GCN’s Gravel Challenge | Si Vs Jeremy: Who Can Make The Most Epic Ride?

published on July 17, 2020

Hello and welcome to the first-ever GCN international gravel challenge of epicness well no not quite like that obviously all international gravel challenges of epicness are canceled at the moment like everything else and so me and this really rather lovely 3t

Explorer race max that I've been sent to do an actual gravel race on I kind of wondering what to do to sort of fill the void left by competition and adventure so we are gonna do what a lot of other bike riders doing at the moment and

Invent our own and international borders be damned Jeremy powers is picking up the gauntlet over in the USA so let's get stuck in

We're each going to create and then do the best gravel ride that we can close to our homes and then throw in some competition to spice it up if you want some more information on that new three Tebow rate you can check out Jeremy's

First look over on the tech channel now for my good old buddy Simon Richardson good afternoon Jeremy I hope this email finds you well he is so British I hereby challenge you to a duel we each need to create and then do

The ultimate gravel rod that best sums up what gravel riding means to you the viewers can then vote on which ride is best in order to decide the winner however to qualify for this challenge on a ride we must set an off-road kom set

An on-road kom ride a completely new road or trail post a photo where you look like a true gravel rider what dude what are you talking about okay right well let me talk you through my routes and then hopefully that will clarify

Things I'm gonna call it dirty gravel okay and I suspect a lot and you will understand what I mean when I explain my route goes from my hometown of bristol starting downtown at the railway station hitting up a few sectors of hidden

Cobbles down by the hot side before blasting straight out into the hills and joining up little scraps of woodland to the southwest of the city now the UK doesn't have all that much in the way of wilderness in fact I suspect

Jeremy's probably got more in his back garden than we do over here but what that does mean is that we have an awful lot of roads and trails but so the one part of this challenge that I'm genuinely confident of is finding a new

Path close to home right ready to roll on absolute beauty I'll talk you through the setup in just a moment I'll be honest I feel a little bit more heavily laden than normal obviously I got camera and stuff with me

So like a proper hipster gravel rider I guess I've drawn the line at bum bag and leaving that one at home because I still think that bum bags are a little bit rubbish and my current history kit gonna be mega forgetting kom

Don't think is going to help me pass for a true hipster gravel rider so for that part the challenge brought with effectively fancy-dress right let's do it okay okay all right kicking this thing off I'm

Here at the local conservation area where I'm gonna start my ride from this is a duel you know that I'm taking it serious whether it's a presenter challenge there's something in the office a script

Or something you know that I'm taking this series I don't like to lose so we're gonna start here we're gonna get warmed up then we're gonna take a trail that I haven't done before but some friends have said goes through to the

Area that I want to check out parylene it's a brand new cut fresh trail Lumi soft all that so I'm looking forward to checking that out hopefully not getting lost then that's gonna bring me to my first dirt off-road

Kom which I'm gonna go for full blast I've sync that up with my wahoo I've got it linked to Strava I've got the segment starred so I should know if I'm up or down never used it before but I'm looking forward to using that so

Hopefully I can take that kom then after that I'm gonna be right to my road segment so I'm gonna need to take some time down to relax a little bit because then I've got my Road kom that I've got a hit out for which I have

Something up my sleeve for weeks you guys see that then I have to show you guys a beautiful ride and I believe that I can do that although I am worried about Simon's upper hand he lives in a beautiful area in the UK so we'll have

To see how that goes then I've got to come back we got to dress up like a gravel Rider whatever and I got a post that I think I got this come on we can of course I can do that all right so that's the trail let's head

Out okay coyly Bristol properly it's gonna give you a little rundown of the ko M's I've got planned okay so the first one is gonna be one of the off-road ones I

Say one of I'm giving myself more than one opportunity to get one got climb to knickers not sure why that's called that then the second kom comes just after and that's leaving paradise behind then I've got beehives and then if I stood I'm

Gonna those there's bungalow two car park which is particularly glamorous right a little bit tricky less and then we're out okay you can see it's still next to the river now kind of within city limits but

A path from that road on the other side you definitely wouldn't know it this is like a really old shared use path this one pretty busy kind of peak times with runners and cyclists and stuff so definitely nice match based on a fast

Gravel buy like this one I'd say it's a tempo at their best it's a good warm-up that's for sure we'll be climbing to knickers very soon right so I take a quick breather we're only seven and a half K

From the station here but we're right into the middle of the woods you can still hear the city like it's not like we're in the middle of the wilderness here but anyway it's pretty nice right this is the bottom of the first kom that

I'm going to try and get it's an off-road one climb to knickers and a Thor I just take you through a little bit of bike setup here because trying to get a kom off-road and on-road on the same bike that's quite a big ask

So 3t have sent an explorer with a 1 by set up okay so that's allowed me to fit super wide tires on here and I'm Dan ardh and in the end I've gone for 650b wheels with these 22 inch white tied the cars right this first kom is really

Bumpy it's not technical it's just bumpy so I've only got twenty six PS I'm here to hopefully allow me to float through all that stuff and basically get me to the top quicker and then I'm hoping the fact that the bike is a narrow bike is

Going to allow me to go fast enough on the tarmac one thing is crossed okay here we go under the arches that's the start feel free warmed up fingers crossed

Okay one down three to go we're on to leaving paradise behind very soon oh yes before you say anything whose idea was it to get some kom right reminder how closely asked this

City but the main roads across and then sandy lady it's like kind of cool travel even if it's not this is a beautiful little back road it just rolls through the countryside you can link up a load of good trails or you can just stick to

The tarmac I'm gonna do a bit of recovery I think you guys aren't gonna believe this but I just I just got pooped on by a bird oh it's not the way you want to start your day so with that bird why do you do that to

Me no respect ed here this is the this is where I am and this is where I'm going right here I don't know if you guys can even see it it's really fresh really really fresh

Anderson sigatoka buzzer buzzer come in and comment all right so we just got done with the exploring segment that was sweet really pretty trails back there looked like

There was a bunch of farmland that they let grow up a lot of young trees just with the Sun peeking through like proper New England day just really fun and a ton of fun berms to tear it up in things to jump through and of course a stream

To cool you off down at the end yeah that was that was really pretty so now I'm looking at my star droughts here starts segments so this is saying that I'm about eight hundred feet from this my personal records 10:37 the all-time

Record be 10 13 Erik Carlsson Erik I hate to tell you going down holy schnikeys my chest really hurts

From that Oh oh my god you guys I had to I mean I had to have done a good time if I didn't get it oh my gosh all right so I hate to say this but I had to get sneaky because I'm

Gonna switch over to some road tires on this bike on these same wheels I dropped off before the ride started last night some Pirelli cheater Otto 35c tires I'm gonna put these on here and then i'ma go for the road kom so

Let's do this all right so the Pirelli Road tyres are on now I've got to go back down I've got to hit this segment coming in hot I've got to rip this whole thing there is a pretty serious headwind so I'm not

Sure here's cause for some good legs I think I got it 3:23 that's pretty good that's honestly pretty good I think the best time was

3:00 3:30 something again held by Sean Miller so yeah we'll see I'll see if that was enough I'm gonna put these other tires back on no I got a pair of smart trails all right so we just got to the top of a pretty big

Climb here this is a spot that I'd love to just come down sit next to right here at the river just if it's a really hot day I'll just literally throw some of the river water on my face just sit here taking the breeze and enjoy the

Accomplishment of getting to the top of the climb but yeah got a little waterfall the planks hang in nice spot now I'm mighty relieved to see a field of sheep okay who's often has cows in here and I

Say whether I've ever confessed to this before on GGN but I have a almost a phobia of cows genuine fear of them I mean they are of course england's deadliest animal so there's a there's a real rational reason for that fear but

But yet where they're cows in here we've ads have done a diesel I'm supposed to say right then beehives coming up so it's a short section of 34 seconds which is not normally my sort of cup of tea but well

I reckon there's probably not that many people that are going for gas on this section so so hopefully I can pick this one off okay I was gonna

It's a dished bit here I said I've never ridden it before but I checked on the mood it's said it's got steep loose gravel it's got Crocker gravel and interestingly it said good place to cool

Off forward slash paddle see okay oh yeah that is quite an accessory ah traps that was kind of a lot deeper than Ali's pretty all right I'm on the last big climb of

The day it's gonna be about another 15 20 minutes so I get to the top would be a pretty Vista and they get to descend pretty much all the way down back to the area where I started from so looking forward to that truth be told

I've only actually ridden what I'm gonna ride once how to mount bike so find out that considers itself to be exploring but how many of you exploring it on a gravel bike now it's gonna be a lot different it's very very rocky so

I am so pumped to have ridden up that with this bike those tires that group set all this stuff is honestly hard to ride on my mountain

Bike so to do it clean no foot down on the gravel bike definitely a pretty sight but over here we've got the the beautiful city of Springfield Massachusetts I don't know if you guys

Can see that there but she's way out there and then if we come over here we've got the the big mountain Mount Tom which is the big mountain that you see if you're coming up by 91 from Connecticut making your way to Vermont

That's her over there alright so now we're gonna hit out rip the descent here this is about a 10 15 minute descent all the way back to exactly where we started finish this right off let's go

Oh okay this seems like the perfect place to be like a gun a gnarly gravel dude so finally going to take out this fancy

Dress I've been lugging around for the whole ride I should have stuck in a bumbag I knew I should have done there we go played shirts the ultimate gravel riding gear hot sweaty deeply on aerodynamic

But gravel is a state of mind remember that syncopate a kiss at the end of the day that's how this is gonna be judged what a what kind of expression do I need to know there we go nice she's gonna get my shot it's not gonna look

Epic or gravelly done well I don't you can see beautiful Bristol in the background but we're pretty much nearly back now this is the last sector of gravel before tarmac all the way back I've gotta say it's been a pleasure

Showing you my local trails like this is not the world's most epic ride I would not even suggest traveling probably 50 miles to get here and do this right but for me this is what gravel riding is all about just linking up all these short

Supercool sections of trail right on your doorstep opening up a world of opportunity away from tarmac and it's an absolute blast I love it vote for me vote for my bye ride let's see if I've got those kom huh

Okay are you ready for this leaving paradise behind new world record smashed it so I've got my road Cairo M okay time to knickers new what record happy days not only a new world record I'm pretty sure the guy that hadn't falls on an

E-bike she checked beehives as well oh no oh no oh no I missed it by a second I'm so sad this is genuine grin I'm actually I'm actually that happy yeah right Hey yes do you know we put the Halloween stuff away like the fake

Tattoos and the hair and all that stuff no what well I think we got some pizza we got a beer I think this is how you end a perfect day of exploration Kom getting and then selfie has a gravel rider where you guys think that's shorts

got the beer I got piece of hair on my mouth I rough here's Simon Richardson I know this is crazy I legitimately almost forgot that I didn't upload this Java yet so I've

Finally ended the ride now and I have it up here afternoon ride 324 but did I get the kom oh no oh no no I got I got one ah ah it was the headwind it was the headwind no even Tim Johnson beat me they were working together there's no

Way that Tim Johnson's you know I'm gonna go back and get that another day right Jeremy how was your international gravel challenge of epicness bike ride today so good to hear from you it was uh it was fun man I had an awesome day out

Like truly truly went as hard as I could for both the kom explored that new trail just really I had to say I had I had a fantastic day Radek how about you how did you get on well kid me yeah I got both my care

Worms which which I was relieved about so see ya on-road and offroad and the new trail was wicked like it's kind of a cool trail its own right but even better is it linked up to kind of Hills it cuts through the valley and I'm gonna be

Doing that again and again I think that was meant but for me it was more just like that's the kind of riding I do all the time and I kind of want the viewers to see like what gravel riding can be as well as these like beautiful pristine

Epic MT wildernesses like it can be pretty dirty as well and that's definitely why I show people today yeah did you qualify Jeremy by the way just just to you know tackle it issue head-on have you if you got both K wins yeah

Well is it if we're talking about that would you say it's like best out of 4 or would you say like all things had to be I'm just yeah asking for a friend I guess well I mean rules are rules Jeremy it

Was it was you've got to be number one you gotta be kom okay I didn't win both alright I won one okay the dirt won the off-road one that's my wheelhouse I won now and I won that one by x twenty seconds or something like that but the

Second one I hate to say this I missed it by like three seconds and I can't believe it I cannot actually believe I missed it I'm Kim Johnson even this other guy Shawn Milne tag-teamed themselves and they've

They've hung on to it for now I think I'm just right here so I can hear some violins in the background can you hear those as well at the moment that's brutal man that's pretty good well ultimately you know we'll leave it to

The viewers I mean up turning Lee you haven't qualified for the International gravel challenge of epicness but the viewers you can decide you can vote on screen now who whose ride was the best jeremy shredding some na or me on my

Dirty urban gravel basically vote on screen now and we will tell you the results in a GCN snow coming up soon but jeremy that was a pleasure mate I'm sorry we haven't actually got to ride like actually together but this is you

Know it's kind of the next best thing I went out there and I had a great ride and I was thinking like I was thinking about you man dude I think that you too I definitely miss tearing it up shredding

The the hills of the world with you I feel like we've done so many cool rides but I definitely am looking forward to when we get to ride you know physically together yet yeah man alrighty well yeah stay past or catch you soon yeah same to

You talk to you soon

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