Garmin Fenix 5 – Five Pros & Cons!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

the Phoenix series of watches from
Garmin has always been on a pinnacle of
what you can fit into a watch this time
with Phoenix 5 is no exception but every
piece of tech has its downsides in this
video we're going to be taking a look at
my personal likes and dislikes about the
Phoenix 5 but before we get into that
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of the watch so that said let's get into
it the garbage beans 5 just like this
Phoenix 3 before it has a transplanted
display it's a display technology which
fits in very nicely with this type of
product so what it does is it absorbs
and reflects the daylight around it so
that it doesn't need to use its own
backlight when there's enough light
around it already it's also got a better
resolution than the previous version the
old one had a 218 by 280 mm solution if
eunuchs live has a 240 by 240 dislike
the transductive screen also means that
it uses less power which is a great
segue into my next point battery life
the battery life on the Phoenix v was
already great with about a week of mixed
use this revision of the watch somehow
upgrades that to two to three weeks the
reason as to why I said somehow is
because the thinnest five has smaller
dimensions a higher quality display and
more technology packed into it and
somehow they still managed to make the
battery last longer than before that's
awesome I also love the ruggedness of
the watch it's waterproof down to 100
meters it's probably drop proof from a
freaking plane it's dust proof it's just
everything proof but yeah you won't
break it let's just leave it at that
they introduced the quick fit straps
with a Phoenix five and I love them they
eliminate the need of tools to change
the washer spans just pull back on the
tab and you're practically done they are
seriously awesome the only issue with
them is that they are kind of expensive
Garmin has now made the risk-based heart
rate sensor is standard on all Phoenix
fives this is great it's good for
tracking and during sports like running
and cycling it also gives to watch more
information regarding your general
activity throughout the day to give
a more accurate calorie burn information
if you plan on tracking activities with
more wrist movements like weights and
CrossFit though you still need to get a
chest based monitor for accurate results
so with the likes out of the way let's
take a look at five things I dislike
about the Phoenix Fire a pro of the
previous Phoenix watch was that you
could charge it while it was in use and
on your wrist you can still charge and
track an activity with the Phoenix 5 but
because of the cables design you cannot
wear it on your wrist while charging
anymore even though this is a $600 watch
there's no integrated memory that can be
used for storage and playback of music
over Bluetooth at this price and this
type of watch you kind of expect it to
have that as a feature I mean even $200
washes having Wi-Fi is also absent on
the new Phoenix 5 it's only available
with the sapphire units and those cost
$100 more now the absence of a Wi-Fi
module on the Phoenix 5 is not that big
of a deal the only thing it does is
think your activity data quicker and as
soon as you enter your home without
needing a phone or computer to connect
to the weird thing with this is that the
old Phoenix to be had Wi-Fi on all
models if you're a female or a person
with a thin wrist between spies even the
5s version might look a little out of
place on your wrist it's got that huge
and manly rugged look to it
if Garmin would come out with a smaller
watch packing the same tech with a
Phoenix 6 that would be great and
probably get more people to purchase it
the last dislike I've got for you today
is the price this watch is obviously
very expensive and is in my opinion only
intended for athletes and people who
want the latest and greatest and
therefore are willing to pay a premium
for it if you are however okay with
losing a few features and getting a less
crispy display the thing is 3h are still
does a lot of the stuff that the Phoenix
5 does at a much lower price I am going
to be comparing the thinnest three and
Phoenix 5 in a future video
so make sure to subscribe so you don't
miss it with that said what do you guys
think of the Phoenix 5 let me know in
the comments down below and I'll see you
guys in the next video peace

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