Game of Thrones S8E04 Explained

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 4 starts with the living morning the dead Daenerys cries over Jorah a loyal friend and protector Sansa cries over Theon and puts a stark pin on his Greyjoy Armour Theon never felt accepted by either family in life but in death he's a

Greyjoy and Stark Berek edie Lyanna kono and thousands of others died in the long night including some hundred thousand zombies who were all once men women and children John gives a speech and says everyone set

Aside their differences to fight together but soon division and suspicion set in and a new war takes shape after all the death of the living celebrate life with food drink and sex in that order

Daenerys speaks with Gendry the bastard son of the old King Robert Baratheon all the Baratheon's are dead now so Danny decides to legitimize Gendry to illegally remove his bastardy she makes him Gendry Baratheon Lord of storms end

This is a common strategy in Game of Thrones you give someone a position of power that they owe to you and you've made yourself a powerful ally so Daenerys calls this a clever move but legitimizing Gendry is risky he's the

Son of a king so Gendry or his children could potentially make a claim on the throne like a hundred years ago the Targaryen s– legitimized the bastard black fires which led to a series of rebellions that

Lasted for generations Gendry might not rebel but any of his descendants could the Lord of storms end rules the Stormlands one of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros so Gendry is now one of the most powerful politicians on

The continent which is crazy because as Gendry says he doesn't know how to be a lord he hardly knows how to use a fork this is also a reminder that the Seven Kingdoms exist Westeros is a feudal society ruled by a hierarchy of Lords

And in early seasons the story focused on the families who ruled each Kingdom but now they seem irrelevant no one even seems to know who rules each Kingdom the Tyrion and Davos talked about the Lord of Light the fire-god

Were shipped by Melisandre it seems as though the Lord helped win the war against the White Walkers his magic lit the trenches and the air axe and guided meltus and ayah at the night King it said that his

Magic resurrected John and Barrack gave Daenerys her dragons gave the Hound of vision and had some great destiny planned for them all but now devil says the Lord of Light fucks off with no explanation so what was the magic and

Destiny stuff all about tyrion says thinking about this won't make you happy which is like a meta message to the audience telling us that the gods and magic and prophecies in the story won't be explained so don't think about it

Tyrion speaks with bran and bran says that his wheelchair is based on a specific historical wheelchair as the three-eyed raven bran can see all of the past and present it would be nice if he revealed something useful like Cersei

And Euron's military movements but instead brand talks about wheelchairs he says he mostly lives in the past and that he doesn't want anymore becoming a magic wheelchair encyclopedia has caused bran to lose his humanity

Tyrion says that brands knowledge would make him a good ruler and Varys later says that the best ruler might be someone who doesn't want to rule and bran doesn't want so if the show wants to be really surprising they could end

With bran on the throne strangely bran has been a favorite on bedding sites for months now maybe someone knows something and like how else will brand story end if he won't rule Winterfell and won't be a tree man maybe he'll be king tormund

Talks up Jon saying he's a great leader because Jon is strong makes allies writes dragons and doesn't afraid of anything and Daenerys is upset because she's a strong leader and Dragon writer and she's been doing it for six seasons

She sacrificed half her armies friends and a dragon saving the north and yet she's still not getting the love and loyalty that she needs this is similar to when Danny's brother Viserys was jealous of Dany for the loyalty she got

In season one Viserys reacted with rash angry violence which led to his death and the show might be hinting at a similar fate for Daenerys tormund says that Dragon Riders are either kings or

Madmen John is framed as a king and an heiress as a madman and yeah there's also a coffee cup in the shot which is either a production mistake or the smartest product placement ever Tyrion Jaime and Brienne play Tyrians drinking

Game from season one where you have to guess truths about each other Tyrion guesses that Brienne is a virgin and she gets uncomfortable and leaves Jaime goes after her breaking the heart of poor torment he has a massive crush

On Priyan but a serving girl comes to cheer him up pod the rod picks up two girls he's made a reputation for himself The Hound speaks with Sansa last time they saw each other Sansa was a scared naive girl and Hound was fleeing battle

He had offered to take Sansa with him but she refused and ended up with Littlefinger and Ramsay Sansa says that her experiences made her the person she is now she learned from some of the worst people in Westeros and their

Manipulative methods and their cruelty have rubbed off on Sansa she smiles about having Ramsay torn apart by dogs just as Ramsay smiled when he had people killed by dogs and Sansa scheming this episode to undermine Daenerys is totally

Littlefinger's style while everyone else has fun together Arya is alone training Gendry comes and asks her to marry him to be the lady of storms end but ayah says she's not a lady

That's not her which is a reference to season 1 iron ever wanted to marry a lord and have 10 kids in a castle so she turns Kendra down this is similar to when Kendra's father Robert loved is aunt

Leanna Leanna was a rebellious adventurous girl like aya and Robert was a Baratheon warrior with a hammer like Gendry Liana didn't love Robert back she ran off with Rhaegar and had John instead and so Robert started the war

That took down the Targaryen x' tyrion says this episode that the last 20 years of war traces back to Robert and Leanna so hopefully Kendra takes rejection better than his father did Jamie comes to Brienne's room and uses the classic

It's too hot in here for clothes smooth there's been sexual tension with these guys since season 3 and now they finally consummate their love they're both awkward and shy this is Brian's first time and it's Jamie's

First time with anyone other than Cersei Jaime and Brienne have never had healthy sexual relationships before and Jamie ultimately he can't handle it when he hears the Daenerys is closing in on Cersei Jamie leaves Brienne and rides

South Brienne begs him to stay says he's a good man and that he doesn't need Cersei but Jamie feels defined by his crimes he crippled bran killed his cousin and thread and Riverrun all to be with

Cersei Cersei represents Jaime's failures and flaws and he feels that he can't escape her or change the hateful man that he really is so has Jaime's Redemption arc failed Jaime's story isn't as simple as a bad

Guy becoming a good guy Oh author George Martin says that Jaime's arc explores the limits of Redemption whether it's even possible to be forgiven for crimes so horrible Brienne believes in Jaime but Jamie doesn't believe in himself

Maybe he'll return to Cersei and to her hateful ways or maybe this is about confronting Cersei maybe Jaime will redeem himself by facing his evil twin he's darker half the books hint that Jaime might kill Cersei but he might die

In the process Jaime and Cersei believe that they'll die together this is all so awful for Brienne one of the defining moments in a backstory was being mocked and betrayed by boys who pretended to Lika now she's suddenly dumped by the

First man she ever made love with Brienne has won respect as a knight but will she ever get love maybe she'll follow Jaime south and play a role in the final confrontations Jon and Daenerys get their fuck on until they

Remember that Daenerys is Jon's aunt John's real name is Aegon Targaryen and he has a better claim on the throne than she does so Danny's worried that people will want him rule Westeros instead of her she saw how

People loved him as a leader and even if John refuses the throne he could still be used against Danny so she begs him to keep his identity sacred but John says he has to tell his family the truth Ned Stark kept the

Secret of John's parents all his life but now John is determined to reveal the secret even though it could destroy his relationship with Danny and his family the war against Cersei is planned apparently only half of the unsullied

Dothraki and Northman died last episode it had looked like most everyone died but apparently the zombie apocalypse wasn't so apocalyptic after all Cersei has the golden company twenty thousand mercenary soldiers Daenerys has the

North and the Vale and now she also has the Iron Islands and Dorne thanks to Yara and a new Dornish Prince so Daenerys is in a strong position she just needs to find a way to remove Cersei without killing innocent people

In King's Landing Cersei is using civilians as a mate shield Tyrion and Jon suggest putting the city under siege and starving the people until they rise up against Cersei which is a pretty bad plan in season six so she blew up the

Pope she murdered hundreds of innocent people including the faith the beloved Tyrells and her own uncle and everybody including hot pie knows she did it Cersei has no claim on the throne she hates the people and the people hate her

So surely if the people were gonna rise up they would have done it already and sure maybe starving the people will motivate them but that defeats the whole purpose of taking the city without hurting innocents a much better solution

To the Cersei problem is standing right there Arya is a highly-trained faceless assassin just last season she infiltrated the twins war Walder Frey's skin and wiped out an entire house

Surely she could sneak in and kill Cersei and next to aya is bran the guy who knows everything and can scout with Ravens also present is Davos who smuggled Tyrion into the red cape last season these characters defeated the

Apocalypse last episode surely together they could use their skills to kill Circe safely and if all else fails they could just attack King's Landing normally with soldiers and try to minimize casualties just like every

Other battle Daenerys has fought this expectation the Daenerys has to capture the capital gently is totally unreasonable it's a plot contrivance to make Denny choose between two extremes will she find a peaceful solution or

Will she burn them all like a father before her Sansa and i–i confront John and say that they don't trust Daenerys they don't want their home and their family subject to a foreign dragon queen and Sansa doesn't want John to march

South and there's a history of Starks going south and not coming back but John says he's not a stock he reveals the truth that he's a Targaryen so this separates John from the Starks is he still part of the family

John was Aya's favorite brother growing up because they were both misfits ah a tomboy and John a bastard but now it turns out that John wasn't a bastard and he wasn't her brother he's a Targaryen cousin this could distance John from his

Sisters though the scene cuts off so we don't get to see their reactions John makes his sister's swear to keep the sacred swearing in front of a hot tree has religious significance but Sansa soon breaks her vow and tells Tyrion

Because Sansa wants John on the throne instead of Daenerys Tyrion tells Varys and the scheming begins so John's secret and Sansa's oath breaking threatens to divide Daenerys John and the Starks ayuh rides south with the Hound and she says

That she won't go back recently I had declared that she was a stark of Winterfell but now it seems she's rejecting her family and home maybe partly because of John's revelation hyah says she has unfinished business which

Probably means killing Cersei and the mountain the last two names on her death list but if eius exceeds what happens next like can are you live without a family the Starks say that the pack survives

But the lone wolf dies the hound also has unfinished business he wants to kill his brother the mountain and he suggested before that he and I you could do it together he mentions how aya once left him for dead

When he was hurt maybe this time I will mercy kill her friend Braun turns up at Winterfell and threatens Tyrion and Jaime he was sent north by Cersei who offered him a castle if he kills her brothers but Tyrion offers Bronn a

Better Castle Highgarden the capital of the rach it's a ridiculously rich prize for a sell sword like Bronn but bran argues that every great house was founded by some cutthroat and he's not wrong when the

Tyrells took Highgarden they were just opportunistic stewards and House Lannister is said to have been founded by land the clever who used a combination of trickery sex and butter to take Casterly Rock

So Tyrion promises to give bran Highgarden no promise that he probably can't keep like even if Daenerys wins her war why would she agree to give one of the most important castles in Westeros to the cutthroat who threatened

Tyrion and shot her dragon last season bran walks away satisfied with this empty promise even though his complaint in the first place is that all he's got from the Lannisters is empty promises the whole bran arc this season seems

Kind of pointless so why is it in here in a recent interview George Martin said that sometimes TV networks demand more of a popular character even when they're not relevant to the story and the video implies that he's talking about bran so

Maybe that's why bran so prominent this season Jon farewells torment he and the wildlings are going back beyond the wall and John sends ghost along with them this loyal direwolf survived a cavalry charge on the dead last episode but now

Jon gives him away without so much as a pat this represents Jon breaking away from his stark identity or maybe it just represents that the wolves are annoying to film Tommen says that Jon would be happier beyond the wall that he's got

The real North in him some of John's only moments of real happiness were beyond the wall with yogurt Jon says he wishes he could go north with tormund and Tommen says you never know there are theories about

John's story ending in the north either as a night's watchman or a white Walker II person or just some sad duty so he can get back to brooding in the snow which is what John was always good at maybe in the end John will return north

And ghosts will get the Pats he deserves John farewells Sam and Gilly Gilly is pregnant with their kid and she says they'll name him after John Thrones journalist Johanna Robinson writes that this is similar to the end of The Lord

Of the Rings the hero's best friends named Sam gets a happy ending he falls in love with a woman named after a flower and they named their kid after the hero but the hero Frodo is damaged he never quite heals from his wounds and

So he passes on to a distant realm maybe like Frodo John will have a bittersweet ending beyond the wall author George Martin has said that the ending of Thrones will be similar to Lord of the Rings

Tyrion tells Varys about John's Targaryen identity and Varys thinks that John would be a better ruler than Daenerys because he's a good leader and cuz he's a man which the Westerosi prefer it's pretty ridiculous that Varys

Turns against Danny so suddenly he supported her for at least four seasons and for good reason Dany has spent her whole story learning to be a queen but now Varys dumps Dany for the first person he sees with

Targaryen blood and a penis Varys says he's worried about Daenerys state of mind and there is a history of Targaryen 'he's going mad and violent like Danny's father the Mad King but Varys didn't care when Danny burned and crucified

Innocent people in Mereen so why turn against her now Varys says his goal is to bring peace to Westeros but by jumping from one ruler to another so many times Varys has contributed to chaos and war of course the obvious

Solution here is for John and Daenerys to get married to combine their claims but Varys dismisses the marriage idea the story just won't let John and Danny have such a simple happy ending the Targaryen flate wretches Dragonstone

And suddenly you're on 360 noscopes that dragon Rhaegar with scorpion bolts from ships that he'd hidden behind a rock he demolishes Danny's fleet captures Masson die and kills the dragon so in one scene this fuckin discount Jack Sparrow does

As much damage to Daenerys as the night king managed in the entire long night and Daenerys should have seen this coming she's been sneak attacked by iran's fleet before her dragons have been shot

With scorpions before and this all happens at Dragonstone right on Circe's doorstep one of the advantages of dragons is that you can see threats from miles away so how did she not see iran's 11 ships Daenerys suffers a terrible

Loss and it doesn't feel earned or meaningful it feels like a stupid implausible fuckup at least it's finally confirmed that Varys is a mermaid an old theory from the books Daenerys wants to retaliate by attacking

King's Landing and Varys warns her again that that would kill thousands of innocents Varys looks Danny in the eye and says she's making a mistake because last season Faris promised that he would warn Dany if he loses faith in

Her and Danny had promised that she would burn Varys if he betrays her it's starting to look pretty likely that that'll happen Daenerys says it's her destiny to free the world from tyrants maybe the way

She'll fulfill that is by destroying the Iron Throne a symbol of tyranny Varys is worried by Danny's talk of destiny people like Melisandre have done terrible fiery things in the name of destiny but it also seems like destiny

Saved everyone's ass in the long night whether for good or for evil Danny's destiny surely involves fire Daenerys takes Tyrians advice and faces Cersei at King's Landing realistically Cersei would just use all

This weaponry to mode of them on sight but that wouldn't make for interesting drama so kybun comes out to talk like the mouth of Sauron but he won't listen to Tyrians attempts at compromise so Tyrion approaches Cersei directly saying

That Cersei is not a monster that she surrender to save herself and her unborn child Cersei has lied and betrayed Tyrion over and over but Tyrion still wants to believe that he can save his sister Cersei is moved by his words but

She's too proud and too hateful to back down Cersei executes smiths and I and it's tragic that Masson die dies wearing chains Daenerys freed Masson died from slavery

But Cersei takes Masson dies freedom as well as her life grey worm is heartbroken and furious Masson died was everything to him but no one is angrier than Daenerys Cersei has killed Danny's closest friend and killed Rhaegar one of

Her children has mother of dragons she's just lost Jorah and Hoffer armies last episode and her allies plot against her behind her back Daenerys has waited seven seasons to take the throne and now she's ready to burn anything in her way

Miss and I his last word his true chorus which means fire so will Daenerys burn King's Landing in a fury like a father the Mad King will Daenerys become the tyrant that she came to destroy and what will her allies do will Varys undermine

Daenerys will Tyrion stay loyal will Jon have to put down his love it would be a depressing ending if seven seasons of Daenerys rise to power ends in her going crazy and getting killed but Danny's actress has hinted that she's not happy

With the ending next episode will be bloody and fiery and dark this season of Game of Thrones is full of dragons and armies and magic but sometimes the most powerful force in the story is information the secret of Jon's

Targaryen identity could end to Danny's quest for the throne and Varys has always known the power of secrets secrets are worth more than silver or SAP oz waar is named in the books Faris's motivations run much deeper than

Just helping the realm he and Illyrio have personal stakes in a complex conspiracy involving Targaryen the golden company and dangerous secrets you can start the book series for free today by signing up for

A trial with audible members get a book each month and if you cancel you keep the books you can read in the car or the gym or while you sit on your boat taking potshots at dragons sign up at slash ASX thanks for

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