these these these you know

men who are being killed well what would

you say to all mothers well I have two

things I have one that I would tell the

mothers who have not lost a child

through senseless gun violence I would

tell them to please support us who have

I would tell them to you know make sure

that they're working to help to get laws

change I would tell them to work through

a nonprofit organization who have the

same goals in mind such as the National

Action Network the urban lead to

n-double-a-cp there are organizations

that will help you on work through that

so that's what I would tell mothers who

have not lost a child we tell them to

continue to cover their child to make

sure when they going out on the street

that that they're covered they're

covered in the blood of Jesus and they

say a prayer for their children because

this is serious this is life or death

for us and then for the mothers who have

lost a child to senseless gun violence I

would tell them to hold their head up

high it was not their child's fault they

people try to make you feel like your

child caused his own death but it is not

true and I would tell them to surround

themselves with positive people I would

tell them to make sure that they have

pray and people around them and I would

tell them to continue to fight don't

give up do something that's special in

your child's name we do a peace walk um

here in Miami every year because we

celebrate trade mom's birth and not his


Sybrina Fulton thank you for your time

today thank you for your ongoing work

and good luck in the upcoming election

thank you so much I know this is a hard

time felonious and we just want to say

thank you for your time today and also

condolences to you and your family thank


Derrick Johnson thank you for your time

today and also thank you for your

ongoing work thank you you know I'm

excited to come back to you in a couple

years and be like we did it

it was hard it was wild and it almost

took us out the game but we did it I

hope so

from your lips to God's ears go could it

be here




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