Garbage Pail Kids TIGER KING pack opening & givewaway

published on August 2, 2020

You guys so much for joining me here on this epic day its epic day for some people every day for others you know I know that there has been a lot of stuff surrounding this and people have had quite a bit of trouble here with some of these gpk purchased today so we're going

To talk about all that we're going to talk about the sale we're going to talk about the problems just here real quick I'm gonna talk about me give you guys some stats here that I have to start off but we are gonna talk we're gonna get in

That first and then we'll talk a little bit about how the sale actually went and then I'm going to open up a bunch of mega packs which will be most of the stream so let me be opening these packs live for you guys and I'm actually gonna

Do a giveaway so stick around to the end if you guys are here right now and you're watching stick around to the end and I'll be doing some giveaways here so I'm gonna be doing two tiger King packs that I'm gonna give away and also we

Have 10 individual tiger King cards that I'm gonna give away from my friends over at gpk markets so it's gonna be fun I'm appreciate you guys hanging out with me and all my wax friends and you know the other everyone my stache is all

People that you know are in my community and stuff so I appreciate you guys all being here and supporting me if you guys are in you know in some my communities definite let me know in chat I want to see you guys talking here and chat a

Little bit let me know your questions if you have questions here as we get started definitely want to be able to hit all of those and make sure that you guys are getting those questions answered and we can make sure we're say

I'm at stay on top of that you know I want to so alright let's do this alright so let me go first I'm gonna look at some we're gonna look at some some numbers first what do you guys think about that we're gonna look at a couple

Of numbers first so I'm not gonna put these up on screen necessarily but I'm going to I'm just going to read them to you so some of the first ones which I got from the wax team actually I didn't get them from and there was just in

There Telugu Channel right so 546 unique customers that means unique addresses purchase packs this morning the packs sold out the the mega packs they sold out in about 25 minutes they were gone very

Quickly and the individual packs sold out in just a little bit around an hour so so was this was much faster than the first gbk series one release and to be perfectly honest I think not many people really thought that's what was gonna

Happen here you know there was talks in the community like oh this is I'm gonna sell out we don't know what you know we don't think this is gonna be a big thing and so so I think that was kind of one of the reasons why there wasn't you know

There was not that was there was hype but there wasn't as much hype I would say but then it just turned in a straight crazy FOMO this morning so but you can see so 500 unique customers purchased packs the top 10 transactions

The biggest of big whale guys right everyone's like all the whales they're buying up all the stuff so the top ten transactions amounted to the very top one someone spit six thousand two hundred bucks and then five thousand

Five thousand four thousand four thousand three thousand and then a couple around 2500 so the tote that so those top ten wallets that spent the most that's just under thirty nine thousand which is about 20% of the whole

Total pack sale everything they had that's not that much so eighty percent of the sale went to was divided amongst all the rest of individual buyers and everyone else in the sale so there was actually a pretty decent spread I would

Say of the packs and stuff I don't feel like to Whaley like there was too many whales that jumped in there and we're just like I'm destroying all this stuff you know so but like I said if you guys have questions about this stuff about

The you know way it went or we have gripes tell me what was your problem I wanna hear your problems did you guys have problems I personally I was so fast I think I avoided all the problems I actually did this to with the sandbox so

If you guys know I also talked about the sandbox when they had their big presale three with the Atari lands I was right there ready man and I got one of the first and one of the best plots there and then every but the same thing like

Seriously within minutes of me buying was having problems networks were congestion you know cici things weren't going through it was just crazy so it happens but you know it's definitely something we want to avoid we're all

Learning here so if you guys do have problems or something that you do happen I want to hear about them a little bit so we're gonna talk about that here in a second so there's a few stats on the customers so 546 unique customers did

Purchase packs which i think is pretty cool another set I want to share with you guys actually is is a little bit more in-depth so the sales the sale has totally sold out and that sale amounts to I think was two hundred and nine

Thousand dollars total I mean I'm a little fuzzy I saw the wax of the post on waxes Twitter they did put the exact number of how much that was in USD sales but well the interesting facts is in the secondary markets which is where you can

Now buy the cards they're all the cards are now sold out I'll show you guys that here in a second but in the secondary wax markets you can still you can buy all these cards you can buy unopened packs as well and there's some actually

Really interesting statistics so as of about 2:30 today there was about five hundred and forty five thousand wax for five hundred five hundred forty five thousand wax transferred in these after markets for these cards so if you look

At those numbers collectibles IO was one of the biggest ones with about 400 K in wax transactions and the gpk market came in second with about 126 K of transactions so a lot of money moving very fast today

To on the secondary markets to in top of this so hey big shout outs to Irish crypto girl 2 MW 2 Peter 2 re Guerra of all of you guys at Richard these are all my all my stashes I appreciate you guys being here and hanging out with me any

Other statures I'm missing here I'm trying to look here and see if I got my yeah I don't see any other said but if you're a statue god definitely mad you're over here trying to show your mega packs man you know there's markets

For this go on the market school this your stuff on there man no one's gonna buy your mega packs here on my live stream dude but funny so yeah so there so we can see that men the demand for these was high the

Secondary markets is have already put out a lot of volume and this was actually something that just a few days prior the whole like gpk community was talking about this and we've been talking about this is it even gonna sell

Out people were actually thinking this is not gonna sell out it's not even a ghost it's not even a sell out like go as quick as the first sale did you know people were thinking oh it's not gonna be big t and honestly I think the wax

Team reacted to that when people were like oh they don't listen to the community well I think they kind of did and they they listened to that and so I think that's one of the reasons why about a day or so before they dropped

This special password which they did post publicly so they put it on their Twitter and they put it on their there to the two channels so the the wax telegram and the gpk trading telegram so it was there was publicly put out there

It wasn't dropped in the email they probably should have put it an email a mod says what's a stasher can you guys in the chat can you guys tell a mod what a stasher is I know I got some stashes in here maybe you guys can just explain

To him real quick so I can keep going on this but maybe give him a link or something telmo to statures so yeah you know so I think that was kind of the sentiment that's what I kind of saw too but I was pretty confident that these

Were going to sell out so I went big this time a little bit bigger than I did with way bigger than I did last time last time I was busy talking with Evan I did a great interview the data we did some some packs and stuff giveaway but

We did an interview and so I was so busy with that I really didn't get a chance to vary by mini packs the first series to be perfectly honest I missed all the mega packs but I did end up picking up about 15 or 20 regular packs this time

Yeah and so yeah so this time you know it I did go big so I decided I'm gonna get mega packs and a few just standard packs so I actually got 40 mega packs is what I got and I got 10 standard packs so that's what I bought and that's kind

Of where we're at right now so that that's that's that was my purchase I was able to get in there within seconds that Pat was waiting for that password in the telegram group like they instructed and as soon as it dropped I was fast fingers

I was already logged in ready to go had the password dropped it in got my cards very quickly others even just you know seconds or a minute after me we're having I don't know if you guys were having

Problems I know a lot of other people were so what question rate rate index that was missed man you let me know a question in chat and I'll try and grab you here buddy so I'm just I'm just trying to get started on all this for

You guys let me make Chad a little bigger so I can see it so those are some numbers that's right it's so so far what I've done is I've actually opened up 20 of my mega packs and I have 20 that I've kept on reserve and I opened up one of

The regular car packs on accident is I could notice right there were some differences if you guys didn't notice obviously the amount of packs is actually more than the first sale and people that's one of the reasons why

People like us is not gonna sell loud they shouldn't have done as many but clearly it did suck much faster and I think that the amount that they did was still pretty good one of the other things I did notice and this is not

Something I actually really noticed until this morning but the mega packs were series one contained 30 cards and the mega packs for series or for the Tiger King series or were only 25 cards so I didn't really realize that until

This morning so so yeah you know that and that's where we are so there was a lot of problems and you know when we look back I honestly feel that the reason for this was because the sentiment within the community if people

Were already talking about it on wax channels was that these weren't going to sell out people were worried about them selling out and I honestly think that might have been the reason why wax decided to do this password thing to try

And create some more hype which clearly it worked now that they go about it in the right way no they probably should have put a limitation on that so you know if you were gonna do this early presale with the password you say okay

Well everyone's limited to five mega packs and five and 10 regular packs or something and then at noon you can jump back in and try and get more packs but this is a learning experience guys you know wax are not experts at running

These sales they've done only one before and you know the demand for these I think that they keep under estimating the demand for these cars right they keep under estimating the great demand for these cards so and yeah a lot of

People have been waiting from I've been waiting for them to so I definitely appreciate you guys so secret-spy who we got Burton in here too and a couple more my statutes thank you guys for it can't come in and hang out so yep still

Got refund Elliott got refunded a bunch of people have the same thing so all rate indexes price was do you think prison prices go up in a few days we're gonna talk about all the price things I'm gonna jump into that right here next

So that's a great question to kind of segue I just bought five Megas you didn't yeah Peter got his Megas I Peter I still hate you man for getting those little sweet that sweet collector's edition I opened like 20 packs I got no

Collectors and no Tiger claws I'm gonna show you guys though yeah opening qualify the Alaskan Catina collector yeah good for you buddy I'm gonna do I'm gonna do bunch now so you guys get to see those so let's go over and let's go

Look at the actual the website and stuff here so alright so here we are on the website sold out but no more done it's done oh that's it it's all we got it's all she wrote so you guys can see here is my inventory

And so you can see I bought it so like I said here's my regular packs and then I got mega packs right and so we're gonna open a bunch of these but I want to show you guys some of the stuff that I've already done on the markets and what's

Goin on what I think things are going before we open the packs so we're gonna just talk a little about the markets first then we're going to open packs and then we're going to do the giveaway so I'm gonna do two pack giveaways and I'm

Gonna do some ten individual cards that are coming from gpk market my friends at gbk market so alright let's go look at the market so you know one of the things are I noticed in the first sale is that spy uh the price is kind of spike right

As a sale kind of went on like boom there's high prices people don't really know what the price in the market so as soon as I got my cards opened which it did very fast I went started putting them on sale now

I didn't sell a ton but I definitely sold quite honestly like four or five at a pretty good high premium and they have definitely come down significantly since I've been watching them all day and they've come down a pretty good amount

Since then so the web looks like an old news had went sold yeah he there's so much hate there doesn't it being hate you know Peter Peters a great collector and you know honestly he's just a lucky stasher man that's what it

Comes down to all my statutes are lucky that's how I feel about it that's how I feel but yes and we were like oh not buying it and you know I know there are some people who had a very bad experience with this they were very much

Looking forward to this their payments got returned their car was declined it was it was a show I'm not gonna lie man but you know anytime there's some sort of massive demand like this for a very hot commodity

There is always issues like this you guys can go and do some you know look around outside of crypto even just look outside of crypto and this happens but you know I think in this in this case the CC processor really just couldn't

Handle the volume here we don't know what the real actual issue is but that's what I'm suspecting here is that's what I'm thinking I think they'll love that I think they saw this blow up I think they probably thought it was fraud they

Started flagging all these things so the first few people that got through you know they got their stuff but then maybe flaw fraud was kind of flagged across the board with these automated systems that a lot of credit card processors use

Now just my theory man just my theory but yeah for all of you guys out there too if you guys don't know what a stash sure is maybe they didn't put it in the thing that's what I call my community so you guys hear that come watch my youtube

Videos or you guys go to my website crypto stash comm or maybe you follow me on Twitter or twitch I have some I have a great community it's very tight-knit we have fun together you can go follow my community in a telegram or on discord

So I'll put some links here in the in the chat here in just a second so that's kind of where we're at as far as pricings and stuff goes so the price the price has definitely start very high they started very high and then they

They just started coming down all day long so OOP I'm just gonna put the there's that one so there's my telegram and then here's my discord so if you guys the discord is more for the gaming specific so you guys like gaming

Telegram was all about crypto so so yeah so you know basically what happened is that these prices start off very high and they've kind of come down so we can look at some of the listings here and we can see that right now

You all and I'm going to the lowest price you can see like right now oh no we need exotic and then lowest price these are trading for you can see like look 1112 wax these are base these are based Tiger Kings

So that's they've come down quite a bit those are for base and you look like prisms you know some of the prisons are at 30 the the highest-valued cards I've seen so far are the the chaotic let's see Joe chaotic and the Carol caddy

Carol right so you can see here here's a bunch of the car Ansel the prices and the prices on these two different changes aren't definitely vary so if you look at gpk market versus collectibles I oh the price is definitely vary on those

Two and but you can see like what I have for sale right now what's going on in the pay so I'm not logged in on this one for some reason anymore I keep getting logged out of here some for some reason but yeah so you can see

These prices right here and the cool cat Carol in the baddie Baskins these are the and the jokey on the the cool cat Carol and the jokey attic those are the two big ones so if you want to akin those two nasty Nick and atom bomb

That's kind of what I would say that they kind of are representing here so you say my camera is distinct well I don't know what's up with that that's weird let me go see his life serious is it Sam I don't know it's okay so that's

Kind of a rat so I have these listen I've already brought some of these down but I'm gonna go over jump over here to collectibles because this was the first place I started listening on I had a little bit of trouble with gpk markets

In the morning but everything seems to be working fine now so I have listed some stuff there but these are my actual sales here on collectibles I oh so I put these all up for bearing ranges so I started off my very first one I put up

Was five thirty and I put all these up all at the same time actually so I put one up for 525 500 400 360 just to kind of see where the markets were because you know the first people who are putting up these assets when nobody

Knows what they should be priced those are the people who are gonna try and essentially mark market makers and those are people are going to try and set the price of these assets on the platform so I was trying to make sure that these

Assets were getting set high but you can see that these are the only things that have sold I put a bunch on sale all kind of hi obviously all the beginning I got to redo these listings because all these have come down significantly since

I put them all on sale but you can see yeah the jokey Alex definitely people are snatching these things up and that's the same thing here so if you go look at you know gpk and the markets here you go to exotic and then you go to oh wait

There's a sold one somewhere where's this old thing they just change the interface here so I'm kind of kind of so trying to bring us so alright so we're girls newest listings we're gonna go lowest and then we're gonna go prism

Just we know so you can see like the prisms are about 400 420 to 400 for the lowest one and the bases are going for eighty five lowest and so you can see that compared to some of the other bases right so if we go here all listings and

We'll go to Joe chaotic and then we're gonna do just so the prisms here you can see a much cheaper there are 300 racks or the base is going for 65 lakhs so because I think there's a little more volume than collectibles dial the prices

Have come down a little bit quicker here the chat is lagging a little bit behind okay yeah yeah I had Garbage Pail Kids when I was a kid when I was a kid too man I loved it I actually might have some optical look at my my collectible

Things though so yeah I mean that the prices are going to fluctuate here guys and that's kind of what I get to look at and look at kind of the sales that happened in series one you know what I saw was in the very first day or so the

The you know prices were fluctuating wildly people didn't know what to buy or sell them at and so prices were very high then they came down on this dip and then there was a couple little blips that kind of take–took him back up and

Things leveled out after a little while and then I think there was a little bit more ramp up here in the week or so leading up to this sale because there was more visibility so you got to kind of kind of play some of those swings so

Right now like I said I've sold a couple cards and 22 doesn't show here Oh cuz they're not see there we go box but they were all joke a dice and you can see I've sold what twenty forty sixty eighty a hundred about 120 or so

Worth of cards just today my investment for this just you guys know like I said I told you what I bought so 40 mega packs in 10 rest standard packs it's around 940 bucks so you know we'll see if we made the money back here I'll let

Me keep you guys updated on that I mean I'm not gonna sell all of my cards I want to keep some of these for myself but I do want to show you guys all the cards that I ended up giving and some of the cool sweet stuff I already have so

Let's go look at that so what I'll say right now is in twin opening these 20 mega packs like right away I got no tiger scratches and I got no collector's editions those are kind of the same level of rarity as far as I

Know but I didn't get any of them I did get quite a few of the border cards with the tiger stuff around it and ton of prisms but I didn't get any of the really the really good cool ones but you can see here like here's all the border

Cards that I got so I got some great ones so cool cat Carol border card that's probably me of them the best one I got so far out of all of my cards this is one of the ones that I think people are more and more desirable I wish my

Schmoe exotic was a joke chaotic cuz that would have been great and then all these are pretty low mints too like this one's a 2 of 44 19 of 32 556 and a 5 of 40 so I got some pretty low Mint numbers on my bases I didn't so just so you guys

Know but so that's what I've kind of gotten so far I've got a bunch of prisms I've got these ones and so let's go in do some pack openings I know that's why you guys are here for your like dams – shut up man we don't want to hear about

All this just open the packs man give us the cards good do the giveaway right I don't know uh but you know it's funny out of all these cards I actually reluctant ickis I like tiger cage it's Nicolas Cage I don't know man I

Thought it was really funny personal favorite right so Peter says you decided to put a ridiculous price on that yeah the collector's card he said it 23 K 230 Cale axe it's a lot I don't know if any won't pay that but I Matt there's no

Decks for cards the these are you know these are the sights you'd be using so you know there's no like actual exchange exchange so but yeah so I want to get to opening these packs and then we're going to do the giveaway so

Here where you guys have to say so definitely keep these rolling in chat I won't hear you guys have to say about these openings if you see something cool sand you like throw it in chat man please I want to know all right so we

Make sure we're on the yet page one we see one two three four five yes you see like I said I bought ten accident open one of these as I didn't realize but all right so let's do this I think you know they had a really cool whoo now I have

To confirm that wasn't there earlier this morning they have a pretty cool like little thing and oh wow so I'll have to prove the transaction – that's interesting I didn't have to do that early this morning either don't make a

Fool of me wax times tops I don't know man maybe big bucks no way at me I know right so alright we'll see if this even works guys I want to open these these for you guys but maybe it's not gonna load let me let me try and sign back in

And see if we can get it to go then maybe I just wasn't signed in somehow I keep getting kicked off with my wax accounts and stuff for all the markets – it's kind of weird well we still got the same thing so

Here's our confirmation we prove it yeah there we go I don't know must have just been like a little glitchy thing so there was a different animation this morning oh if you guys saw that but it was different I had you had to click

Through the cards and it was totally different than this I don't know which one I like better this one's okay so what do we got what do we got tiger cage standard nothing great yet come on we're looking for a tiger scratch guys that's

You guys I need you guys this good luck that's really what I need here to be perfectly honest I just need some good luck the suspense it's killing me well there you go so that there's pack

Number one so we're gonna we're gonna open up I think we're gonna put 10 mega packs here I might keep 10 for some other stuff later so there's one pack no no special cards school to pack number two

I'm gonna open the pack and then it's given me a little pop-up for my wax cloud wall gonna approve it it actually gives you two pop-ups I don't know why it does this but it didn't do this this morning so I don't know if it was not

Working this morning they've changed it to be more secure something prism kook at Cairo and nothing come on Tiger scratch come on come on Tiger scratch that's what we won't I need some I need some of you guys is good luck so Peter

Please rub off some of that luck on me man I need a collector's edition or at least some more border cards or something right and these Megas I gotta get something out of these if I just get a ton of base and prism I'm gonna be sad

I want at least get some decent cards yeah so Ryan yeah you write some packs didn't open right away you had to go back and say they had unclaimed cards you're right I had the same thing so I was trying to burn through him so fast

That that happened to me as well and I had to go back and do the exact same thing that you were just talking about all right here's pack number three packing them up place once again we're getting two pop ups here two on your

Guys's wax cloud wallet so you guys couldn't know what I'm doing here all right that's to me that Irish luck to Irish crypto got any downy Peters look I need your luck I need all the people's luck Capone see we're getting a bunch of

Prism so I'm still getting tons of prisms I have a lot of prisms which is great but man I want to get a tile I want at least one Tiger scratch right oh well there there's a there's a border that's cool got a border nice come on no

Nothing there scratch scratch scratch I know right uh this was not the one unfortunately but all right so we're going on pact number four let's do this and like I said guys I'm gonna do these pack openings and then we're gonna do

The giveaways too so stick around I'm going to giveaway two standard packs and also ten cards so there were three winners right three winners three windows gonna win some a pack each and then one winner will open

Ten will get just ten random loose cards right they'll be they'll be base cards for Tiger king but you'll have a nice little starter set with 10 cards you all right where's that's cat scratch fever I think the cat scratches are the coolest

Ones there's like the collectors ones that are a little bit look a little bit different you know they have animations and stuff but I think the cat scratch is cool man it's it's very unique fourth times a charm yeah I'm hoping someone

Says pack five huh maybe it's pack five yeah 50 Allyson say a 50% chance they're gonna border Omega and the chances are are much bigger better in Omega to get all these things that's why I was very surprised it I was I know I was one in

The very first batch of people opening cards and to not get any cat scratches or collectors in the 20 mega packs I opened I was very I was like a little bit a little disappointed but I mean it's just numbers for sure still it does

Seem like that that should not be the case all right here we go pack number five who said pack number five is gonna be the magic one we'll see maybe I'll give you a bonus card if it is pack number five I'll send you what a bonus

Phase go-go-gadget stash power opener a staff pack opener yeah come on where's that cat scratch and you know it's kind of weird maybe you wouldn't see the cat scratch it because it comes to later something I don't know

Some some prism stills and some Joe chaotix I guess I definitely want Joe chaotix as much and cool cat Carol's those are the two big sellers I'd say but yeah I really want to get I really just want to cat scratch for my own

Personal collection really I probably won't sell it to be perfectly honest unless it's one of the ones like maybe I don't like or something I don't know all right still no Tiger claws no cat scratches and no

No collectors in that one so now that now you guys are saying pack sticks okay oh let's see all right pack six pack six we see we got one two three four five six seven eight nine I think that's right nine ten eleven twelve

Yeah so that's about right so maybe I'd maybe I opened more than I did that I thought earlier that's okay so this pack six we're still gonna do ten no matter what I don't really care wish me luck on this one now it was like

Seven sevens lucky number you guys and you know too I'll be doing giveaways for these things here as well since I bought a bunch of packs so I'll do giveaways here over the course of the next few weeks and stuff

So if you guys didn't end up getting in the sale I definitely want to hook you up I want to give you some of these these cards I got a bunch I don't need this mini you know I'd want it yeah obviously I'll give some away and I'll

Sell some and and stuff like that will i recoup all of my investment I don't know we'll see it really just kind of comes down to uh how things go so no border cards and that one and no uh and no scratches dude I don't know

You know maybe it's an all these unopened packs of these wails be sitting on right so you talked about these people have bought six thousand four thousand five thousand dollars worth of cards maybe maybe that's it maybe all of

Them are sitting in these unopened packs and people because people are not opening them they think all just everyone stay hanging on to them they're just hanging out in there and not not doing anything I don't know there's

Theories abound theories abound what are you guys it's theories what what do you guys think the theory your theory is on these ratios you feel like the ratios they put out are legit and you think that makes sense or based upon what

You've seen or my experience that I've given you think maybe it could be it's a little bit not not true I don't know who knows come on Scratchy nothing nothing we've got some more

Prisons oh there's a there's a border card so that's cool at least we'll get another border I'd like to get a whole set of border cards would be nine so I think I'm like halfway to a set of border cards so that was number seven I

Mean it was luckier than the rest I did get a border card in that one all right we're doing number eight mega pack number eight coming on up man it is hot too today it is so hot where I live I'm over here sweating man I need to get a

Cm aisle in my office is what I really need yeah you know if some dude and pea had 8500 PayPal pending it probably didn't go through man I think a lot of people a lot of people missed out on this unfortunately man I really wish

That was not the case but yep this is lucky number eight and yeah I don't so I don't see these cat scratches there so maybe I'm missing it maybe I'm talking and it's like if you guys see it and I miss it say something right everyone's

Like it's the night the one I swear I don't know we'll see but hey once again guys I do appreciate you guys all hanging out with me today this is really fun and I know like I said it was kind of disappointing for a

Lot of you guys I do really feel bad you know some people were like in in some of the chats earlier we're saying oh well you must have if you got all of your past and you must have had insider trading or you got something special or

Whatever I didn't you know I and I am close to the wax team I talk with them all uh you know quite often I have a product I've built on wax called fair pick and I've been a wax supporter since the icy out man so I've been supporting

This chain and things they've been doing for years now but I can tell you right now I got no special treatment I waited in the telegram challenge just like all the rest of you guys who knew that the password was dropping they posted it on

Their Twitter they posted it on all their their channels if you were really following us and you were avid and really wanted to do it you know then I think you would have seen it there's some people like oh that's not fair

Probably the way they did it wasn't the best but it was put out there publicly and I think if you were you know but people were like aw it should've been the email whatever lessons are gonna be learned here the wax team has definitely

Will listen to the community and they're going to continue to listen to the community to improve this whole process to make it even better so I'm confident that I really am alright here we go we need some of them

Scratchy's come on man Joe don't don't make a fool of me here don't make a fool of me here at tiger King nothing nope nope nope that's it that's it for number nine that's it for number nine all right well this is the lattice is it this is

The last chance I have on this on this a live stream to possibly get a tiger scratchcard so like I said let me see how many I have left so I have nine regular packs have one two three four five six seven eight nine yeah that's it

Ten eleven so I have 11 left so that's right yeah I was doing 10 and 10 so do this and I may do some more pack openings or something here in a little bit I might try and just sell a couple packs who knows maybe I'll try and sell

A couple packs cheap for you guys on the market and then tell you when I do it so you guys can all go in snag snack it up would that be nice how would you guys feel about that like if I did if I literally just like said you know get

Ready I'm gonna drop it right now you guys were there waiting and I dropped them for super cheap on the on the thing cheaper than they're going right now how would you guys feel about that let me know in chat if he that'll be the last

Card Tiger scratching the last one come on at least give me another border man come on that's for all of my mega packs I should get a couple more borders I think then then when I got at least you know

Oh there's the border nice well we didn't get a cat scratch we didn't get a cat scratch as far as I know maybe I did no I don't think I did so you can go like your cards and then go all rarities and then tiger claw so you got nothing

Collector's edition nothing tiger stripes so yeah so you can see I got a couple more tiger stripes which is nice any duplicates that I get some dupes yeah I got a political Joshua junkie doop it looks like so I might sell that

Duplicate I probably only sell duplicates of these oh no it's it's the the variant so it's not the same it's a little bit different that's cool so there we go so that's although the mega pack openings you guys can see out of

Opening 30 mega packs I got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten eleven I got eleven borders I don't know what the percentage it was an illegal look at the percentage here real quick 50% chance that a tiger is that

50% chance I think it does say 50% chance so a 50% chance at a type so I would say that based upon the numbers they say 50% chance and what I ended up getting out of 30 car got fit to about 15 but I'm very short of that at 11 5%

Chance at all the other collectors things so clear that was just very unlucky it's your guys's fault it's your fault you know what I'm talking to you no I'm just kidding but once again thank you

Guys for hanging out we're gonna do the giveaway you guys ready to do this giveaway if you came right now and you just came for the giveaway for shame and shame on you for getting here just in time but congratulations also forgetting

You're just in time before I do the giveaway I just wanted to plug my own again you know I love doing this I'm not a you know I'm not a whale I'm just like you guys I'm out here I'm just trying to provide a little bit of you

Know fun here on stream i Duke obviously I cover crypto so you guys if you're you know new subscribe to my channel if you like it I have a ton of great content on here it's all very focused on education and being

Resourceful I don't do click baby type of that's what you guys are about then you know you can go hang out somewhere else but I'm all about the quality stuff and my and my communities are the same so my

Communities and statures I love you guys and if you guys want to see what that's all about you can go to my telegram and go check it all out there I just put a link down the description so yeah dude paga thank you guys

But definitely appreciate you guys sticking around and and doing this and hanging out we're gonna do this giveaway right now but you know stick around the stache club if you want it's a great community of people talking and hanging

Out and and we talk about all this stuff all the time yeah and of course then you get to see what I'm doing things and what I'm up to and actually I do giveaway micro giveaways inside of my my discord and my

Telegram pretty much weekly so definitely missing out on that if you're not if you're not in those things so OH click the bait yeah yeah a Peter ate my luck Peter ate my damn luck so yeah I mean I don't know I was thinking about

Doing the whole stash it you know doing something where I'm like hey you know this is something that I could suffer cheapen and a whole thing I'll think about something like that you know it just let me to help people out because I

Do really still feel bad that so many people missed out on this so alright so here we go let's pause chat for just a second and what we're gonna do here is we're going to we're gonna bring up random dot o-r-g so we can load all

These things in okay and we're gonna do a list randomizer and this is this is a very quick and dirty way that I do these giveaways to in my in my telegram but you guys couldn't see me it do it all here so our this is how we're gonna go

So for first pack opening I want you guys alright now starting right now drop your wax address into the chat so your wax if you guys don't know what your wax address it looks something like where's my wax address all right here so here's

My wax I'll just z4 fos BAM so you can see here down the bottom left corner of the screen z4f Wham that's your wax address so you guys should have that make sure that's the right address right definitely verify

That if you don't know but let's put your let's start putting your wax addresses in the chat and I will hang around here for just a second so you guys can put those addresses in there so start dropping them please just just

Drop just the addresses okay I'm this is not gonna I'm not gonna do this super quick so I'll wait for you guys we're gonna wait and we're gonna talk a little bit more but drop your addresses now and chat

Don't double drop if I see you guys dropping your address twice I'm going to exclude you okay because I don't like when people keep spamming their address that's not cool so we want to make this try and make this as fair as possible as

I can't for everybody if you guys are spamming a bunch of other things during the giveaway just really it makes it harder for me to just do it you know easy and quick right so let me see so alright so the first person that posted

Their address was Ryan Rothstein so that's what we're starting and he'll be number one and then the next person is number two and the next person is number three and so we'll make a list of all these and then we'll put them in random

Not orgy and we will draw them from there so make it pretty easy that way so so yeah so that's what we're kind of at and so if you look at some of the things we'll just go over some market stuff here for another minute or so

Until we can get everyone's address you know I I've sold you know it'd be a decent amount of my Jeep my original series one so I I i only invested i think i invested like fifty five dollars in series one that was my original

Investment on the cars that I got I ended up ten xìng that and ended up with about five hundred something dollars profit on that so pretty good investment for the series one and I felt like everyone I've talked to kind of did

Around 10x as well on their cards now our Tiger King gonna be the same you know kind of thing do you guys think Tiger King is gonna have the same kind of demand I think that the demand will be quite a bit less even though the

Cards sold out faster and a lot of people missed out I do think the prices for these are gonna be a little bit less because they're you know this this new series everyone loves the nostalgia of the old series of gpk carts cuz they

Reflected what everyone loved to buy as a kid right so I think that's kind of where we're at right there I don't think it's going to 10x I the card the tiger concurs row 10x I think though at least double I do I do

For sure feel a little double alright so it looks like we got pretty much everyone's address in there I'm going to go ahead and do this giveaway so the last person who has entered is Sparta owl

So you're the last person let's I'm gonna go over here and count them all up then alright a so we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 we have 12 oh no we have eleven Tania you I don't know what you put in there

Tania dot XP but that is not your wax address you need to put your lamb address in there Tania so yeah if you if you drop your wax address in there real quick I'll include you in the giveaway but definitely got to put your wham

Address so right now we have 11 it looks like so we're gonna go put 11 alright telling you last chance last chance to get it in there nope doesn't look like she's gonna do it if you guys have posted your if you posted your thing in

Here then it's in here so you can see the first person that we're counting is is a Ryan Rothstein and the last person who entered was sparta al so if your if your address isn't between Ryan Rothstein and Sparta al you're not in

This drawing but I'm gonna do another one so just stick around so alright here's the winner we're gonna randomize it you guys are watching and the winner is number 4 or address number 4 whose address number 4 from Ryan Rothstein 1 2

3 4 that is Spencer Vogel congratulations Spencer Vogel you are the winner of pack number one of my giveaway I'm just gonna write you down here alrighty well that does it we're gonna go back

And we're going to well we'll probably keep this amount and now starting right now putting your addresses your WAM addresses so this is the second giveaway now start putting in your web addresses right now so we'll see you the first

Person it is and that's we'll start with so if you guys are ready for the giveaway put in your wax address it'll look just like the other ones up there so OC crypto is the first person to put his address up there and that's that I

Don't know how that's your address Tonya I don't know that that's the right address I don't even know if that is Tonya XP where does that even come from if you can tell me where that address actually

Comes from or how you got that address I'm interested so right now you guys got to put in your wax address OC crypto is the first person to put in his address for this second giveaway so if you're asking is

Your name in it if you haven't put your dang address after OC crypto then you're not in it so that's simple so he's the first one we'll we'll hang out here and we'll look at some markets for a second so everyone can get their address in

There but get your wax address in there it looks like you know – z4 fo som it's gonna be a dot Lam address so uh so yeah so you can see kind of uh some of the stuff that I have here so let's go look at my inventory and what I have right

Now so you can see I have way more obviously Tiger king cards than than the originals and you know I sold you know quite a few of the originals but mostly I sold my do the duplicates and then I sold a couple of prisms but I've kept

The majority of the cards I bought in that first sale so the cars I sold to make that 10x only represents a small handful of the actual cards I got you know and I didn't get any I didn't get any collector's editions at all so I got

And I got one sketch I got one sketch card and that was it so and that one sold and that was you know obviously was it was a good one was a JDK sketch card and that was that was all I had so the rest of them were prisms and and

Regulars and I've sold I you know I still sell a couple here and there and whatnot but for the most part I've kept this the amount that I've got here I might sell somewhere in the future I definitely love having a set of me I

Don't have a full set anybody in chat have a full set raise your hand if you have a full set of maybe the base cards for the first series that'd be kind of cool to know I'd like to know so it's kind of we're out with with what

I got and then you can kind of like will go here and we'll look at the markets a little bit more we can see you know what has been well let's go to the exotics and what the prices are right now so here's like some of the newest listings

People are listing these these the border cards for a lot a lot a lot let's go look at all those just the borders we can look at some of the border ones so and then we'll go lowest price so the lowest price border you can get right

Now is 850 the lowest price border for a Joe's chaotic which is the highest amount is nine thousand wax Wow that's crazy what about for a Carol is there's only one up for sale that's 4500 wax well I have one of those so that's

About what we'd say it is okay um all right so here we go so we're going to end this Tanya says her address is Tanya dot X P so if I say if you win I send you that packet you don't get um be sad but if you are very confident that's it

You can get costume names by votes a bit complicated explain let's go I I didn't know that the that you could get a costume name like that I I actually I probably have one somewhere likes probably crypto stash or stash but I

Just been using my way I'm a dress okay so OC crypto is number is the first person we're gonna count here and Tonya is the last one so sorry about that Tonya III didn't know I didn't know that was your legit address I was just making

Sure that it wasn't gonna be one that I sent to somebody else did you know was the wrong address so so okay so how many do we have so we're not gonna put any more in for this giveaway but we got one more giveaway so stick around for a

Second but how many we have from OC Creek do we have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve all right all you guys get them in so we got twelve here so we'll just add one more and here we go we're gonna

Randomize it this is for one pack of tiger king cards who's the winner lucky number three who's lucky number three here in chat so from OC Krypto he's number one number two is the fish own and number three is race

So congratulations race m55 RMF 5-1 4 wham you are the winner for my second pack giveaway Congrats man alrighty na Jasper you missed it buddy and you any and you can't post it too I mean you

Can't post twice but there's no point posting it right now I have a diamond start of the second giveaway so yeah Peters the only person that I know that has a full beta base set of series 1 but you're gonna work on that on that a base

Are you gonna work on the 8a set too I think you probably will crypto saw says he has no cards I'm sorry man you know I know a lot of people had trouble getting these cards and I feel pretty bad too like I said I hope that you can win some

Of these and I'll do some more giveaways for cards I'm gonna do like I'll do some more card stuff giveaway so do it so definitely don't worry there all right so we're gonna start this last giveaway this last giveaway is from my

Friends at the GP KDOT market it's a great place to trade your card that's what I've done the majority of my trading although I have been trading on collectibles I owe on this sale so you know but gbk market has been my go-to

Place so yeah so he said I think that's a mistake hold on let me see here was that a mistake first address was OC crypto second was the fish owned and then third was race so I don't know that was a mistake I

Actually don't even see you posting your address in there I'm on so sorry about that buddy I don't even see you post anything in there for your address but you can get on this one so basically have you or your your stuff ready so

Alright let's uh let's do let's do the last giveaway so go ahead and start putting in your addresses again now and we'll do the last giveaway here this is for ten loose cards base cards from the tiger Kings series courtesy of my

Friends here at gbk markets so go ahead and put in go and put in the your stuff and your addresses right now and we'll get going on this last one ahman I don't even see you posting your

Address anywhere in chat so I'm not worried I'm not sure where you're posting that but I don't see your address anywhere I don't see you posting it in any of the addresses in the last giveaway or the previous one so I'm not

Sure what you're posting or where you're posting it but I definitely don't see it in chat so okay so for our last giveaway Jasper is number one oh yeah dude if you guys are putting putting her your you're putting in the comment section of the

Video you've got to be in the chat section of the video I this is live chat man not the comment section so if you're putting it in the comment section like below were there static comments that is not the right place this is we're tall

Talking here in chat so yeah yes it is we're live right now this is live so okay the first person for this last giveaway is Jasper so he's the first wallet we're gonna start from so he's number one and then we're going to do it

Do if you're typing in chat you're asking do you see my address and you haven't posted it in there then no I don't see it if you don't put it in chat Samsonite says did you see my address I don't see you putting anything in there

Buddy the lot the only post I see after Jasper's is you saying do you see my address I'm not sure what you're posting or not but I'm not sure what you guys are doing or I don't know maybe it's not

Showing up up in chat let's go you know let's go look at the actual thing hear me see maybe my chat panel is not my I'm not putting you guys in there I'm going to look at the live chat panel here and I there's I'm still not seeing anybody

Some of you guys are not posting in the actual live chat I don't know what it is that you're you're posting on but it's definitely not in the live chat I don't know if it's showing on your and maybe it is I don't know what you're doing or

Something but it comes down to is if it's not here in chat I mean it I can't I don't control YouTube chat guys so maybe try posting in a different way or something I won't close the giveaway until you guys get it

In there but I'll wait a little bit longer wrong chat selected well that could probably yeah that'll do it if you have the wrong chat selected I could see that so I should probably have muted that

Okay look to the top there is top chat selected not live chat well that's a damn good point I didn't even notice that thank you for pointing that out YouTube is weird man okay so yeah you guys are right that's weird that it only

Filters out some of you guys as spam and the other guys not okay well we're still gonna go with Jasper as a lot as the as the number one and it looks like I do have all of you guys now I don't know why it was set to top chat only I never

Changed that and I'm not sure why they would have changed that automatically it's very weird alright so yeah I definitely have a lot more people here so sorry about that guys happens happens a lot but don't yeah don't everybody get

All crazy like trying to throw down if you've already posted it now and now I've switched over we found out what the problem is thank you guys for letting me know I appreciate that and we would go here and make sure we have everybody

Everybody all taken care of so so we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 see now it's gonna be hard because you guys have double posted 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 yeah see this is gonna be hard now guys because okay

So what we're gonna have to do is we're have to just now that we have this so now that we have this kind of situation figured out and my apologies on that so you know you guys could try and dispute it all day long but clearly it was a

Mistake I'm not gonna go back over and we give the packs away I already announced the winners it was based upon what I was seeing and unfortunately what I was seeing was not correct I didn't notice that it had been switched to two

Top channel name which is stupid I don't know why YouTube would have done that but let's restart this round so Matt's right we're gonna restart this round so starting from Matt's comment that says restart this round we start posting

Addresses now and we'll do the final giveaway so let's do that final giveaway and we'll do it now from Matt's comment restart this round start posting your addresses now and we will do this final giveaway and we'll get

Everybody included so so go ahead and go go for it post those addresses now so that and don't double post so now we know that yeah usually I don't have this problem with giveaways but for whatever reason YouTube changed it to top chat I

Don't I don't I had it specifically said on live chat I've never switched it to top chat so I don't know why they just me over like that but you know it's YouTube they love to do we're – no like that to people sometimes so sorry I

Go ahead and post your your address in there just post once make it easy for me guys I'll make sure everyone gets included this time and like I said you know apologies about you the whole thing with the top chat versus live chat it's

Always on live chat for me but I don't know why I don't why I would have changed you know maybe when I popped out of the chat and that's what did it I don't know ok yeah that's better see that's what I was expecting I knew there

Was way more of you guys in here I was like why are people not please we don't worry you guys so if you guys subscribed to my channel I'm gonna do another giveaway this is not gonna be the only giveaway for packs

I'll do another giveaway on my channel here so look for it probably next week so if you guys subscribe you'll get notifications for that turn little bell on pink yeah I know Peter says YouTube they're quick yeah so if you guys don't

Know I actually built a project on wax using wax that is a contest giveaway picker so it actually uses blockchain to pick Twitter giveaways winners for Twitter I would love to be able to do it for you

Too but we're just not there yet Twitter's our first kind of thing they're Irish crypto girls helped us test it out quite a bit too to help people with more transparent giveaways right we can't use it for YouTube right

Now so that's kind of the issue so all right so Gera says 31 people and let me go check 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 yes 31 so there we go so we got 31 in here so we're gonna go back

Here and we're gonna put in all the numbers 2 31 so giveaways close and we're gonna pick last now 6 7 8 9 30 and 31 all right we got them all on there right one two three four five ten lemons whether it

Was a ninja 2,200 it looks good it's good all right here we go you guys ready for this thank you guys for sticking around for this and thank you guys for finding out that problem I was kind of confused on that and that's crazy

Like I said so we'll make sure that's not an issue here ever again in the future and I don't know why YouTube changes will change it like that I've always had it on live chat so very very odd but

Here we go so this is for 10 Tiger King loose car just random base cards and they will go direct you want courtesy of gpk markets so randomized the winner is number 14 who's number 14 on the list let's go back and see it's always fun

Right it's always fun Shirou so Jesper was number one again one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 14 looks to be Edie a fork eww wham you guys could check me on that but I'm pretty sure that's number 14

Thanks guys I appreciate you sticking around and doing fort with me you know like I said it's it's a it's a little bit weird with the whole YouTube thing but we got we got through it and we had some a good time so congrats to all the

Winners I will get you guys those packs here right at this livestream stick around and if you guys don't know how that kind of works with getting packs you actually have to go to the top site and there's like a trade thingy so I'll

Send you the offer here and the offer will be 4-0 so you'll just accept that offer and you'll get the you know get the cards for free so essentially that's how it works if you guys didn't know that cool well hey once again thank you

Guys so much for hanging out with me and just uh you know doing some Tiger King opening man I'm over here sweating balls it's hot in my office but we had a lot of fun and even though I didn't get any tiger scratch cards in my 40 mega packs

Or well K 30 mega packs I got tens – like it open got none in those packs I did get a lot of great cards and I really enjoyed you guys hanging out with me and opening some and doing the giveaways I will do more giveaways on my

Twitter and through my telegram and discord channels so if you guys aren't on the discord or telegram or you're not follow me on Twitter you should just just go up and do it it's easy right it's fun and I'm actually a really great

Follow if you follow a bunch of people in crypto or you ask any of the my community I think that they'll agree that you don't want to not be following this – guys that's simple right well once again thank you guys so much all my

Stash is out there and all my new stashes if you guys are new stashes – say hi in telegram or discord or on Twitter hit me up I like the following there if your if your stash or so I think that's all I have for today guys

Until next time stash that crypto friends

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