Game of Thrones S8E03 Explained

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 3 is the long night the army of the Dead attacks Winterfell the living are Daenerys and John with dragons the Dothraki and unsullied armies of the north veil and wildlings and almost every other living character bran is

With Theon in the godswood because the plan is to lure the night king and kill him to end the war so the whole gangs here fighting to save the world and they use some questionable battle tactics their trebuchet czar in front of their

Defenses so they only get to fire once before they're overwhelmed and useless the infantry are in front of the trenches so the trenches don't protect them in fact they get in the way of the retreat

You'd think everyone just should have stayed in Winterfell defending the castle because that's what castles are for there are lots of weird tactics this episode made for the sake of heightening of the drama Melisandre arrives she left

For volantis last season and some fans hoped that she had returned with an army or other red priests Melisandre doesn't bring allies but she does bring fire magic setting a light the Dothraki weapons

It sure is lucky she came because those Dothraki are acts armed Valyrian steel or dragon glass so they would have been pretty useless against the dead if Mel hadn't shown up Melisandre is confronted by Davos he once promised to execute Mel

Because she burned his friend Shireen she says there's no need to kill her because she'll die tonight there's this great shot of Melisandre shadow in the light Melisandre believes in just good and

Evil black and white with nothing in between but ironically Melisandre is one of the most morally grey characters in the series she does great things and terrible things and everything in between

The Dothraki charge lights in the darkness like stars that blink out one by one as the Dothraki die it's a terrifying apocalyptic image that also evokes Dothraki religion the Dothraki believe that when they die their spirit

Becomes a star riding a fiery horse across the night sky the more fiercely a man burns in life the brighter his star shines so it's all the more horrifying that those fiery Dothraki are extinguished in pitch

Darkness the short runners say this is the end of the Dothraki which is a pretty bleak end to their journey Daenerys spent whole seasons winning the trust of the Dothraki she learned to be a Khaleesi and led her khalasar through

The Red Waste in season six she returned to the Dothraki and gathered a massive army declaring them all her personal blood riders to cross the Seas and conquer as no other Dothraki had to be hers now and always but ten minutes into

This battle they're all dead we never got to see the Dothraki perspective on foreign Westeros or how the Dothraki habit of boning and raiding would fit in Danny's regime there weren't even any named Dothraki

This season unless you count kono and no one counts kono so this is a sad sudden end to the people who shaped so much of Daenerys story if the plan is to keep the Dragons out of combat until the night King comes but when Danny sees the

Dothraki die she abandons the plan and she and Jon burn some zombies as they should have from the start Jon tries to attack the White Walkers who lead the dead but the walkers conjure a storm that blows him back

Similar to the storm at hardhome the dead crash into the living like an unstoppable force of nature Jaime Brienne pod torment beric Hound Gendry Sam and Eid are all on the front lines and somehow they all survive this

Except for Ed which is just his luck ri pay to the 999th Lord Commander of the Nights Watch the fighters realized that this castle thing was a good idea after all so they retreat into Winterfell while

The unsullied hold back the dead the unsullied are uniquely qualified for this sort of thing in Game of Thrones history a group of 3,000 unsullied famously held off an army of Dothraki at qohor $20,000 a key broke on the

Unsullied like waves on a rocky shore so the unsullied are really good at this they can only last so long against the dead so grey worm closes the trench behind his men sacrificing them so very early in this battle most of the nurses

Army is destroyed at dothraki and unsullied are mostly gone so afterwards Daenerys will need the support of the north more than ever the living try to light the trench with fiery torches it's like a reverse of helms deep from Lord

Of the Rings the torches fail so Melisandre steps up Mel had a crisis of faith after Stannis died in season 5 she regained some confidence when she resurrected John and now she calls on her God to give her fire and the

Trenches light so Melisandre is filled with faith she believes that her God has a plan in the godswood bran uses his walking powers to control some Ravens and he flies them up to the night King on his zombie dragon it's unclear if

Bran is trying to get the Night Kings attention or if he's just having a look-see or what but bran spends the rest of the battle in warg mode doing nothing that we can say which seems like a waste of his powers bran spent six

Seasons learning magic to fight the White Walkers and now he's not using his powers he doesn't walk a dragon or have some important vision or tell anyone anything useful it seems as though bran knows the future he knows how this

Battle will end so he's just sitting and watching while destiny runs its course which is pretty underwhelming like that the culmination of brans training is him sitting being bait nothing more than the MacGuffin on wheels did Jojen and Hodor

And brand's personality die for this the dead are held back by the fiery trench but the knight King orders them to form a bridge of corpses part of why the whites are scary is that they have human bodies but no humanity they're

Just mindless machines with no self-preservation and no mercy the dead assault the walls and the heroes hack and slash a bunch of times we see characters facing certain death covered in whites but then someone saves them

With one sword stroke or the cameras cuts away and it's scary the first few times but soon it's clear that none of the main characters are in real danger Lyanna Mormont the young lady of bear I'll dies killing a white giant Liana

Had always talked Big Talk now she follows through with action giving her life to defend the north there are hints in the books that tormund might be Li Anna's father go watch that video so it's cool that last

Episode tormund claimed to have killed a giant now his possible daughter leiana has also killed a giant it must run in the family The Hound freaks out he's afraid of fire

Since his brother the mountain burned his face in season 2 the Hound ran from the Battle of Blackwater because of this fear but when the Hound sees aya in trouble he overcomes his fear and rushes to help her so again aya inspires the

Hound to be a braver better man aya does some sick ninja moves using all her training with the faceless men they taught her how to fight with staffs and to fight in the dark but she takes a blow to the head and retreats to the

Winterfell library for a stealth section like the kitchen scene in Jurassic Park she silently kills a white and gently lowers it to the ground this is an intimate dance with death Aya's Ark is all about the deaths of her friends the

Deaths of her enemies now she gets dangerously close to her own death when she's overwhelmed the Hound and barracks save her berrak gives up his last life sacrificing himself in a jesus tipos

Barrack believed that the Lord of Light had a special plan for him and that's why he was resurrected six times turns out his special destiny was to save aya you'd think that God could have just cut out the middleman and resurrected aya if

Needed but since when were gods efficient aya sees Melisandre they met before in season 3 Melisandre had told her that she would shot many eyes forever including blue eyes she also reminds aya of something serious ed what

Do we say to the god of death not today so Mel is hinting that I is destiny is to kill the night king the blue-eyed embodiment of death of course these scenes were shot before the showrunners decided to have our kill the

Night king so they're sort of red conned into something that sounds relevant Melisandre changes the wording of the eyes quote to emphasize the blue eyes the series spent seven seasons setting up John and Daenerys as the forces

Debate the White Walkers but now at the last minute they shoehorn Arya in as though she was foreshadowed from the start in the skies the dragons dance there hasn't been a dragon fight in Westeros for over a hundred years and

Has never been a fight with a zombie dragon Daenerys his dragon wounds the zombie dragon for sehri on ripping off half his face but John's dragon Rhaegar is also hurt and crashes with Jon to the ground

Daenerys his dragon burns the night king but he's unhurt and smirks like an anime villain John chases the night King on foot so the night King raises all the dead zombies heed Liana and kono all rise to fight their former allies John

Is completely surrounded by zombies but when the camera cuts back he is fine John has survived so many unsurvivable situations lately that it's getting hard to care when he's in danger Daenerys lands her dragon and it's

Swamped by zombies like ants over a lizard Daenerys falls off dragon she should really strap herself onto a saddle like the old tug Ariens did Joris Khaleesi sends tingles and he rushes to help her Jorah ultimately dies

Protecting Daenerys which is about the best death he could have hoped for he's always been defined by his loyalty to his Khaleesi so he dies as he lived meanwhile Tyrion Sansa Merce and I Vera son Gilly hide in the crypts Tyrion

Wants to help the battle somehow but Sansa says they can't do anything so they don't tyrion jokes that he and Sansa should have stayed married but Santa says it wouldn't work because of Tyrians divided loyalties he's more

Loyal to Daenerys than to the Starks the show seems to be setting up conflict between Daenerys a-squad and John's and Tyrion is at its center when the night King raises the dead the dead Starks in the crypts also rise who would have

Thought that a full of corpses would be dangerous with an icy necromancer on the loose Sansa and Tyrion share a moment of tenderness holding dragonglass daggers some viewers saw this like they were about to kill

Themselves but a behind the scenes feature suggests that they're actually about to fight the zombies in some cut footage the living are overwhelmed by the dead and John tries to get to bran he sees Sam almost killed by whites but

Doesn't help him which in bird culture is considered a dick move John ends are pinned by the wounded zombie dragon fire streams from its neck where it was bit by dragon the walkers reached the godswood and Theon is the last Ironborn

Standing bran tells Theon that he's a good man and that Winterfell is his home all Theon ever wanted was a home and a family that accepted him that tension is what led him to betray the Starks and take Winterfell from bran but now bran

Forgives him Theon finally gets his Redemption and is killed by the night king in book 5 Theon stands in this godswood and prays for a sword let me die as Theon not as reek and now he gets his wish the night King approaches bran

In ultra slow motion he's waited 8,000 years for this so like any super villain he takes his sweet time he and bran represent powerful magical forces bran the three-eyed Raven holds the world's

Memory and history whatever that means and the night king is an ancient-weapon who turned on his creators the children of the forest just as the night King is about to kill bran Iyer leaps from nowhere and attacks

The night King catches ire but she drops her dagger into a off hand and stabs the night king in the same place where the dragonglass that created him was also stabbed Aya's Valyrian knife was originally used

In an attempt on brans life now aya uses the knife to save brans life and the knife has a much older history Sam once found a book connecting the knife to the ancient Targaryen who took Westeros 300 years ago the shore run is hinted that

The hilt of this blade is made from the same chunk of dry glass that created the night King and so he was unmade by the same dragon glass that created him the night King is destroyed and all his Walkers and wines

Fall just like in the Phantom Menace aya ends the great war and Melisandre walks out into the dawn she dedicated her life to winning this war she is hundreds of years old essentially a slave to her God now with a purpose

Finally fulfilled Melisandre lets herself rest she reverts to her true ancient form and dies in the snow so this episode brings a neat end to the arcs of Melisandre Theon and Jorah but what does it mean for the main

Characters and the White Walkers and a game of Thrones itself in recent seasons there's a lot of foreshadowing leading up to aya killing the night king in the godswood bran gave aya her Valyrian knife in the godswood last season and he

Can tell he had a special purpose in mind then eius up on jon in the godswood just as she sneaks up on the night king and aya uses the same hand switching trick with a knife on Brienne that she uses on the night king aya trained for

Seasons to be a stealthy deadly assassin her story is about death and the night king is the embodiment of death maybe now that she has killed him aya can let go of her vengeance quest and start to reconnect with her humanity so from the

Perspective of IU's story her killing the night king makes a lot of sense but what does it mean for Jon and Daenerys it's clear from the start that Jon and Daenerys are central to the magic and prophecy in this story the Song of Ice

And Fire Daenerys was miraculously reborn unburnt with dragons beneath a bleeding star Jon Snow was resurrected like Christ he's been fighting the dead since season one and he's faced off the night king

Repeatedly John and Danny both come from the ancient magic Targaryen bloodline and there's a prophecy hinting that they will save the world from the white walkers with some magic sacrifice the show doesn't mention the prophecy stuff

As much as the books do but it's still heavily hinted that feeding the walkers is John and Danny's destiny so it's pretty crazy that John and Danny not only don't kill the night king but they're barely involved in the

End like while aya saves the world Danny is crying over sir friendzone and John is yelling at a dragon it's not clear if John and Danny even helped beat the walkers at all like yeah they gathered the armies and helps fight the dead but

That was always a losing battle just a ploy to lure the night king if John and Danny weren't there at all the night king still would have come for bran and aya still could have killed him right John and Danny represent the Song of Ice

And Fire and yet they played only minor roles in its climax the showrunner said they had aya killed the night king because it was unexpected and Game of Thrones has always had surprising twists like when the main character Ned Stark

Died in season 1 and the deaths of Catelyn and Rob are the red wedding but those twists had meaning they showed how honor and love can get you killed in a world of treacherous politics what's the meaning of our jumping from nowhere to

Kill the night king that it's cool to be a ninja that I is dehumanizing murderous hate fueled quest was good and where does that leave John and Daenerys if their destiny isn't about beating the White Walkers what is it about taking

The Iron Throne because the whole point of the Walkers is to show that the throne is irrelevant human greed and pride will only lead to our self-destruction the walkers are an apocalyptic threat that forces humanity

To abandon their petty power struggles and unite the north the wildlings and an heiress come together to face a true enemy but suddenly that's all over in episode 3 so will John and Danny now fight another war for the throne against

Cersei why include the White Walkers in the story if they're just a stepping stone to another petty war was the ancient ice demon apocalypse just a warm-up for the real war against a drunk queen and her pal the horny pirate

Thrones author George Martin says his series will end like the Lord of the Rings books with the Scour of the Shia in the final chapters of rings after the good guys bait Sauron the hobbits return to the Shire and have

To deal with Saruman it's a bittersweet epilogue that shows that the world is saved but it's also changed and it's heroes have to may be Thrones will do something similar the big bad White Walkers are defeated

But taking Cersei off the throne will be a time to reflect on how the last eight seasons of scarred Westeros and its people but there are three long episodes left and if they're filled with more big battles and power struggles that would

Undercut the whole point of the Walkers as a metaphor of how terrible and pointless war is we also learned nothing new about the White Walkers no great revelations of their motivations or origins nothing about these spirals or

The babies or the deeper mysteries hinted in the books and maybe that's fine the White Walkers aren't characters they're a device like zombies and other stories their purpose is to push the human characters to extremes to show

What they're really made of and make them do extraordinary things but in this episode the main characters did nothing new Jon and Daenerys were brave iowa's badass Tyrion drink wine bran was confusing

We did get neat conclusions for Theon and Jorah and barrack and Mel but these are secondary characters you think the final confrontation with the ultimate bad guys should have brought out something climactic from the main

Characters you'd also think that at least one main character would have died but in the end the White Walkers just didn't impact the story that much Walder Frey killed more important characters than the knight King did all the walkers

Really did was bring Jon and Daenerys together and if Jon and Danny's alliance just leads to more war it's hard to see the point and I'm sure maybe they'll be a twist maybe the night king will respawn at the

Spiral tree for round two and some climax with John and Danny might happen after all maybe bran was up to something with his magic we still don't know what he was doing all battle or what his arc is meant to mean and we'll just have to

Wait and see of thrones ends in a few weeks the game of thorns books go deep into prophecy with intricate hints and symbolism but were also warned against prophecy one of the coolest characters in the blog suit

Doesn't appear in the show is Marwan the mage a sort of rogue professor a paranoid maverick Meister he talks about the prophecy of azor Ahai that hints that John or Daenerys will beat the White Walkers and he says he doesn't

Trust it he compares prophecy to a treacherous woman who gives pleasure until her teeth snap shut there is a nature of prophecy prophecy will bite your prick off every John you can hear all about Marwan and azor Ahai for free

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